Young Widow (1946)

Young Widow (1946)

dr mason, dr mason! i’m sorry, i guess it was nothing; a sudden light reflection that started. it was no doubt a comet or a meteor. no. it seemed to be a drill-shaped thing, revolving. i know, it must have been my imagination. it makes me realize how desperately alone the earth is, hanging in space like a speck of fruit, floating in the ocean, sooner or later to be swallowed up by some creature floating by. oh come now.

Young Widow (1946)

Young Widow (1946), time will tell, dr mason. we can only wait and wonder- wonder how; wonder when. (howling) (music) (howling continues)

(dramatic music) (barking) (beeping) (beeping stops) report preliminary findings. thor reporting. 42 saturation degrees at 96 volumes. intermediate fluctuation in marfan content. derek reporting. tridex mixer components ratio exceeding 7 to 1.4 moreal reporting. diagonal adjustment reading resisting structural forms by 2.8.0 vernums. saul reporting. uneven cartoid levels intersect planes below .03

surface readings register above minumum requirements. moreal! go below and bring up the gargon specimen. now the decision depends upon it’s reaction. wait, captain! i have found evidence of intelligent beings on this planet! of what concern are foreign beings? of none to you, thor. just as you were so unconcerned when you destroyed this small creature. so bravely! it was no more than an insect! but it had life! and that life you had to take, to satisfy your endless hunger for killing. silence, both of you! proceed, bring the gargon! that will not be necessary captain. conditions here will be reported as unsatisfactory, as they were on the other planets we have charted.

by what authority- -you will prepare for take off! this ship will leave this planet immediately. according to our code of operations- -you may forget the code of operations, captain. only civilised beings could have made the inscription on this metal piece. we shall not have the thousands of gargons brough here to destroy them. you have concern for foreign beings over our mission to locate grazing land for our gargon herds? recall, it is necessary as a reserve food supply for our people. our people? we live like parts of a machine. we don’t know our fathers or mothers; we’re raised from cubicles, the sick and the old are put to death! it is the one and only way to maintain the supreme race. have you forgotten- -our people have forgotten. they have been made to forget, for centuries.

but i have learned how it once was; families, brothers and sisters, there was happiness, there was love. of what do you speak? from where have you learned such things? i have read. i have read from this book. i discovered it and kept it hidden. somehow it survived the planes of the annihilators. when our people were turned into mechanised slaves, centuries ago. when we return to our planet, the high court may well sentence you to torture and death for this treason! the high court may judge me after we have accomplished our mission. we will find an uninhabited planet to which the herds of gargons may be shipped. without endangering civilised beings. let me see that book. i am interested to see what sways your mind so heavily. you may have it.

(cries out) bring up the gargon. you were a fool, derek. this book has poisoned your mind and you shall suffer for it. captian, if the gargons are shipped here, the inhabitants may destroy them. that possibility alone makes it worthwhile to locate an uninhabited planet. that book has indeed made you forget many things. we are the supreme race! we have the supreme weapons! keep him under guard, thor. i will study the reactions of the young gargon. before the high court has you executed, you should be made to watch what happens when we return here with the gargons. by the elements alone they will grow to millions of times their original size, in less time than it takes for the sun to rise and fall. it thrives, captain. already i can feel it has grown heavier. we shall return to our base and leave the transport ships here. soon, this planet will be covered with full-grown gargons.

a safe distance from our planet, yet their meat will be available to us for the harvesting. repack the instruments. i shall radio back the news of our success. captain, captain! something has gone wrong. look here. what? what has happened? i do not know, it suddenly fell limp, and now does not move. assemble the something, hook in the gas reading instruments. be quick! the atmosphere here tested above minimum, but the gargon species cannot live due to excessive nitrogenic gas compounds omitted in our preliminary diagnosis. then this planet will be reported as unsuitable? repack the instruments and prepare for take off.

we will continue our search in another solar system. and when we return to our home base you will be presented to the high court with the evidence against you! thor, saul, bind the prisoner and prepare him for the isolation chamber. i will make contact with base. expedition zero six to base. expedition zero six to base. guard him! i will get the straps. lie down, put your hands behind you. your orders are complete. he is escaping! no, thor! how did he get free?

he escaped from saul. i could have stopped him. derek is to be brought back alive. he is the son of our leader. derek? i reported his actions and was connected with the leader himself. he told me this. he said derek does not know. (scoffs) as the son of our leader, the high court will pardon him! he will be pardoned. when the sky is light we will begin to search for him. captain, look at this! the gargon; it is not dead.

it has revived. it flourishes! the excessive nitrogenic gas compounds shocked its’ system. now it thrives on the very same compounds! then this planet is suitable! completely. i must resume radiovision contact. moreal, saul, secure the gargon by expandable link bands, out of sight in that cave. the size it attains by the time we return will give us an exact growth rate to expect of the herds. at the rate the gargon is expected to grow, what will prevent it from tearing loose the leg bands and escaping from the cave? we shall be back before that happens, unless it should recieve food in excess of the atmospheric elements. we will leave nothing else for it to consume.

imagine, thousands of beasts like that, thousands of times enlarged, roaming over this planet. they will be harvested from the air, so they will be no danger to us. let us be quick, i do not like to look upon it. now that you report the planet is suitable for our purposes, you are to return here immediately and prepare to lead the transport ships there. derek’s escape could now mean difficulty in our operation, should he communicate in any way with the inhabitants, inferior though they may be. if we are to return now, how can he be stopped? leave your best men to find derek and inform him he is my son.

i will join you on the return trip to meet him there. he may be stubborn; he has already threatened our lives. if that becomes the case, he…he must be destroyed. and any beings with whom he might communicate, they must be destroyed. i shall send my best man. i heard the orders, captain. let me find derek. you will wait until the sky is light enough to begin the search. we will leave now, and return here to meet you when we bring the gargons. (crowing)

do not fail, thor. i shall not fail. (dramatic music) can i help you, sir? yes, i…would, would you tell me the meaning of the inscription on this metal piece? sparky, 1243 willow crest drive. that’s just three blocks down there and a few doors up; you can’t miss it. hey! watch what you’re doing, man! oh, i’m sorry, i was just trying to make out what kind of clothes that guy was wearing. looks like some kind of military uniform. wonder where he’s from?

could be from mars for all i care, hurry up with that boy, i haven’t got all day! hop in, i’ll give you a lift! lift? well, it’s a long way into town. okay, it’s all right with me- -wait! never saw a uniform like that before. what brings you here? i am searching for someone.

maybe i can help you. know a lot of folks around these parts. i am searching for someone you could not know. i put sparky’s breakfast out twenty minutes ago, grandpa, and it’s still here. he’s probably still out chasing gophers. hello. you’ve come to see our room for rent? what’s that? a fella to see the room for rent, grandpa. you show it to him, will ya? joe will be by for me in a minute; we’re going swimming at alice’s and i haven’t even changed yet!

well, come on in. i’m betty morgan, and this is my grandfather. well how do you do, son. uh, just arrived in town? don’t believe i’ve seen you around before. i’ve just arrived. and your name? derek. the empty room belonged to my brother, bud. he’s married now and lives upstate. your brother? you knew your brother?

did i know my brother? that’s a strange question to ask! grandpa raised us both since we were kids after mom and dad died. i’m sorry, i, it’s just that i never knew any brothers or sisters. (laughs) your mother and father decided to play it smart, and avoid a lot of squabbles around the house! oh, grandpa! i never knew my mother, or father. oh. well, let’s take a look at the room, and if you like it, you’re welcome to stay. it’s this way, i’ll show it to you.

hey, i thought you were getting ready to go swimming? no, that can wait. right in here, derek. i hope you like the view, there are plenty of windows. (laughs) what’s the matter? you act like you never seen the inside of an automobile before. what is this? the gear shift. where’ve you been all your life? gear shift. tell me what it is for! now look, mister. i didn’t offer you a ride to give no driving lessons. tell me!

sure, sure. i didn’t mean anything. here’s the push, when i push it in i change gears; low, second and high. and to halt the vehicle? when i want to stop, i press the break, right here. and this? the starter and ignition switch. and the fuel, what does it use? are you kidding? gasoline, of course. here’s the gas pedal right here. hmm, it’s about time i have the tank filled.

i asked him where he was from, grandpa. he just said he was from very far away. he did, uh? well maybe he doesn’t like to talk about where he’s from. by the looks of his outfit, i’d say he was raised in a private school of some sort. well, grandpa, if he just got into town and can’t pay the rent until he gets a job of something, would- well, what do you say young man? what do you think of the room? you…will let me live here? with you? well, sure. that’s why we had the sign up. that’s why you came here, wasn’t it?

not exactly, i- derek, i was just talking to grandpa and, well if you don’t have the rent money right away that could wait until he gets a job, couldn’t it grandpa? why sure, that’s all right with me, betty. but then, if he doesn’t like the room… i like it here, very much. i would like to stay. fine, i’ll go out and take down the sign. you can use the phone to have your bags brought over. my bags? i have nothing else. no other clothes or anything? we were not allowed to- i mean, my uniform is all i have.

gosh, you’ve gotta have more than that. bud left some of his clothes in the closet, grandpa, couldn’t derek use some of them? of course my dear, bud wouldn’t mind a bit i’m sure. oh golly, that’s joe. put on whatever you like from the closet, derek, i’ll be right back, make yourself at home. hi there joe! hi gramps. betty i’m afraid i can’t make the swimming date, not ’til later anyway got a sudden assignment for the paper. oh gosh, what now joe?

i have a list of folks to interview, say they saw a new flying saucer last night. that sounds like it might take you all day! i hope not; i’ll call you as soon as i get through, ok? ok joe. eh, guess a reporter’s life can be pretty hectic. you never know when a new story will break. i was just thinking, maybe derek would like to go swimming? if you’d let us borrow the car? bet he would at that! if you don’t think alice would mind? (laughs) you don’t know alice. i won’t be able to keep ’em apart!

hey, what’s going on in town anyway mister? convention or something? what? well those clothes you’re wearing; i talked to a guy this morning who was wearing the same kind of outfit. maybe the guy you’re looking for, huh? you spoke to him? what did he tell you? where did he go? hey, what’s the matter with you? hey, take your hands off me! you will tell me what he said to you!

why should i? and who do you think you are anyway? answer me before i destroy you! he came in with a dog tag; wanted to know about the address and i told him how to find it! where? where did you send him? it was an address on willow crest drive; 243 i think! tell me how to get there! just drive down there about three blocks, that’s willow crest. 1243 is only a few doors up! (whirring noise) (screaming)

(whirring noise again) (tyre screech) oh, you don’t have to put the break on so hard, derek that is unless you want us to go through the windshield every time. i have never piloted a vehicle like this before. i will try again. this time, pull in there; that’s alice’s house. aah, much better. wait, betty yes derek, what is it?

when i came to your place, it was because of- yes? i had just arrived here, i. i did not know where else to go, but, everything was so strange to me, i- i’m glad you came. so’s grandpa. without any family or friends, you wouldn’t like it in a hotel or any place like that. come on! i hope alice can pick up some swim trunks for you. (splashing)

hi there! who’s the stranger? joe couldn’t make it, alice, i talked derek into coming along. uh, derek, this is alice. derek. hey i like that! come on in; the water’s fine. well, we need a pair of swim trunks, i couldn’t find any at my house. no problem at all, he can wear a pair of my father’s. the folks are gone today, so are the servants. we have the whole place to ourselves!

uh. where are the trunks, alice? hanging up, right over there. they look a little large for you, derek. maybe you’d better put them on with some clothes pins too, just in case. i guess it’s safe to try ’em on, anyway. over there’s the bath house. (splashing, ominous noise) what was that? don’t worry, i’ll get it. that is what i wanted to tell you about.

the reason i came to your place, when i did not know where else to go. heck i thought it was a fifty cent piece, at least. why, that looks like… oh it is, it’s sparky’s… sparky’s dog tag. where on earth did you find it? when i first arrived i was with some others. one of them destroyed a small creature. later, i found that among the remains. you mean somebody killed sparky? oh no, derek, it can’t be true. why would anybody want to kill sparky? betty i’m sorry… tell me who did it, derek?

they are gone now. only i remain. but i don’t understand… where is spar… will you take me to where it happened? i’ll get dressed and come with you. no alice, please. you stay here. we’ll see you later. [ominous music] well, well. so derek didn’t come to town alone! if you’re looking for him he isn’t here now. he and betty – that’s my granddaughter – they went over to the woodwards. why don’t you go on over there? no doubt they’d be glad to have you join in the fun.

yes. how do i go there? the woodwards are straight on down the street about 3 miles, just before you get to the park. got the biggest house on the plot down there, you can’t miss it. where are you fellers from, anyway? don’t believe i’ve seen uniforms like yours before. hmm… military secret, eh? well, it doesn’t matter. derek didn’t say where he’s from either. don’t let me keep you, you’re probably anxious to see him. [alarming music] where is he, derek? you don’t mean all those old bones? you can see they’ve been here for a very long time.

no. it was among these remains that i found the metal inscription. this… couldn’t be sparky… i know, he must have been here and his collar tag fell off, that’s all. you are not familiar with the focusing disintegrator ray? the what? it projects an isolated beam which separates the molecules of living material in chain reaction. all but the solids – the skeletal braces… horrible! and you mean… sparky…? but… over there is what happened when the same beam was aimed at me. it missed and… that is what is left.

good heavens, derek. you’ve got to explain it to me! why were they doing this? where they from.. h-how did you…? we… betty, tell me, what is the most advanced form of transportation that you know? w-what do you mean, what’s that got to do with it? please, tell me, betty. airplanes, jet airplanes i guess. why? and where do they go? from where to where? to anywhere in the world! and that’s all? where else is there to go?

i shouldn’t have brought you here… is it about a new secret weapon, something you and the others invented and then they turned against you? it’s something like that. i guess i should try to find someone i can explain it to. maybe professor simpson at the college… he’s head of the science department. he will… what is it, derek? betty, when you learn where i’m from, well… you may not understand but… i hope it will not make any difference between us. because… i don’t care where you’re from. i don’t understand all this, but somehow i feel that i’ve always known you. that we’ve never been apart. i … let us go to the professor that you speak of.

we have to pass the house first so i can change. [sound of gagged voice whimpering] what was that? did you hear a sound? no, only the wind. what sort of sound? nothing, my imagination alarming me. come, let us be on our way. well hello! what can i do for you? you are alone? could be! where are the others? the ones who were with you…

why do you want to know that? tell me where they are! say, who are you anyway? never mind! just tell me. they left here, they’re gone! where did they go?! i think you’d better get out of here before i call the police! you will call no-one. you will do as i say! that’s what you think, mister!

i said you will call no-one! [ray-gun hums] [string music evoking urgency] grandpa was asleep so i left a note so he’ll know where we went. if i know grandpa, we’ll be back before he even wakes up. [snoring – then phone rings] ah… hello. hello gramps, this is joe. betty there? no, she and derek went over to the woodwards’ pool. you can probably reach her over there. derek, who’s derek?

oh, you haven’t met him yet, have you? ah, he rented bud’s old room this morning. seems like a nice fellow. oh? well, the reason i called… i wanted to tell betty i stumbled onto a double murder story that may keep me longer, but… well, after i get the story into the paper i’ll go on over to alice’s and see her there. a double murder, joe?! when was it? where? we’re not sure yet, gramps. there’s only a couple of skeletons. we’ll know more when the coroner gets here. [we hear joe say bye and hang up quickly] joe! joe! i just found a note, joe! hello, hello? by golly, you missed them at the pool, huh? sure am sorry. betty left me a note, now they’ve gone over to the college to see professor simpson. hello. where can we find professor simpson?

this is his office but he hasn’t come in yet. let’s what for him at the faculty parking lot. it’s just around the building. you may wait here if you like? no thank you, we’ll wait outside. good morning, hilda. oh good morning, professor simpson. have the aptitude questionnaires come in? they’re probably still in mimeographing. i’ll go down and see if they’re ready. that’s professor simpson’s office – the third door down. he’s head of the science department.

well that looks like professor simpson’s car right there! he must be somewhere else on campus, we’d better go back to his office and wait. hello? this is simpson, science department. i… put that down! what is the meaning of this? do as i say! who are you? where is he? the one who came with information for you. who? you are making some mistake! i am making no mistake. where did he go? out there?

i don’t know what you’re talking about! you will speak to no-one else. [ray gun hums] [urgent music] we found his car, so… – yes i know, he came in right after you left! [screams] – oh! oh, derek. oh it’s some kind of foolish joke! i’m not going to keep a job where this sort of thing goes on! i wanna believe what i’m thinking isn’t true, but… it was a focusing disintegrator. – then whoever killed sparky… but you said they’d gone!

for some reason they want to stop me. somehow we were traced here. i want you to get in your vehicle and go to a place where you will be safe. but how could they…? grandpa! i left a note for grandpa! they must have… oh derek! i will go to your place. – no, they may be waiting for you there. i can call grandpa. [phone rings] – hello! – oh grandpa, thank heavens. derek, he’s all right! betty, what is it child? what’s the matter? grandpa, was somebody there? somebody you told we were at the college? oh yes, a friend of derek’s. did he find you ok? he’s a murderer! he killed professor simpson, grandpa! he’s after derek and he’s probably on his way back to the house right now! a murderer?! but are the police…? – don’t argue, grandpa, just get out of there!

we’re going to the city hall police station right now. meet us there. don’t worry about me, betty, i’ll leave right away. goodbye, honey. i’d better call the police and let them know we’re coming. with what weapons are they equipped? with guns, why? – guns that emit what? bullets… what do you mean? – bullets…a centuries-old invention against… hello, operator? give me thepolice department – hurry! [tense music] yes, we’ll be there right away – thank you.

betty, tell me how to go there. i want you to go somewhere else, where you will be safe. where’s safer than the city hall? the police said they’re going to have armed guards waiting for us on the front steps. i told them we’d be right there – let’s hurry! halt! – well, what do you want? i spoke to my granddaughter, you’re not getting any help from me! did they return here? tell me! i have no reason to harm your … granddaughter. but if you do not tell me i’ll… – will you k-kill derek? why should you care about him? – why shouldn’t i? why do you want to kill him? i… it is important only that he leave here… that i return him to where he belongs. and where is that? from where he escaped. i need not harm anyone if you tell me where he is. if you do not there will be many deaths. beginning with you, now! he’s not here – he’s in the center of the city.

where? take me there! you will pilot the vehicle. go! be swift! alice! betty! anybody here? holy mackerel! d’you think the tip mighthave been a phony, mac? don’t think so, harry. the girl who called seemedto know what she was talking about. we got a call, mac. joe rogers, reporter on the daily news. he’s on the way over.found another skeleton.

only this time, at the bottomof a swimming pool! the city hall is just upahead of the next block. oh, i hope grandpa’s there waiting for us, safe and sound! what are you doing? be silent! continue ahead! [horn honks] you stay here in the car. you’ll be safe. he’s after me, not you!

[zapping sound] [bang bang] derek, no! he must have slipped off that way.come on! stay under cover! betty! thank the lord you’re safe. i just came from alice’s. there was a skeleton in the pool. alice? oh no! we came to meet grandpa.

the murderer came in the car with him! what? but how did you…get mixed up in this? since they killed sparkyout by the old mine. he’s an insane killer, joe! and he forced gramps to drive here?where is gramps? is he ok? yes, he’s… oh, there he is,trying to get across the street you stay put.i’ll go over and help him across. what are you doing down here?go into the building. that is the safest place.

look! here on the sidewalk…drops of blood! betty! go into the building.derek… [gasps] give me the weapon you have, derek.slowly! one sudden move andi slay you both! derek, oh… derek, do as he says. get in! you will take me to a man of surgery to remove the metal pellets from my flesh. that is not possible.yes, we must! we must do as he says!

i know a doctor’s office.we’ll take him there. she is very go! and that’s the way it happened. next thing i knew,he was trying to fire out the window at betty and derek. i swerved the car and… say, where is betty? that’s funny. she must bearound someplace. but the car has gone.they must have left without me.

well, don’t worry’ll get an escort home. i’m going to phone the storyinto the paper and then drive out to the mine betty mentioned.the old mine? what’s out there? i don’t know. that’s where she saidsparky was killed by the guy. sparky, our dog? she didn’ttell me about that. hey mac, over here!blood spots on the sidewalk! and where’s that car thatwas parked here? that’s it, that’s how the killer got away. in our car? then betty and derek…they must have been kidnapped!

you’ve got to do something!you’ve got to find ’em! this is it, derek.and that’s dr. brandt there. he looks like he’s leaving. stop him! block his path. is there some emergency? i have a house call to hours don’t begin for another hour. go inside, all of you! i say, what is this? he’s holding a gun on his, dr. brandt.we had to bring him here.

he wants… bullets removed. i see. i’m afraid i cannotbe of any help. he will need hospital facilitiesfor anything else. be silent and get inside! you will remove the pellets here, now! leave these people alone,thor! where is our ship?i will take you there. no, it is gone. do as i say! derek, please!doctor, you must try!

you will have to lie down here. i will prepare an anaesthetic.the pain will be great. i will not be drugged. you will simply remove the pellets. both of you – sit there! i shall keep you covered. take heed: one treacherous moveand they pay with their lives. now proceed! thor. tell me why you have beensearching for me.

it must have been important for you to have… the gargon are to be raised here. you could not be allowed to run free. but the specimen reaction was negative. it was verified positiveafter you escaped. the captain should have let me kill youwhen i had the chance! and why didn’t he?i saw him stop you when you fired at me. because he just learned that… …that you were the son of ourleader.

[dramatic music] [passing out] then if i am not to be killed,why did you fire at me in the city? your life or death was put in my hands. a traitor doesn’t deserve to be our next leader! the only reason you do not fire nowis to force attention to your wounds. when that is done… proceed! antiseptic must be applied to your wounds,

and you will need bandages. i’ll get them. come back! i’ll find you… you cannot get away! oh, i was terrified he’d see us beforewe got out of there. he may yet. get in!i will take you back to the police.


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