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there’s something i must tell you. i love you. i’m coming to tell you that. i cannot let my silence smotherour love to death do you see that mad man runningto save his love?

movies on youtube

movies on youtube, my name is suri. i live in kunavaram,a small village. uma and i grew up in this village here,fell in love here. ours is a typical village love story.

these days we get the latestmerchandise in our villages. diet cokes, branded jeans, fascial. yet, lives in our village are bound stronglyby sentiments and relationships. i believe everybody has a love story. mine started earlier than most. that’s my mother. this, my father. my maternal grandmother, grandfather…

my poor naive aunt. and my maternal uncle ranga raju. he’s like the old movie villain,rao gopal rao. he occupied the mansion my grandfathergifted to my mother on her wedding. and gifted us this tiny outhouse! if this little gate representsthe love between our families, this long wall is the distancebetween us! get set, everyone, here comes…the king of kunavaram, suri! doctor, the baby is not something please

everybody prayed for me to cry out loud. so i did. loud and clear. and never stopped. i cried unabashedly,unreservedly from that moment. i made everyone cry.soon i earned the title ‘cry baby’. some couldn’t handle my cryingand shut their ears. some shut their doors.but they couldn’t shut my mouth. september 14th, 1994. that was the day they stoppedpaying attention to me.

however much i cried. it was when i first heard thesound of laughter next door. it took me 3 months to discoverthe source. look at your pretty cousin uma. see, how happy she is.not like you. cry baby. my mom was shockedwhen she heard me laughing. i shocked myself too. the cry baby finally founda way to laugh. by making uma cry. and i could do this all my life.

suri… see that big mango?can you get it for me please? i will. but only if you playthe ‘mummy daddy’ game with me. hmm. what did you cook for me? banana curry. phoo. who eats bananas? not me.cook some spicy chicken curry. sure, my lord this is awful stuff!absolutely tasteless. add some salt right now! ok, my lord.

suri. mango? i am not done yet.massage my feet first. suri, i’m really hungry.please get me the mango. hmm. ok. but will you massagemy other foot after that? sure, my lord. hey! stop! stop! or else… sob… sob. ha ha… ha ha this is the open card.

your turn to play my friend. i’ll teach you a lesson. i’ll tell your mom thatyou are gambling. i’ll see that you geta nice thrashing. go, tell her! you watch what i do to you. aunty. suri is gambling near the fields. when i told him you won’t like it,he said he is not scared of you! what? gambling?where is that rascal?

aunty, i saw uma and murali playingthat ‘mummy-daddy’ game in the fields. what? mummy-daddy?where is she? suri… come here right now! mummy… i won’t gamble again.stop hitting me. mummy daddy! what games are these thatyou play instead of studying? ha ha. got you thrashed didn’t i? don’t mess with me, ok? hmmph! it didn’t hurt at all. but you got a sound thrashing.

nonsense! it didn’t hurt me at all. didn’t hurt? really? let’s see… arre suri.can you drive slowly please? suri, i’m all shaken up inside man. arggh! and this stink makes it worse! in a while fellows. we’ll drop thisload and go straight into town. can’t miss out on funon sankranti, can we? are you taking good careof the droppings? yeah. it’s fine.though we aren’t.

so far, i’ve told you all i caredto remember in my life. now, the forgettable parts. when i was 10, my dad passed away. at 17, my school didn’t pass me. at 20, my uncle got me a lousy job.and my boss passed me over. i wasn’t going i started my own business. the lucrativechicken-droppings business. low investment, high returns. what’s this chicken droppingsbusiness about?

it works like this.people like eating fish. and fish like eating chicken droppings. i supply chicken droppingsto fish farms. not just one business though, i grab every profitable opportunitythat satisfies some need and do anything to make money. long as it doesn’t hurt anyone andlong as i keep my mother happy. urgent, stop the vehicle please. oye suri. the droppings aredropping out of the tractor.

saw that? he cares more about thechicken droppings than our comfort. take care of the load.don’t let the droppings drop off. take care of what?this treasure here? another word from you,and you’ll get a taste of that treasure. that might unsettleyour insides some more! arre please. slow down point telling him anything. ever. so that’s me, all grown up. let’s see what uma devi hasgrown up into. looks all innocent andgullible doesn’t she?

she’s nothing of that kind. what now? look. what a lovely rangoli suri! my rangoli is simplyoutstanding isn’t it? if it were a contest i’d getthe 1st prize right. now let’s get some flowersto decorate this. no. i won’t. don’t come jealous thing!

i can’t let such a wonderfulopportunity go. where are you going? to decorate the beautiful rangoli. man, this is the big daddyof decorations. where’s your sister? she’s plucking flowers in the garden. hey uma devi, i have given youthe 1st prize for your rangoli. what? what have you done? stop, you rogue.i am going to kill you. stop.

aunty! aunty! what? do you know what suri did? what did he do? he dropped his chicken droppings onmy beautiful rangoli. where is he? call him. he ran away, that scoundrel. ruined my entire work. i’ll make you another rangoliin the evening. spare me now.

i have tons to work to do. aunty! i have lots of stuff to finish,it’s festival day today. will you do it for me? i promisei’ll do a rangoli for you later. do it’re painting all over my hands. that’s because your handsdon’t stop shaking. no. my hands are not’s you who cannot do a good job. uma, why the long face? suri dropped his chickendroppings on my rangoli.

he’s teasing you as always.all in good humour dear. teasing me eh? gimme backmy nail polish right now. hey, wait. i still have 2 morenails left to polish. whitewash them. give her the nail polish, poor thing. i won’t, she’s alwayssupporting that suri. your dad is back,go serve him tea. go do it people never take me seriously. you always support suri.i will deal with him myself.

what? he is organisinga dance show? yes, let’s go and watch.he dances like a movie star. movie star? him?with that beard like a cat’s whiskers? how can you say that? with his style, his smile, he islike mahesh babu with a moustache. mahesh babu?! are you cross-eyed?that crooked toothed scoundrel? so what? i like my men to be rough.suri is hot and handsome. hot? as in? hot… like a ‘mirchi bajji’.anyways you can’t handle that.

eat your bland gupchup. i’m off now. i need to getdressed for the dance. bye. it’s late. where are they? hey, stop stop stop stop. hey, lleana, tamanna, anushka.get off the car. stop this crowd. kodhandam,take the girls inside. suri, did you organize thelive dance show this evening? will these girls put up a rocking show?i’ll come around by at 7:00 p.m. then. sure. but get 1000 bucks along.

i can’t pay 1000 bucks. what do you think this is?a free show? hey, don’t forget to collect1000 bucks from him. move on now. hey bujji, why are you gaping like that? do you like any of those girls? don’t be shy, you can tell me. i like the one in the red. the one in red? you have superb you want to run away and marry her?

my mom told me she’s getting memarried this year. not likely if you ask me. come along this evening. i’ll do some match fixing for you. my mother will kill meif she finds out. get the money and come along quietly. for your honeymoon before your marriage! pom pom goes auto appa rao peep peep goes scooter subba rao

krishna krishna mukunda janardhana krishna govinda narayana hari i can blow up a stormlike the andhra soda this song will shut them up now the honey dripping offyour lips has caught my fancy why don’t you lend it all to me i’ll pay you loads of interest arre, what kind ofa torture is this jaya krishna hare,jaya rama hare

jaya murali… hey you delicious,lip-smacking girl you’ve looted all i have and gone away hey beautiful,dear beautiful, my dear… what’s this nonsense?who’s doing this? venkataramana… ringa, ringa, ringa ringa,ringa ringa re come on guys,get some peppy numbers going jaya jaya rama, janaki rama

i’m a posh pardesi,back from foreign lands sing louder my real name i must tell you,it’s andreana… ayyo, ayyo, what a grave sin! they are corrupting our holy bhajans. if we don’t deal with them now they will start dancingin the temple itself. come on. let’s go. he will not learn how tobehave unless we thrash him soundly.

what are you waiting for?give it to them. leave those sidekicks. teach their leader a lesson…that chicken poop guy i’ll make you do a cabaret dance,you… uma devi, stop, stop.i’ll get you for this. i knew when they startedsinging bhajans that uma devi would performsome ceremony on us. you guys watch.i’ll get back at her. and get us thrashed some more.

suri, sunitha’s is ringing her bell.for you shut up. suri. my cycle chain has slipped.will you fix it for me please? go suri. the poor girl is pleadingso pitifully, go fix her chain. suri! sunitha, can i fix it for you? you shut up. i’ll knock yourteeth in. suri, please!! what happened? the chain slipped.

i can see that. how? don’t know. it slipped suddenlywhen i came here. ok. park the cycle. payback time. thank you suri. oh no! your hands are all greasy. i’ll keep it as your memento. you can use my dressto wipe your hands. oye!

nothing. my cycle chain slipped. suri helped me to put it back.that’s all. did i ask you for your explanations?let’s go! bye, sunitha.- bye. tomorrow then? hey, she’s my best friend. if you mess with her,you’re dead. if you can’t handle seeing us together,that’s your problem.

she might be your friend,but now she’s my girl. you’re deceiving an innocent girl. i won’t let her fall foryour dirty tricks… let me see how you stop her. she’s too far gone already. a few more days andshe’ll be… lapak lapak. what’s that? ask her. she’ll give youall the details. lapak, lapak

as good as done …lapak lapak… lapak… lapak there’s mischief afoot here… better find out soon i’m scared to imagineall that might happen before i find out what they’re upto she’s oh-so- sweetand he is quick silver how can i stop these two?

she is spicyhe is raw passion how do i lower this rising bp? ayyo, how far will this go,i wonder but i will find a wayand end his game plan, somehow your dress, it’s so pretty i adore your shirt check out my new fragrance it’s so intoxicating yeah! that’s why i’ve got it on

my god, she’s here don’t be so scared,what’s she to us no one can stop us now,we’re hooked up step outside those lines and see come dear let’s go thereor here far away! see you at 7 at the shady groveall ready for love i told you to stay away from him,why do you keep running after him? he is a waste, you’re makinga fool of yourself you don’t like him anyway, so what’syour problem if i run after him?

you’re jealous because he likes me what he does,is really no concern of mine you dumbwit, why don’t you understandthat you’ll be the laughing stock he is no good, a trickster i’m concerned about youwhy don’t you listen to me? osey promise me you will never meet him againit’s me or him for you if you don’t promise me now,it’s curtains for our friendship he thinks he can challenge me,the fool

with this victory of minei’ll see him grovel! you lost my dear,it’s all over for you it’s not over yet,i still have an ace up my sleeve she will never look at you again youfool, you don’t know the tricks i played don’t be so overconfident dear,you don’t know me yet, i can turn on my magic poor chap, i pity you. you’re still dreaming,you’re losing your mind not me, but i assure you…you’ll lose it today

there is no one herewhat do you think we should do now don’t you think we couldhave some real fun now? i’d like to, but fate is keepingus apart what to do? i gave my word surii can’t break it, let us sacrifice our love oye, sunita oh my god, she’s herei will leave now don’t be so scaredi am here for you i will count ten

if you don’t come here beforei get to ten, you are done one, two, three look deeply into my eyes dear four, five, six i’m losing control seven eight nine something is stirring deep inside me nine… nine and a quarter,nine and a half… ten you crazy girl,you can stop counting

she is never going to leave me now you got together and tricked mei will get back at you both you go away, we don’t need youpoking your nose between us and while at that take a good lookin the mirror i have had enough of youpie face! now get lost get lost. go to hell.i don’t need any friends. sorry, sorry.i hope you’re not hurt? i’m sorry.i wasn’t looking.

no, no. it’s my mistake actually. i saw you…and i just couldn’t help falling. hello. 10 truck loads?? we can’t supply chicken droppingswhenever you want. you have to wait. so many hens and we’re still short. why aren’t these hens pooping enough? suri babu, your uncle took an advancefrom me to supply fertilizer. now he says there’s no stock.and no money.

i’ve been trying to recovermy money for a month now. is that so? i know how to dealwith him. come with me. ok why’s this shop always dark?does he not pay the electricity bills? let me go dear. something’s amiss here. now i understand why it’salways dark here. hey, is that you satyavathi! you started door delivery too eh?

don’t blush like careful with my uncle though. take my advice and stick tocash-and-carry mode with him. else you may get fertiliserin return for your services. not good for your line of business. why are you here?what do you want? you appearterribly busy, uncle. anyway, this man camefor his money. can’t you wait? i told you already i’ll give youfertilizer when stocks come.

i keep my word. why do you lie, uncle? what will you do with allthat money anyway? you have to give it awayfor your daughters dowry. i will do what i’s my money. what’s your problem? sure. throw your money aroundif you wish. but return this man’s money. he is threatening to approachthe village panchayat.

better settle it here. my mistake. taking advancesfrom fools like you. come and collect your money tomorrow. ok sir. get lost now! move aside! hey, chinna! headed home? pakodi uncle?they’re hot. like your temper.

no? ok what suri? how come the uncle andnephew are together? where are you coming from? from another aunty, grandpa!! what? didn’t hear that clearly. grandpa, at your age, it’s betteryou don’t hear some things! grandma! why are you wobblinglike you’re possessed? your grandma is sittingand walking, suri. silly girl. this is a "morning walker".makes one slim and beautiful.

saw it on tv and bought it. mother, you cannot believe allthat they say on television. stop this machine now. see how slim i have become already! madam, that will be the day. don’t listen to her look so slim and beautiful already! you could easily pass off asgranddad’s daughter now. really! suri, stop it. she’ll start huntingfor grooms from tomorrow.

you stop it now. uma!! where are you? uma! what are you doing? i saw you… and i just couldn’thelp falling… uma! get some tea for suri! tea good girl. girls ought tobe like you. come. eat this chicken pakodi.

you’re studying your 9th class, right?i’ll wait for a couple of years for you. eat well and grow nice and healthy.then we’ll get married. ok? this is for you.don’t give that devil even one piece. ok! mom, i’m going home did you hear him speak? so brash and uncouth.has no idea what to speak and when. that’s quite normal at his age. it’s high time now. let’s getsuri and uma married this year.

marry my daughter to that useless,chicken poop fellow? you know what he did today? he called me a liar, a cheatin public. that rascal. said he will drag me to the panchayatto force me to return someone’s money. why would i get my daughtermarried to someone like that? my daughter will get marriedinto a rich family. it’s best everyone knowstheir stature around here. i don’t want anyone interferingwith my daughter’s marriage. you understand?

mom! where’s my comb? what’s wrong now? tell me what happened? tell me. will you? don’t go near uma anymore. do you think i’ve nothing betterto do than run after her? your uncle wants to getuma married to someone else. they’ll get her married off soon. so?i’m not dying to marry her mom.

listen. think of the idealdaughter-in-law for you. she should treat you well. do all your work.treat you like a goddess. get loads of money along. uma devi is not theideal daughter-in-law. she will make you massage her feet. we’ll have to sell off our entireproperty to feed her and maintain her. do we need her to add to our woes? ideally, if we get a rich landlord’sonly daughter,

preferably someone they are not ableto marry off, then we’ve hit jackpot. respect… money… there, that’s more like it.keep smiling mom. don’t bother about uma devi anymore. excuse me! how do you know my name? i found out. that i am capableof loving someone so intensely. that the word’s prettiest girlexists for me in this very village. i found out everything about you!

why is the ink fading off here? did you run out of ink? no. my body ran out of blood. what? you wrote thisletter with your blood? yes. but there are conditions. wait, wait, wait.not here on the road. it’s not the right place. relax! no one fromyour village comes here.

go ahead. order whatever you want. one vanilla milkshake,one butter scotch ice cream, one black currant ice cream,pineapple pancake. ok madam. so, what did you study? engineering. got a job in the uk.but i rejected it. i want to set upa software company here. i am working on that now. ok. do you smoke?

no. but i can learnhow to if you want. no. i can’t stand cigarette smoke. i hate smokers and drinkers! really? there’s no problem then.i hate drinking too. now tell me your conditions. you must buy me all that i ask must do whatever i tell you to. never question me. never glance at any other girl.never make me angry. love me loads and loads.

treat me like an angel. that’s exactly how i feel about you. you are my goddess uma. you’re my whole wide world. why didn’t you answerwhen i called you last night? oh that! i wanted to meetyou directly! really? what now?shall we go somewhere? wait… be quiet… what do you wish to do now my dear?

how about a movie? which movie would you like to see? what? she ignored us completely. she’s jealous. she can’t handlethe fact that we’re in love. that’s why she’s angry. i don’t think so.she didn’t even look at us. that’s not possible. something’s going on. go. find out what it is.

but she stopped talking to me. so you talk to her. why should i? i’m no less. she’s stupid. you are to her. for my sake. please! please! please! alright! for you. sorry uma. that day,i didn’t come when you called me. it’s ok. these petty thingsdon’t bother me anymore.

thanks uma…so we’re friends again! yeah, we could be. but i don’t have much timethese days. let’s see. hey, i want to show you something. how do you like this?my new key chain. wow! where did you get it? it’s a gift! and this! wow! make up many shades!

another gift?who’s giving you so many gifts? i have so many more giftsat home you know. won’t you tell me who gave youso many gifts? please! hasn’t your boyfriend, that chickenpoop suri, given you any gifts? he’s such a waste anyway. can’t expect him to give youany gifts. oye! there’s uma devi! quick. start the bike.need to go urgently! urgent? need to go?go behind those bushes.

you idiotnot that! start the bike. quick! why are we followinguma devi of all people? she’s got a boyfriend i believe. i want to see what’s going on. nonsense! you’ve become very negativein your thinking these days. shut up and follow her. i’m negative huh!why is she by the river side? she must be a nature me. admiring the view perhaps?

is that the nature she is in love with?that must be the guy! nah! some passerby askingfor directions, if you ask me! where do you think she’s goingwith your passerby? maybe they’re studying together? maybe you’ll get one tight slap nowlet’s go closer. sorry pardhu.i made you wait again today. for you, i can wait forever dear. you know i couldn’t sleepa wink last night. despite the a/c running full tilt.

your thoughts floodedmy mind all night. here’s a gift for you. lip stick?thank you pardhu! uma, won’t you give me somethingthat reminds me of you? tell me what you want. how about your ring? this ring? here. no i can’t take’s made of gold! no. you must.

thank you uma! wow! must be the owner ofthat showroom. he appears to be a rich guy. may i help you sir? i want that bike. you need to book it 6 monthsin advance sir. i want that bike. right now! why don’t you call your boss? he’s a mechanic?

that is my bike, sir. why don’t you sell it to me? it’s not available in the market sir. how much does it cost? about 150, 000 rupees sir. do you think girls will fallfor this bike? sir, this bike works like ride it, and girls swoon. aha, is that so?come, let’s go for a test ride. sure sir. give me 2 minutes.i’ll change.

ok. sir! please sir, slow… sir!slow sir. such an expensive bike should fly,not go slow. i am getting scared. scared? hang on to me. sir! please slow down sir.i’ll fall! you’ll fall? but you saidgirls would fall? why did your bike stop? might have run out of fuel sir.- get off.

you cheat! trying to palmoff this junk for 150,000? you think i am a dumbass? sir, what are you doing sir? useless junk.where did you get it from? show me the papers. why are you sweating? do you want the a/c runningfull tilt while i thrash you? sir! oh sir! aah! this is our secret rendezvous.

you know, he buys meall that i ask for. i tried everything on this menu yeah, and now you’re chewingmy brains as well. he gives me gifts every day. i only have to ask andhe’ll lay down his life for me! sure, must be dying to dothat. he’ll die for me. he’s probably lying dead somewhere. that’s why he hasn’t come here yet.

his phone is switched off. really? is this what he does for you? switch off his phone? you jealous pig… he is not into some stupidchicken poop business. he is a computer engineer. not like suri, always loitering around. he’s a busy man. look, you want to praiseyour guy, do it.

don’t drag my suri’s nameinto this. this horrid scar mars all my beauty.all because of that scoundrel. why are you blamingmy suri for your scar? it was all his fault thati fell and got hurt. enough! i am going.are you coming? why so subdued today? because he didn’t come?he won’t anymore. you go in. forget about him. sorry pardhu!that fellow is my cousin.

i’ll avenge this. it’s ok uma. i can handleany amount of pain for you. but there are more and more enemiesout to destroy our love. who? suri, and now my dad too! your dad? yes uma. he wants me to marrya rich girl. he wants a dowryof 40 million. he’s forcing me.

what do they think i am?some commodity to trade? if we want each other the only option is to elopeand get married. what? elope? yes uma! what if my dad forces me toget married to that rich girl? he’ll do anything for money. you’ll come with me won’t you? i am scared. scared? but don’t you love me?

not that. i didn’t mean it that way. no uma, where there is fearthere is no love. where there is lovethere can be no fear. hey! i heard this line before!it’s from a famous movie, right? what? here i am, worried to death andall you can think of is movies? no one loves me!not my dad, not you. no one. living is pointless. here’s some water. do you know what these pills are?

cold tablets? sleeping pills! no. it’s true uma. if you don’t come with mei have no option but to die. like you’ve said, let’s elope! i didn’t know what i was saying. here, drink your milk. you too, uma i don’t want it.

i’ve already got your milk.drink it up. i don’t want it, mom. hello. are you ready? i’m very scared. if you say that again i’ll kill myself. listen, i have no money. get some jewellery along when you come. ok

don’t worry.i’m there for you. i’ll call again. aah! i’ll kill happened because of you. you didn’t bring her up properly. i told you not to, but you sent herto college, gave her a mobile. now see what happened. suri, please go and bring her back homefrom wherever she is. please. bring her home? i will kill herif i ever see her again!

no one needs to go looking for shut up and go inside now! uma? what’s this i heard?is it true? where are you now? i am in tension. tension? where’s that? you dimwit! i’m tense. oh! but where exactly are you tense? i think it is a village called "tuni"! they are in "tuni" now

let’s go. who’s that? my friend sunitha. why did you tell her where we are? she asked. so i told her. why did we get off the bus? we cannot trust anyone, told your friends where we are. we have to be very careful. but don’t worry.i’ll take care of everything.

come, give me your bag. it’s ok. it’s not heavy! i am scared. should we go home? i’m here? don’t worry? why are we waiting here? i asked my friendsto pick us up in their car. do you want to drink some water? where are you guys? get here quickly.

so i can get my hands on the gold.and you can get your golden girl. why don’t you freshen up? pardhu! the jewellery is not inthat bag. i’ve kept it safe. oh! where? here, in this bag. look, my friends have arrived.let’s go! your friends don’t lookvery friendly. don’t go by their looks.they are absolute gentlemen! go, don’t be scared!get in uma! pull her in! quickly!

get her inside! guys, take uma away.uma, go with them. he’s trying to get away. get him! don’t you have any brains? all you do is talk nineteen to dozen. don’t you know a crook when you see one? why do you girls pick only thecrooks to fall in love with? use your brains sometimes,instead of that big mouth! how stupid can you get?

what’s in that bag? planned to live off this did you? he gave you all these? teddy bear, make up kit,photo album, a heart symbol… so you flipped for these?you idiot. what’s this? a love letter?i love you uma devi. this doesn’t seem right. hahaaa. you thought this washis blood didn’t you? you nincompoop!this is chicken blood!

hear this, guys!!she fell for chicken blood! he’s had it from me today! you cheat. you wrote that love letter withchicken blood. let me deal with you. hold him! i’ll thrash you, dog. if you wanted the goldi’d have given it to you. you wanted to die for me right?here’s your chance! stop her. she’ll kill him.

die! die, you scoundrel! my ring? give me back my ring! someone give me a knife.i need a knife now! should i chop your finger offor will you give it? don’t, don’t.i will give you the ring. here. so? satisfied? this is what happens when you tryto cheat innocent village girls. with people like you,i wouldn’t stop at fingers.

i’d cut off your otherappendages, you rascal! come, let’s go. where?- home, where else? my dad will kill me.i won’t come home. uma! stop! stop! how can you listen to songswhen i am crying my heart out here? switch it off now!switch it off. you stop the songs first.stop it now! crazy girl!i’ll hit you if you don’t stop all this!

go on. hit me. you created this mess anyway! what did i do? it’s all because of you. what would have happened to me suri… if you had turned up just a little late? what she said is true.she’s just a naive, innocent girl. it was my fault! if i had not provoked her with sunitha,

all of this would never have happened.big mistake! how dare you come back here?i’ll kill you. uncle! stop! you get out of the way. she’s dead. stop! listen to me! i’ll skin her alive! enough! do you want everyoneto know what happened? uma, get inside now!

such arrogance!i’ll kill her today! i said enough. stop making a scene.uma, you go inside! look at her!shamelessly strutting in… will you stop? she is innocent.that scoundrel deceived her. will all of you shut up… no one deceived her. she’s not stupid.she knows what she is doing. go inside now! go!

you are finished…how dare you… l’ll kill you what’s wrong with you?do you want to kill her? she didn’t run away on purpose.some idiot trapped her for her gold. but she eloped didn’t she?what do you expect me to do? praise her? agreed it’s a mistake.everyone makes mistakes. you are not the epitomeof virtue yourself. what did you say?that i am… suri, move aside.

ranga, stop it.she’s an adult now. uma, come with me. let her stay with me for a few days. bloody phones. they are thecause of all these problems. uma, stop crying dear. they say it isa bad omen if a girl child cries. i messed up, aunty. pardhu threatened to drink poison andcommit suicide if i didn’t go with him. i never imagined all thiswould happen. don’t cry now.remember this.

those who truly love youwill never threaten you. did you know? i fell in love and married too. our parents did not approve,so we ran away and got married. our love was true.we had committed no wrong. so we came back to the villageto settle down. really? didn’t they say anything? of course, they said many things. but after seeing us happy together,

our elders changedtheir minds and accepted us. but how did you know thatuncle really loved you? he never made grand promisesthat he’ll make me happy… or treat me like a queen. but i knew deep downhe’d always be there for me. he never once said "i love you". but i knew he did. but how? when someone really loves youthey don’t have to say it.

you’ll know how much they love you through the small thingsthey do for you. mummy, shall i bring some chicken? chicken? uma likes chicken curry right? ok. get it. uma, get up. eat your lunch. no aunty, i am not hungry

what do you mean you’re not hungry?eat. arey, eat properly. do you like it?here, eat some more. good, you must eat well dear. mom, could you serve me lunch please? rasam, rice. and what’s this.- curds. curds?where’s the chicken? it’s finished.

finished? but how?you don’t eat chicken. don’t tell me she ate it all? so what if she did?you got it for her anyway. so what? does that mean she should gobble it all upwithout leaving even a bit for me? poor girl.she didn’t eat a bite since morning. i had to force her to eat. if she eats like thiswhen she’s forced,

i wonder how she eatswhen she is really hungry! there’s dal and rasam for you. chicken curry for herand dal rasam for me? to top it all she is giving medirty looks after polishing off the chicken curry. i’m going home.i don’t want to stay here anymore… want to go home?please yourself. your dad’s waiting eagerly to breakyour legs the moment he sees you. that will settle it once and for all.

what’s the big deal if youdon’t eat chicken for a meal? don’t tease her. you knowshe’s going through a rough time. why are you sitting here dear?why don’t you go watch tv? do you want something to munch? aunty, can you make gupchup? gupchup? yes aunty. there’s a gupchup stallnear our college. he makes delicious gupchup! never heard of it, dear.i can’t make these exotic foods.

aunty, can i go, eat gupchupand come back quietly? oh no! if your dad comes to knowthat you went out, he’ll blow his top. but how long am i confinedto sitting at home? a few more days dear.your father will cool down by then. let me get you something to munch. hey! how come? give me some gupchup please. sure, madam. eat all you want. i came all this distance only for you.

for me? yes madam. suri sir sent me. suri? yes, suri sir hassled me no enduntil i started for your home. really? don’t stop.keep the gupchups coming. oh… but i don’t have any money. don’t worry about the money.suri said he’ll pay. really? suri will pay for all this?- yes. then give me some bhel puri too.

eat as much as you want to. your big mouth and suri’s big heartare a good match indeed! suri, may i borrow your phoneto make a call please? i have to call sunitha. you’re really calling sunithaand not someone else? i’m calling sunitha of course.i heard they announced the exam results. i can’t find sunitha’s numberon your phone. look for zandu balm under z. zandu balm?

because she calls me all the time andgives me a headache. hello sunitha, this is uma.really? to my phone? oh! ok. our exam results aretexted to our mobile phones. and i don’t have my phone.nor my sim. how will i get my results now? i cannot understand for thelife of me why you are so tense. as if you prepared hardfor your exams! stop failed your exams.

how do you know?- i know. you flunked 3 subjects. that means i passed in theother 3 subjects right? yippee! i can’t believe this. if all students shared youroptimistic attitude to academics, there would be no exam-related suicides. but tell me, how do you know?who told you? no one. i got an sms. you are this my sim?? the phone is yours too.

this phone is for me? touch screen! it’s awesome!!thanks so much! don’t thank me and lazearound with the phone. do some household chores andmake yourself useful at home. why are you doing all this work now? it’s okay aunty. let me do it. what? another rangoli competition? do you want another first prizelike the last time?

please suri.please don’t spoil my new rangoli. please please. what’s this design called? i’ve titled it the rangoli of chairs. rangoli of chairs huh? add a dining table. so that you can sit anddo what you love… eating!! wasting all the chalk powder… thank god… she didn’t think uprangoli of sofa sets.

what uma madam? how come you are doing allhousehold chores at your aunt’s house? you seem to haveforgotten us completely. do you like that house so much? nothing like that.i will come back home soon. it’s ok.stay as long as you want. that is where you will go anyway. sunitha, we need to talk urgently.come with me! about what?- come right now!

what’s the big hurry? arre. let me finish with your hair. come, come. what? what happened? i have some bad news for you. but promise me you will not tell anyone. why would i advertisemy bad news to the world? tell me, what is it? and why are you blushingto tell me my bad news?

suri and i, we are in love. what? suri is in love with you? hmmm and you love suri? hmmmm i don’t believe you. suri loves me, not you.we’ll see about that. will you tell all that happenedbetween you and suri truthfully? okay

does suri follow you all the time? huh, no. he used to. not anymore.i’m chasing him these days. but he chases me all the time. stop! you are finished today!stop where you are. does he look deep into your eyes and talk to you as if the worldaround doesn’t exist? no, never. we never spentthat much time together! he does, with me. all the time. did he ever kiss you?- kiss? never! no such luck here.

he kissed me plenty of times. so, that proves it thatsuri loves me. not you. you’re lying. i will not believe a word ofwhat you said until i see it. you don’t believe me?come, i’ll prove it to you. how will you prove it? now, we will walk,one after another, past suri. that way we will knowwho he really loves. how?

if he really loves you,you’ll know. now go! how do you think i should walk? you never asked me these questionswhen you flirted with him did you? walk as you please! you! come now! god, help me. did you notice the way he looked at me? when did he ever glance at you? twice. didn’t you notice?

no, you are cheating. he looked at me twice. not at you. you are jealous,suri looked at me and not at you! you are a cheat! no. let’s start all over.let’s walk again now i got it!- what? why you are zandu balm. zandu balm? to aunty’s house.

why do you go there all time?go inside! shall i get you some tea?- no. just had some. listen, i found a good matchfor her. tataraju’s bujji. i don’t want her roamingaround here and there. keep her in check.understand? this is can you marry her to that bujji? yes. to bujji. his mother is a big nag. couldn’t you finda better match for her?

so what if she is? i don’t care.they have tons of money. do you think we canfind a better match for her? but how can we marry our daughterinto such a difficult family? will you all shut up? it’s final. don’t interfere.i don’t need your approval on this suri!- what? please come here. it’s very urgent. my dad fixed my wedding with bujji. they’re palming you off to him then.

marry him, you’ll make a hit pair. no. i will not marry him. if you don’t marry him, bujji’s maritalstatus may remain single forever. stop fooling around suri. do anything. but stop this wedding. uma, stopping a wedding is notas easy as beating up someone. please suri. do it. what do you think of me anyway,that you give me these kind of jobs? please suri.

do something.stop this wedding please. please! please! look! your dad is here. mr. naive is going somewhere. hey bujji! i heard you are marryingumadevi. is that true? mom told me to.- oh your mom told you did she? you have the glow of adashing groom already! mom told me to buy vegetables.- vegetables? is your mom home?- she is in the backyard

okay then, ride carefully. bye guys. what? bujji is marrying umadevi? i don’t think so.- but you just said so we are both going tostop their wedding now… what? we? you mean me too? yes. come along. please suri.i am terrified of bujji’s mom. let me go. i want to go home.

you are not going anywhere.come with me. be alert and givesome razor sharp replies. can’t you do anything properly?it’s falling all over. where do you keeplooking while working? ranga, how long will youtake to finish that work? who’s going to do therest of the work? quick. quick. what suri? how come you are here? we came to meet bujji.we’re his friends right?

friends? really? this guy too? he is very close to bujji. yes yes. very close up! i heard bujji and uma aregetting married. looks like you have startedpreparations already! oye, put some chairs there. hmmm, so what’s your uncle up to? oh, he is on cloud 9! he is busy raising loansfor the wedding.

doesn’t he have moneyfor the wedding? what money? all his farms are on mortgageand he owes everyone in the village. just the other day heborrowed 50,000 rupees from him. ask him.- yes yes. he owes me. in fact i gave him anotherhundred bucks on my way here. but he promised 25 acres as dowry. he did, did he? i’m sure once the wedding is done,he will give it sometime.

better owe your son-in-law thana money lender right? anyway money is not one day, gone the next. it’s another thing thatuncle never has any. but will you ever get afairer girl than uma? fair? she is dark isn’t she? dark? you haven’t seen her lately.she shines like a pearl. everyone goes into a freezewhen she walks by in her shorts. ask him. yes yes. i also froze.

are you telling me she wearsshorts and walks around the village? not very short shorts.they’re this long. right? this long perhaps. that short? it may sound rather forward to youbut let me assure you that she’s an absolute treat to watch. after all, a girl’s beauty can only beappreciated when she exposes it. yes. exposing. exposing. it’s normal these days.girls are modern now.

they roam about, watch movies. they don’t want any responsibilities don’t misunderstand’s not uma devi, i am talking about girlsof the current generation. hmm, does umadevi wake up earlyto do the household chores? of course.whenever she wakes up that is. but poor girl, by the timeshe watches movies on internet, it’s past midnight every day. how can she get up earlyafter that, you tell me?

does she know how to cook at least? of course. umadevi loves cooking. but her mother doesn’t let her.- why so? a month ago, she left the gasswitch on in the kitchen. the cylinder exploded and thekitchen burned down. her mom is lucky to be alive.she could’ve died. but she is an experimental cook. the way she cooks,even she cannot eat it. so she experiments on others.

he ate once. how was it? over fried, under cooked. i ate it. i had no other option. but in my opinionstray dog wouldn’t eat it. you elderly people should eatsuch undercooked food. i hear it is good for your health. let her cooking skills be.does she respect elders? you’ll be surprised to know how muchshe thinks of elders and their comforts.

what with elders havingnothing to do at home but watch tv, she thinks that they’re better offliving together in an old age home. what a mature thoughtat such a young age! ask him. what do you say? oh that? yes! he need not say anything anymore. i understand everything now. you are right, madam. why must some strangertell you all this?

you will know all after the marriage. so, tell me madam, how muchgold are you planning to gift uma? gold eh?get out of here right now! of course, so much work forthe marriage. we will take leave. get out! i will surely come forthe wedding, madam. why don’t you stay back here?that will save you an extra trip. uma madam, i have good news for you. your father’s not at home i hope?- no.

your wedding with bujji got cancelled.- really? how? suri got it cancelled. is that true? how do you know? i work at their house too.that’s how i know. i came running all the wayto tell you this news. really? thank you sakku, thank you! suri got bujji’s marriageproposal cancelled. really? he did the right thing. he always liked uma.i told you he’d stop this wedding

crazy fellow!he always liked her! these ups and downs of life let’s deal with them together shall we? we are lord rama and seetha reborn and this is no less than aswayamvaram surely your glances land on me likegarlands made of fragrant flowers riding this golden swing,that’s strung by a rainbow let’s bathe in this lovely moonlight ohooo… you’re the melody, the rhythmthat fills my very heart

ohooo… you’re my dearest,the one that occupies my every thought i can touch itif i reach out for it the very moon is beside meit appears, as you my beloved just for you and me, this day,this way the festive celebrationsoflove are here to stay let the seconds slip by,don’t worry we can always freeze timewith our love’s intensity imagine a world with no tomorrows,just for me and for you i see you everywhere,smiling at me

i can’t meet you, can’t hide,how do i get to your side ohooo… you’re that dreami’ve been dreaming forever ohoo… you’re the magicianwho has woven this magic let’s deal with them together shall we he takes advantage of the factthat i humour him. but he’s crossed all limits today. suri suri! suri!!

what?what happened? what are you doing here? why are you here everyday?go home! you suri. i finalised such a good proposalfor my daughter with great difficulty. how dare you ruin it? what? what are you talking about? ask your son! what did you tell bujji’s mother?

that i owe money toeveryone in the village? i can see through your plans. get her marriage proposals cancelled. so we are left with no optionbut to marry her to you. that way you can get your handson my property, right? what? me? marry your daughter?for that property of yours? i don’t care a damnabout your property! then why did you ruin this proposal? because everyone in townknows the truth

about that spineless bujjiand his domineering mother. we will not allow you tomarry her off to such people. what arrogance that he talks back to mein this tone after what he did? what are you still doing here?go home! stop fooling my daughterwith your sweet talk you two. no one from this housewill enter that house anymore, and no one from here will go there. if someone does,i will break their legs! our relationship is over.

if anyone crosses this gate,i will chop them to pieces. ranga, why are you screaming?what happened? you don’t interfere now!go inside! you think you’re the only onewho has money? you think we’re always looking tosteal your money from you? you are not even capable of gettinga decent match for your daughter. i will get her a good groomin one week and show you! and then we’ll see! what the hell are you people stilldoing here? go inside.

i’ll kill anyone who crossesthat gate. get in! what suri? what happened?you wanted us urgently? my uncle had a huge fight with me. i told him i’d get a good groomfor uma in a week. you guys do something about it. a good groom? in one week?that’s too long. you should have told him thatyou’d find one in half an hour. why didn’t you?

i don’t know what you’ll do.but i want a good groom in one week. yesterday,you got the marriage cancelled. today you want a better match. you shut up!! kodhanda, what do you have to say? i propose gottumukkala sreenu. what nonsense! champatoor phani? i want good grooms.not the world’s top 10 discarded cases.

i’ve added many new friendson facebook recently. all those guys who left our villageand are doing well in life are on fb. let’s look at that list. remember praveen??class topper. he used to sit beside me. yes.- yes. very hard working student. let’s check praveen’s profile. in my opinion he must’ve reachedgreat heights by now. yes. looks like he’s pretty high.

let’s look at some others. nani is the right guy if you ask me. he works in the movies?- yes. aspiring director. one hit and he’ll landin jubilee hills. one flop and he’ll be beggingoutside jubilee bus stand. job security is important. look for someone witha nice secure job. hey, check naveen, naveen.find naveen. who is he?

wait i’ll show you. what? a security guard? you wanted ‘security’ didn’t you? you’ll get a kick now!keep out of this. tell us what you are looking forso we can find that person. he should be a nice guy,from a good family, working in america ideally.that kind of a guy. hey! murali!- murali? eh! leave him be. he is too nice a guy for uma devi.

but murali adores uma. since childhood.- really? how come i didn’t know of this? here. murali is on the line. hello. hi murali, how are you?it’s me suri. i’m fine. what about your marriage plans? i hope you didn’t fall in lovewith some foreigner-white, dark. definitely avoid chinese if you ask me. there’s no guaranteefor any of their products.

how about someone from our village? remember umadevi? we’re looking for good matches for her. vasu tells me you like her. i’ll send you her picture. she hasn’t changed a bit. inform your parentsand fly down immediately. okay then. see you. bye. i searched all over.this is the only picture of uma i have.

umadevi is looking very cute. that’s not umadevi.she’s on the left then who is wearing the gown?- me. my mom wanted a picture of mein a gown those days. my gown’s not important now. what we need is umadevi’s picture. i can’t ask themafter yesterday’s fight. what do we do now? he takes beautiful picturesin the blink of an eye.

you do? haha! this is like asking ifrajamouli knows how to make films. then what are we waiting for?let’s go! okay. i’ll show you guyswhat framing a picture is all about. click, click! arrey, she’s gone!! idiot! you wasted a golden chance. god knows when she will come outinto the open courtyard again. wait

what are you doing? noo no, no, don’t do it!oh my god! you idiot! she has come out again. take her picture!fast! smile please. you idiot, you are clickingeverything but her face! idiot! and you are rajamouli huh?- what can i do? can rajamouli make a magadheerawithout a ramcharan? shut up!

she is going that way.let’s follow! i am ready now.let her come. wait, she is coming, get set!got it? she is coming,she is here! ah! check out this beautiful photo. you idiot! do you want to send mygrandma’s picture to murali? do you think he’dhave received our mail? he must have. i am expecting his call now.wait and watch.

here. murali is on skype. hey murali. hi. i sent you umadevi’s pictures.have you seen them? terrible photos.i can’t make out anything from them. meet the master photographerwho clicked them. okay. since you’re coming down anyway, you can meet her in person. i was really hoping you’dsend a nice picture of hers.

just a trailer for now. when you come here,we’ll show you the full movie! alright. i’ll call youwhen i get there. bye there’s the king of kunavaram and what about me? you are the dengue of kunavaram hi are you?? come come. i was about tocome over to your place.

looks like you can’t waitto see umadevi. my photos tend to have thiseffect on people. is aunty at home?- she went out. i hope you remember umadevi? you both played togetherwhen we were kids. i remember everything.umadevi and i were good friends then. but you and i were sworn enemies. remember what happened? you done with your cooking?

yes. let me serve you. do you like it? shall i serve you some more? you go away. i’ll whack you! stop! stop fighting! why are you fighting instead of playing? who started the fight? uma started it!

suri started it! murali, you tell were here all the time. what are you looking? tell… uma and i were playing together, when suri came and mocked uma.uma got irritated and hit him. then suri hit her. oh! both are at fault me your hands! stop right there!how dare you snitch on me! i am going to kill you right now!!stop!!

you haven’t forgotten a thing murali. so? okay, you two leave. wait at the shop. i’ll speak to murali for a whileand join you there. so, you’re obviously in a hurryto see her. come. you can see her from here. i’ll show you.

don’t misunderstand my intentions in showing her to youfrom behind this wall. if i take you directlythey will doll her up. this way, you can see heras she is naturally. umadevi looks beautiful anyway. what’s this?she is looking a bit too natural! she is a very nice person.kind. gentle. respects elders a lot too. grandma, why are you removing theclothes off the line?

because they are dry. don’t you dare touch them. wonder what’s bitten her now? she is not in a good mood todayit looks like. normally… i know suri. she didn’t change a bit. she is still the same girli saw in my childhood. you like her? since my childhood.

she’s ok with you then? my dear sister!how have you been? is suri home?- yes. please call him. come suri! you know. suri arranged a fantasticmarriage proposal for umadevi. can you imagine who the groom is? subbaraju’s grandson murali. we’re doing theengagement function today.

suri, you must come!- why should i? you must not talk like that. i was angry that day.let bygones be bygones. we won’t dance to your tunes uncle.come and go on your whims. arre, i lost my temper that day.forgive me. forget the past. you’re the only male child we have. and this is the firstbig function in our family. how can you not come? you must come.that’s all!

the horoscopes of the groomand bride match perfectly. there’s an auspiciousmuhurat next month. dad, can we perform themarriage within 2 weeks? it may be difficult to extend my leave. sir, can you check for agood muhurat in 1 week. there is a fine muhuratwithin a week! shall we fix the marriagefor that date? why not? what do you say?- as you say sir.

let us perform a puja to lord ganeshaand start preparations for the marriage. the marriage is fixed’s on the 26th at 8:40 a.m. only one week away.wonder how uncle will manage. why are you looking at me like that? why did you fix this marriage? do you even realizewhat you are doing? you probably think you’ve donea great job by bringing hera good match don’t you? you’ll understand what you’ve donewhen she’s gone after her marriage.

you can’t do without hereven for a moment. how do you think you’llsurvive when she goes away? before she came into your life,you’d cry all the time. i’m afraid you’ll cry for therest of your life after she’s gone. what? me? cry? for umadevi? do you knowwhat you are talking about? i know exactly what i am talking. but you have no ideawhat you are doing. i know what i am don’t need to tell me that.

you don’t understand now. but when she marriesand leaves tomorrow, you will have all the timein the world to repent. then you will know. you know nothing about me. i’m feeling hungry.serve me some food. i won’t.go eat someplace else. suri, i didn’t get a chance tospeak to umadevi yesterday. i would like to.will you come along with me?

no. you go. why me? please. i’m not used to this.please come with me. no, you carry on.i have to go somewhere else. you can go later. please! okay. come. uma! get dressed.murali is here to meet you why?- he wants to talk to you… wear this saree.- i won’t. don’t be a fool and listen to me.

suri and murali are waiting for you. get dressed and come quickly. suri is here too?- yes. you talk to her. i’ll leave. remember, we used to playall the time when we were kids. we would sit under the berry tree. i remember nothing. what are you studying right now? b. com. first year.

you don’t need to stop studying. you can continue studying in the u.s. i am not really interested in studying. what else? i hear you are a great cook. me? my mom must have lied as usual. i only know how to eat well.i can’t cook to save my life. i really like you uma. you haven’t changed a bit.

why are you wearing a saree now? because i feel like it. are you done?let’s go to the temple. call your father and tell himto send the driver. daddy, don’t send the driver. we’ll go to the temple with suri. mom, the driver cannot come. suri is at home.why don’t you ask him to take us? ok, i’ll ask.

suri! suri! could you take us tothe temple please? i vowed to offer 108 coconuts at thetemple when uma’s marriage is finalised. the driver has not come.will you take us there? you go ahead.i will wait outside. uma you do pradakshinamsaround the temple. meanwhile i will offer the108 coconuts to god. my feet are aching.i cannot go around the temple. you will take forever to break108 coconuts at this rate.

i’ll do it for you. how come you recovered so fast? go into the temple andstart your prayers! no. i will do pradakshinaluaround the temple. i am done. complete your prayers and come home.i’ll leave now. mom i will go home too. i am feeling dizzy andhave a headache. suri, she wants to go home.take her with you please.

suri. can you stop the car for a moment? near that shop. that one. what do you want? cool drink. give me a cool drink please. which one?- sprite. – ok. no no. i don’t want sprite.i want thums up. not thums up.i want a maaza.

will you think of me after i go away? what’s there to think about? suri, when i get married and go away, who will you squabble with? aren’t you sad that i’m going away? sad? why should i feel sadabout your going? then, why didn’t you quarrelwith me as you always do when i asked you for allthose cool drinks? suri, we have gone past our house.

why didn’t you name ourrelationship all this while? now when you’re going away,you ask me you, who was mad at meall this time do you realise thatthis silence was a curse this pain i feel. do you feel it too? now i know, i love you this truth hidden deep in my heart

is best left in thedepths of my thoughts i’ve given up what’s dearest to me this is my fate, i accept it can i look deep into your eyes once? so this wordless silencecan touch your heart too, can you slip into my eyes? so you can see the love that fills them. if you’re the hope thattomorrow brings the darkness of the nightis the boon, i sought

what uma? tomorrow is my wedding. i will leave for america in a week. don’t know when we might meet again. you’re not going awayto america forever are you? you’ll come back won’t you? i’m getting married.when will you marry? i will. in a year or two. love marriage?

will you marry sunitha? no. i will marry the girl whooffers me the highest dowry. suri, remember? when we were kids, we’d tellon each other and get thrashed. and then, i hurt my foreheadbecause of you. i always curse youwhen i see this scar. i need to thank you forso many things suri. the time i ran awayfoolishly with pardhu. if you hadn’t come in thenick of time that day,

god knows what would’vebecome of me. you ruined bujji’s marriage proposalbecause i asked you. my father suspected your intentions. he picked up a huge fight with you. but you never uttered a word about meand bore all those insults patiently. now you got me such agreat marriage proposal. you know what everyonein the village is saying? that it is difficult to get abetter groom than murali. that only a chosen fewget such marriage proposals.

that it’s all my good luck! suri, can you do me a small favor? please don’t come tomy wedding tomorrow. suri, where are you going? i have some work.i’ll be right back. uma, wait, wait uma.i found a nice place to hide. uma, open the door uma. no, i won’t.this is my hiding place. uma open the door.- i won’t.

suri open the door. suri open the door suri. where have you gone? uma suri, i am’s so dark here. i am really scared. don’t worry. i am here now. hop on to my shoulders.i will carry you home. ok? why did you leave me and go?

i will never ever leave you now.come! i cannot let my silencesmother our love to death. suri, the wedding has been stalled. what? how? i… what have you done? i mixed grandmother’s sleeping pills… sleeping pills?what have you done with them? i mixed them in buttermilk and…- and?

ok… you guys leave us alone. mom told me to give it to you. in this saree, you look like anew bride with a glass of milk. this is not is buttermilk. whatever it is. we must share it. hey, don’t be shy?- not shy. scared is more like it. i am not going to eat you uma. this is yours. why am i feeling dizzy?

i mixed some sleeping pillsin your buttermilk sleeping pills? you haven’t changed a bit umadevi. what happened to murali?- he’s fast asleep. they are trying to wake him upbut he is not waking up. i looked for an opportunityand slipped out. how many pills did you mixin the buttermilk? suri, why were you running homeward? you left this morning becausei asked you to stay away.

why are you heading back again? i can’t live without you uma. i don’t know whether it’s love orsomething else but you are my life uma. they’d call me a crybabywhen i was a kid. i started laughing only afteryou came into my life. what will i do now if you leave melike this all of a sudden? no matter how much i tease you, i can’t live without youin my sights always. i’ll go mad.

yes. i wanted to stay awayfrom your wedding. but i was coming back with thesole intention of stopping it! i can’t understandhow i assumed that i could be happy after sending you toamerica with murali. cha! what? have i overdone the sentiment? but murali is such anice guy isn’t he uma? he willingly drank the buttermilkyou offered him. i’ll talk to him.i’m sure he’ll marry you and agree to live at your placeafter your wedding.

that way you will alwaysbe in my sights. murali won’t refuse me, i know. you! you dare tease me now? i will kill you for that. even though murali felt sadafter he woke up, and uncle felt bad. they reconciled and got memarried to uma. they had no other option anyway.

you see, i am the king of kunavaram.and umadevi is the queen of kunavaram. and this then, is my love story! smile please hey mister, make me look glamorousin the picture will you? is this really me? my thoughts all hither tither is this your magic? that my heart floatslike a feather when our eyes met,and our hearts filled up

the joy in my heart soaredover the skies the truth is out,the shadow behind me, has always been you hey… hey it’s you… always you i’ll blush if you’re angry with me,i’ll kiss you if you ever hit me i know that your anger is nothingbut your love for me i’ll tease you all the more

our squabbling is nothing but our lovefor one another if my yesterday was you…you’re my tomorrow too


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