movies online free full movie

movies online free full movie

morning donnie. everything ok no not really, my kid needs braces on her teeth, my car needs a transmission job, my wife wants me to take her to florida but i’m behind on the mortgage payments my uncle called from india and he needs money for my nieces wedding and i’ve got this strange rash on my back how ’bout you ?

movies online free full movie

movies online free full movie, i’m ok. ready to roll paterson ? yep. when you’re a child

you learn there are three dimensions height, width and depth. like a shoe box. then later you hear there’s a fourth dimension. time. your poetry is really good. and some day you might let the world read it. you are a great poet. hey yo! that’s an english bulldog right ? dog like that get dogjacked my g.

well give you something to look forward to then i guess. you drive a bus right ? your name really paterson ? my real name is paterson. well that’s kind of crazy right ? working on a poem for you. a love poem ? yeah, i guess if it’s for you it’s a love poem. i had a beautiful dream. we have twins.

twins all your poems are still in that one notebook. your secret notebook. i go through trillions of molecules that move aside to make way for me. while on both sides trillions more stay where they are. this is paterson bus 23, i have a situation. damn thing could have exploded into a fireball. i could be realizing my dream to be a country singer. nashville here i come.

look out nashville. do you think there are any other erica’s in paterson ? you mean besides us ? not likely. without love what reason is there for anything ? well, he’s not going to do anything crazy ? everything he does is crazy. nobody move ! aha what ? who are you playing ?



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