movies on free

movies on free

not yet man welcome to the 8th episode of swar shuaib today’s episode is about copyright don’t you want to change the chaotic life you live? as if the whole world..

movies on free

movies on free, ..isn’t already chaotic? if the world.. if the world didn’t have deceived people like you, then you would have seen what it really looks like i like to see it the way it is

ugly because you see it from your perspective whose perspective do you want? the government’s perspective? that cut movies in the cinema?! that don’t let us see the complete movie?! the government is censoring the dirty scenes from the movies that come out in the cinema after a year don’t steal it from torrent

and if you don’t find it in torrent, i will find it in popcorn time! both of them are stealing, it isn’t legal or ethical go talk to your employers about ethics, when they spend their high salaries pampering their women and make us feel inadequate so you go and sell fake branded accessories it’s everyone’s right to wear brands but this is theft and it isn’t legal ‘legal’

forget the law censorship i told you chaos! go fix yourselves first, then come talk to me so if you are in another country, you will follow the law will you be respectable? i’m not leaving i love translated movies

you have many options like netflix? it takes a year for the movies to show up just like your censorship on a camel it takes a year to arrive i am here to talk to your conscience, your religion, and your morals do you honestly steal because it’s fun? let them lower their prices!

the fake products are making companies lose, and they have thousands of employees with families people are losing their jobs because of you because i am selling at the accurate price you are selling at the accurate price for fake products this is all on me? i am only one the problem is you are not one you are most of the society

which means you are the chaos how was my acting? i’m a pro right? is it true that most people cause chaos? twitter statistics say that people prefer to watch movies through free websites and there is no free website that offers movies without it being stolen first which means we are a part of this theft in a big way and this raises the question, is this actually stealing? maybe i am the only one calling it theft and it isn’t

how about we ask the people? let’s ask the street! "ask the street" how’s nbk (national bank of kuwait)? great! i was at another bank, but i switched my income to nbk that’s big! ok, whoever switches to nbk, either they get an evoque car, or can get between 100-10,000kd, or get a loan without interest which one did you get?

i took 5 thousand without.. without interest i bought a car with it did you really buy a car? yes congratulations thanks i have a question

where do you watch movies? online mostly at the cinema and at home dvd where do you get the dvd from? stores shows you find online where online? google

so are you contributing to the amount of visitors to websites that steal their content honestly, yes the cinema we have is not great these dvds are copies or originals? if you want the truth, they are copies what do you think about the copies, is it legal or illegal? generally it is illegal, honestly do the websites have rights to the shows or not? i have no idea

no, they stole them there is popcorn time that i think buys them no, popcorn time stole it too no, it’s american no, popcorn time is russian i don’t know then honestly, i was like you before, i used to buy cds that were also stolen but when i found out they were stolen, i stopped buying them because i realized that it is largely harming the creators of the films

are you going to continue using these websites? no, hopefully i will buy original films. but we want to know where we can buy them in kuwait do you know netflix? i have heard of it this is an application that has a library of movies, all the movies are available it started in america, now it is translated and is available in the gulf you have osn now you know this is stealing right

will you continue this? logically, yes, i will keep doing this why? we got used to it i will continue because i love them will you buy from jabriya again or not? the fake products? no. but it’s the last time i go, just for you shuaib thank you ok, no not ok. alright!

we all agree that this is stealing and that this is wrong ok? now we want to see the harm that we are causing is there a large side-effect or none at all? statistics ok? ready? you’ll get it twice in this episode one now and continue to the end of the episode, there’s another one for you guys

let’s get the tea let’s unwind what is this? full leaves for rabea tea no, we don’t want full leaves today we want the stronger one this topic is juicy this topic has theft. theft! there we go! anyway, did you know that in 2014, 750,000 employees were fired for internet piracy in america?!

what is internet piracy? internet piracy is when you download pirated content from torrent, because torrent stole it from computer to computer but there sometimes the fbi sends you movies, and if they caught you, they will sue you and come to your house there is quick surveillance another piracy website is popcorn this website that you guys go to that’s in russia, or i don’t know where and supposedly there is no surveillance, it’s all stolen, and we are all just watching it for free an example is about the famous movie avatar in one year, there were 17 million copies made. not including our store in kuwait that sells copied cds, no not this

in general, 17 million copies without having movie rights they constantly lose because they spend millions making the film and they aren’t making a profit and everyone is taking it for free what happens? they change their mind they decide to stop because they keep losing and everyone wants it for free i am working hard and no one is paying for it so the actors you love, and the directors you love will stop producing films did you know that america lost $250 million that ruined their economy

because of internet piracy that is mostly here, it’s found in other countries, but here the most do you know what it means when america fails economically? it will affect us in the gulf! we have strong ties with america when there is chaos there, there is chaos here and this will harm you and then what will happen? there are no jobs, people get fired, there is no money in the market, we get screwed! you guys will say ‘what can we do? it’s everywhere! the movies come out late! there is no translation!’

you have many options! you have netflix, hulu, amazon, and osn all of them have movies and most of them are translated you guys say the movies come out late! you have a whole library full of old movies that you haven’t seen, you were still in your mother’s stomach, go watch those old movies! enough of these movies and theft! curse the devil! let’s talk about another subject let’s talk about fake products

the many people that imitate each other they copy each other in their personalities and with the brands they wear we have two guests owners let’s say a corner store on instagram they sell fake products on instagram in the beginning, they were fine with being filmed while showing their faces and names, but when they knew the episode was about copyright, they said they will do the interview as long as their faces and names are hidden time for the discussion

welcome sister great to have you here good to be here you look scared a little comfortable? it shows from the way you are sitting what do you sell? bottles

what? shuaib, what do i sell? you went to my account and saw what i sell no the viewers don’t know what you sell, i have to ask you this question i sell watches, glasses, wallets accessories and purses specific brands or what? no, most of the famous brands

like what? most of the famous brands like lv, prada, gucci, chanel rolex, tag, hublot ‘hublot’? it’s obvious that it’s fake, cause it’s called hublot not ‘hublot’ ok, the items you are selling, are they fake or originals? some are fake, some are original oh, so you have original?

yes, of course great some people ask for originals are you sure yours are originals? of course you give proof that they are original? i give them the warranty ok if i buy a branded watch from you and take it to the actual store, will they tell me it’s original? look

it depends on the store you go to, maybe the store will tell you it’s not an original because you didn’t buy it from them or something no, from your store do you sell originals or not? no joke we have originals i saw that you wrote "fake" in your account details i don’t like to fool the people i wrote fake, yes it is, but it is first class quality

now, when you post something and write that it’s fake, do you know that this is illegal or not? i honestly don’t know you know it is illegal and you are doing it? because no one said anything to me no one told me anything so if you could murder someone today and you know that is it in the dark and no one will hold you accountable, would you do it? of course not, murder is different than instagram

i am dealing with instagram, no one held me criminally accountable on instagram ok, i am telling you that is it illegal, according to kuwaiti law and the consequence for this is to be imprisoned nothing happened to me yet did you get permission from the original brand such as lv, chanel, and others? no, i wrote they are fake, not originals why would i ask for permission? but you are using their names to sell products, so if the names weren’t on the products, would people buy them? nothey won’t buy it

so you are taking advantage of their name if you were the owner of rolex watches, and some guy comes and copies rolex without telling you, and sells more than you do, and makes more of a profit than you do with the name that you worked for your whole life would you accept that or not? of course, i wouldn’t accept then why do you do it? business smart business

but this isn’t smart, this is stealing you call it stealing, others call it smart, and others call it profit what is the difference between your prices and the prices of the original brand products? let’s say for example, a purse is worth 3,000 kd how much would you sell it for? maybe 300 kd for example, if a rolex is worth 3,000 kd. how much would you sell it for? you want the original or the first class quality? all your stuff is fake, don’t try to fool me

how much?! 300 kd, 350 kd i am noticing your red purse over there, is it fake or original? fake and you are proud to walk around with a fake purse? do you tell people it’s fake? i already wrote ‘fake’ no, but your personal purse, that you go out with, do you tell people it’s fake? no, i don’t and people don’t notice?

ok, question, the people that buy stuff from you, what kind of people are they? all kinds of people in kuwait, from regular people to high class people, everyone buys from me no, usually the people that buy fake products are those with a limited income but want these brands, or am i wrong? you’re right, but all people from me you had people that are rich buy from you? many times! really? yes! how did you know some people were high class?

it shows from their houses, from their phone numbers you deliver? i deliver or my employee delivers once there was a woman on instagram she wears original products, and all her stuff is original and she ordered from me she ordered fake products from you? is this woman known?

she is known she’s known? and she wears fake products? yes, she ordered from me do they talk to you through direct messaging or through whatsapp? mostly through whatsapp the number on whatsapp is in your name? in whose name? no info is attached to the number

pardon me but, when i told you to come to the interview, in the beginning you had no problem coming and showing your products but when i told you it would be about copyright, you said you wouldn’t show your merchandise you want the truth? we don’t understand, you want to hide and hide your number, or do you want to be known? well honestly shuaib, my work has been underground and i don’t need to be known and you warned me that it’s about copyright and that selling fake products is illegal so i said thank god for shuaib that he warned me about it

so that’s it, i don’t need to show my products and thank god, my work is moving smoothly, i am selling, i don’t need to showcase here where do you buy your stuff exactly? from an arab person living in china, so i go there, and he takes me to some places i choose what i want and buy it shuaib look, i know someone in china and someone else in bangladesh, i call them and ask them to prepare me an amount of watches that have high demand then i go to china and how do you bring them in kuwait?

i would be traveling with family or friends, and i bring them in bulk how do you bring them? each person would have it with them so you divide them in each bag? ok, why don’t you bring them in an official manner? i can’t bring them in officially, they are fake the brands have their logo on it, how can i bring them in? so you know this is illegal? yes, i do

and you continue to do it? ok, do you buy them from stores or from factories? from factories so you have seen the factories? but the guy tells me he gets them from factories, not from stores i buy in bulk, i can’t buy in bulk from stores do you have family members that you support, like parents? my parents ok

what if.. got caught at the airport or some place there is a possibility that you might go to jail depending on the law, right? ok, who will help this family while you are absent? like these actions of yours, won’t it affect your family in the future? it will have an affect so why are you still doing it? this is my source of income it’s my only source of income

because the weather is a little hot so it seems you can’t handle the heat this is original musk from atyab al marshoud co. put some of it on no, you don’t put it on like this, you aren’t going to eat it they put it on the other side, like here you don’t reach my hand shuaib

they put it here you can smell me now yeah, i can smell you now. what do you think of it? yeah, it’s really nice you see how original is great? this is.. rice to riches has nice and yummy rice this is what it looks like one of them is cerelac

fake, would you eat original or fake? no, i’ll have the original oh, with food, you’ll take the original, but you’ll sell fake to people, huh? "under the table" today you have three options and you have to choose one i’ll choose one you either have something with the ipad, or a blm envelope, or a swar shuaib box there is something inside based on your luck honestly shuaib, i want the ipad

yeah i know that since you are not famous, you chose the ipad this ipad has pictures and we want you to see them and tell us what you think have you seen this picture before? these are.. chinese kids that work in factories, sometimes in the heat and sometimes in the cold because they are usually located in a tent

and they work for factories that produce fake products the stuff you sell this one also walks hundreds of kilometers to deliver animal hide and wood to the factories they work about 18 hours they sew and some of them work on hide that is fake this is also a child that gathers coal for the factories and these guys work for a factory that is known worldwide these?

you see how they are roaming around in garbage without any protection or protective gear it’s possible that these guys work at one of the factories that you buy your products from what’s the problem? when you buy from them, you are supporting their product when you support their product, they continue their business ok, how do you know that these people are the same ones that i am buying from? did you know that these factories are known for having people that deal largely with drugs and weapons? and all the money comes from fake products i don’t know which factories, but how do you know that these are the same factories?

you are showing me pictures and exaggerating them great, and how do you know that one of these people aren’t from the factories you buy from? honestly, if these are the factories i am buying from, i mean the product is coming to me, people are buying, and people are making a profit. these people are making a living because of me where’s the problem? i’ll tell you where the problem is if people are buying from the original brands, those brands have to get licenses when they get licenses, they have to follow a set of regulations to treat the employees with respect

to let them work for a reasonable amount of hours, depending on their capability and not more than that supervision to avoid working with machines that cause death or harm the employees in any way car spare parts that are fake can cause an accident leading to death it can these are prohibited the watches you wear may cause harm to the skin these companies that sell people fake products, they stop buying the expensive originals shuaib

let me continue understand what i am saying now when people buy fake, this affects the original brands, right? when it affects the original brand, they lose profit, right? it does when they lose profit, don’t they have to lay people off? of course they would ok and because of you, people are losing their houses shuaib, you jumped from one topic to another, that’s first

second, these original brands and their factories employ a specific amount of people do you know how many people are in china, what their population is? some people work and others can’t find a job, at least these people have jobs they are doing this, they are getting money, and they are supporting their families they are making them work for 18 hours and enslaving them because they are not supervised like the rest of the world shuaib, people need to work and you are contributing to this business and that it should continue in these countries honestly shuaib, i am a person who is looking for profit

you don’t care about these kids? i do care about them, but.. one cares about my situation, i didn’t ask people to give me money, i went, bought, and sold here, and things are moving what do you want me to do? it’s obvious that you don’t care about anyone but yourself i do care, but i am making a profit, this is my life, this is my job, i am making money from my business no, you are legitimizing it because you are making a profit, and others are losing who’s losing? i told you, the big companies are losing

there are complete studies that i am ready to show you not all people can afford to buy original products at their prices, but they want to wear these fancy things see i am helping these people to wear nice things now you see from the pictures that this is wrong, will you continue to do this? i don’t know, i have to think you see a guy at a wedding, and he’s wearing a watch, an original watch do you know if this watch is original or fake? the question is why do people feel like they have to wear fake things? they want to look fancy, because everyone in this country wants to look fancy and want to show off their watches

so they want to live a fake life? yes, everyone is so he is lying to himself? so you are helping the people lie to themselves that’s their choice, if they want to lie to themselves that’s not my problem and you are harming other people i am not harming anyone, i don’t see that i am. i am just buying and selling here you don’t have a problem? now you know that fake products are illegal and wrong

why do you continue to break the law? first of all, i just found out from you ok, now that you know, will you stop? my work is moving smoothly i don’t get it.. work is good how does a chow chow relate to you? what a genius.. i was like you, i wasn’t that different

5 years ago i bought the last cd copy of a stolen film you see them being sold in this country, and it looks like a normal store but the lack of supervision does not mean you don’t have a conscience and after i found out the amount of harm that happens to producers from movies and brands i knew that if i continued doing this and my community does this as well there will be no respectable product they will be obsolete as much as you see unfortunate things being implemented, know that you will see twice as much

of the good opportunities i know that we all agree that stealing is a sin but we diminish this wrong no, this is a very bad thing it’s in your hands to stop it today it’s true that this is between you and god but there is a lot of damage to mankind we have to represent our religion in the best possible way we have to be the first people to take care of copyright

today’s bracelet is very special for a person who him and his travels are very long welcome ali al-habsi! thank you! how are you? how is everything? good to have you! good to be here! how was your trip?

specially for you, we put a camera over there just for the omani audience welcome! this bracelet is from the audience who voted for you the omani audience was all over this! you deserve this on the back, your name is written and the last soccer match score results between kuwait and oman what were the scores? no, we only count the ones from the 80s

we don’t count them now! after the 80s, we don’t count those honestly thank you! i am happy to be here today, and i want to thank everyone who voted for me i feel like this is something very dear to me, because the feedback that you get from your fans are the things that stay forever and they are definitely special things, and i am happy to be here and to be in kuwait after a long time this is your country i want to tell all the kuwaiti audience that they have a big role for getting me here, with their huge support the professional trips, especially in the english speaking countries. there is a high english fan base from kuwait and their presence in the field at the premiere league and the championship was continuous with their great support

i am happy i got this from kuwait and from your show you deserve it, and we are proud of you but excuse me, why specifically ahmad ajab, you don’t let him score? i honestly don’t know, this is a question all kuwaitis ask me it seems like it’s personal i don’t know honestly you deserve way more than this the appreciation always comes from the fans, so thank you and thanks to all those who voted listen

i came to you out of the kindness of my heart and you know that i could rip off your nose don’t piss me off! why not? i will rip off this nose of yours go ahead! this nose.. my nose! can i download another one from torrent?


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