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when udaybhan singh couldkill raja (king).. ..his will is nota big deal for him. and how long an ordinary maid will.. ..struggle against his iniustice? at the most she can bringup raja’s son..

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movies full online, ..prince satish kumar tillhe becomes 20 years old. but, these period of 20 yearsis in udaybhan singh’s hand. late raia had appointedudaybhan singh.. the trustee ofhis entire property.

and this trustee is very dangerous. he decided to bring upprince satish kumar.. such a way thatafter 20 years.. ..he won’t even dare to raisehis voice against him even. with whose permissionare you swimming here? l used to swim here daily with papa. you won’t come here withoutmy permission. l’ll come. l’ll come.- no, you won’t.

you won’t come here withoutmy permission. – l’ll come. no, you won’t. l’d like to go.- no, you won’t. l’ll drown, uncle. l’lldrown here, uncle. then go and drown. l won’t go anywhere, uncle.l won’t go anywhere. you won’t go anywherewithout my permission. 2, 2s are 4. 2, 2sare 4. 2, 2s are 4. 2, 2s are 4. 2, 2s are 4.

2, 2s are 5. 2, 2s make 5. they make 4. c’mon, say it with me. 2, 2s are 5. c’mon. 2, 2s are 5.- 2, 2s are 5. 2, 2s are 5. 2, 2s are 5. 2, 2s are 5.- say it loudly. save me! save me! prince! prince!

prince! you shouldn’t get scaredby the nightmares. l’m much more scared of uncle. come to me. you shouldn’tget scared of your uncle. ok? l’ll tell you one story. c’mon, say that l’m mad.- l’m not mad. say that l’m mad.- l’m not mad. c’mon, say it.- l’m not mad. l said speak up.- l’m mad. l’m mad.

l’m mad! l’m mad! l’m mad! l’m mad!- 100. – l’m mad! – 101 . l’m mad!- 102. – l’m mad! – 103. l’m mad!- 104. – l’m mad! – 105. l’m mad!- 106. – l’m mad! – 107. l’m mad!- 108. – l’m mad! – 109. l.. l’m mad!- 1 1 o from tomorrow onwards you’llsay this 120 times.

now go. drink one more.- no. c’mon. c’mon. tiger.- no! l’ll drink. biili! yes, sir! jaypal has explained youeverything, right? then start up.- ok. who are you?- help! help! – listen!

your clothes! listen!- help! he’s there.- somebody, please stop that girl. catch him.- she’s going bare foot. where are you going?- that girl is our sister, prince. she’s your sister?- you’ve raped her, prince. l didn’t do anything. rape? today we won’t spare you.- no. please save me, sir.- who’s she?

what are you doing? she’s jaypal’s sister, biili, sir.- she’s not only jaypal’s sister. she’s the sister of every labourworking in this mill. tell me what happened.- prince has raped me, sir. he’s escaping. catch him. catch him. how dare you bring thisdefame to our family? you please listen to me once. these labours are our prestige,our wealth. they are our life. and you’ve..

you must be punished for this. please listen to me. l didn’t do anything. let go off me! you’re a slur on our family. – no. worthless! how dare youplay with the prestige.. ..of respectable families? idiot! brother, l regret for the heinousdeed done with this girl. l can’t repay the lossshe has incurred.

but please keep this money with you. lt’ll be useful in her marriage. but l didn’t get something. why do you need to playsuch a big drama? lt has a deep meaning, wife. the first thing is thatsatish’s misconduct.. ..has become publicly now. the second thing is thatnobody would readily.. ..marry his daughter with him now.

and third important thingis that now that stupid.. ..satish will die bachelor. and all this indirectly means that.. ..l’ll own his entire property now. and our son chandrabhanwill be the heir of it. cry, my child. god knowshow many tricks.. ..udaybhan has, to try on you. but, you’ve only thismidwife with you. and god is the witness of l must do something.

l’ll take you to each and everytemple and holy places.. pray for you and complainfor this destiny of my prince. distribute cards for me too.- ok, uncle. a big fish has come into the trap.- fish? he’s a man. a wealthy man. lf we can trap him, it can bringus good amount to our share. then trap him. whatare you thinking? lt’s not a big deal for me. butl need a smart girl for that. for what?- to get her married to him.

once if she’d enters his house.. won’t take longto grab his property. what do you think about her? what nonsense is this, uncle?only l’ll marry aarti. you only will marry her in reality. with prince, it’d iustbe a rehearsal for her. before celebrating the nuptialnight with prince.. ..she’ll rush to us withall the ornaments she’d.. adorned with, that’sactually worth millions.

and once we’ll have it inour hand you marry her. very good, uncle.- now laugh. thank you. stupid! can’t you see? lt’s not my mistake. youcame and collided. you mean l’m blind, am l? no, l didn’t mean that. lwas just going on my way.. what? l won’t spare you so easily. tell me. why did you collide?

lt’s my mistake. please forgive me. what forgive? l’ll hityou and forgive you.. let go off him. aren’t youashamed of bothering.. ..decent people? nowget lost from here. excuse me!- yes. whose daughter are you? my parents are dead.l’ve only one uncle. now what to say, sister? she’s an orphan. l’m asgood as her parent.

actually, we don’t haveany blood relation. but.. but l’ve loved her iustlike my own daughter. l’m also searching forsuch a girl for my prince. then why to delayan auspicious task? what happened? – my child,how will l live without you? you please don’t cry.please don’t cry. l’ll take care of her intakeand l also won’t bother her. l also won’t beat her.- l expect the same from you. c’mon.

take your uncle’s blessings,daughter-in-law. nonsense! what’s this drama here? l don’t accept any such marriage. this marriage has accomplished.. udaybhan singh. l don’t consider it valid.who gave you the right.. get the prince married? late king’s will. satish, please take her upstairs.

go, my child. why are you being so tense? please, go to sleep. along with making him mad.. ..l should have made him infertile. lf this marriage doesn’tfail somehow.. ..then bride must fail! shall l get ready now? you’re already well adorned.

silly, she means something else.- ok. bye! where are you taking me, aunt? to the bride’s room.- why? to celebrate your nuptial night. nuptial night? what’s that, aunt? daughter-in-law will that to you. and listen, if she refuses foranything that means it’s yes. ls that clear? lf she refuses for something,it means she wishes for it. – ok.

here l’m. to celebratethe nuptial night. aunt explained to me everything. what did she tell you? that l must carry you likethis and take you to bed. what are you doing? thisis the way to celebrate.. ..the nuptial night. thathusband picks up his wife. leave me.- you’re so light. my aunt tells me one storybefore l go to sleep. about a queen of flowers.

her father used to weighher with flowers. but her weight always used tobe equal to five flowers. one day a prince kissed her. no, no, leave me. l know. aunt had told me thatbride never says yes.. ..for anything becauseshe feels shy. she keeps refusing for everything. and as many times she refuses.. many times you consider it yes.

so where was l? one day the prince kiss..kissed her.. second day when kingweighed his daughter.. ..her weight was equalto half a kilo. what do you mean? you too, will put ona lot from tomorrow. yes.- no! what are you doing? love! aunt told me not tobehave like an animal. shall l take off your clothes?- no.

‘every time she refusesyou consider it ‘yes’# ‘ls that clear?’- yes, l got it. what? – aunt told me thatevery time she refuses.. consider it yes. for god’s sake, let go offme. l’m not your wife. shut up! am l such a big a fool.. ..that l don’t even know who you’re? why did you put the garlandaround my neck? please come..- listen! – come to the bed.

listen to me. listen to me first. shall l tell you the truth?- yes. l had come here to do thisthievery. – really? – yes. then do it. you’re free to do it. but before that you must celebratenuptial night with me. because aunt had told me that..- leave me. l’m really enioying it.- your aunt.. yes, aren’t you enioying?l’m really enjoying it. l also had my milk. c’mon,hurry up now.

coming.- quick! – coming. you start shouting if you don’tsee me around for a moment. what to do? l iust don’tlike without you. ouch! what happened?- it’s piercing. – oh! come.. and what if l go away with uncle? then l’ll die.- no! go to sleep now. bansilal!- yes. – check it properly.

you might not leave anything here. thakur sir, she’s not your maidbut a daughter-in-law.. ..of this house.- daughter-in-law? this thief can’t bea daughter-in-law of this house. ask her. she had come hereas a daughter-in-law.. ..or to conduct a thievery? ask her. daughter-in-law, is this true? durga singh! throw her outof the palace. – leave me! l’ll go myself.

no! you had come here for this,right? take it. l did come for it, prince.but now l’m your wife. l can’t do any thievery.- no! l my self is giving it to you. take it.- no! – take everything. – no. please.. take it my child. are youfeeling shy? never mind. lt’s your duty to feel’re his wife. ok. l’ll take it.- no!

what are you doing?- leave it. ls it your property?- leave it l said. you, idiot! give it to me. won’tyou leave it? leave it. stupid girl, leave it.leave it l said. prince, what are you looking at? aren’t you a raiput’s(warrior) blood? a goon is slapping yourwife in front of you. and you’re iust watchingit quietly? prince! you had promised in before god..

..that you’d protect your wife.- leave it, you idiot. help me. help me. l’m your’re my husband. what will he do? give it to me.- protect me. please come forward andbeat him. come prince. leave it. – you’re a braveman. you’ve strength. you can beat him. beat him.- sir! – beat him. beat him.- what are you doing? beat him, prince. beat him.- no!

beat him more.- leave me. let go off me. leave me.- prince. beat him. l’ll kill you. l won’t spare you.- beat him. – no! leave me. hit him! – let go off me! beat him. look, you’restrong and powe_ul. hey! beat him. – ok, fine.l’ll see you later. l’ll see you. no one can stop you today. hit him! l’ll see you.. l’ll see you..

henceforth, nobody willdare to touch you. let’s go home. today, for the first timeyou’ve raised your hand. and one day it can reach to me, too. shall l kill her, too?- no! lt’s necessary forher to keep alive. because she’s the culprit for.. ..satish kumar’sattempt to commit suicide. suicide? – yes, this will bea suicide case for people.

throw his dead body in the drainage. lnspector! thakur udaybhansingh has murdered.. husband. yes, my husband.. he’s the murderer of my husband. he’s the murderer of my..- mrs. aarti. l won’t spare you. mrs. aarti, nobody murderedyour husband. – l won’t spare you. according to this suicide note.. ..he committed suicide because..

..of your bad character.- this is wrong. udaybhan singh, l won’tspare your life. l’m pregnant. yes. l’llgive birth to my child. l’ll instigate him against youfor 20 years and bring him up. so that he can take revengeof his father’s death.. ..and mother’s humiliation. l didn’t ask anythingfrom you till today. but today if l get whatl want then l won’t again.. ..ask anything from you.

my lord, give me a son.a strong and sturdy son.. ..who will take revengeof his father’s murder.. my lord, l want a son. giveme a son. give me a son. son. what are you doing, aarti? do you want to kill your child? nothing will happen to him, zubeda. let him have the habit of facingevery hazard of life. he has to face many stormsin life ahead. yes!

my child, you must pay yourdues, your mother has.. ..on you. you must take the revengeof your parent’s tears. my child, by swear of your creator. aarti!- yes. have your lunch first andthen give it to your son. no, l’ll get late. avinashmust be waiting for me. mummy, what have youbrought for me today? l’m very hungry. – today l’vebrought fenugreek paratha. you please have it yourself.l must join my duty early today.

ok? take it. and listen.. today you come to thefactory after school. we’ll go home together.- ok, mummy. give my lunch back to me. give it to me or else l’llcomplain to the teacher. will you complain it to the teacher? l’m very hungry. please givemy lunch. – move away! you idiot, give my lunch back to me. l’ll show you now.

we’ll iust make a move. ok?how was the lunch? what happened? balwant snatched away my lunch box. who’s balwant?- he’s one year senior to me. he’s a notorious boy at school. he snatched away my lunch box. and when l asked for it,he started beating me. and you didn’t back answer him? mind it, if you’d let peoplesnatch away your belongings..

..they will snatch away your life. lf you want to call me mother,go and beat that boy. go!- he’s very fat and strong, mummy. then try beating him and get beaten. but don’t escape and show your back. so that l can say proudlythat my son has.. ..the daring to fight with anybody. you idiot, you had snatchedaway my lunch, right? c’mon, tell me. will yousnatch away again?

will you do it again? will you? now if you’d be seenin this area again.. ..l’ll change your entireface structure. go and tell your boss that localresident of this area.. ..own it. if he’ll try to kickoff anybody from here l’ll.. ..permanently give send offto your sir. is that clear? you black beauty, what do you think? there’s no male inthis area or what? l’ll teach him a lesson now.

please forgive me.- forgive? pronounce it properly. forgive?- forgive. – forgive.. – forgive. say it properly.- forgive. aunt, now nobody will dareto kick you off from here. may god bless you! go and get fresh. l’llserve you. today morning you went tocollege without.. ..having anything. – that’s ok.but just now l’ve beaten.. ..three goons and theywere almost dead.

and you didn’t even congratulate me. goons are meant to be beaten.. ..and sons are meant to beat them. you still have to facemany big battles. but mind it very clearly. the day you are defeated,l won’t see your face. aren’t you hungry? now c’mon, go and wash up. c’mon. yes, all are ready. hereare your clothes.

sister, if you can payme today itself..’d be useful for me. you’re asking as if l’m goingto run away from here. that’s not the matter, sister.but l’m poor. we need to work hard foreven a glass of water. ok, fine. take this.your stitching fees. and don’t ask for anymorework from me. – thank you. let’s go home, my child.. listen! look, a drummer of this hotelis on leave for two day.

you’ll be paid 200rupees for 2 days. will that be fine with you?- yes, that’s fine. lt must be fine with you.but how will l be convinced? how do l know that youcan beat the drum well? do you have any certificateor degree? degree? every paperis leaked before.. ..the examination. and bypaying money they alter.. ..marks. in such circumstanceswhat’s.. ..the importance of certificateor degree?

o god! – that’s why it’s saidthat talent is never hidden. ladies and gentlemen! l welcome all of you on thisevening at studio 84. we’ve the same voice andsame beauty tonight. miss neena. dance! dance! let’s dance! the fun that lies in this night.. really a new experience. what’s wrong with my heart today?

lt’s iust so excited with love? let’s dance with full force. heart is dreaming and eyesare yearning for.. dance! dance! the one who has somebodyin life is the fortunate. we both are young here. our heart and heartbeats too are. what kind of intoxication is this! what’s pleasing my mind?

hands are beating stronglyon the drum.. ..and heartbeats are increasing. where will you get thisyouth and time.. ..and this happinessand fun again? come in! good evening, sir!- good evening. you were amazing today. lf, instead of weekends,you pe_orm daily.. can double your wages.

no! it’s not possible for me.because l’m studying. and l’m working here iust torecover my study expense. think over it. l can iust work on weekendsfor two more years. after that l’ll think over it. thank you, sir.- welcome. now she’ll come in our trap.where will she escape now? somebody please tell her thatl’ve gone crazy after her. so? are you coming?- leave me.

come to me.- leave me. no, please come to me. whyare you feeling shy? leave me.- c’mon, get in the car. – leave. l’ll take you to..- leave me. leave me!- hey? – leave me. let go off her.- c’mon, get lost. l make others leave myway. is that clear? we can’t fight with him.let’s go. c’mon. from where did he come now?- c’mon, get in.

let’s wait here. thanks! c’mon, l’ll drop you. what if traffic policecatches us? what will happen? at the most.. ..traffic police willmake the tyre puncture. stop! stop! lt’s too late. your family members.. ..must be worried about you.

l’ve nobody at home.- you mean you live alone? when l’ve no family,l’ve to live alone. l’m sorry.- who else do you’ve in your family? l’ve mother.- then you’ve everything with you. good night!- bye! mummy! yes! what have you brought? this is a gift for my mother.l’ve got my first salary today. henceforth, stop this stitching.

the same, that’s expectedfrom a working son. c’mon, now start telling me about.. ..your dreams one by one. l’ve started my plansto fulfill your dreams. c’mon, tell me the dream number one. l’ll tell you. but it’snot the right time. now c’mon. get up and eat something. why are you crying, binni? billu is drunk and is sittingnear the municipality..

..water lines. and is teasing each.. ..and every girl going there. today nobody has water at home. l’ve come to ask forsome drinking water. l understood. you wishme to teach a lesson.. billu, don’t you?ok, l’m going. no, brother. he’s a dangerous goon. that’s why my son will go.he’ll definitely go. go. come, l’ll collect waterfor you, my darling.

come! stupid! l’ll show youhow to collect water. take this, brother. go and collect water. and slaphim with your sandals.. ..before going. c’mon, let’s collect water. no mother will be like you. whenever there’s somedangerous task.. send your son first.

do you remember last timewhen goon had come.. vacate aunt’s room? she had sent her son to fightwith those dangerous goons. what were you looking at there? the path to life. c’mon, let’s walk on that path. l can’t live without you. l can’t live without your love. we’re made for each other.

l don’t know.. ..where have l lostin your blue eyes? all the pains of my hearthas blown away.. coming into your hug. when the clouds will shower.. ..such drizzling rain with love. all the people in thirstof love will remember us.. this place. listen!- yes!

tomorrow l’ll take youto my mother. – ok. bye!- bye! mummy!- yes. mummy, she’s neena.we love each other. avinash, l’ve not broughtyou up to love but to hate. what are you saying, aunt? l’m sorry, my child. but avinash has yet not enteredin his life’s battlefield. the day he’ll enter, you’llunderstand the meaning..

..of my words. and life isalways at risk in the war. l know, aunt. but l’ll alwaysaccompany avainsh.. his every battle. c’mon, neena, l’ll drop you home. you?!- we’re not dead. we’re still alive. get lost from here. l’mnot concerned with you. but we do. with thoseornaments worth.. ..50 thousands with which youwere supposed to escape. and by now it’s value musthave reached to millions.

but l don’t understand whyyou’re living in this hut.. spite of having sucha big amount with you. l don’t have anything. you please leave fromhere right now. lf my son will come.. – uncle,she won’t speak up like that. c’mon.- before your son comes and your.. past gets disclosed to him.. better hand overour share to us. l said l don’t have anything.l had left everything there.

you stupid, you’ve grabbedour share and now you’re refusing? you idiot! lt seems your youth isstill very energetic. aye! – l’ll kill her if youmake a single move. mummy, what’s this? who are they? my child, l’m your mother’smaternal uncle. maternal uncle of your mother.- oh, uncle? – yes. uncle, l must take your blessings. yes, sure. take my long!

he’s iust like his father. uncle, what’s all this? embrace me. – yes, sure. l am hurt. baton! open the door! openit. no baton, please.. c’mon, run! you stupid, how dare youshow knife to my mother? wait! wait, avinash! your hands are not meant tomurder such filthy people.

let go off him. henceforth you shouldn’tbe seen in this area. otherwise l won’t spareyour life. mind it. before wiping this blood youmust tell me everything. what’s all this? what’s the matter that you’vekept secret from me till date? l fight and get iniured.. ..but you never get scared orafraid like any normal mother. lt seems that your heart feelshappiness to see me this way.

as if your dream isgetting fulfilled. but today l’m asking swear of your blood.. ..tell me what have you keptsecret from me till date? c’mon, mummy. tell me. avinash, l have treasuredevery secret of our life. l’ve not hidden it from you. ln stead l’ve kept itreserved for you. l was melting you. and haddecided that the day..’d completely meltl’ll shape you up.. the way l want youto face this secret. yes, avinash. this slumarea, this poverty.. you’re not a part of all this. you belong somewhere else.yes, my child. l entered in your father’slife late. but when l entered lcame to know about.. he passed his childhood. what not he had suffered from? ‘you won’t come herewithout my permission#

‘l’ll come# – you won’t# ‘c’mon. 2, 2s are 5#- ‘2, 2s are 5# ‘2, 2s are 5. 2, 2s are 5.’ 2, 2s are 5# ‘l said speak up#- ‘l’m mad. l’m mad# ‘l’m mad! l’m mad! l’m mad!’ ‘l’m mad!’- ‘100# – ‘l’m mad!’ – ‘101 # ‘l am mad# ‘drink one more# ‘no. prince!’

lt was not possiblefor me, alone.. take revenge ofyour father, my son. l brought you up for this iob.l made you fight every battle. so that you won’t get defeated inany battle of this world. today l’ve come to know thepurpose of my life, mummy. from today onwards mylife won’t have.. ..any other goal thanto take the revenge.. ..for which you’ve brought me up. yes, mummy. l’ll take revenge ofmy father’s death.

l’ll take the revengeof each of your tears.. ..from udaybhan singh. l swear on my creator. l’ll take revenge of his eachand every pain and suffering. my darling son, chandrabhan. l love you. tomorrow is your birthday,my son. right? – yes. we’ll celebrate it. with full pomp and show.

wow!- dance and enjoy! may l come in, sir? l’m sure he’s here with a bad news. my face is like that, sir. otherwise l’ve got good news. tell me what’s it? – labourershave withdrawn their strike. and we’ve given a newhouse to the leader. really?- and yes. this is a letter for you.- for me? – yes. – you may go.

have a look, whose letter it is? aarti! aarti? ‘udaybhan singh, the day for whichl was living till today.. ..has come now. my sonhas grown up# ‘and he’s coming to you take.. ..revenge of hisfather’s death# ‘by tomorrow’s evening train# ‘you won’t find any troublein identifying him#

‘because he’s iust like his father# ‘but, udaybhan singh,don’t make mistake.. iudging his strength.your enemy, aarti# weak person’s son will also be weak. be alert! no new person should enterin our area. go! weak person’s son is always weak. cheers!- cheers! happy birthday to you!

happy birthday to, chandrabhan! distribute it to everybodyand enjoy yourself. enjoy! he hasn’t come here. l knew he wouldn’t come. what’s this?- sir, somebody has sent.. ..this special gift for you. and said that you’d rememberit lifetime. – very good! what’s so special? let me see. this ioke is really nice.but who’s the sender of it?

l’ve come. o heartless.. how much you’ve tyrannized people. l won’t spare you today.. by swear of my creator. you’ve harassed us.l’ll harass you. you’ve bothered us..l’ll bother you. you’ve made us cry.l’ll make you cry. nobody knows about your fraud..’ve under the impressionof being powe_ul. today l’ll see howpowe_ul you’re! come! come. o heartless. l won’t spare you today. even today l.. ..remember that story.. blood is boiling.. the thought of it.

today l’ll break all your pride. the biggest promise amongstall is the promises.. the promise givento our creators. l’ve taken swear and l’ll fulfillit at the cost of my life. now l’ll decide how toend your tyranny. l’ll give you such a shock thatyou’d never forget in life. now l won’t let anybodybe tyrannized. come.. come.. you really sing very well. youmust get the reward of it.

no, udaybhan singh. your handsare not that strong now. this is called slap. so you mean to say you’remr. satish kumar’s son? yes.- what’s the proof? every matter does not have proofs. what’s the proof thatthe name attached to.. ..your name is your father’s only? how dare you say that? your honor, this ishighly objectionable.

l don’t know about theiawyer’s proof.. ..but l’m the proof hereto say that aviansh is.. ..satish kumar’s son.and l’m his mother. you can come to the witnessbox and give your statement. l’m your son’s lawyer.- yes. what do you want to know? your name? – aarti! – you’resatish kumar’s widow? yes, and l’d be knownas his wife, today.. ..if udaybhan singhhadn’t murdered him. lt’s too much, your honor.

this woman is speaking rubbish. you can come to the witnessbox to give your statement. your honor! l agree that shehad married prince. but her intention behind themarriage was just to.. ..rob the family’s traditionalornaments. ask her if l’m wrong.- is this true? lt’s true.- is it true that she was.. ..involved with robber’s team?- yes, l had. lt’s also possible thatyou were already..

..pregnant before marryingprince. a stupid. shut up! l’m not stupid you idiot. l won’t spare you today.- order! order! l’ve seen the law. now l’llshow you my revenge. l’ll take revenge of eachand every small tyranny..’ve done to my parents. l’ll entomb you in thepalace, which..’ve made a place ofyour sinful activities.

and don’t forget it, udaybhan.don’t forget this. you better mind it well. don’t be so happy from now,udaybhan singh. the game has iust begun. avinash kumar, son ofiate satish kumar.. ..has created chaos in thecourt and insulted it. so, he’s given sevendays imprisonment. and the case is dismissed with the.. ..lack of proper evidences.

enioy! it’s a party time! this is called life, my child. the season is intoxicating. liquor and meat is here with us. without this, life.. iust meaningless. no, daddy! you’ve said it wrong. ls it so? then you tell me. it’ssomething like this. – c’mon. liquor and beauty is here with us.

without this, life..- life? wow, my son! well said! the season is intoxicating.- let go off me! liquor and beauty is here with us.- let go off me! brother! leave me! leave me, l said. no shouting! keep quiet. brother! brother! leave me! leave me,

leave me, help! munni! l’m coming.don’t worry. leave me! she’s my sister! leave me. leave me! sir, what’s happening?she’s my sister. no! no! sir! she’s my sister, sir. what’s this iniustice, sir?she’s my sister. sir! sir! – so what?he’s my dearest son. he can do anything. – brother! go and arrange for the lunch.- brother!

munni, l’m coming. leaveme! leave me! leave! munni!- brother! help!- munni! – brother! – munni! l’ve entered my battlefield.l’ve to take revenge of.. father’s death andmy mother’s humiliation. and l can also lose mylife in this battle. so, l wish you not to comeon this path of blood. avinash, love is destined towalk on the path of blood. l’ve no other path than you.

and l’d also not wish to searchfor any other path. just how your destiny is mine. similarly, from today onwardsyour battle is mine, too. what will you do? taking advantage of my beautyl’ll try to find out.. ..those entire secrets thatcan help you win this battle. no, neena. they aredangerous people. love is meant to play with dangers. time is over, madam.

now, l’ll make a move. take care of yourself. waiter!- what can l do for you, lady? nothing!- l’m chandrabhan singh. – so? chandrabhan singh of viiay nagar. and l own this hotel.- where have you.. ..reached at such a young age? which bhan?- chandrabhan. – of course. how can l forget it? thakurvijay singh’s son..

udaybhan singh.- l’ve heard a lot about him. lt’s heard that whenever he wishes.. you may have heard oneforth of it till now. some time listen tome about his praises. why sometime? why not now? ok, please come.- yes, sure. what’s this?- so that nobody can disturb us. only you and me.. please come.- oh, l see. l can bet that you’re notfrom this area. – why?

because if you’d be from thisarea it was not possible.. ..that today we metfor the first time. actually l’ve come here for thefirst time and l’m a writer. oh! you’re a writer? verygood! you’ve become.. ..a writer at such a young age? lf at young age, you canbe chandrbhan singh.. ..and somewhere viiay palace’smanaging director.. ..and what not. then whycan’t l be a writer? but how do you takeout time to write?

l write novels on detectives.- oh, you mean shoot and fight. no! l write such novels whichmakes people think. – oh! my heroine’s name is detectiveshobha singh. and she has a suicidecase right now. but actually it’s a murder case.- is it? very interesting. – yes, but l’mstill confused how to convert.. ..a suicide case into a murder case? lt’s not a big deal. my daddy isnot a writer but still he had.. look, you want to know some secrets.

but please leave thisformality between us. lntoxicate me to some extent.let’s come closer. come closer. come, come closer. what is in your heart? tell me. come closer. come closer. what is in your heart? tell me. attraction of the heart..sometimes it takes a test.

whom l believed to be my darling. my heart, my life. you shouldn’t have consciousness. you should forget both the worlds. the secret of the heart willbe told by the silent heart. your silent heart willreveal this secret. c’mon! tell me about your father. what?! my father! my father is a killer.a murderer.

he can murder anybodywithout any hesitation. what your father had donewith prince satish kumar? he got satish kumar signa blank paper. and he wrote on it.. that he is committing suicidedue to his wife’s unfaithfulness. and then he killed princesatish kumar. oh, l love my father. l father is great. my father is great. but l love you, too..

l love you, neena. l love you.l love you, neena. l love you. l love you, neena. l love you. who’s it? my child, you?- aunt! aunt, l’ve brought hisvoice in this tape. ‘he had taken prince satishkumar’s signature.. ..on a blank paper and lateron he wrote a note on.. ..that paper stating thathe’s committing suicide.. ..because of his wife’sbad character#

‘and then he killedprince satish kumar# ‘oh, l love my father. l father is great# ‘my father is great# you’ve become my weapon.. ..before being my daughter-in-law.god bless you! let’s go to the police now. don’t be mad, my child.police is a government servant.. ..but over here they obeyudaybhan singh’s order. this cassette is the biggestevidence. keep it safely..

..with you. and wait foravinash’s release. – yes. but tell me her name at least.- neena. dad, we love each other. love?- yes. and you?- yes. this has never happenedin our family? l hope you’re alright.- dad, l’m serious this time. serious! the girl who hasmade my son serious.. ..l must meet her. bringher here someday.

yes! l’ll come with himsome day. ok. thank you. my dad! my neena! hello! – hello! – nicemeeting you. sit down! so, you’re his neena. presently, l’m iust neena.- very good. your parents? – they are nomore. – oh, l’m sorry. oh, c’mon, dad. don’t be so formal. parents are meant to die.- what? why are you scared? you’re notmy parent. you’re my dad.

congratulations to you! my sonis really crazy for you. you please explain to him something. today waiter unknowinglytouched me at the.. while serving tea. he felt iealous and beathim so harshly. look, darling. love bringsjealousy with it. l iust can’t tolerateanybody else with you. very good! like father, like son. darling you?

what are you doing here?- my father owned this chair. l’m practicing to sit on it. now you’d ask me what’sshe doing here? now she’ll start screamingand will say.. ..that you tried to rape her. and naturally, l’ll come toyou listening to her scream.. ..and l’ll beat you hard. ready? one! two! three!- you can’t do this.

you can’t do this. help!- what are you doing? – help! neena, what are you doing?- help! help! – neena! help! you can’t do this, neena.- help! neena, what are you doing?- help! neena, what are you doing this?- help! – neena! help! help! help!- neena! neena!

leave him! chandrabhan! my child! you stupid! udaybhan singh. it wassomething like this.. ..with which you had beatenmy father very cruelly. nab him! udaybhan singh! howare your injuries? these are iust the samples thatyou’re going get in future. and yes! if you lodge a complaintagainst my son..

..then don’t forget. your sonwill also be imprisoned.. ..for seven years in caseof rape. is that clear? let’s see each other in eachother eyes and dance. let’s fulfill our desire and dance. let’s dance with passion. let’s dace and do awaywith the distance. let’s embrace and dance. let’s make this night and dance. let’s dance and enioy life.

let’s shower ourfeeling and dance. let’s dance and shareour feeling in love. everything that heart thinks,desire for and wants for.. available here. we’re not in our senseof finding where we’re. c’mon, dance with me. who’s he?- must be some loafer. c’mon, dance with me.- o, mister! lt seems you’re drunk. gohome and do something..

..with this hangover. otherwiseit’ll bother you. you bloody bastard! yes, udaybhan singh, listento your son’s voice. ‘my father is a killer. a murderer# ‘he can murder anybody withoutany hesitation# don’t worry, udaybhan singh.l won’t use it for now. my purpose of presenting thiswas to make you restless.. ..and the chapter number 2of my revenge can get over. chander! chander!

what are you doing?have you gone mad? what happened? what happened,chander? dad! that stupid avinashsnatched away.. neena from me. neena from me. andl can’t live without her. l’ll commit suicide. l’ll commit suicide, dad.l’ll commit.. – my son! no, my child! no! l’ll dieif anything happens to you. never do that, my child.never do that.

you won’t die. aarti’s son will die. hello! you’ve reminded usafter a long time, boss. you know avinash, satish’s son,don’t you? – yes, boss. he has a cassette with him. which can be proveddangerous for me. and we must kidnap his loverto obtain that cassette. lt’ll be done. don’t worry! l’ve brought the cassette.let go off neena.

today your smartness won’t work. udaybhan singh, l’vebrought the cassette. let go off neena. why are you in such hurry? l still have to clearmany things with you. no! please, let go off him. please.. bob! beat him so hardthat he won’t have.. ..any strength leftto fight with us. my child, you love thisgirl a lot, don’t you?

she is yours from today. you can do anything with her.whatever you wish. yes, dad. no! run neena. – go.. run! neena, run! dad!- let her run! let her go. when she’ll be tired of running.. ..she’d easily come in your hug. please help me, almighty! help me!

almighty, help me! ‘nothing will happento him, zubeda# ‘let him have the habit of facingevery hazard of life# ‘he has to face many stormsin life ahead# neena, l love you. neena, l love you. neena,don’t be afraid. don’t be afraid, neena.l won’t do anything. neena, where’s your earring?- leave me.. where’s your earring?- leave me! leave!

let go off me!- no, screaming! no! no screaming! leave me! leave me! please, leave me. leave! leave me! no! please bring a glassof water, my child. who’s she? – she’s the victimof udaybhan’s tyranny. udaybhan’s son played withher chastity in presence.. ..of her brother andthen killed him. and she has lost her mentalbalance from that day onwards.

god knows, by now how many.. ..have become madwith their oppress? come. ‘say that l’m mad# – ‘l’m mad# ‘say, l’m mad#- ‘l’m mad# ‘say, l’m mad#- ‘l’m mad. ‘l’m mad! l’m mad! l’m mad# today udaybhan singh’sson will surely go mad. come, neena. my blue eyes and rosy lipscan make anybody crazy.

this restless nightand our meeting.. ..can make me lose my sense. this beauty and fair skinof yours. and this youth. how can l stop myheart throbbing.. ..with the sight of yours? you worthless! what havel appointed you for? my son is missing fromiast two days.. ..and you’ve failed tofind him even today. you should be ashamed of yourself.

l wish all of you to.. say, l’m mad.- no! – chandrabhan? say, l’m mad.- l’m mad. – chandrabhan?! c’mon! – l’m mad. – whatare you saying, my child? l’m mad. – my child! – l’m mad!- chandrabhan? – l’m mad. chandrabhan?- loudly! – l’m mad. loudly!- chandrabhan? – l’m mad. no! no!- l’m mad. – no. udaybhan singh, yourson is in my custody.

lf you want him alive thencome to the shyam nagar.. ..police station afterhalf an hour. bye! l expect you’d definitely come. leave me! leave! ouch!- leave! ldentify this, udaybhan’s your son’s sign, right? just how you had made my fathersign on a blank paper.. ..l’ve made your son do the same. now tell me what you want to do?

either you go inside andconfess your crime. otherwise your son will also commitsuicide like my father. ouch! leave! leave them! welcome thakur sir! not thakursir, but l’ve come. thakur sir has been brought. hello! inspector desai here.thakur sir, it’s for you. hello! aunt! aunt!- my child!

aunt!- that oppressive kidnapped.. ..your mother and neena. l failed to protect them. aunt! aunt.. aunt! she was a kind and loyal woman. but her death was decided.may god bless her soul! avinash, if you love yourmother and your lover. then bring my son tothe pandara hill..

..tomorrow morning.and take them away. and if not, then arrange fortwo funeral pyres over here. run! catch him! he shouldn’t escape. why do you miss the target,you idiots? neena, you pleasego home with mummy. today l’ll finish them all. neena, if you won’t be mine.. ..l won’t let you be of anybody.l’ll kill you..

my child! my child! my child! no, my child! udaybhan singh, l had told you.. ..that after 20 years, myson will take revenge of.. ..his father’s death andhis mother’s humiliation. ‘prince!’ kill him, my prince! throw away his dead bodyin the flowing water.. that it’d be a suicidecase for the law.

the very first iob avinashdid after.. ..coming out of the iail was this. l’ve come! to celebratethe nuptial night. l’ve come! to celebratethe nu


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