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movies online movies

bloody, spoiled all the groceries. who are you? i need work sir. i will clean this hotel daily and wash those cups. it is enough if you give me food, i will sleep here itself. you are saying lodging and boarding yourself, why me in between. what is your name?

movies online movies

movies online movies, gangaram! okay, do the work but you cannot sleep here.– why sir? i do not know you, what if you steal something and go? i am not a thief to steal sir, police!

what?– i will become police growing up sir. i see, who will give you the education here.– you sir. what, looks like you are here with a big plan.shall i send you to convent now? should i educate you to an ips?will you become a police commissioner? am i looking such a fool to you? hey, stop it. am i looking such a fool to you?– do not disturb sir, i have joined in duty. how sweet is your slap? hey stop singing. i put the taperecorder for songs, right? yes sir!– that will sing, right? you shut up and do the work.

i will not be singing any more sir. where did you go?- i joined in the night school sir. oh i see!– need money to buy books sir. i will not give.– you will give sir. i will not give.– you will sir. are you hypnotising me? go, get out from here. bloody fellow, will hit want books, bloody! how much ever you study, will not become a police,you sleep now. it is waste of the power. you sleep uncle. what, uncle?

you changed to uncle from sir? i will kill you if you call me so. if i stay calm you may even scold me tomorrow. sleep, switch off the light! narayana two samosa!– sir, please be seated. hey, take off your hands from the cap.he goes mad looking at the police. he is a fan of the police and he too wants to become one. just by the sight of police, he keeps onmoving around his cap and stick. move! hey, you want to become a police?– yes sir, i will. you have become now, go! sir, can i salute?– go on.

enough, keep it there and go in to wash the cups. go! sir, sir! tea sir, free tea. take! sir, do not sleep so in night duty. with the confidence ofyour presence, all are sleeping in peace. have it sir, free tea! hey, no police can dare touch me.100 cases are on me, what is done? what can they do dude?– nothing. i broke the head of a guy day before,what have they done? yes, giving them money they salute us bro. hello!– sir, it seems police cannot do anything.

some guy is barking.– hey, who is that fellow? hey police, run!– who tied my legs with the lace? can we not do anything?– i did not say anything sir. all of you stand in a line. you move, next 43, next! is this chest or breast?police department requires chest, go. take breathe, yes this is want policedepartment needs. good! what is your name?– gangaram.

hey mallesh! our gangaramhas become police. will wear khaki shirt and the stick in hand. will bash up the faulty guys, i am the police. in troubles or losses, the one with you and the one who stays with you is only police asking god to safe guard as he is the only option even that god will send this police i salute, i salute the police cap on the head says not to step back

it says to push those in, who burn busses and train i do not know law and order, all good are relatives to me i am fearless, will bash up any fellow there is no place without police place without them is like graveyard this tightened belt says not to let go saying to peel those off pouring acid on girls no hunger and thirst when in duty will become police even in next birth

sun goes off in the night police stays day and night what exactly is your problem? generation is very fast. what, a love letter?– yes give.– go home, read and say your opinion. why home, will tell right now.– so fast? arundati, arundati!– you mean the queen? no, my mother!– no

mom, this fellow gave a love letter.– why mom, leave it. looks decent, but is calling the entire family. have you given love letter?– yes sister come.– is she the queen? read what he wrote.– my dear pure pavitra! oh, next?– next will be better you are in dreams and even on the earth – what is that, idiot? why are you hitting?– you go on, read. you are visible if i close or open my eyes.

why do you write the same again? madam, no manhandling, i will leave where will you go, stop. you go on – no, no i will swing on your yes and die on your no. die now, come on die. she said no, come on say. i wrote just in a flow.– die, come on die idiot. why are you taking it so serious? i just wrote for fun. fun, what for fun bloody! lives of girls are being ruined due to guys like you.

fun, what for fun bloody! knife, where is the knife? should stab the bloody guy.– knife, oh no! hey, if i see you again near my daughter… go! every man is the same. talking sweetly and cheating finally! yes madam!– what are you like a good fellow saying yes? you too are the same.– why do you blame me madam? your foolishness will be knownasking your wife. he, he and all are the same.nobody is an exception. why, does daughter of arundhatinot need a husband?

i will not get her married.– why? we hate marriage. how are you shakeer?– fine bhai. be at sriman chamber in half an hour.a guy would pick you up. bhai sent me.– yes bhai, he picked me up. stop at the kamalapuri union bank.a girl comes and meet you. what is your name?– shakeer tell them the door number. right side, door number 295

hubby! mummy! watch the headlines in tvafter half an hour if the police are confused aboutthis death, call the media. tell clearly that khalid has done this. there is no control over the crimes of khalid. people are questioning as towho would put a stop to this.


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