movies to watch at night

movies to watch at night

hey everybody! as you can see i’m quite excited for easter, as i am with pretty much every holiday! so in the easter spirit we’re going to be making chocolate covered balloons.. chocolate covered eggs with balloons.. using balloons

movies to watch at night

movies to watch at night, this is something different than i originally planned first i found these decorative eggs and their made of string but i thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we could make this out of chocolate? so i got all the supplies ready

but my instinct told me, taylor you better try this first because let’s face it, most of my diys end up disastrous so i did that, and it did turn out horrendous, it just kept dripping and it didn’t look like that at all and i had to find somewhere for it to hang to dry so i decided to put it in my bathroom above my bathtub i’ll insert a photo here, this is what it looked like it looked something like what a demon insect would squirt out like an excreted demon baby egg (or alien egg!)

i think if you gave that to someone for easter they’d probably be scared so i changed plans, but i did have a bath last night under them and it made my bathroom smell amazing, like delicious chocolate i felt like i was having a bath in willy wonka’s chocolate factory! so ya, that was fun! today, since i have a lot of balloons, and a lot of chocolate left over, i’m still going to be making something with that it’s a bit different but i think it’s going to be a lot easier and look a lot better and i’m still going to make something really pretty for easter, so let’s start! alright, so you get your melted chocolate

i have some strawberry here and some chocolate if you’re vegan you can make this with dark chocolate with no milk additives, so vegan chocolate another idea, if you want a different colour, you can do this with white chocolate and add some food colouring! so i melted this chocolate, you can do this over the stove i put a pot, and some water. then i boiled the water so there was steam and put this bowl on top of it, and i melted it like that or you could do it in your microwave either way just melt it

and then i lined a tray with wax paper you take a balloon, it can be any size that you want then you just dip it into your bowl pull it out then you can finish the rest with a paint brush i just got this one at the dollar store, it’s one of those cheap makeup brushes now you can just go around and paint a bowl shape! actually i tried this about 2 years ago in my apartment in hong kong i blew up the balloon much bigger and i was pouring the chocolate on top of it

and it actually burst, it went everywhere! it went all over my kitchen, all over me, in my hair, all over rosie because it splattered so far i think there’s still chocolate in that apartment the trick to this is to not blow up your balloon too big, so that it’s not stretched too thin and let the chocolate cool down after you melt it, so that it’s just warm and starting to thicken don’t worry if it looks too thin, it’s hard to get it thick right away, we’re going to do another layer later to add a special little easter touch i’m going to paint some bunny ears on the front so what are you guys getting up to for easter? usually when i’m in canada we have a big dinner with my family, like a big turkey dinner

but i’m not with my family.. actually i don’t have any plans at all this year, it’s just going to be me and rosie at home i think let me know in the comments what you’re getting up to this weekend for easter! i’m going to make one more with chocolate! ok then we’re going to pop these in the fridge for about 20 minutes and then we’re going to take them out and do another coat when it’s all hardened and dry 10 minutes later.. these actually hardened in about 10 minutes! so i’m just going to do another layer of chocolate now

i didn’t heat up the chocolate again, i just left it so it’s making it go on much thicker and better ooo this is going to be perfect tonight as a bedtime snack while watching ‘the people v. oj simpson’, the drama, which i cannot get enough of! but i am excited for ‘game of thrones’, that’s coming soon! i can’t wait to start watching that again! what are you guys watching right now? let me know in the comments because i’m always looking for new dramas or movies to watch at night, especially before bed it’s kind of my thing!

alright, i’m quite happy with that! let’s do the other one now! it’s not perfect, but i think it doesn’t have to be perfect because it came from your heart so.. it’s better! this is a fun project because you get to eat as you go along! and done! ok, i’m going to put this back in the fridge for another 5-10 minutes! 5 minutes later.. alright, it’s all dry and hardened now! so i’m thinking i should try to lift off the ears first slightly

there! then i’m just going to cut the top you don’t want to cut it in the middle because it’s going to burst and it might snap too fast and break you want it to slowly loose air, so just cut it here yay it worked! yes! success! success! there we go! yay! and you have a little chocolate bowl, an edible bowl! yes! i’m so happy with these! finally something worked!

alright, now we’re going to decorate them let’s make them look cuter with little faces! oh, by the way, these are the best candies, they’re my absolute favourite! they’re called ‘percy pigs’ and i think you can find them at mark’s & spencer, or here (tokyo) i got them at plaza oh and they’re vegan too, they have no gelatine in them! you guys gotta try these! that was really smart when i chose to wear a white sweater today i’m surprised i don’t have it everywhere yet! yay! here’s the second one!

and then…the last step… is to fill the bowl… i’ve got some hair floating around here is to fill the bowl with whatever you want so i’m going to put a bit of this grass and i’m going to add some little chocolate eggs you can add whatever you want, or whatever the person you’re giving it to would want maybe their favourite chocolate, or candy, or little toys there! i think it looks quite cute!

and you can wrap it up with a little… bow! and for this one i’m going to make it a healthier version i’m going to use some grapes for the grass because i think fruit with chocolate is the perfect combination so you can eat one (fruit) and break off a little piece (of chocolate) then i’m going to add some blueberries so these are like little easter eggs maybe and strawberries, which, i don’t know

oh these can be like carrots oh i saw a cool recipe on pinterest for chocolate covered carrots, i mean chocolate covered strawberries that look like carrots so basically they just used orange chocolate and it looked super cute those would look cute in here too but i aint got time for that tonight, it’s like 1am already right now! tadaaaaaa! i just had a camera on top of a stool to try and shoot close-ups, and it totally just fell to the floor!

there! aren’t they cute?! i think they make cute little gifts for you to give to your family or friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, or even in the centre of your table if you’re having easter breakfast or lunch, i think these would make cute little decorations! and you could play with the shape, you could do whatever animal you like, or you could do just a plain bowl i also saw some people put fruit or chocolate or whatever inside and then they put ice cream on top so that would be a cool combination too, you can play with the shapes and the different combinations of the inside

or you can make a demon spawn egg! this is so ugly! i should try and cut it to see if this one will work! how is the happening, the balloon isn’t even shrinking or loosing air!? oh, never mind it is! this is so horrible! let’s put that there! ew, can you hear the noise? it actually sounds like something is hatching! so if you try any of these, be sure to tag me so i can check them out, i want to see all your creations! #looktay

if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up! click the subscribe button, somewhere over here, to subscribe to my channel and get notified every time i upload a video! happy easter to you! i love you so much and i will see you in my next video! bye!!!


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