stream online movies

stream online movies

hello youtube’m engã¼r from 5liksimit, and im going to introduce you lg g2 miracast option g2 firstly, what is miracast and does it exist on your tv we have to check that first. enter the settings from here…

stream online movies

stream online movies, at network, miracast intel’s widi. find the application your tv must have this ability if it’s not…

you cant use this option open that option first in here open miracast intel’s widi. as i show you them all. how we gonna connect the phone… he cuts the onions piece by piece… whatever in here… focus first… focus on flover, yes.

open boy.. ok. it’s opened, from top bar, find miracast option start it. tv’s on the list tv must be on the same network with phone to connect. click on the tv it founds normally for connection

tv ask you "if you trust that phone" you have to say "i trust" now tv shows my phone’s screen phone screen on the phone turning to sides when turn to sides. tv change the screen too. actually connection doesnt lost. phone locked it self

there will be no problem if screen doesnt lock what you see is now the tv screen but im controlling the screen from phone. in example lets check that you can view photos from here no cheat:) or the photos from instagram miracast is very usefull lets try video on it don’t know why other doest work but it works ok.

nothing on phone screen while at video. it says on the external device… actual video on tv screen couldnt focus. truely nice and smoot playback. brand of this tv is lg 47la690s it’s a nice option to show off to your friends… lets try youtube video. no advertising. taa’s lg g3 overview

lets check that video thank him for it lets check the sound. both sound and screen works perfectly thank you taa as long as youtube works. other app’s will work i think yea there is nothing else see you soon thenk… to close it

from top bar click miracast and close. if you like my video… and if you want that kind of videos to come out. please subscribe my chanel. see you sooon!!!


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