Voices (1979)

Voices (1979)

my name is merle knapp i’m the vice president of sales and marketing for glacier fish company. glacier fish is a distant water district management company we have vessels in the bering sea as well as working off the coast of washington and oregon.

Voices (1979)

Voices (1979), most people in this industry don’t want to think about communications they want to be able to do their job and most of them want to fish. technology and communication needs to be the last thing on their minds. communicating directly with the factory floor

and with the bridge, to know what their catching, how much their catching and coordinating that with our orders into the market place is very, very important. whether it was cisco or mitel or some of the other systems you can do everything no question about it, but it usually involved a lot of bolt ons or a lot of add ons and complexity where you have multiple devices doing different functions. i didn’t want that. i wanted things to be as simple

as possible and still as functional as possible and i think shoretel wrapped it up nicely in one package. in the past when we worked with the vessels after they left port communications were very slow, but with the shoretel system the vessels leave port and it’s almost like there not even gone. going from connecting maybe once or twice a day to being connected all the time, not only that having a four digit extension on my phone in the office. i can pick up the phone and dial any space on the vessel that i want to

any time of the day. so when we have an issue on the bering sea and we need to deal with it immediately we can pick up the phone, we can rely on somebody picking up the phone on the other end address the issue immediately. having an enterprise class communications system on the vessels is revolutionary. the shoretel phone system is so simple i was able to install it on the pacific glacier in half a day by myself. now we have direct communications with the factory so our quality assurance manager here in seattle can contact his counterpart on the

vessel directly without relaying messages and resolve any issues that might arise. were dealing with a finite resource we can’t produce more fish than are in the ocean so we have to capitalize on every aspect of efficiency that we can. day to day competiveness of the industry requires fantastic communications and we have that with shoretel. any location there’s a shoretel phone on the ship

it’s just simply another extension in our corporate phone system glacier fish may be managing a distant water fishery, but direct dial with shoretel has brought those vessels ashore.


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