stream movies

stream movies

better sound i again from that see amovie dot com and what i want to talk legally stream movies about today’s paralegal e stream movies and i think the best way that i canexplain this is uh… first of all i want to explain what stream or streaming and it’s been around for along time it’s been around for ever and

stream movies

stream movies, uh…legally stream movies we never had an on computers beforebecause the computers couldn’t handle it nowadays we have broadband and cablesand so now we can do it the next thing you extreme in isn’t whatit is it’s a multimedia

being transferred as it’s beingdelivered legally stream movies or a best way to explain is if i can usethis analogy let’s say you have a book you can read the book until the entirebooks written legally stream movies river the old days when he used to have to watch a movieyou had to download the entire movie before you can watch it that tookforever the beauty is now we have streaming youcan watch the movie as it’s being delivered and that’s what’s so great about it legally stream movies

you know exactly and put them will be onan as you guys you know downloading in on the computer you canwatch the beginning of it and so that’s pretty much theexplanation that i have about streaming legally stream movies anyway this is son from lets you movie dot com i want to talkabout movies and this is what i have for you today legally stream movies that’s my septic tanks see you in themovies


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