Webgirl (2014)

Webgirl (2014)

omg, i hit a pole at the gas pump when i waspulling into the pump. it scraped the whole side of my car! oh no, what are ya gonna do? hold the phone. i have no idea. yikes! drat **%$#. you thinkinsurance will cover it? depends on what kind ya have…are you rich?or do you just play rich on tv?

Webgirl (2014)

Webgirl (2014), very funny tim, what a hilarious guy! keep your drawers on…seriously, what kindof insurance do you have. just enough to be legal, liability only. i pretty much think you are screwed then.maybe with a comprehensive or collision policy

you might be protected. wow, you think the gas station owners mighthelp pay for some of the damage? i mean you could tell them, but bet they aregonna say tough luck, you should have watched where you were pulling. maybe i could check with my insurance companyanyway….jeesh! new paint job too! murphy’s law, plays world’s smallest violin..no seriously, that is sad. guess, next time you will have to buy betterinsurance in the first place or upgrade your coverage. wah! why me?

hey, was there anything covering the pole?yeah, some kind of sign…maybe you could take them to small claims court… yeah, but that costs money to file…why didn’ti have better insurance in the first place? even if you had a top of the line policy…theywould probably say this was an accident that could have been avoided. better watch whereyou are pulling…maybe you could go to ace driving school down the street. lol. you are soo funny, richard pryor not! i’m sorry, i know you are upset. talk to yourinsurance company and find out if something like this could be covered under a differentpolicy.

ok, i will.


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