movies to watch during christmas

movies to watch during christmas

yg: the star viewers, 2,3, hello we are bap yessir, glad to see you! hc: through the star’s official facebook, we had this event – tell santa bap your wish hc: a lot of people sent wishes in for this event.yj: ah thank you. hc: yes thank you. hc: we are very thankful to those who have participated in this event. hc: so, as promised, let’s listen to the wishes we have for each member. please anticipate for it!

movies to watch during christmas

movies to watch during christmas, (tell b.a.p your wish) hc: the first one, let’s start with youngjae. (wish by lee yoonseo – please sing a christmas carol for me who is still single this christmas, seems like i will have a blissful christmas if you sing it for me~) (free & easy)

hc: youngjae ah try singing a solo song. yj: just now i sang a little bit at the beginning, so now everyone, let’s listen to youngjae carolling and purify your ears. yg: it’s nice it’s nice.hc: lee yoonseo-nim is this okay for you? hc: if it’s for me.. dh: you’re gonna beat him up right.hc: i might smash my computer. hc: thank you, i guess lee yoonseo-nim will be happy with it. hc: secondly will be zelo-gun.zl: yes. (wish by jeon subin – zelo oppa! i don’t want to spend my christmas alone anymore, it’d be great if there’s a guy who would watch movie with me! please recommend some movies to watch during christmas!) zl: for single friends, my recommendation is . hc: ahh !dh & yj : this pops out in my mind immediately for christmas.

dh: kevin.yj: come up here~ zl: and also… hc: that’s the best movie isn’t it.zl: movie recommendation for sweet couples…any idea? dh: something lovely. hc: .dh & yj: oh that’s good. yj: ! ju: .dh & yj: is nice too. yg: .(scary) hc: ahh~ nice! yj: *cough cough*dh: <28 weeks later> something like this. yj: hc: .

yj: is not bad too. hc: it’s .dh: what are you talking about? where are you meeting her? hc: this movie is really affectionate. yj: ah it’s not "let’s meet now", not meeting, it’s not.hc: guys, guys. hc: this movie is not bad too. hc: .dh: ahh it’s really not bad. hc: that is really a movie that you will love it for a long time. dh: i’ll recommend one too. dh: it’s probably the most interesting and touching movie i have ever watched in my life.

dh: this movie i have watched it for more than 10 times. hc: is really a tear-jerking movie.dh: i cried so hard while watching it. yg: i have one more to recommend. yg: especially for couples. yg: , a korean thriller movie. hc: every…everyone. yg: yg: if couples watch this together during christmas it will be even…. (sincere) hc: jeon subin left a comment."yongguk oppa why are you like this?"

zl: lastly there’s another one that i’d like to recommend for christmas. zl: it’s psy sunbae-nim’s concert. dh: it would be fun.zl: yeah seems like it’d be fun. yj: then i’d recommend g.o.d sunbae-nim’s concert. hc: i’d recommend our fan meeting.yj: cancel mine, me too. hc: so our movie recommendation for our single jeon subin would be . hc: as for movie recommendation for lovey-dovey couples hc: didn’t they mention a lot just now hc: i think you can select one out of it.yj: choose one~

(wish by yoon jiwon – my wish is to have a dancing video that suits well with christmas. i like oppa the most when you smile while dancing~) hc: since she said she likes to see oppa smile while dancing, hc: please dance and smile for her. yj: all you did today is dancing.hc: smile while you dance. hc: seems like you’re here today just to dance.ju: can i do the same like just now? hc: of course. yj: dance something else!hc: as long as you smile while you dance. yg: carolling and dancing at the same time hc: we will do the carolling you just need to dance and smile.ju: okay. ju: so…yg: let’s do .

dh: pick it up. hc: jongup-ssi, why did you keep looking at the floor while you smile and dance? ju: because i’m embarrased, that’s why.yj: if that’s the case, can you smile and sing a solo song? yj: or do a wink. yj: look at the camera there.dh: angel’s smile. 1,2,3 (wink) dh: not like this.yj: smile, smile. yj: don’t have to wink then, just smile. dh: 1,2,3. (cheerful)

ju: is it done now?dh: he’s fierce now. hc: our yoon jiwon-ssi how was it? was it satisfying? hc: let’s move on to the next member. (wish by kangmin – entered my 2nd year of high school with mixed feelings. i know i need to work really hard but this year… i am depressed… i’m sad and i cry frequently… in order for me to be stronger in the coming year, please cheer for me~) yg: no matter how hard it is, you have pulled yourself through a hard year, yg: to our min-ie, what oppa wanna tell you is, yg: there’s always good times and bad times in life, yg: i believe our min-ie will be able to get through this, yg: believe that next year will be a year filled with good things happening.

yg: i will cheer for you. yg: anticipation is the most beautiful kind of joy. dh: yes, principal-nim’s speech will end here. hc: make a heart, make a heart. hc: alright, next is daehyun’s. (wish by jung hyeji – wish to listen winter songs from daehyun. it would be great if he could sing either park hyoshin’s or sg wanna be’s yongjun and b.e.g’s gain’s duet ~) dh: i used to practice .yj: ah really? hc: now let’s start with . yj: himchan should sing a bit of it first. hc: i don’t know, i don’t know the lyrics.

dh: i’ll sing , a refreshing song. dh: yes it’s a song like this.yj: it’s a nice song. dh: hyeji-yah, you listened to it well right? (wish by yoonjung – santa himchan! my wish is an acting of asking your girlfriend to stay!) dh: you b*tch, you’re really.. hc: i’m the guy.dh: ahh is it? i’m the girl? dh: ahh hyung is suppose to ask me to stay?hc: yes. yj: oppa i really hate you! (getting into the play)

dh: yahh!! dh: kim himchan you’re really! dh: you.. argh!! hc: don’t go! dh: let go of me!hc: don’t go! dh: let me go!hc: i said don’t go! dh: then show me your aegyo. dh: show me your aegyo!!!!!!! hc: are you hitting me? then i’ll hit you too.

dh: i’ll get hurt!hc: be careful. hc: so i’m going to hit you now.dh: i’ve got it. hc: no no no.yj: it’s so embarrasing. hc: even you’re like this i still love you. so please don’t go okay? dh: show me your aegyo! hc: hold on, hold on!! hc: i think i need to give you a beating. hc: no no no no hc: it’s my fault.dh: show me your aegyo! show me your aegyo!!!

hc: no no i need to beat you up. (dae bak) hc: i’m not sure whether is this the version that yoonjung wanted to see. yj: i think she’ll like it. dh: i lost my voice. my throat hurts.hc: watch it happily. hc: we will give yoonjung her christmas present. hc: among them, we will choose an outstanding fan and give the chosen one our handwritten letter. hc: it’d be great if you can remember b.a.p this christmas. hc: there’s rea~lly a lot of people who left comments.yj: yes yes.

hc: let’s express our thankfulness to those people once again.yj: thank you. dh: thank you.yj: merry christmas~ hc: the star and bap have prepared a lot of cute videos hc: hope you’ll watch it happily. hc: so shall we say goodbye together?dh: yes hc: the last one was too strong. it’d be better if we didn’t do it. hc: i can’t think straight anymore. yg: until now, we are bap yessir! thank you everyone~ hc: don’t go.


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