movies to watch before you die

movies to watch before you die

this film tells the tale of a young cop who is on the verge ofdivorce with his wife. his marriage almost over, he finds himself drawn towardsa local married woman who is stuck in a bad marriage witha man who beats and abuses her.

movies to watch before you die

movies to watch before you die, she is also suffering from cancer. this film tells the storyof a young woman who is married to her brotherin law after her sister`s death, and moves to bangkok with him.

their relationship is hollow and she feels isolatedin the foreign land. one day she runs into the guy she loved before marriage and their relationshiplights up again. her husband gets suspicious and hires a detectiveto find out the truth. in this film a young smalltown boy moves to delhi to stay with his auntand finish his college.

there he becomes attractedto an older woman and the woman in turn is doingwhatever she can to seduce the boy. the movie tells the story of these two. this film is based on thelife of a make-up artist who became an extraand eventually one of the most wantedactresses in the 1980s. she was a sex symbol who provided titillationto thousands of viewers but eventually dieda lonely and tragic death.

this film tells of arich country boy who is in love with hislow caste childhood friend, but is sent to london to study. on his return, he accusesher of infidelity, driving her to marrya much older man, but realises on her weddingday that he was wrong. having lost the love of his life, he descends into aself-destructive spiral of sex, alcohol and drugs.

this film tells the storyof three roommates who unknowingly become thetarget of a powerful gangster when they misplacehis expensive diamonds. this film tells thestory of two women who are married tobrothers in a joint family. through shared loneliness, they soon start a secret affairwithin the household. this film is a collage ofthree short stories in which hidden cameras capturethe stories of an honor killing,

an mms scandal and aninstance of casting couch. this film tells the storyof a sex crazed guy and follows his journey fromadolescence to adulthood. what starts off as explorationin the pubescent stage becomes an obsessionduring adulthood. this film tells the storyof a local family gang striving for control of the criminalunderworld of wasseypur and neighhbouring city dhanbad, and their war over the decades

with a seeminglyuntouchable powerbroker.


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