War and Peace (1956)

War and Peace (1956)

"how can we get over this puddle?" "allow me." "what was it you wanted to tell me?" why aren’t you saying anything? speak up!"

War and Peace (1956)

War and Peace (1956), "i’m scared." "i kept saying you were brave,and you’re really a coward." "oh, let me go, let me go immediately." esteemed olga!i have to talk to you.

i will be waiting for you tomorrowat 6:30pm on the troitsky bridge.alesha. "that’s my commander.he betrayed me. i’ll show you." "we have to save valery no matter what. he’s earned himself the reputationof a daredevil pilot. he’s only got one more escapade left him,and he’ll do it, i’m sure he’ll do it." "i don’t understand whyyou’re telling this to me?" "well, i’m a rough cut sort of guy,not very delicate. but i had a mother,i know how to take care of people. his entire fate is under threat, i can’t wait.

so you surround him with those feelingsof yours and become his wife." "you’ve gone mad, i have no intentionof becoming his wife." "you will, you will, you don’t knowthat rogue at all." "he’s from the volga,that the sort of spirit he has. and what a flyer he is,what a flyer, a born talent. an artist." "what is that idiot doing?flying over leningrad is forbidden." "listen, what are you going to do?" "understand, i can’t hide himunder guard anymore. but you …" "you with your tenderness … well i had a mother …

"you with your tenderness … well i had a mother …only you can influence him as his future wife." "but you have to understandthat i don’t want to be his wife." "i don’t want to be, i won’t be his wife." "you will.""won’t." "look!""what?" "hold onto that stick!" "he flew under, he flew under!" "twenty days arrest!" "forget everything i told you.you’ll never be his wife."

"i will be his wife."


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