We Are Still Here (2015)

We Are Still Here (2015)

if you think you can make it out inhollywood try watching starry eyes first. it’s acautionary tale of the lengths one woman will go to to be famous. now it really does feellike a slow build at first but it changes into a demonic nightmare.sarah is a hard-working would be

We Are Still Here (2015)

We Are Still Here (2015), actress who just hasn’t had her bigbreak. while going to endless classes andauditions she works a job that she despises. she tries out for the lead part in a filmcalled the silver scream

and it doesn’t go at all like shethought it would. in fact it’s pretty terrifying. shockingly enough they callher back a second time but this is not your everyday role withthe normal expectations. what won’t sarah due to be famous inwhat will cost her? even though i read thedescription of the movie on netflix before i hit play this was not what i was expecting. it starts off by giving us a likable sympathetic character who’s trying to fulfill her life’s dream butthere’s something already a little

off with her. as the movie moves forwardthe same woman that we adore is now scaring the crap out of us.alexandra esso is wonderful in both parts of sarah assomeone we’re pulling for, we’re caring about and then we’re beingrepelled by her. this film even serves as a basic course in the perils ofhollywood. oh it has everything from jealousbackstabbing friends, sleazy jobs and pretty vile producers. butthe film held me even before everything wenttwisted by making the more mundane parts of sarah’s life

interesting. and it gets bloody! parts of this movie had me, the guy thatloves watching monsters and zombies rip people apart, looking away from the screen and wanting the killings to end. now i think it’s that slow build at thebeginning that makes the gore even more intense. if you hope your kids are gonna one daymake it out in hollywood then do not watch starry eyes. but if you’relooking for a well-written demonic tale about

naked ambition then by all means hitplay. this quick suspenseful nightmare may even have you wondering how far youwould go to live your dream


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