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-sorry i’m late. [squeals] -we didn’t ever think you’dleave old miss. -they just take fouryears, jolene. -i got a job today, writingfor the jackson journal.

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movies online free streaming, -great. you can write my obituary. charlotte phelan, dead. her daughter, still single.

-does this dresslook homemade? -i reckon when youfinish, it won’t. -thank you. -she looked like the winninghorse at the kentucky derby. -i’ve drafted the home healthsanitation initiative. -the what? -a bill that requires everywhite home to have a separate bathroom for the help. -maybe we should just build youa bathroom outside, hilly.

-minny? -hey, aibileen. -hey, minny. -mm-hm. -these women raisewhite children. we love them, and they love us,but they can’t even use the toilets in our houses. -minny, are you in there? you are fired!

-you said to write about whatdisturbs me, particularly if it bothers no one else? i’d like to write somethingfrom the point of view of the help. i want to interview you. -no maid is ever going totell you the truth. that’s a hell of a risk to takein jackson, mississippi. -courage isn’t justabout being brave. it’s about overcoming fear anddaring to do what is right for

your fellow man. -what changed your mind? -god. and miss hilly holbrook. -i’m gonna help withyour stories. -we all are. -y’all brought me into this. but i’m gonna finish it. -have you lost your mind?

-no, ma’am. but you’re about to. -it’s quite scandalous. -sounds like jackson,if you ask me. [screaming] -you tell aibileen, doi have plans for her. -you’re a godless woman. -we’ve gone and done it now.


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