Would You Rather (2012)

Would You Rather (2012)

finally a movie that takes a hard lookinto the screwed up nature of ventriloquist dummies. in dead silence ayoung couple gets one of these things as a present and the wife is brutally murdered. theyoung husband then must return to his hometown

Would You Rather (2012)

Would You Rather (2012), and face off with the legend he thinks isresponsible for her death. while this horror movie sorta waffles attimes it’s still delivers some hard shocks and is a little bit fun. after theyreceive this strange and creepy present

jamie returns home to find his wife has been savagely murdered. the dummyreminds him of a legend from his hometown that he has to go back to to lay hiswife to rest. raven’s fair is not the place it used tobe. it’s a shadow of its former glory much like his father. as jamie attends tohis wife’s funeral the legend of mary shaw a localventriloquist who died and was buried with the 100 and 1 of her dummies becomes aliving nightmare for him. with a detective hot on his heels ourhero has to solve this mystery

before it silences him. the verybeginning of this movie had me. when the dummy kills the wife it wasshocking. it was something i’ve never seen before so i was ready for a shockfest. butinstead this movie is more of the investigation that jamie undertakes to find out thetruth about mary shaw. now the story is interesting. it’scompelling but it just doesn’t match up to theadrenaline rush i got at the beginning of the movie. weneeded a few more those dummy kills to

make this movie better. ryan kwanten stars is jamie and he works asa horror movie hero. he gives us a man who is overcominggreat fear to take on a supernatural threat thatnobody else wants to believe is real. unfortunately his character isn’t solidlywritten. ths is a guy who just lost his wife yethe shows no lingering remorse. he’s over it and he’s after her killer. ialso didn’t care for the character of the detective played by donnie wahlberg. whoever wrote this part just didn’tunderstand police procedure

or cops in general. it was terrible! but towahlberg’s credit he saves his own character by being the guy who says things onscreen that you’re yelling at it. if somebody gave me a ventriloquistdummy for a gift well then they’re no longer my friend and that thing is going inthe fire. dead silent shows us why we shouldn’t trust those things. now most of the film did feel unevento me but i still enjoyed watching jamie take on one nasty woman. when you’reabsolutely

done for the day with thinking that’swhen you watch this straightforward horror flick.


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