movies to watch 2016

movies to watch 2016

welcome to our channel first of all we wish you a very happy new year to all of our 5 viewers. this very shitty year has come to an end, and we have compiled the list of top 10 movies released in india. this list is just a reflection of our opinion which may differ from yours

movies to watch 2016

movies to watch 2016, for that you can rant at us in comment section for this list we have only considered the movies which had wide release in india before that as we have not considered animated movies in our main list a quick shout out to best animated movie of the year

zootopia is a world of anthropomorphic animals, filled with stereotypes where a bunny cop and conman fox have to work together to uncover a mystery. zootopia is 55th animated feature film by disney directed by trio byron howard, rich moore, jared bush zootopia is a children’s film yet it doesn’t treat its audience like children but adults without losing its tender innocence. film also use metaphors to shows problems that humans face like stereotype racism and corruption zootopia is a children’s film but it is enjoyable for

both kids and adults alike. without wasting time let’s get on to our list udta punjab is a story of how life of four strangers intertwined with each other due to drug abuse in backdrop of punjab. film udta punjab is directed by abhishek chaubey who boasts to have writing credits on films like omkara, ishqiya and udta punjab as well udta punjab is entertaining and funny but it still portrays the drug abuse seriously and

never shy to depicts how menacing and horrifying drugs problem can be shahid and kareena did a good job but stellar performance from alia bhatt and daljit puts it on our list at no. 10 a private investigator and muscle for hire come together to solve a mystery of a missing girl and death of a porn star in a back drop of 1970’s america that is plot of the nice guys

“the nice guys” is directed by “iron man 3” and “kiss kiss bang bang” famed director shane black the nice guys is funny, quirky witty and sly chemistry between lead paring rayan gosling and russel crowe is treat to watch but star of the show is “angouri rice” who plays daughter of rayan gosling in the film. the nice guys has a nice balance of comic situations and thrilling moment for overall duration of the film

these type of fun films are not made any more so this is definitely worth to watch this is our no. 9 pick of the year budhiya singh, born to run is a true story of youngest marathon runner and his coach biranchi das which serves inspiration to many around the world but also garnered controversy. budhiya singh born to run is directorial debut of writer director soumendra padhi, but it never feels like it is his first film

soumendra padhi keeps firm grip on the movie and kept is really close to actual events as this film enjoys backing by "marathon boy", a documentary by gemma atwal on the same story. . manoj bajpayee is at top of his game and child actor mayur did a commendable job as well but best performance comes from shruti marathe who played the role of gita, wife of biranchi das. strong performances and faithfulness to true events makes budhiya sing one of the best biopics made in india,

which puts it on no. 8th spot in our list. sairat is a story of young fisherman’s son played by akash thosar falling in love with local politician’s daughter played by rinku rajguru and their fight against social caste hierarchy restrictions in back drop of maharashtra sairat is one of the few regional film which gets the wide release in india thus makes only regional film to get on our list sirat is written and directed by nagraj manjule sairat is filled with sweet and sour moments but

best thing that pops out of screen in sairat is its cinematography. sudhakar reddy and yakkanti deserves a praise for that. sairat is same old story but with a fresh new take which was enough for us to put sairat on 7th spot suddenly 12 alien ships show up in different parts of the world. a linguistic professor played by amy adams is called upon to communicate with the passengers inside alien vessel. that is premise of arrival. arrival is based on a story called “story of your life” by

ted chiang and directed by french canadian director denis villeneuve. unlike any other alien movie, it doesn’t brand alien as hostiles and start blowing them up. most screen time of arrival is spent on solving the communication problem between two races. actually this movie is not about them but us it shows mirror to today’s modern world. landscape is simply breath-taking and it is refreshing to see a science fiction movie actually emphasizing on science

thus no. 6th on our list. hacksaw ridge is based on a true story of world war 2 hero desmond t. doss who served during the battle of okinawa, refuses to kill people or even touch a gun still becomes first man in america to receive medal of honour, without even touching a gun. hacksaw ridge is directed by infamous mel gibson who is returning to helm after a hiatus of 10 years, it surely is one of the best war movies of recent times,

with traditional filming style same as 60’s and 70’s with modern filming equipment. andrew garfield gives best performance of his lifetime as desmond doss. this not the story of good america vs rest of evil world, it treats war as humane war scenes are depicted as horrific and real at same time, that’s makes us too put hacksaw ridge on 5th spot. spotlight is story of how boston globe newspaper uncovers the scandal of child molestation by the priests and massive cover-ups by the catholic church

which is based on a disturbing true story. writing by josh singer and tom mccarthy is close to reality. actors behave like any sane person would behave in these situations, almost shot like documentary by tom mccarthy. spotlight doesn’t feel like a movie, it felt as real as events are taking place right in front of viewer. spotlight is filled with big names and even bigger performance with actors like mark ruffalo, michel keaton and rachel mcadams giving their best performances of life

it has already won academy award for best picture and begs 4th spot on our list before getting in top three here are some honourable mentions, which were great films but couldn’t made on our list. now let’s talk about top three movies of 2016 aligarh is true story of a marathi literature professor dr. srinivas ramchandra sirus, suspend for his sexual orientation played subtly by, manoj bajpayee, which is a lost art in bollywood.

aligarh is written by apurva asrani and directed by hansal mehta. both of them treat this topic with utter sensitivity and realism. this is not a film based on homosexuality, . this is film about basic human rights. manoj bajpayee give performance of a lifetime as professor sirus he portrayed homosexuality as it should be, he never reduced his character to a mere caricature. rajkumar rao gives a good performance too as journalist, which make aligarh best hindi film of the year and

3rd best on our list. la la land is a musical love-story based in los angles, where a struggling jazz pianist fell in love with struggling actress, played by rayan gosling and emma stones respectively. la la land is written and directed by damien chazelle, the same man who brought marvellous whiplash, aided with good performances by rayan gosling and john legend but best performance comes from emma stone. surly she will be top contender in awards season coming ahead.

this makes la la land sits among giants like singing in the rain and west side story gets 2nd spot on our list. room is a story of mother and son who are hold captive in a room , shown from the eyes of the young boy played by jacob tremblay, who believes room to be his entire world as he had never seen outside world in his entire 5 years of life, his only contact is ma, played by brie larson room is backed by brilliant performances by brie larson

which has been already recognized for her performance by academy awards and jacob tremblay one of the best performance by a child actor in cinema directed beautifully by lenny abrahamson, with minimalistic use of artificial effects or camera tricks, music or lack there off, adds to the horror of already horrific situation. room is horrifying its chilling, yet, its humane and it is the best film of the year released in india.

this is our list folks. if you like this list then subscribe and like if you don’t like this list vote us down, and if you want to call us pompous, pretentious and use any other blasphemy, well there is comment section. well good bye for now hope you have enjoyed our show.


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