Young Guns of Texas (1962)

Young Guns of Texas (1962)

total could have been sent me aruminating about some of my free france the gusher going high wide and handsomein the great state of oklahoma oklahoma means redmayne swing less than fiftyyears ago all this was indian territory here theosages the cherokees the creeks chuck tone the seminoles chickasaw even someponies raced horses over the prayers the

Young Guns of Texas (1962)

Young Guns of Texas (1962), streams through their crops and raisetheir capital and all the time the oil was underneath the ground well it had to come out the refinerieshad to be built to process it make it what it is today the lifeblood of ourcivilization itself as it drives the

ship’s hours the trains in the plainsand fills the traffic lanes and serves man enough thousand and one way yes valuable commodity sought for andfought for all over the globe in arabia and persia venezuela algeria’s mexicowith talk to an oilman anywhere and he’ll tell you that the oil capital ofthe world is a prairie city rising out of the oklahoma planes today the nervecenter of a mighty industry also 22 the golden my friends whose livesdepend country in the world break the house

i won $20,000 interesting i’d like amillion myself and two weeks ago but most likely your father was trespassinghe ignored repeated warnings look i’m not here for blood money but i don’tintend to my father’s range government is purebred hurts people killed her with$20,000 everything you want to buy them i want that money from you mister tennerlet’s get a few things straight i’m not just a temper and his legal adviser andi should mister town where he has no legal responsibility for the death ofyour father or the loss of his cattle which was responsible you might havedifficulty proving that the standards of course you always have the privilege ofdrinks soon but i’m afraid you’d find

town of petroleum a pretty powerfulmayan feistiness lansing is back at it you tell mr tanner i don’t forget thateasy right now i’m sure the ticket over the top likeyou milk pricing is picking up the baby going off and flew into camp creek taxes how are you now

got the jump in after you left lastnight crude oil johnnie after be singing 3o’clock in the morning amor seems he’s dead yeah my point one of the most attractive what if you come to see me about this 210 lansing i could tell you that i wasshocked and displeased by mr winters treatment of you last evening and thathe had no authority to speak through the way he did and that i’m here to make abit i’d be a doggone liar you have got a

leg to stand on lately however i have a check here for$20,000 yes gone you’re talking about these leases yes i was i already controlsome of that area and i like to have a solid like you need twenty thousanddollars to save your rights and i prepared to pay that for the least youdon’t look like santa claus to me tell me what they’re really worth to you nothing to be possibly nothing possiblya great deal seems lansing oils again i like to gamble to right now i’m preparedto risk $100,000 exploring that area sounds like your kind of game this iscertified its money in the bank or

purebred herefords grazing on your ownrange sounds like a pretty fair proposition cause i’m not telling youmind telling me why because i don’t like the way you will free you can come intoour country pollute the streams ruling al and kill our cattle just a nominee toyou being childish you’re acting like you’re cherokee grandparents and shadowsof the first locomotive this is oral country the wealth is under the groundon top of it but is it necessary to destroy the van to produce oil excuse mesee you mention our grandparents shooting outside looking perhaps younever heard of the five civilized nations never bothered to learn aboutthe oklahoma written before the civil

war mr tanner grandparents onplantations in the south at libraries printing press we felt we have coverageswe think that we think oil has been bad for this country shall we continue this later misslansing going into the oil business why don’tyou have no monopoly on brains are not as pretty as you are joseph january about realty attorney canlearn i can learn business i don’t pay rent is not as fine as a buffalo hornwith you and i can do that only one way to get me home i don’t even bush melittle

hurts like nelson another route weeks what are you doing set of cufflinks are a swatch of thewilling to fight info cast i respect you and giving you a chance towalk out of here in one piece to fix this but this jarhead stamp on theground lesson right if i were you i’d startpulling tools before the guestlist info

ok i would you like to get your 45 secs 2008 are you talking about you’ve got a shot off that water to runcasing then pumped down soon met with your children keep going very simpleeither triumph or is it something you read in the book both it may cost another five thousand priceit’s worth it i don’t but i’m just a practical and apologize you practicalmany wasted enough oil and gas to power this country for another 20 years day ilike to hear about the fields you’ve

developed maybe you will about it fresh out of money is too pretty noteven a coupling fuel cell called it along with his job take thiscasing and cementing off to three weeks professors pretty sure of himself youwant said you like to gamble alright i’ll make another proposition i’ll giveyou $5000 now three weeks to pay off or to bring in your wealth and if i don’tget the leases take it kick all right we have to be seen as you makeit out to my part to break

banks in a tiny cherokee seen a tinymeans redhead to use to brady it means both 100 feet maybe the joy was right school and a bottle of champagne to crime so just like the other goods trading at twenty minutes what are you folks to adhere to it showsup making 101 some envy 14 straight

passes 58 do it for us brag a little can ever have you beenhiding have been terribly to the chance totampico candy is cherokee lansing this can be so she should have ended theirfood and care $100 chips piece but i text hellostudying rock formations professor giving up the oil business not yet 200 make us closer coming up next role give me those dominoes

there are some things you can learn alittle magic 270 wanna come on 1608 calligraphic brown eyes 2200 2500 the site in the brain and the number is 612 acesand loses another proposition for you how aboutlunch know that but i’m glad to see your good news don’t get that idea i have no respectfor good losses they get to make a habit of it besides you’re forgetting the lionpart of that feel too you’ll have to

drill mighty fast to keep up with methat lauding the good stuff on the starter and drive away with just about the way popping over there look like the pic ofa decline from the slope of the rock strata here i’m sure you’re anxiousright on the structure there’s no doubt it oil and cattle can get along togetherwhy not let us show you space for every 10 fixed 20 a pasture inbetween at a year later just like creditproblems

percentage fired brad was problem withcherokee was ambitious she was beginning to see what our money could really meetyou plenty of room for you did a good job crap i’m glad i could you pleasetell me something get the best pure bred to save moveshere but if you take a place in town and really enjoy life and you’re just toobad just a couple of stick in the mud whenyou were growing three new office buildings in new orders we’re not operating under both placesprobably gonna take out three times as much support to a two-match seen a tinyprotecting our grass all i want my share

of your idea says you’ve got a prettywell for a while with mexico place don’t break the lease and sign with tanner can he do that kind of upset we do we’llhave another forced to dereks the ranch’s together at your placetonight will run up the oilmen canada too especially if i kept my promise totry to the creek nation due to lack of the seminoles hello well this is the gathering of the tribesi think you will be safe with detective evening competitive with you can find aplace to sit down thank you

we’ve got to landowners and oiloperators here tonight to see if we can reach an agreement on the properdevelopment of our field for someone to show you a picture with me production for a while and then it wenton the phone and then it died and look at it now wastelands alright not one blade of grass has grown on thatland for more than 10 years and beyond that no more than 30 percent of the oilwas ever recovered and what caused it senseless cutthroat competition everymansinking as many wells account as fast as

he can forfeit the fellow next more thanhis share of the oil can we learn from the past what’s on your mind we’ve gotto agree to drill no more than one well for every 10 occurs we control we’ve gotto limit production to a set amount each day it may mean a smaller immediateprofit but in the long run more profits and tu ranches and homesteaderspreservation of your land long after the oil is gone you say the glenfield isthat one of the things that brought to light one of tulsa its skyscrapers itshomes industries they’re still here and that growing and they were brought herenot by a trickle of oil but by a flood of oil and land on its secret just thetools menu is to build bigger things you

other operators can do what you like buti’m gonna keep on 60 wells i’m gonna make told that the oil capital of theworld in a few landowners are satisfied with the way your lease is a big headover to be like if your mind this whole know you will feel welcome and that goesfor anyone else who wasn’t satisfied but before you decide the land will be herelong after the oil is gone would it be land of green grass andclearwater or would it be like that which was seen i want my share of thegentleman my about you lately that i don’t mind is it is their gym i want nomore wells on my place all right at the beginning to sound likea practical man we ought to talk

business tomorrow partners going to play pretty clear12:30 built in one of those generatorsattempts i don’t have to like him and i think you do you didn’t need an engineer to hire adrill pusher anywhere algiers and pico what’s the difference not on the shoes you want to offer to buy me the bestdinner until the government champagne to try and do the same 2006

nothing like being a good news but makemy bourbon i don’t like shipping without legislation the picture after screwing with it remember this one stage drills went down with derek shot up theoil money flowed in faster than surety could spend it oil clean alright seem to be enough

one just to question again with more she was like oh shoot new buildingreaching for the sky politicians what is so the first food understand you’ve been meeting some ofthe boys about conservation and what’s it like what are some of the measuresyou have in mind cover it’s something we’re going to haveto come to sooner or later waiting upstairs

no protection and i agreed to fly to abigger deal than we figured cherry you can handle it yes i can’t make any promises but i would appoint a commission that’sgood enough but not sure if you’ll excuse cherokee the six even a fifth lol deal is tooimportant chair beside you can affect your making a fortune bank is too funnyideas to be easy to persuade you

underestimate his so it wasn’t anythingyou couldn’t get a man to agree that everybody some wonderful news i’mgoing to marry a man i’m very much in love with red conservation when they see thedifference between tanner’s methods and the way we’ve handled jim rickards placei know we’ll get the legislation we want better listen to me i’ve made a dealwith its big guy can meet our room pipelines refineries filling stationswho works for you might have said something to me as a partner if nothingelse which would you go along it made its place i promised that you wouldn’thold you to that promise now he couldn’t

decide that his own best interests andif you ask the questions and answer them to what you want me to say just say thatyou before you give me that we consulted by the time we get back we’ll be rightup there with 10:03 that’s a little bit too high for me cherokee i don’t think icould breathe the same here is tanner what are you a boy scout some years ithought it was a man now i’m not so sure to make up your mind mister the man imarried gotta be sure you don’t want a husband want to train seal you can pullaround on a leash i can’t stand take callers i’m glad this happened i’mbeginning to see what you really saw my and i don’t like me you have a shortmemory what we do when i talk your way

to the top and other people kept for thebig kill can always write your small and youthink i don’t care i wanna see the company to greet them every time we will changethe way i can be there to congratulate you on your engagement that’s what imean expenses do i begin to look more distinguishedenough to be governor the party thinks i think a good candidate they have somewild idea i’ma find public-spirited citizen course i took a few skyscrapersand sponsor these personal water system

cabinet and you could be the only onecatch they told me the voters prefer family men make a lovely first ladyterry thanks smart ambitious hard as a drill is faced right now tells us how city oklahomastate after that who knows groups the indian red bird he won’tcomment on his place almost took a shot at me kim would do a thing like that itwasn’t so popular he was pointing says he doesn’t want anymore welles just saythe word mr tanner will take care of that indicate no i don’t have anythinglike that bruce we need that oil cherry we’ve got to have it there might be someother way

can break the lease with a shotgun giveme to educate seems to be in order what’s this allabout your honor i want no more wells on my place but you will sign the leasejust restricted number of wells i don’t want my land destroyed the place but manit’s all away don’t you want the royalties the properly belong apparentlyhe doesn’t he doesn’t frankly i could better understand your attitude if thesepeople have refused to put in more wells to winslow has been department certifiedthis man’s competency yes sir he ceased being awarded the government of his 21stbirthday i’m not at all sure doesn’t need accordion all we ask your honor tobe restrained from further interference

with our operations no more shotguns myshoulder and i am issue and the injunction what kind of justice is thiswhich repels amanda stand by while his land is destroyed if it is my land it isby royal i give you all of it i give you the royalties i want nothing from oiland i want nothing from using atomic cowboy derek’s on my land but this is anofficial proceeding and i can hold you in contempt of court to exploitseriously questioned this man’s competency department has nojurisdiction here oh well the court has to read but if you cause any moretrouble this court would take steps to declare he was mentally incompetent andappointed guardian to handle your

affairs stance crazy crazy you like to tell you don’t want to besentimental down this too much at stake light we lose support welcome home question because he’s gone she’s become suree it’s still an oilfield gonna be gladthis happened for sure this fireball

governmental what is it a crime to throwa mexican stream of running water but there was oil and water that stream but not what’s the deal isgonna come to life again but when it does it’s going to be just the wheatbread click the space 12 and francis to protect the capital and restricted oilproduction week improve conservation here the whole states will follow thewhole nation lansing i could kiss still a good idea that’s the way it works

a lot different than the old one likesignals nowadays nation texas louisiana andcalifornia square about you can see conservation work and it’s good for everybody yes oil capital of the world and mightyproud of the folks who make it so


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