movies to watch 2015

movies to watch 2015

where are you sitting? arlette – you have your own story – personal story. just tell us very briefly – we don’t have much time. [arlette] no problem. four years ago myself and myhusband were expecting our third baby we had a five and an eight year old – two boys – and we

movies to watch 2015

movies to watch 2015, found out of 12 weeks that the baby had patau’s syndrome and and large cystic hygroma and so we made the horrendous choice to travel over to liverpool to have a

termination. my mum and dad came with us at the time and my husband’s and it was definitely the right thing for us to do at the time and since then i’ve actually gone on to have another little girl, called freya, who was born with a cleft palate. she was born with pierre robin sequence, a hole in her heart, hip dysplasia, like, she’s gorgeous, she’s great, but she had special needs

what our other baby had was a fatal abnormality and there was a huge difference. [claire] what do you say when you hear liz, and i think cora might have said it earlier, or bernadette, that you know it’s not up to you to make that decision? you don’t have that right. that’s their belief. [arlette] okay well it’s more my right to decide what’s best for my baby, who i really wanted, my husband

really wanted. we loved our baby. we totally respect people like liz that continue with the pregnancies. they need support. we all need the support. but i… as i said it’s under three percent of women that regret their abortions – under three percent. i’m totally at peace with the decision i made and i believe it was myself my husband

it was our baby that we loved and wanted and i don’t believe that cora or liz loved my baby… or, you know… any more than i did, and it was up to us to make that decision.


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