movies to watch good

movies to watch good

hey so talk about something you know relationships are like everyone angry you know if i had already go down the unattractive venture investors you’ll think about it i deserve that i’ve been

movies to watch good

movies to watch good, working very fast i’ll do my best to get it come on you better do your best i have brought wasn’t super bowl and a half

she is going to be producing producing i’m sorry i thought we were getting an increment you are if that would be me hopefully don’t mind i take my pants off like to be comfortable and great job big mac hey corey is going i see what do you say we get a picture of us together in the crow getting closer this is from my windows how she’s you know you actually

went into group photo to follow all right good luck brock i mean you can’t even stay series for one second oh wow i guess from allowing so there you go what that’s how to get used to that i get

there before you guys i’m so like triangles to have heart surgery exclusive added big son heart opens up when it’s a video nightlife on thursday for more quarters emotional interview when he opens up about life tragically being horrible yeah probably left more he was his father oh and then a minute okay and then we

talk hollywood soon has assumed will have the first chance in five years to change the terms of doing business in china great what does that really mean this is no time so good to see you it’s nice producer today so i miss anyway we need more women chatty just stop here but you know what i just got off the phone with

my the investors today is our lucky day she was gonna happen as soon as their money [applause] oh i guess this is it here we go ok let’s go like right ready as we’ll ever be without these changes just can’t imagine what you could have fan air on 321

good evening you’re on radio night live with danielle and pleasant surprise we have brought carrington sitting in as anchorman tonight please don’t be alarmed by my deep sensual safe satin voice okay so my first piece of news news is bad for you and giving up reading it will make you happier it leads to fear and aggression and

hinders your creativity and ability to think deeply what do you think about that bra i think that sounds good that’s what you’ve been making me feel the last five years i’ve been working here oh that’s so charming of you to say head you know i’m i think we’d be out of a job both of us like that happen that is true but we don’t really care for the

news the we sort of the sort of use makers oh really what makes you say that well i think we’re gonna go to a commercial break here in a second so we’re signing off for now danielle and brock as it were goodnight everyone [music]

you know i feel like i keep making mistakes over and over in life and one of my friends that just call them traditions you know that’s cool ok alright so the wage gap between men and women in hollywood has been a hot topic in bc years into these how to look how cool kid nipples woman first and how but yes that’s important yeah yeah we

are women and we live in a minute good for her support one another and that that we all be equal going with your story oh that’s next time with you then so i choose my email password to correct you know why because if i forget whether this will send me i noticed that says your email is incorrect then remember its revised

works don’t anybody go yeah what’s that y-yes sing life and what you mean didn’t like kind of like what we don’t sing that you know sports good sports interesting spots do it already look we’re team egypt we got those papers right right if you could just sing up sports

all right i’ll let you know think about it alright thank you you’re wrong okay hopefully router will be back soon right well you know you’re down and i think a celebrity the show these things up right now you’re not enough rock but thank you for the celebrity yeah i think i need some real female energy kind of gaza well lady gaga is expensive god we gotta

figure this out but you know it takes money to make one race you know you’re not really producer anymore not going to be concerned about your job security not numbers such a three-way hug something the guys trailer and i’ll see what i can do alright imagine she’s gonna kick you out of and figure this out all right

everybody i like him because there’s no i we you know they say money talks to be seeing design so i heard something today about dolphins i looked up but they’re so smart that within a few weeks of captivity they can train people to stand on the very edge of the pool and and throw them fish that was great on you

live here with one of our own guests as you know how’s it going i tina turner alrighty on today we’re talking about dolphins right okay yeah interesting i actually know something right interesting about dolphins really what’s that um that they are so smart that within a few weeks of captivity they can actually between people and

being on the right into the pool and throw the fish wow it sounds like the lashes which brings off and it was swimming in the pool at home well yeah thank you so much tina turner that’s live to the turnagain here on the shore radio night live station and i please tune in again have a good night

but working with 3 i’m glad to be back you know purple you know like a plus he’s making me come back here being a good boy again i heard a really funny joke right here always so how does stories from justin bieber’s early childhood begin a few months ago dot dot dot i

have a good point just met ok good weekend so angela angela rituals sorry i havent right i haven’t introduced a show about billionaires sports are interested in money right yeah they want to know how he gets so rich we’re so how do you think of something

well money makes money cells money yes money makes money exactly sounds good alright alright get to it hey corey going buddy you’re gonna do the show you think everybody everybody loves billionaires right especially me don’t you come to really so okay so how are we going to do it this time i think

that i’ll introduce and then you can do i think we need to mix it up a little bit what the hell’s our hamburgers yeah let’s get up let’s go of that so you guys have a little chat before arrange this over my head let’s just go with that right let’s go that yeah we like a lot of tarantino order

denying that story see how this goes our change of clothing how long do we have to go live five four three you’re listening to radio night live with danielle and rock evening rock why don’t you start us off with our news tonight well it turns out that there’s a

connecticut woman who left her husband of 22 years citing that his support for donald trump was it alright so let me tell you something ladygaga wants to perform and top of donald trump’s ball like the law and it’s just like imagine her performing on top of it so lady gaga and says she’s proud of her

body after social media criticism the 30 year old singer took to the stage to perform while the majority of fans were blown away by her energetic performance some took aim at gagas curves which she flaunted in a white crop top and silver hot pants i like that and i’m telling you she’s good at that

she’s too i wish to come i didn’t even know that they were aiming at her curves you there stop talking right now or maybe it’s no use what’s going on alright let me tell you guys alright just a simple title ok that was this guy that my wife and

all by himself ok so i’m stuck around and drops want to get free arm off that movie right why because she was alone he didn’t have a team of we’re not going to be alone we are ok that’s why teamwork is so important alright remember that works it’s okay right here on radio night live

near the show it to people that girl guides and already as gift i’m leave that the fashionista ah alright and here you’re talking about saying about the basketball you know players so tell us about oh the basketball hundred percent well they should depending well and whatever you do you

should really give one hundred percent unless you’re donating blood you guys really should donate what i wear less but they’re making a lot of one of the best player that’s why they give a hundred percent hopefully right right good point alright point well thanks for tuning in come back again on radio that live on

the sports show with corey thank you so much have a good night my development as we don’t get people i mean it it’s all about a hundred percent so we’re getting ok your weekend any hot dates yeah oh yeah oh my god how do you know i’m wondering about about valentine’s day coming up

yeah i mean we’re doing a story on that so yeah there’s this one that the intern gave me and it’s it’s it’s all about day it’s kind of crazy crazy get crazy get yeah you’re here i’ll give it to you but boy i mean have you guys gotten physical the craziest thing i’ve got talent is she said yes crazy yesterday to valerie yeah well i think i’d so the

valentine’s day store you’re not going to believe it’s like somebody gave somebody a bag of air this is nothing nothing could be that bad sense of humor and you know after after five years and people sucking romantic good that’s part of the article yeah it’s like just you know what memory i just want to say amazing right for

this sighs about me to say that course when you are cleaning the dishes along the house so i was really nothing i cover this beyonce twins win all these twins were like running the station pain right and always cards right not playing with a full deck

just what do you think something must be something that right proved it to make it all better let me think about it and i’ll get back to you all right anymore it just sounds good alright okay okay this’ll be a fun one right valentine’s day i do the intro and then maybe we can alternate the list just to shake things that bizarre

okay great yes waiting with danielle and bra and tonight we have a fun story for you valentine’s day is coming up the 10 weirdest valentine’s days gifts i’m sure we’ve all had those so let’s start with number 10 rock yellow bass duck tens of chickpeas arranged in the

shape of a heart fire extinguisher breakfast bowl i like that spicy chicken taste it so to symbolize hot oh my wheelbarrow that’s a practical one have i taken women in wheelbarrows before i had knocked them out first number for twin pact with chicken livers set of jumper cables piece of string man

maybe a g-string drumroll for number one a bag of air labeled nothing i could i could handle that one that one’s within my budget may be wearing nothing we’re going to a commercial break folks will be back with you in just a moment mike thank you i’m bound alright today and i’m actually saw thanks for

joining alright real quick the best coworkers are the ones that are ready to die each other fighting each other to death over slice of pizza so don’t have your pizza relax we’ll see you again you might oh yes of course what you don’t know is it possible for

years everyone radio and


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