the full movie

the full movie

i… i am asha. asha mathur! with me…whatever happened with me. whatever i did…

the full movie

the full movie, …i want that everyoneshould come to know about it. everyone! and today, neither do ineed anyone’s sympathy… …nor anyone’s love!

today i don’t havethe fear of anything. neither do i care for anyone. i… i am happy! yes! i have committed his murder! i have killed him. and i don’t regretfor this thing at all! this is a lesson! this is a lesson for those boys,who eve tease the girls.

hey, what are you speaking, tina? not eve teasing, butto ruin the girl’s life! hey, dead body! lie down like a corpse, ori will really convert you… …into a dead body. hey, you are a rich man’s daughter! and, on the pages of history,it will be written in… …golden words, thename of tina oberoi! thank you!- hey, stop it! stop it!

your name is ashamathur and not tina! what difference does itmake with a name, director! it’s the performance! performance! everyone’s eyes becamemisty after seeing my acting. even you burst into tears! those tears were becauseyou ruined my whole play! you said the wrong dialogues!- shut up, mr. director! whatever i said were the dialogues!- yes!

and whatever i did,were the scenes! then why did you call me? so that you can see her acting! hey, you are thedaughter of a rich man! tina… whatever shouldnot have happened has taken place! something terrible has happened!something very terrible! why, did you come to your senses? the owner of the knock outdiscotheque, tong tong… …have refusedto sponsor our drama.

hey, what are you talking about?- did he really refuse it? – yes! and now are playwill not take place. hey, if you perform such a drama… …then this willonly be the result. hey, you daughter of a rich man! so tong tong dared todo this thing? – yes! today, an action dramawill take place at his club! charge! charge!!

tong tong! down with! hey! what have you done this? listen, tina… today idon’t want any nonsense here. hey, listen to me! listen, today is the firstanniversary of my disco. i have arranged such abeautiful programme for… …seven days. so you have fixed it?- yes! – but you have not arranged… …our drama in the middle of it.

so you refuse to sponsorour programme, isn’t it? hey, how could i have organised it? the drama which i told youto do that you have put aside. and you have startedyour own drama. my director was crying doyou know that? over the phone. hey, he is having a crying face! but how did you dare torefuse us to sponsor our drama? hey, you! talk softly… talksoftly! do you understand? hey, move aside! don’ttouch me, you scoundrel!

you don’t shout at me! in this disco, no one has raised… …his voice over me!- okay, man! no problem! no problem! good gracious! what are you doing? hey, it’s good luck,tong tong. good luck! hey, hell with your good luck! my disco’s reputation is avery decent discotheque! do you know?

no glass has broken here till date. except this! it won’t break in future also!- yes! ‘neither remains theseed nor grows the plant.’ come on, boys! a musical instrument? playing a musical instrument? hey, guys, listen tina… i don’t want any musical programme!hey, listen!

hey, ravi… ravi! – what?- look, what a girl she is! hey, don’t look there also! she has come alongwith brother khan! he is a very dangerousman from the underworld! if anyone looks at her also,then he pulls out his eyes! what are you talking about, friend?- that day he killed four men… …at marine drive, friend! are you telling the truth?- his only mistake was he saw… come… please come, mr. khan!

welcome, welcome mr. khan! what a pleasure… hey, you wretched fellow! so you dare to touchpathan’s girl? yes? no… no, i didn’t touchher with my hand, sir! it was my leg! leg!- between my two legs… …a third leg came in middle and…- shut up! what are you blabbering, ahand and a leg again and again? i will cut your hand andfix it on your leg’s place.

and i will cut your leg… …and fix it on your hands place!- no, sir. please don’t do that! and i will barbecueyou like a goat! i am a khan! khan! i will remove your clothes andmake you do the disco! – no. i have committed a mistake, sir. here, take your 500 rupees!- what? you are too good, man! you had made the bet,to touch the girl!

but you even embraced her! you are a brave man! no! this is not the truth! – so youmade a bet on pathan’s sweetheart? now i won’t leave you! i will take you tokabul along with me. – no! i will play the game ofgoat with you. – no, sir! i will play that game along withyou instead of the goat! – no, sir! hey, you scoundrel!now will you harass her? hey, you villain!

what are you doing? save me! tina! tina! tina, please save me! all right, tina! today you have won! but remember whattong tong says to you! someday even you will meet aperson who will defeat you! yes! the lion has tastedthe human flesh!

now he has become a man-eater! that lion has attacked usfour times in last three days. and he attackedbansaram in the farm only. i don’t know whetherhe will survive or not? the children had like that toostopped coming out of the house. now the females areeven stopping the males… …from going to the farms. yes! and even bhairavis not present here. if he was present here thenhe would have done something.

last time when thecheetah had attacked… …then he fought withhim with so much bravery! i don’t know when hewill return now after… …meeting the collector. son, have you filedthe report properly? i have filed thereport properly, father. i have also informed the ranger. but i don’t find anyaction taking place! now only god can save us!

god also helps thosewho help themselves! at this time of difficulty,someone or the other… …will have to gatherthe courage to face this! hey, come on make it fast! set the trap!- throw him inside it! have you seen its paw? we threw the trapat the right time! otherwise it wouldhave created a problem! yes! you are saved, badal!

he is very dangerous! whatever you say! but the animal is very beautiful! if he was not a man-eaterthen i would have made… …him my pet andkept in the village. look! now hear this! actually he was luckythat badal caught him. if i would have caught him then… …i would havebroken off his neck!

when did you come? i came as soon i heardthe news about the lion. but here you allhave finished the game… …before my arrival? well done! well done! i hope you all have notreceived any injury, did you? i received it now. andthat too because of you. daddy, we will leave himalong with mr. ranger. he will take him to the zoo.

i will do that work, son. you make preparations togo to the city. – city? your admission has been madefor your further studies… …in the city, son! now forget all these things! and fulfil your dad’s dream! complete your higher studiesand become a high status… …and prove yourself to me. oh daddy!

do you remember? ten years back,dumru had left this village. and he has not returned till now.- hey, listen! sometimes hesends lipstick and powder… …for the village girls! that wretched fellow! but our badal is not like him! just wait and watch! he will definitelybring fame to our village! hey, why don’t you allunderstand this fact?

that if a child of our village,do his higher studies… …and becomes a collectoror a doctor and comes here. then we will be benefited a lot! yes, that is a fact!- do you hear? too clever for you to understand! hey, don’t think like old men! think something new! hey, if our badalgoes to the city… …and when he returnsback to the village…

…then he will bringsomething new along with him. but listen… i hope hedoesn’t bring a new problem… …along with him? we are just worriedabout our village. the name of our village shouldnot receive a bad reputation. yes! as if the name ofour village is published… …in the news paper daily. at least tell auspicious things,daddy. say something auspicious! hey, whatever i felt, i spoke…- listen… understand one thing.

if this village receives a badreputation because of badal… …then only badal willbe responsible for it. hey, what are you thinking about? daddy, it isnecessary to go or what? hey, you are too much, son! hey, all thepreparations to go have been made. and then you ask that,’daddy, is it necessary to go? ‘ no, but i was thinking that… that i will be left alone!

i had been left alonewhen your mother had died… …and you were so small! but your love neverallowed me to feel lonely! with your departure i willdefinitely become lonely… …once again. but today, i am worriedabout your happiness, son! daddy, i am really very happy! i have everything with me. i have you,your love, my friends…

…these mountains, these valleys! what else do i need, daddy? don’t talk like atoad who is confined… …to the walls of the well, son! this world is very big! the place where you are going… …there, you won’t findanyone to warn you about… …the good and the bad! remember my three things, son.

never turn yourback from the truth. never bear theatrocities done to you! listen to the firstvoice of your heart! because the first voice,is the voice of god! then the devil speaks! this is our very old saying! tina’s misbehaviourincreasing day by day! i get her newcomplains every other day! she closed down thediscotheque of tong tong!

and that poor fellow got soworried that he left the city. just imagine this! and one more thing. she has drove the car by herselfand… came yesterday night. what if somethingwould have happened to her? who would have beenresponsible for it? that girl is the soleheir of this estate! i don’t get any time fromdoing the work of this estate… …day and night.

but you are her governess! from her childhood youhave brought her up! what type of mannershave you taught her? that after growing up, sheshould hide everything… …from me, her daddy! in future, please take care ofthese things, mrs. fernandes! all right! you all can go. whatever loss you have faced,that you will get it.

don’t get worried, mr. oberoi! tina is still a child! but you are my old advocate,mr. gupta. now you only tell me. what should i do? the care taking ofsuch a big property! the hard work of day and night! for whom am i doing all this? whatever is there,that belongs only to tina!

and whom else do i have inthis world, except tina? yesterday night i hadto receive a scolding… …because of your such actions.understood? that’s what i am asking.why did you receive a scolding? the mistake is mine! daddy will definitelyhave to say sorry to you. you are totally wrong!- in fact i will tell you a sorry! why not? my daughter keeps oncommitting the mistakes…

…and i will keep on saying sorry! sorry, mrs.fernandes. please forgive me. that… that… actually thematter is such that daddy… …i was going to comeearly from college yesterday. but… but, that pushy… that pushy of yours, hestarted a fight with someone. i warned him several times,that don’t do all this. my daddy doesn’tlike all this at all! but who would have listened to me?

i am an esteemed girl, andthey are all spoilt brats! a good girl?- yes! hold your ears! you have told a lie!hold them tightly. sorry! what’s all this happening? i am receiving yourcomplains from everywhere. now i have started receivingthem from the college too. dear, i am thetrustee of that college. what answer will igive to the people?

now you have grown up! tomorrow you willget married and you… no… no… not at all! firstly, i won’t marry at all! and even if i have to marry,then i will marry… …a very respectable person. the one who bowsdown to me respectfully. when i should tell him to stand up.then he would stand up with respect. when i should say that sit down.then he would sit down with respect.

he should eat food with myorder and drink with my order. and he should cry and sleeponly when i should order him. and that too with respect! a respectable man! why, isn’t it, daddy? why? what happened, daddy? a respectable boy?- what? a man! everyone searchesfor a respectable man! because due to onerespectable man…

…then ten rogues canmaintain themselves. this is too much! it’s good that you havearrived at the right time! otherwise who knows whatwould have happened with me. hey, how wouldn’t i have arrived? if i left the village thenthis doesn’t means that… …i have forgotten all of you. as soon as i received father’sletter that you are coming… …to the city, then i became fatas a balloon filled with happiness.

like that i am not so fat! okay, i have had atalk at the college. your arrangements to stay inthe hostel have been made. you go and directlymeet the principal. oh! i will meet him. but you tell me, thathow is your work going on? very superb! i own a motor garage! ten boys work there. five of them stealthilysabotage the cars at night.

and other five, repair the same… …cars in the morning. soeverything goes smoothly! oh! you are a verydeceitful person, dumru! hey, there is no dumru here!the dumru is in the village. i have changed my name in the city. here my name is danny! understood? danny!?- yes! and this name of yours… like acloud, tree, mountain, spring… this won’t do here in the city!

in the city, yourname will be bobby! bobby!?- bobby! yes, bobby! hey, what’s this cabbage…its seems like the name… …of a vegetable! the name badal is better!- all right! as you wish! if the people will laugh,then they’ll laugh at you only! here, take this. hold this! tina, look there!

i think that he hascome from the jungle! yes!- the jungle boy! hey, how did he getadmission here, friend? – oh, yes! oh, how handsome he is! handsome? i will just make a fool of him! yeh! this garland? – we welcome ournew students in this manner only. really?

you all are so nice!- yes. can you tell me, whereis the principal’s office? do you want to meet the principal?- yes! i will call him right here.- really? dattu… hey, dattu!- who called me here? what’s going on here?- good morning, sir. good morning, sir.- yes… yes, good morning! sir, he is a new student, sir!- oh! i see! so, you have evengarlanded him. good!

take blessings of the principal! yes, touch his feet!- touch his feet! yes, come on, touch his feet!- hey, hurry up! touch his feet! stop it! stop it!stop this nonsense! what’s happening? who are you?- sir, i am a new student, sir! and this garland and all that? sir, she has made me wear it, sir. tina, this is very bad!- no, sir! very bad!

and she says thathe is the principal! dattu… meet me in my office.- sorry, sir. and all of you, go away from here! sorry, sir. – sorry, sir. -i will suspend all of you. sorry, sir. – sorry,sir. – come on, quick march! don’t worry, my boy!it happens sometimes! on the first day, theragging does take place. come with me.students play any joke. by acting as the principal,the senior students do the…

…ragging of their juniorstudents. is this any way to do? yes, sir.- yes, sir? no, sir. – i mean to saythat it is wrong, sir. yes, good. very good, my boy! you be aware of such students! yes, i will definitelybe aware of them, sir. principal?- what? the principal is in front… i meanthe principal’s office is in front. that means it is my office.

you go there and wait for me.- all right, sir. and if you meet anysenior student on the way… …then don’t get fooled by them. don’t consider him as the principal.- i won’t get fooled by them, sir. take care, my boy! – yes,sir! sir, you don’t worry, sir. be careful, son!- yes, sir. no one will imitate the principalfrom today onwards, sir. yes, you are right! hey, what will happenabout the principal now?

did he doubt you in any way?- no. he didn’t have any doubts. what happened?- hey, man! we have done it! hey, look there. look there! yes? yes!? well… i am the principal! hey, come on forget it, friend! you and the principal! hey, what do you mean by this?

i am telling youthat i am the principal. okay, tell me… how many timeshave you failed? yes? – failed? what do you mean?hey, what are you doing? i am the principal. if you have becomebald then does this mean… …that you are the principal? hey, now how can iexplain to you that… i… i am in my own college… oh shucks!

listen, son… you arehaving some misunderstanding! what’s this? a college!- yes! this is a big college!- it is very big! this is the biggest institution! and who is present atthe college? the principal! yes, he is present. – and the postof the principal is the highest post! yes!- it is the highest, isn’t it? yes, it is.- so i am that.

you are not that!now stop your acting or… …the principal will throw you…out of the college. hey, i am the principal, brother! hey, where is the staff? security? dattu? hey, dattu have beencaught right before, friend. what has he done? he was acting as the principal.- oh shucks!

oh shucks! okay, okay… relax, now relax! i say that just shut up! now hear this. now eitheri will stay in this college or you! is that clear? hey, i am a new here.i will definitely stay. but you tell me, howmany years have you failed? so go outside and do something.and become something in life! hey, nonsense! whatto become something?

hey, i am becoming afool from so much time. and what else?- good morning, sir! hey, what good morning? good morning, sir.- good morning. – good morning. good morning!- sir… hey, shut up!- sir… tina, my child! just tell… tell…tell him, that who am i? you are mr. kapoorchand, sir.- mr. kapoorchand!

to hell with your name. hey, whatdifference does a name make? tell me, what is mypost in this college? you are the principal, sir.- the principal! – the principal! i am the principal!- yes, sir. listen… – yes, sir. sir, i am sorry, sir.- it’s all right! sir, please sir.- it’s all right! please forgive me, sir.- hey, stop it. sir, please listen to me.hey, i don’t like that.

sir, please forgive me, sir.- i will dismiss you from… …the college before… youradmission. – sir, i am sorry, sir. by adding this amount, i havegiven you the total amount… …110 million rupees, oberoi. and that too, withouttaking any interest. hey, who is asking for theinterest amount from you? i just want this much thattina’s marriage should be… …performed with my son pushy,as soon as possible. hey, why are you in so much hurry?

both of them are stillkids now. they are studying. no… no… i am not in a hurry. but i was talking aboutthe happiness of pushy. oh! i see!- hail daddy! here comes my prince of wales! hail uncle! son, i was talkingjust about your happiness. about tina?- yes! my son is so intelligent!

after all he is your son! thank you, uncle. thank you. listen, son… – yes, daddy? -follow tina like a shadow! oh, you’re too much, daddy!you don’t need to tell me! why do i go to college?so that i can be along with tina. that’s why i amfailing from last four years! well done!- after all… i am her bodyguard! hey, come on, play… come, come…

hey, tina… justlook at the jungle boy! hey, he is wearing a shirt-pant! he looks morehandsome in a shirt-pant! shucks! if only i had met himbefore i fell in love with sandeep! tina, do you hearwhat she is saying? what will tina say? she herself is lost in herthoughts after looking at him. me? and will get lost in mythoughts after looking at him? that day too, i hadmade a fool of him.

today also i willmake a fool of him! listen… ball please. hello, everybody! good morning! come on… upstairs. i am a new student. that’s why no one recognises me. it’s good that ihave met you all here.

yesterday, you allplayed a good joke with me. the principal andeveryone else were worried! okay, then i will leave. okay?we will meet next time. okay? bye! good day! good day! come on… tony! jimmy! mickey! rocky!

would you like to join my gang? will you like to join my gang? you mean to say that… jimmy, mickey, rocky and badal! no! i have come here tomake friendship with you. and not to become your slave! tina does not have thehabit to hear a refusal! who is tina,who has this bad habit?

yes. yes. i am tina! oh! i see! so youhave this bad habit! keep good habits. if not about yourself, thenat least think about them. at least they will be saved! hey, what is he saying, tina? hey! you shut up! you just shut up! listen… if you want tostudy in this college… …then you will haveto obey my orders!

hey, why the orders, my lord!keep me in your arms! i will stay there happily.but please tell me with love. stop it! stop it! you! what do you think of yourself? your long legsand your long hair… you look as if a jungleman has come wearing a pant. laugh… now everyone laugh… they are laughing at you! stop it!

you! you won’t stay inthis college. – why? do you have the intentionto keep me in your heart? i will never leave you. every beautiful girltells the same thing to me. you… you! how many people were they? only one! and how many of youwere present there? many of us!

many? even then you returned back? and that too, empty handed! leader… he was very handsome!- shut up! he has humiliated tina. tina! and whoever humiliates tina… …leave aside this college, thatperson won’t even stay in this city. i will not leave him. i will definitelyteach him a lesson!

you just take care of one thing. that i… i should notcommit his murder! where will i find him? i will not leave him.- who? where will i find him?- who? badal! pushy!pushy! pushy! pushy! pushy! this is a chinese knife!understood?

if you receive a wound with thisthen you can’t even make a stitch! this is banned inthirteen countries! it’s good! it will be handy tosharpen the pencils! for how much do you sell it? hey, do you thinkthat i am a salesman? i was just scaring you!come on! return me my knife! one second, friend!let me test its sharpness! oh, no! pushy!

so you humiliated me? if you had attacked my life… …then i would neverhave forgiven you. relax, friend pushy. – i lovemy respect more than my life! hey, friend! i gotreally very scared! i will teach you a lesson, badal.- okay… okay… i will teach you a lesson!- okay… okay… okay, go now! you are only person whom i love! my heart’sdesperateness is telling…

that i am waitingonly for your arrival. i search for you highand low everywhere. but i don’t know where andwhen will i find you, o’ beloved. but i don’t know where andwhen will i find you, o beloved. what kind of distance is this? and what type ofaloofness is this? i have come here afterhearing the call of love. now i will never goaway from you. never ever! leave aside the heart, but isacrifice even my life for you.

i was awake the whole night. and my eyes didn’thave a wink of sleep… …even for a moment or a second! you were in my eyes. you were in my thoughts. and my condition becameworst in such circumstances. don’t do atrocitiesto me in such a manner. i have full faith in you. what’s the matter, friend?

can’t you shoot even onearrow to the target today? yes? hey, what will heshoot at the target? he himself has become atarget of tina’s love! what nonsense are you talking, pal? so i am talking nonsense? what happened that day?- what? – what had happened? yes, what had happened? what had happened? – tell us. forget it, friends!it does happen sometimes!

but this neverhappened along with us? and that day, whathappened near the staircase… …even that happens sometimes! hey, friend… therewas a huge crowd… …it happens…- really? but there were only fourpersons present there! hey, even we roamwith a lover’s heart… but no one bumpedinto us till today. only the desiresare left in my heart.

hey, you allexaggerating the matter, pal! then tell me… really? so what was that whathappened at the park? was it a thing or an exaggeration?- what happened? she was just joking, friends! don’t be serious! this is too much! she isthe one who dashes you! – she is the one who feels shy! and she is the one who feels shy!

she shoots your photograph! hey, brother. she isgiving so many signals. and you do not understand them. yes?- yes, friend. she was definitelysending those signals, friend. definitely, something willbe the matter! – hey, you! climb down! climb down! where have you climbed? get down! hey, you! climb down!

you will fall!- this is too much, friend. some people make theothers climb anywhere. – right. i am going to getwhat i want, pals. shall we talk to our sister-in-law?- yes! hey? tell me the right thing, pal! mr. danny…- yes! everyday when i leave mycar it’s always in order. but why does it have some problem,daily in the morning. because not the car’s, butyou are facing a bad time.

what?- come on, do one thing. sell it. okay, i will only buy itfor five thousand rupees. a jeep and only infive thousand rupees? hey, i have purchased a truckin five thousand rupees, friend. so dumru… you arepurchasing his car too? it’s good, friend! itmight cost one lakh… …or one lakh,fifty thousand rupees. yes, yes!- hey, what you are saying yes-yes! you are extending a thousandrupees to one and half lakh rupees?

and you just shut up!what do you know? yes? you visit the garageevery now and then. hey, i come to meet you. if you come to meet me inthis way three-four times… …then my businesswill close down. come, i will give youfive hundred rupees! only five hundred rupees!?- hey, i am happily giving you. at least, agree to me now. you are taking so much time?

hey, idiot! can’t you see? please forgive me, sir. – youhave spoiled my clothes. – move! you wretched fellow! will your fathergive the money for washing them? what misbehaviour is this? why have you stopped? won’t you thrash me? just because i am twoinch taller than you? and he is two footshorter than you. listen… listen, my temper…

yes, show me your temper. do you show your anger bylooking at the size of a man? hey, badal… be quiet, be quiet! listen, please forgive him. hehas done a mistake… – shut up! what kind of cheappeople do you have here? a cheap work is done bythis superior friend of yours! he has raised his hand ona small child. – shut up! you should be taught how totalk with high status men. yes, sir. surelyteach me. definitely!

but first you teachthis friend of yours. that how should onebehave with small kids! forget it! justforget it, mr. oberoi! we shouldn’t talk with suchlow category people! come. yes, yes! it’s the right thing! otherwise you willreceive a good feed back! the most importantthing in democracy is… …the freedom of expression! good morning, sir.- hi tina! – hi! – looking gorgeous.

silence! what are you doing here?- this is for you! what! thank you, sir!- what is this? what is this?- bye! bye, tina! what is this?- i don’t know, sir. read it. read! dear badal! yes, badal is your ahead! dear badal!- dear badal, read further!

yes, sir. dear badal! that’s all! only this muchis written in it? – no, sir. many more things are written in it.- then why don’t you read that? dear badal, i tried to tell you thefeelings of my heart many times. but now i don’t know. will you understand it also,or not? – what is this! well… we all aregoing for a picnic. please come for the same. i want to tell you something.

i want to hear something. badal.- yes! – yours… badal… listen to me, badal… badal… badal! badal! badal! with a beautifuland a charming girl! i have fallen in love! my heart has throbbedfor the first time today! she has completelytaken over my eyesight!

and she has made me desperate. and today i will make to her. the expression of my love. and every momentthe only thing i do. is to wait for her! one, two, cha… cha… cha… one, two, cha… cha… cha… even i love you the same. i have given my consent for love.

now you only tell me,how should i live? without you… – one, two,cha… cha… cha… o beloved! even i love you the same. how do i pass my dayswithout you, o beloved? o sweet heart, howshould i tell you that? the uneasiness of my heartmakes me desperate every moment! how will i stay awayfrom your eyesight? whenever i feel like,i will embrace you. be close to myheart in such a way.

every moment i should feel you. you become theidentity of my heart. i have loved you ahundred of times. even i love you the same. cha… cha… cha… cha… cha… cha… o my beloved, when did irefuse for the love of heart? i have found my world of desires. and i have sacrificedeverything for you.

without you… …it’s impossible forme to live my life. without you, – one, two,cha… cha… cha… o beloved! one, two, cha… cha… cha…- without you, o beloved! one, two, cha… cha…cha… without you, o beloved! so you thought that tina loves you? this for a lesson for you! for not agreeing to my talks! to misbehave with me!

i can make anyone danceto my fingertips whenever i want! just like i made you dance now. and yes! save your heart forsome mountain girl! it’s better if you don’tget involved in the city. come on! boys! you are great, tina!- we had a great fun. what a lesson you taught to badal! really, tina!

wow! what brilliant mind she has!- wow! just like her beautiful face,she has a brilliant mind too! badal has not come outof his room from morning. hey, how can he showhis face to anyone? i think that he might haverun away to the hostel again. hey, what about the hostel?he might have run away… …to the jungle only.the jungle boy! hey! tina, see here. badal gave up his life only!

oh my god! what have you done, tina? he was such a good boy! poor badal! tina, this you havenot done the right thing! i didn’t… – yesterday night you dida very big atrocity to him, tina. yes. – very bad, tina. very bad! you are very arrogant, tina. you are too mean, tina.

you will become a sinner, tina. you are a very bad girl! he used to love you so much! and your hatred has… i didn’t used to hate him. that was a joke! but now? what will happen now?- what will happen!? now you areconcerned and the police!

police!- police! this means that tinawill go to the jail! oh god! in jail? you can even be hanged to death!- death… but how can anyone knowthat he gave up his life… …because of me. he himself will say that.- he himself will say that? yes. …oh! oh badal!

so you didn’t die?- yes. i really used to die on you. but yesterday night,i came to my senses. so i thought that i shouldeven make her come to her senses. you! you!- yes, just like that! even i felt just that! so it startedhappening in your heart too? very good! control your heart! i will see you!- yes, keep on looking at me. i will send you aphotograph of mine!

badal, you fooled her today. you! i’ll really kill you! good grief! take it back! take it back!- put it around your neck. there will be an addition ofincome to you. – hey, what’s this? hey, you only toldme to bring a snake. and i have broughtthe king of snakes. the cobra! after killing, it does noteven leave a proof behind!

it gulps down the whole victim! i had just told you to scare him! hey, he will definitelyget scared before he dies! don’t get afraid! take a kiss! listen… i have calledhim at my birthday… …at ten o’ clock at night! as soon as he comes,you put this on him. okay.- understood? and if you make anymistake then i will put…

…this around your neck. go. yes, yes. come.- come, my darling son! go. get out! we will do the programme at night! now i will see the jungledance of the jungle boy! come, darling. please come. please come my darling son…please come, my prince… my prince, please come, my son…i beg in front of you, my prince! pushy! pushy, what are you doing?it’s time for badal to arrive!

nothing! just the snake is lost! okay, the snake… the snake!? come. tina. the snake is over tina. hey, please save her! save tina!- no… no… no, sir! this is a wild snake! i am going! tina… open your eyes!all are staring at us! tina! even i am enjoying it,but in front of all…

try to understand! you! move back!- but the snake… – i said move back! oh no!- save me! hey, badal! hey, tina! i had a little cold! otherwise even i wouldhave jumped in the water! i can even giveup my life for tina!

pushy!- hey, what happened? pushy, the police is tryingtheir best to search for them. now we will come to know somethingabout them only… in the morning! oh no! tina! hey? hey, you! badal!it’s the morning! but i can’t find any way to go out! and you are the one, whoare neither thinking…

…nor doing anything!you are just lying down! it’s a strange dilemma! in fact you were the onewho was in difficulty! and while making you getrid of your difficulty… …i myself fellin this difficulty. you have a good habit indeed!to embrace a snake! listen, i don’t have anydesire to embrace a snake! that i had brought for you… what?

to scare you! why did youhumiliate me in front of all? oh! i see! revenge? that means that isaved the life of my enemy? it’s all right! all right!now forget all this! now think that what has to be done! it was better if we wouldhave left only at the night. now i have startedfeeling hungry also.

when will i get the breakfast? what are these sounds? even they are asking for breakfast! i think that even theyhave smelled the fresh flesh! if we would haveleft at night, then… …we would havebecome their dinner! ‘huh! we shouldhave left at night! ‘ stupid girl! hey! he is leaving!

hey, you? badal! where are you taking me? i am not takinganyone along with me. i am going alone! if anyone wants tofollow me, then come quietly! there is no need to talk too much! who knows when will wecome out of this jungle? tina, how fast you speak, ifyour legs also walk so fast… …then we willget out of here soon.

i don’t know to walk like you. like a frog! in a jumping style! and even i don’t know towalk like you, like a duck! like this. quack! quack! quack! did you call me a duck? and did you call me a frog? i can say anything! – leavemy collar! – i won’t leave it! oh! so you give a dodge!you give a dodge to a girl!? hey, what girl?- get lost!

you get lost!- move! – you move aside! go away!- you go away! shut up!- you shut up! – you stupid… all right! – all right! -i don’t need you at all! i am a city girl!- i will find my own way! and you keep onwandering in the jungle! you jungle boy! get lost!quack! quack! you will find many lions here!

if a lion comes in front of you.then climb a tree! i don’t know to climb a tree. don’t worry! when the lion willcome in front of you. i’ll kill you! that scoundrel! what does he think of himself? enough, badal! i will not get scared withyour stupid jokes anymore!

if you try to act over smart,then i will give you… …one karate chops! you will black out right there! and now, get lost! why are you shouting? i am sitting here only. badal? do you see this? you wereasking for the breakfast. and we have got food.

so you were following me?- then what else? would i have left youalone in the jungle or what? they are coming this way! hey, they will surely come. it’s their food only. we are their guests! here, try this. it’s very tasty! they all have come more nearer!

hey, let them come! let them come!they will also eat. even we will eat.we all will eat together! come, eat this! no. be careful, daughter! what are you two doingin this dangerous jungle… …so late at night? uncle, we have lost our way! but you, and alone here?that too in a jungle?

daughter, for a blind man,what difference does a… …jungle or a city make? like that, i do have a grandson. he has gone to the village. you both have beencompletely drenched. change your clothes soon,or you both will fall sick! but… clothes? they are somewhere here only.look around! dear, the one whois along with you…

well… he is… i have understood, dear!i have understood! so you don’t want to takeyour husband’s name. – husband? you are a very good cultured girl! okay. now you changeyour clothes soon. and change his clothes too.- his clothes, too!? hail god! hail god oh! no.

what’s the matter, dear? nothing, uncle! that… i… i haveremoved his clothes. you have done avery good thing, dear! now just see… does he have any fever or what? he does have fever, uncle. then do one thing, dear. go and pluck the leaves ofthe plant which is there…

…near the window in the front. uncle, i… so you have gained consciousness,son? thank goodness! your wife has servedyou a lot by keeping… …awake the whole night! wife? uncle, where are my clothes? they were completely drenched, son!- oh! i see!

so she might havekept them somewhere… …after removing them. she removed all my clothes!?she has left me totally naked! doesn’t matter, son.- wrap a blanket around you. hey, i am wrapping a blanket.but where is she? has she run awaysomewhere along with my clothes? hey, not at all, son. in fact, she has gone tothe temple to pray for you. temple!?

greetings, god! i am sorry. i mean to say that i have come tothe… temple for the first time. actually badal… badal is a very good boy, o god!please make him recover soon. i promise you that iwill never harass him. but even you give him good sense. so that even hedoesn’t harass me again. he harasses me a lot!

that mad boy, arrogant, stupid,idiot… – shucks! sorry, god! i was… i mean to say that ididn’t used to like him before. but now… you know… you know everything! my heart feels that,that way is the right one! and whenever my heart feels like…- hey, stop it!

‘my heart says… ”my heart says… ‘ this heart of yoursmisguided us three times. you keep on giving lame excuses! i don’t think that you have anyintentions to get out of here. why are you getting so desperate? we have just lost our way. we will walk aheadafter resting a while. in fact, i say that it’sbetter if i run from here. otherwise who knows whatthe enemy might do when?

may god bless that old uncle! the one who servedme the whole night! and he did my treatment! who told you that, the olduncle did your treatment? hey, the old unclehimself told me that. – what? i touched the feet of thatgreat man, took his blessings… …and then left from there. did you take his blessings?- that oldie! that arrogant oldie!

that blind oldie! that liar oldie!- hey, don’t abuse him more! he has saved my life! i pray to god, that hegets the life of my enemy too! ‘he gets the lifeof my enemy too! ‘ hey, if this enemy wouldnot have been present here… …then you would have beenalong with that god now. – well, what do you mean?- i served you. i did your treatment.

i applied the medicine to you. i changed your clothes!- oh no! that means, yesterday night,you did everything… yes!- yes? who else would have done that?only i was present there. and above that… i had even gone to thetemple for the first time today… …and prayed for your well being! lie!it’s a total lie!

what type of a lie?- i white lie! i won’t ask you color.- i know. but i don’t agree to your talks. but why you don’t believe it?- hey, i just don’t believe it. but how will you not agree?- why should i agree? why won’t you believe it? hey, why should i believe it?- but why won’t you believe it? i don’t want to believe it. you will definitely haveto believe it. – i don’t.

you will definitelyhave to… – hey, this is a strange compulsion! until yesterday, we were sworn enemies- all that was there yesterday. you fought with me,and i fought with you. you were angry with me, i was angrywith you. but today i love you! so you love me? say that once again, please? leave me! i won’t tell it again! i am crazy aboutyour graceful gestures!

i love you. i love you very much! i love you! i love you very much! i am afraid ofgetting separated from you. just come near to me, iwant to tell you something. now i don’t want to be awayfrom you, even for a moment! listen… please don’tcome so close to me. i feel scared, don’t touch me. i am yours, you are mine. then why are youfeeling scared of me?

stop in insisting on this topic. stop insisting! i keep on sighingafter looking at you. whenever you leave me and go! i am telling the truth,i feel like crying! this often happens in love. whoever falls in love,that person has to cry! i will bear allthe sorrows of love. i will leave the whole world.

and live in your heart! i dress up only for you! hey! we have found badal and tina! the snake and the mongoose!?that too together!? and holding each other’s hand?- hey, badal and tina! do both of you want toreturn to the camp or not? if you have the intention tostay here then we will leave. no, friend…- no… no… we were… we werelooking at the sparrows!

tell them. yes, we werelooking at the sparrows! oh no! now, pushy! what will happenabout your happiness, friend? pushy will have to dosomething about his… …happiness now, friend! good morning, daddy!- good morning! …greetings, uncle! hey, dear! why didyou take this trouble? servants are presentin the house, dear!

we shouldn’t leave allthe work on the servants. – we should ourselvesdo something. – yes. today i have preparedthe tea for the first time. yes. very good! but dear…- but what, uncle? if i learn to do thehousehold chores then in future… …it will come to use to me only.- yes! did you understand anything,mr. oberoi? – yes? your daughter has grown up!- yes!

oh, uncle you’re too much! tina…- she is feeling shy! tina! hey, why are you callingher name again and again? make preparationsto get her married! mr. mehra… the time tinahas returned back from… …the picnic, she has changed. hey, why won’t you findher a little different? pushy had gone alongwith her to the picnic.

they might have fallen in lovewith each other right there. badal! there is a very oldsaying about the mountains… hey, leave the topicabout the mountains, friend… talk about the city…- you don’t have to talk. you have to do it. you have to write aletter and call daddy here. hey, what will daddy doby coming here? – yes? there is enough timeleft for the marriage. now just the periodof love is going on!

the episode of love! but till when willthis period of love go on? badal, tomorrow is your birthday. hey, why are you hell bentto make it your last birthday? listen, you don’t knowthese high status people. they are very dangerous! they can do anything!- just anything! what’s all this?yes? why have you come here,so late at night?

now go and shut the door! tina, you are goingbeyond your limits! what kind of a joke is this? happy birthday, badal! my birthday is tomorrow! and it has started fromtwelve o’ clock tonight. tina, you are totally mad!mad! what happened?- nothing! please tell me.- what happened?

no. i just remembered champa… champa?now who is this champa? she was one girl in the village.she used to stay nearby my house. did anyone see you coming here? no. you were talking about champa. yes, it was my birthday that day. it was the time of twelveor one o’ clock at night. she entered my room. just like i have come?

no you have come from the door. she had come from the window.- window? but the window in my house…- forget about the window. what happened after that? nothing! she camenear me and sat down. close to you? just like i am sitting? hey, you are sitting too close. she was sitting very close to me.very close by sticking to me.

very close? what excuse have yougiven to your daddy? he… he was not at home.- oh! i see! – then what happened? what do you mean by, what happened?- champa! oh! i see! champa… champa… she was sittingvery close to you… yes.- she was sitting very close to me. and she just kept on staring at me.and even i kept on looking at her. even you kept on looking at her?

actually she hasvery beautiful eyes. and hair also… they mightbe a little longer than yours. well… that little affair wasover with the night! forget it!- but what happened actually? nothing at all. she just wished meand gave me a kiss! gave a kiss? you sinner! you deceitful person!you liar!

hey, at least listen to me… she was a five year old kid! she would play in my lap! she is the daughter of my teacher. go. i don’t want to talk to you. who cares about talking? save me! jyoti… hey, some one, stop him!- stop him! asha… preeti…he is running away!

stop him! stop him!- stop him! – what happened? hey, this jacket belongs to badal! yes, this belongs to badal!- call the watchman! do you have any proof?do you have any witness? who can prove you innocent? this boy has ruined the name andthe reputation of our college. mr. badal, listen… your silenceis proving you as the culprit. this is a lie, sir!- this is a lie!

they are falsely alleging me, sir! sir, i am innocent, sir!- stop this nonsense! we have heard enough from you! when the girl shouted,all the boys had come down. except you! wherewere you at that time? why are you silent?- answer me. if he has an answer,only then he can give it. his silence is the proofthat he is the culprit. principal s.n. pratap… punish him!

give a reply, badal! how was your jacketfound with that girl? that i don’t know, sir. someone might havetaken my jacket… this shameful incident! this debasing act! it proves that an uncouth personlike who have come from the… …jungle have beenbrought up definitely in the… …inferior poor surroundings!- excuse me, sir.

the thoughts and theactions of any person have… …no connectionswith a city or a jungle! and neither any relationwith rich and the poor! this is a very old sayingof our mountainous region. just shut up! otherwise… do you hear this? do you see themisbehaviour of this mad person? he should be immediatelydismissed from the college. yes… yes… he should bedismissed from the college.

what are you thinking, sir? dismiss him immediately! all this is a lie! this is a lie! i was present along with badal lastnight. – tina… – listen, tina… we give you the last opportunity! to say something in your favour. i am innocent, sir. i am guiltless! nothing will be proved by justsaying yourself as innocent.

the board members have taken thisdecision that… from the college… excuse me, sir… badal… badal, is guiltless, sir! badal is innocent!- tina! what kind of a joke is this? this is not a joke.- it is the truth, daddy! badal… badal, is innocent, daddy! tina, you please go away from here.- just a minute! how can you saythat he is innocent? yesterday night, on hisbirthday i was along with…

…badal in his room. what nonsense areyou talking about? i am telling you the truth, daddy. no, sir. she is telling a lie.just to save me, sir. i am not telling a lie. today is badal’s birthday. and last night i hadgone to his room at twelve… …at night to wish him. but… yesterday night hewas missing from the hostel.

we were at the hostel. but when there was a commotionin the hostel… so we got scared. and before anyone noticed us,we left from the back side. badal had come todrop me at home, sir. what nonsense are you talking? for a cheap guy like him,you want to insult your daddy? but this concerns badal’s life! shut up, tina! she is a foolish girl!

this foolish girldoesn’t understand anything. that’s why she isblabbering anything to save him. you yourself think about it! no girl from a respectablefamily will go to a boy’s room… …at midnight. even if that boy is avery good friend of hers! and then what relation doesshe have with this jungle boy? i love him. if this is the truth then whydidn’t badal mention your name?

because… even he loves me! well… that’s it, gentlemen! please… but what such thinghave i done, daddy? love is not a sin!- shut up! definitely that beggar mighthave taught you everything. enough, daddy! might be badal isnot as wealthy like us. but he is arespectable and an honest man!

we both love each other, daddy. we want to marry each other. and… and what’s wrong with this?- what’s wrong? your thinking aboutthis is only wrong. it is my responsibility tothink about your good and bad… …and to take everydecision about your life. i am not a small kid, daddy. i understand everything. i can take thedecision of my life on my own!

you can yourself takethe decision of your life? your life… i am sorry, tina. i think that i havegone beyond my limits. i had forgotten that iam your step-father! daddy… no. don’t call me daddy! i am not your daddy.

i am just thehusband of your mother! after her death,your money, wealth… i am the caretaker of allyour wealth and property! i am just a person totake care of all the things! your mother had a dream! that you should getmarried in a high status family. forget it! it’s better! it’s just the matterof a month or a two.

then you will turneighteen years old! then all this money,wealth and this property… all will belong to you, tina. and now you havebecome really capable too. that you can take care ofall the responsibilities! god bless you, dear! no, daddy! don’t speak such things. you can’t leave me.

i am sorry, daddy. i am sorry.- no. i won’t stay here now. there is no needfor me here anymore. no, daddy. you are everything for me. you have to takecare of everything. my good, my bad, myhappiness and my life. all this is your responsibility!

i will do whateveryou want me to do. but you please don’t leave me. don’t leave me and go, daddy… if you are telling all thiswith the consent of your heart. then listen to me carefully. i will never allow you to go onthe wrong path till i am alive. you will never meet badal again! daddy! if he tries to ruin your life…

…then i will destroy his life. bhimrao!- yes, sir. be careful! there should notbe any mistake! – yes, sir… badal will not meet tina. and if he tries to meet tina,then break his hands and legs. today you were a littlemore angry with tina… she is a kid…- oh! you won’t understand it, maria! today i have seen thatfire in tina’s eyes…

…which i had seen in hermother’s eyes, years back. ‘i will not signthis blank cheque! ‘ ‘after all, how muchmoney will you spend… …on your bad habits? ‘ ‘don’t ask for the accounts! ‘ ‘i want to live thelife of a rich man.’ ‘and to spend money isthe habit of rich people! ‘ ‘if you have such a bigdesire to waste money… ‘ ‘then you yourself earnit and then waste it.’

‘hey, but when thiswealth is in the house… …then what isthe need to earn it? ‘ ‘even i have aright on your wealth.’ ‘sign it! ‘ ‘if you talk aboutyour rights, dinesh! ‘ ‘then even you havesome duties as a husband.’ ‘or… or, you had married mejust because of my wealth? ‘ ‘yes! ‘ ‘because i had a dream that ishould become a wealthy man! ‘

‘that i shouldbecome a high status man! ‘ ‘otherwise, why would ihave married a widow? ‘ ‘that too a mother of a child? ‘- ‘yes! ‘ ‘what do you have? ‘ ‘what else do you haveexcept this wealth? ‘ ‘come on, sign it! ‘ ‘hey, you! ‘- ‘sign it! ‘ ‘this wealth belongs to tina! ‘ ‘and the wealthearned by tina’s father… ‘

‘i will never allow it togo waste till i am alive.’ ‘now this wealth does notbelongs to tina’s father… …anymore, it belongs to mr.oberoi, mrs. oberoi! ‘ ‘and i am not a beggar.’ ‘i am your husband. your husband! ‘ ‘it’s good! ‘ ‘it’s better! ‘ ‘no one will bother me anymore.’ ‘now no one willquestion me anything.’

‘now i will livelike the rich people! ‘ ‘i will live the lifeof the rich people! ‘ ‘all this is mine! ‘ ‘this everything is mine! ‘ ‘stop dreaming, oberoi! ‘ ‘you have killed your own wife! ‘ ‘and even this has beenproved that it was an accident.’ ‘but it’s of no use.’ ‘you have not received anything.’

‘might be she had come to knowabout your intentions from before.’ ‘and she has writteneverything in tina’s name.’ ‘now everything belongs to tina.’ ‘maria! ‘ ‘take away the girl.’ ‘listen, oberoi! ‘ ‘now you have only one way out! ‘ ‘keep on taking care of thechild like a respectable father.’ ‘no one should have a doubtabout your wrong intentions.’

‘and don’t forget that… …it’s written clearly in the willthat if tina dies before the… …age of eighteen years, or ifshe loses her mental balance… …due to some reason, thenall the wealth and property… …will go to the temple trust.’ ‘yes, till the questionof your requirements… ‘that i will keepon fulfilling them.’ ‘but tina should getmarried to my son, pushy.’ ‘then half the property willbelong to you.’ – ‘and half to me.’

‘so say… do you agree to it? ‘- ‘no! ‘ only i have theright on this property! dinesh oberoi. love teaches one tobecome a rebellion! to revolt against! tina has fallen in love with badal! love! and this love willmake tina a rebellion! she will ask questions to me!

then… then she willask the accounts from me! that girl will ask thescores from mr. dinesh oberoi! madam… badal’s letter! well… sir… that badal had… next time if i see even theshadow of badal near this house… …then i will shoot you. bhimrao… ..bring badal to mithra’sgodown office tomorrow. i used to warn you that don’tget involved in the matter…

…of the high status people.but… so now you havereceived the invitation! i don’t know why mr.oberoi has called us… …to the office at the godown. he could have called us home…- hey, just keep quiet, dumru. listen… listen,whatever he tells you inside… you just agree to you understand? don’t misbehave with him! we will leave thiscity today itself.

you have studied enough! and i have learned enough! listen… you are called inside.- come. hey, you wait right here.- so you dare so much? that in spite of myrefusal you tried to meet tina. have the lovers everstopped on anyone’s warnings? this heart is madly inlove with tina, mr. oberoi. it will definitely love tina. neither has it everbeen afraid of the world…

…nor will it ever be afraid. stop speaking nonsense! open the bag! they are totalhalf a million rupees! pick up this amountand forget tina! oh! so the amount to go away fromtina’s life is half a million? then this amount belongs to me. yes, yes definitely! – definitely,son! – it belongs to you now! and i will sign theother cheque immediately!

this amount of sevenlakh and one rupees… i give it to you, mr. oberoi! to you! for the sake of tina! for the sake of tina’s freedom! so that she herself cantake the decision of her life! you are getting very excited, boy! you should feelashamed of yourself! by giving seven lakh rupees,you are talking…

…about buying tina! leave the question of sevenlakh or 70 million rupees! i won’t even sell her smile evenin my seven lives! you scoundrel! your hand is veryvital to you, mr. mehra… you have to sign manycheques with it now! don’t do any such thingbecause of which this… …delicate wrist becomes of no use!- help me, oberoi! bahadur singh…

is everything over, mr. oberoi! so shall i leave? actually i had promisedtina to meet her today. and i don’t break promises! but if you organisesuch a programme again… then please call me! do something, mr. oberoi! the region to whichmountain this boy belongs… we will have to call an equalfrom that mountainous region!

one… one, two… one… one, two, one! one, two, one! one, two, one!- one, two, one! one, two, one! one, two, one! love is not a crime, mr. oberoi! the law can’t punishanyone for falling in love! that’s why i haveremembered you, commissioner. by being in the boundaries oflaw and to solve the illegal…

…matters, is thespeciality of acp negi! what will you have? whiskey, vodka or rum? i keep liquor, cigaretteand females away from me! this becomesimportant for the work i do! that the body should be fitand the mind should be alert! i will take cold milk,along with honey! listen, sir… the land ofyour farm house which was… …trapped in the court case,that i have freed it.

the job has been done with aexpenditure of twenty or… …twenty five lakhs and alittle political pressure! you will get the documents soon. what do you want? i want that badal should goaway from tina’s life forever. just think that he is gone! where is your license? sir, what are you doing?- shut up! what’s going on?what have i done?

tina? tina oberoi! forget her! it’s impossible! just forget it, inspector! some pains are such also,about which you are not aware of! such pain… nowleave the topic of tina! they even make a personforget their own identity. now i myself want to becomeaware of this pain, inspector!

i want to know that whethersuch a pain really exist… …in this world. that after getting it,i will forget my tina. try your level bestto beat me, inspector! don’t leave anyinsufficiency today! this is the test of my love! so, has yourintoxication of love come down! do you have any desires left out? who knows what that tina possesses?

it is a very old sayingof our mountainous region! if atrocities aredone on you in love… then there is nothing to grieve! but if someone abuses your love… then cut off his neck andgive it to the wild dogs to eat! badal… badal! badal!badal! he is alive now.

but if i see him again.then he will be dead! i… i came to know just now.- go away from here! i… i want to meet badal! i beg in front of youthat go away from here. but how is he now…- he is alive! he is alive now! but if someone notices you here… then he will die! what?- yes!

this is what thatvillain negi has told! tina your love is death for is his destruction! dumru, you know that… …i know that youlove him very much. but what will happen after that? this poor fellowwill lose his life! is this what you want? do you want to take his life? he is a boy from themountainous region, tina!

his love is as strongand stiff like a mountain! he won’t understand! so for god’s sake, youtry to understand, tina. if you love him, if you wanthis life and his happiness… then please go away from here. please go away. please forget him.forget him! had you gone to meet badal?- yes! but i promise you that iwill never meet badal again!

and one more thing… if even one drop of badalis shed from today onwards… then i will give up my life! it’s badal’s phone call, madam. tell him… tell him, that it is awrong number! – okay! hello! hello! listen, is it 62…- wrong number! i am not able to understandthat how is this a wrong number? the number is right!

but that girl is wrong. badal, why don’t you understand? hey, she doesn’twant to meet you at all. you were lying unfit onbed from such a long time… …i sent her so many messages.but did she come to meet you once? hey, it is the habit of thecity girls to make false promises. don’t try to remember her.- forget her! listen, badal… now you justconcentrate on your studies. only on your studies!

badal… badal! what’s the matter, tina?- let me go, badal. but what’s the matter? nothing! just let me go.- something is definitely wrong. that you don’t want to meet me. you don’t want to talk to me. please let me go, badal.- i will allow you to go. yes, i will allow you to go.

and even i will go away fromyour life. – please, badal. everyone is looking at us. oh! sorry! i just want to knowthat what my crime is. what happened, tina? what are you doing here? i want to talk to tina. but tina doesn’t want totalk to people like you. i would like to hearthis in her, own words.

excuse me! yes, mr. oberoi… any trouble? this loafer isharassing our daughter. why, mister? tell them, tina. they want to know that who am i. and what am i doing here? that i am a wanderer rogue!- i am a scoundrel! and i was harassing you!

tell them that you don’t love me. you don’t even know me.- yes, i don’t know you. i don’t know you. and neither have i ever loved you. who are you? what is your status? go away from my life. go away! please go away!

please leave. we won’t have tomake any efforts, mehra. if he even has alittle self respect… …then he will return tothe mountainous region. and he will never return. then shall we talkabout pushy’s happiness? badal!- this is too much! you are thinking about me only. and you are evensurprised to see me?

what did you think, tina?- yes? the sham which you carriedout in front of people… …will i accept that as thetruth and go away from your life? i have loved you, tina.- i love you. whatever you said, everyone heard! what whatever you wanted to say… that only i have understood! what are you afraid of? this is not love.

in love, the lovers share theirjoys and sorrow with each other. if you really love me, tina. then you will have to tell me. what should i do, badal? my daddy doesn’t wantthat we should meet. he has given a threat!that if we both will meet… then he will ruin your life! and i don’t want thatsomething should happen… …to you, because of me, badal!

please forget me! you will definitelyhave to forget me, badal! no, this is not possible… …that i don’t remember you. without you my heart… …never gets peace anywhere! i pray that i shoulddie before i forget you. no, this is not possible! that i don’t remember you.

that i should really die… that i should really die… if you don’t have faith in me. then you try me out. i love you very much! you call me wherever you want! i will never breakthe promises of loyalty. these promises of love! i am your lover, iam crazy about you!

and if the world triesto make in understand! no, this is not possible! never gets peace anywhere! from the limits of love, let us… come, let’s gobeyond those limits. let’s make our housesin each other’s heart. so that we areinvisible to the world. come, let us listen to theheartbeats of the heart quietly… the heartbeats of the heart!

my craziness of love, my beloved! swear by you! he is singing such agood song, daddy! – shut up! you fool! but daddy…- don’t you have any sense? – yes? if this is theirbehaviour in future also… then you are done for! so badal, you are here! go run away! – run awayanywhere from here, badal!

that villain negi, issearching for you everywhere. i know that! even i am waiting for him only! hey, badal… you wait right here. i understood! i had understood as soonas i saw him wearing… …these mountain clothes!that he up to his own self! negi, now you have totake care of yourself.

that if i see you here next time… then you will die! then what are you waiting for! you are having yourpistol along with you… …and i am in front of you! pick up your pistoland fire the bullet! if you have forgotten your habitto fire a bullet in the chest… …then fire it on my back! you are an expert in that thing!

i promise you! whenever i will fire a bullet… i will fire it on your chest! and that too on the right side! so that you die a difficult death! never do this mistake, mr. negi. if you keep on judging theleft and the right side… …and if you miss the target,then i won’t even give you… …an opportunity to suffer!

arrest him! for what crime, sir? for the crime ofthrashing a police officer! arrest him!- right, sir! badal!- daddy! son, badal! dear, badal! what’s all this…how did all this happen, son? when i received dumru’s letter,i was not able to believe myself!

but… are you all right, son? what was the need to do all this? did i send you thecity to do all this? the villagers had somuch faith in you! i had so many hopes from you!and you! daddy, i know that youhave received a lot of agony… …because of have become unhappy! but… daddy, this is thetruth that i love tina.

once you had only told methat never turn back from truth. if i won’t support her, thenthey will forcefully marry… …her off somewhere else, daddy. and this will bean atrocity to her. an atrocity! daddy, you had only toldthat never bear any atrocities! and the first and the lastvoice of my heart is that… …i should support her, daddy. we love each other very much!

even then if you feel that ihave committed a mistake… then please forgive me! those who are in love… …they don’t talk withtheir heads… …bowed down! they talk with theirheads raised high! hey, you don’t have any needto feel ashamed, son badal! in fact, they should feelashamed who don’t understand love. and they doatrocities to the lovers! hey, i am proud of you!i am really proud of you!

hey, how many brave sonslike you might be present… …in this world, those who areready to die for the sake of love? don’t you worry, badal! everything will become all right!- everything will be fine! aren’t you ashamed ofmaking the foul planning of… …taking away theproperty of my daughter? it’s enough!- just enough! we are definitelypoor but not deceitful! we have this muchstrength in our arms that…

…we can dig up themountain and derive water… …and we can till theland and produce grains! if god is grateful to us,then we don’t have the need… …to beg in front of anyone… …and to snatchaway anyone’s right! …and you! listen, sir… i have justcome here to ask a heart… …in exchange for the other heart…and love in exchange of love! i again make a request toyou by begging in front of you.

please don’t separate two lovers! if your son ever tries to meettina, then i will shoot him! don’t forget this, sir… …that his father is alsostanding in front of the son! and there is no such bullet,which can go through… …this chest and touch my son! don’t growl in front of me! those who growl in frontof me, i peel their skin… …and fill sawdust in their body.

hey, why do you scareme with this dummy, sir? hey, we dwell along with them. just think that they visitour houses like a guest. and yes, a lion doesn’t growls,but it rumbles! and when a lion rumbles, theni have seen many great men… …shivering with fear! because of thewretched son of yours… …the way you have ill-spokenwith me, you mountain man… i leave you alive to perform thefuneral rites of the same son.

and after that i willgive you such a death… …that the people will call thedogs and give example of your death! we have a very old sayingof our mountainous region… when love begins to rebel… …then no power can stop it! neither a human power! nor the god’s power! then what am i… …and what are you!

by making him understand,by giving him a bribe… …by punishing or by separating! …anyhow i want the deathof that boy! – his death! you are telling theright thing, oberoi! this is the last way out! the death of that boy! tell us your price, mr. negi! ten million! what?

the price to kill anordinary boy is ten million!? the boy is ordinary, but thedeal is of ten million rupees! so what’s the matter? if we want then we canget him murdered by anyone. but the bullet which negi fires… …that bullet hasthe stamp of the law! and yes! if the girl or theboy are hurt in any way now… then who has to be arrested. that acp negi knows very well!

good grief! this is blackmail! even this is my business! good night, gentlemen! we accept your deal! tina, listen to me…- stop it! now i don’t have any trustin you, just get out of here… tina, listen to me.- get out from here. …i hate you…- i hate you! enough tina.enough!

badal’s life is in danger! tonight negi will takebadal out of the lock up… …and shoot him somewhere outside. what…what are you saying, pushy? – yes! i am telling you the truth, tina! dad has told me. they want to kill badal andget the two of us married. but i… i want that you shouldget married to badal.

this will be the right thing, tina. but…- tina… go and tell thisnews to badal’s daddy. and save him. go before the guards arrive. come on!go! it is in god’s hands to giveand take life. – understood? no one can takeanyone’s life in this manner! hey, now you have informed us.

now we all will help him out!- come, let’s go… they are following me. they will definitely take me back.- father… dumru… you take tinafrom the back door… …and escape yes! yes! i will deal with them. hail god! dumru… dumru! badal is going in that van, dumru.

come.- make it fast! dumru, what happened? now this vehicle had tostop at this very time! no one will fire on his back! hey, what was theneed for it, mehra? to confess everything tothat stupid son of yours! but whatever i did… – i didthat for pushy’s happiness! …to hell with your pushy andhis happiness! – don’t tell that! listen, remember one thing!

if the girl gets out of my hand,then i won’t return… …even a single paisa of yours! and along with that iwill ruin your life! you are talking as if iam not worried at all! i have come herein night suit only. hey, that boy has outsmarted us! and this foolishpolice officer of yours… did you get any news about him? you have done a good thing.

you have given me a good case! first time someonehas made me sweat! and to sweat… is good for health! hey, sir… here we arefeeling so miserable… …and you aretalking about sweating! the enjoyment istotally different to hunt… …and shoot an intelligent animal! it’s a thrilling experience! just like, to shoot a cheetah!

but that fool does notunderstand this fact. that, the more hemakes negi desperate… negi will make him suffer the more! father, i am dumru speaking. hey, dumru…where were you so long? father, i am making you acall by hiding from the police. where are badal and tina? they both are all right, father. i have made them boardthe goods train going…

…to sorehead, yesterday night. now they will not becaught by anyone, father. even the police won’tbe able to catch them. you have done a very good thing. listen, dumru…there is danger here. the police havecordoned off all the area. you go towards the village.- even i will reach there. sir, you have donea very good thing. that you didn’t arrest bhairav.

but you only tapped hisgarage phone. – mr. oberoi! sir, by now the train mighthave passed the bichona dam. we should immediately informsundernagar police station. they will getarrested there only and… inspector chauhan… you hadasked for an eight day’s leave… yes… sir! your holidays havestarted from today. you may go.

but, sir… do you want a leave forever? no, sir.- proceed! right, sir. mr. negi, what is your intention? for such a mission… …one doesn’t needhonest police officers. but, in fact,professional criminals! and i have such ateam of criminals who…

…always work for me. you will get back your daughter,mr. oberoi. listen, i don’tneed the girl at all. tomorrow she will beeighteen year old! give such a deathto both of them… …that it seems thatit is an accident! what has to bedone with the girl… …that you think about! but when and how ihave to kill the boy…

…that i have already decided! hey my train is running smoothly! neither has it said yes nor no! my train is running smoothly! i think that somestation has arrived! hey, apply thebrakes and slow the train. tina, you go inside! uncle, the policemen aresignalling to stop the train. they are signalling to stopthe train? – yes! stop the train.

please don’t stop the train.- who are you? he is a thief… – i am not a thief,mr. sardar… – i am just a lover… …i and that girl love each other.and want to marry. and these policemen are hooligans. they are after our lives,mr. sardar. don’t stop the train, mr. sardar.- please! where is the girl?- she is in the back. drive the train, mr. sardar.please save us! uncle, this is amatter of the police.

hey, you shut up, stupid! my experience in life saysthat this is a matter of love! don’t you worry, son! this train won’t stop! drive the train! what happened? from where to where,have i brought you, tina! and who knows how manymore difficulties will you… …have to face along with me!- hey, shut up!

stop acting like a macho man! and think someway to make me happy. today is my birthday! now don’t ask me my age. it’s a bad thing toask the age of a girl! bad manners, you know! happy birthday, tina!- is this all? won’t you give me a gift?- a gift? a gift?

a gift! i do have a gift!- you have? but i think that mightbe you will feel bad? it’s possible that idon’t feel bad too… then? shall i give?- what? hey, you!i will show you properly… who are they, badal? they are some people…- really?

but why are they standing witharrows and the spears, badal? greet them. just greet them! greetings! stop it.stop the jeep here, sir. what’s the matter? from here the territory of thekaramba tribal people starts, sir. they are verydangerous people, sir. if the girl and theboy have gone this side. then they would havebeen killed by now.

come, sir. we will return back.- no. i want the proof of their death! move ahead! come, tina. let’s go. hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! badal! they have reached here,badal! – make it fast! hey!- hey! – badal! hey!

hey!- badal! badal, they are shooting at us! give me the bow and the arrow!the bow and the arrow! come on!come on! come on!- hey, the bow and the arrow! – yes? come on! move! hey! come on! hey! hey!- hey! hey! tina, are youcheering the horses or me?

i am just trying to help you,badal. – do you want to help me? …yes!- then just keep quiet! now i am feeling so nice whenyou are sitting quietly. yes? even the horsesare running swiftly! now what’s the need ofjumping on the back side? – yes? is this any time for romance? tina, give me your shirt! hey! come on!- i can’t give it to you, badal! here our lives are indanger and you are joking!

hey! just think about my honour! forget about your honourand think about our lives! …make it fast! hey! hey! – badal! come on! hey! come on! come on! hey! hey! come on! …come on! come on! hey! just look, badal has arrived! badal! badal have arrived!

hi! hi! hello! greeting. greeting.- welcome, badal! welcome! oh! hi! tina! how do you do, dumru? hey, dumru… what’s this,’how do you do? ‘… …how are you, daddy?- i am all right, son. when people meet in the city thenthey say, how do you do? – is it so?

how do you do?- tina. the boy has got out of reach! but what’s mr.negi’s fault in this? by the way, the boy is too fast! hey, he should have beenkilled in the city only. – yes! now who will be able tosearch that mountain boy… …in this mountainous region? this is his house! you have told theright thing, mr. mehra!

we should try tofind some other way out! mr. negi has tried his level best! it’s not over yet! negi’s efforts have not ended yet! he had placed his hand on my neck! on my neck! if he is a boy from themountains then even… …i am a man from these mountains! i will search himanyhow from these mountains!

where were you, man? i am searching for you since themorning. – tina, put your hand down. hey, what are you saying to put myhand down? – tina, don’t do this. what don’t do this? badal, my blouse is very tight!- what? do something, please! tina, if your blouse is tight,then what can i do? come.-wait here for some more time. tina, you will definitely getme thrown me out of village.

the weather is so good! come, we will sing alovely song in this weather. come. – no tina, allare watching. – badal. tina all this is not accepted here.- what’s not accepted here? really? the loverboy of the village. what?- and the girls dance around you. tina, when did i say that? you yourself had said that.- you will ruin me. tina, you cross the limits!

hey, why are you crying? you are not the same badal! you don’t love me anymore!- no, tina. i love you very much! please tina!- no. you don’t love me. hey, i do love you. tell me once again. i love you very much, tina.- badal! she has kissed him!- she has kissed him! shucks!

this has never happenedin our village before. never ever! why are you telling a lie, uncle? is the addition of the populationis increasing like that only? hey, you shut up! hey, dumru… …and the chief of the village… i came to know in thevillage of mazhalpur… …that someone hastaken a kiss here. – what? listen, chief… there is acommotion about the kiss…

…in the mazhalpur village.we should do something about it! hey, no one is asking them! next time they will ask thepermission before kissing! – yes! hey, you shut up!- hey, listen… please listen… why are you all getting so worried? after all, what have i done? i have just taken a small kiss.that’s all! i have not taken a long kiss!- oh god! long kiss? now what is this long kiss?- yes, this is long kiss…

hey, chief…what’s a long kiss? hey, you tell them, dumru!you live in the city, don’t you? the kiss which is taken in thevillage is called a small kiss. and the kiss whichis taken in the city… …is called a long kiss!- this is not done. hey, but they should dothis in the city only… …this is our village… one minute… one minute…- one minute… do you feel that i have done awrong thing by kissing him? yes!

i shouldn’t have done this?- yes! all right, then i willtake my kiss back! …yes! oh no!- did you saw this, chief? we should separate these two. listen, day aftertomorrow is an auspicious day. that day we willdo their engagement. but till that time theytwo will live separately. one on this end and theother on that end! – yes.

separate them!- listen! such a love has happened,o beloved! such desperationwas not there before! such uneasiness in theheartbeats of the heart! was never present before! in love, theseparate of even a moment… in love, theseparate of even a moment… seems to be as long as a year! i swear by you, o beloved!

in your love, mycondition has become worse! my condition has become worse! in love, o beloved, we haveforgotten both the worlds. we have forgotten both the worlds! we decorated thedreams in our eyes only! we decorated them! by separating from you,o sweetheart! i don’t get peace anywhere! even if anyone wishes…

but we can’t be separated now. we can separate now! we won’t be ableto pass the night. and in the shadow of the moon. by separating from each other. we won’t be able to survive! every moment andevery time, now o beloved! i just think about you! now my days won’tpass without you…

i will always becounting the moments of time. now to live thislife without you… now this is impossible! just impossible! you have entered, o my beloved! in every nerve of my body! in every nerve! i will break in this love,o sweet heart! all the customs!

my world lies… inthese two arms of yours! let’s go anywhere! on the pathdecorated with flowers! to forget eachother and to survive! now this is an impossible thing! we have come to knowthat you people have given… …shelter to tina andbadal in your village. by tomorrow morning, theyboth should be handed over… …to the police in the village.

if you all try to hideor make them run away… …then we ill ruin this village. in this way! at present we haveto think over and… …take a united decision! listen, chief… if we go totake the decision then the whole… …village will fall into trouble! he has eloped with the girl! and the girl’s father hascome along with the police.

we should hand over bothof them to the police. ‘we should hand overboth of them to the police! ‘ thakur, tina’s fatherand that police man… …both are united. if we hand over badal tothem then they will kill him. and brothers, badal is at no fault! he has not eloped with tina! she has come alongwith him on her own wish! and they both love each other!

they wanted to marry each other! now at such a time of difficulty,if they won’t come… …to us, then where will they go?- hey, then what should we do? just because of him,should we allow… …the whole village tofall into deep trouble? then shall we throwthem into trouble? badal is our child! listen… we shouldhelp him at any case! but chief! is it an easytask to compete with the police?

hey, so you have put down theweapon before starting the fight? hey, whom do you have, moru? yes? neither you, have a wife and kids! nor any relative of yours! go and ask them, whohave wives and kids. you think about one person! but we have to thinkabout the whole village! the one who can’t doanything about one person… what will he thinkabout the whole village?

listen… the one whichcan’t save one person… the existence of such a villageis equal to its non-existence! hey, bholaram, you areabusing the village… please become silent!please become quiet! i have taken the decision thattina should be handed over… …to her daddy. and badal should behanded over to the police! what are you saying about, bhairav? that’s a correct decision,bholaram.

i can never see this villagegetting ruined at any cost! and now for the question of badal! then i swear by goddess bhawani… …a father will try hislevel best to save his son! we will go away from here.- but whereto? we will go away anywhere, tina.anywhere! we will get lost in thedarkness but we won’t live here. if we go away from here,then he will kill them, badal. then what else can we do?what can we do?

have we committed a sin?have we robbed anyone? is it a crime to fall in love? do we don’t have anyright on our happiness? is it the property of someone? then why? why, isthis happening with us? why? why is this happening? tina, i agree that ifwe go away from here… …then they will be killed. but tina, the truth is that, if wewon’t go even then they will die!

nothing can be done! tina, i can’t becomeresponsible for the… …destruction of my village. i can’t become! now there is only one way out! only one way! you return back toyour daddy, tina. – badal! and i will hand overmyself to the police. we can’t live together, tina!

we can’t live! if we can’t live together… then at least we can die together! yes, badal! i can’t live without you. don’t separate me from yourself! no one can separate usafter we die, badal… …lsn’t it? no one can separate us!

i love you! i will drink thispoison first, badal! no, tina! don’t say anything! just keep on looking at me, badal! just keep on looking at me! i want to die, withyour face in my eyes! i love you, badal! tonight itself, i will have tocross the boundary of india.

and yes! instead of cash,i had asked for diamonds! oh yes! a diamond like youwill get a diamond only! here, take these! they areworth twenty million rupees! where is badal, daddy? i was very worried about you. i searched high andlow for you, dear! forget whatever thathas happened, tina. and now…- where is badal, daddy? i am asking you,where is badal, daddy?

please tell me, daddy! where is badal, daddy?- stop it! it’s enough!for that disrespectful person… …for whom you are hellbent to give up your life. that scoundrel has handed overyou to us to save his own life. no!- he has made a deal with us! he had not given you,poison to drink. but the medicineof unconsciousness! so that he can hand you over to us.

no, badal can’t do this. badal can’t do this thing!- this is a lie! – you all have… don’t shout!he is alive! look! are you all right, badal? is it the truth that youhanded me over to them? why did you do this, badal? why did you do this? i was even ready todie along with you…

and you… you have deceived me! why did you do this to me? this is a deception! you have deceived me!i will never forgive you! i will never forgive you! did they beat you, badal? i want to die! please allow me to die!- no, tina!

swear by me! never think about ending your life! they are cowards whocommit suicide, tina! and you are not a coward! you will have to live your life. i want your happiness! your life! i know that you are feeling veryhurt by this decision of mine. but tina, the timeheals all the wounds!

and it is possible that, tina… and badal has done all this,so that he can save this… …village and all of us! did you all hear that? did you hear that? now go to yourrespective homes and… …go to sleep peacefully!but remember one thing! whenever the sacrifice ofbadal will be mentioned… that many times the cowardice ofthis village will be repeated!

hey, what’s this? hey, what’s all this? what’s the meaning of this? the meaning is clear, thakur. wear these bangles and sit! they are trying to tell thatby taking the excuse of wives… …and kids, stop hidingyour weakness and cowardice! and face the world like men! otherwise they will comeout of their houses to save…

…our child and therespect of this village. hey, when did we refuse that? we were thinking about this only. hey, why are you throwing bangles? throw the axe, throw the spears… …throw the bow and the arrows,throw the weapons! come, let’s go!- come! sir, the villagers haveunited with the police. by uniting with the policethey are planning to come near us.

sir, the honest policeofficers are harassing us too much! sir, it is very difficult to bribethese loyal people of the country! sir, its reached the limit,that even the government has… …given strictorders for investigation. we will definitely have to runaway from here, sir! – shut up! sir! how’s his condition? i don’t know, howstrong hearted he is! even after gettingthrashed so much…

he doesn’t even utter a word! he will say everything! he will suffer! he will sigh in pain! and even cry! when he will come to knowthat his sacrifice was… …useless and futile! this fool doesn’t knowthat he has himself handed… …over tina to death! tina’s step-father, dinesh oberoi!

he has already murdered hiswife for the sake of property. and now he even wants to kill tina! it might be possible that tillnow he might have killed her too! if i want then i cancut off your head and… …give it to wild dogs toeat it, at this very time! but no! for the girl, for whomyou had thrashed me… first you will hearthe news of her death. then you will see her dead body.only then!

i will bury youalive in these mountains! here, take this. drinkthis milk, dear tina! why are you in such a hurry… …to give poison toyour daughter, oberoi? what nonsense are you talking?- really? if this is nonsense thentake one sip and show me. you are not having theguts to do it? yes? so did you see the realform of your step-father? stop your nonsense, mehra!

don’t glare at me! dear tina, he only killed youmother for the sake of this property! and now that you havecompleted your eighteen… …years of age, hewants to kill you too. beware! i always had a doubt on you.- always! you always used to dream. that you will kill thegirl by giving poison to her. and no one willbecome suspicious also.

everyone will think that… …she committed suicidein separation from badal. according to the promise yes,- according to the promise. tina will become thedaughter-in-law of our house. and i will be theowner of all the property. and not you!- dear, tina! come behind me. don’t move! come soon, don’t panic!

didn’t i tell you, that i willshoot a bullet to you on your… …chest and that tooon the right side. so that you don’tdie an easy death. but a difficult one! do you want to kill me? tina is in my custody! come out, or i will shoot her.- no, daddy. please don’t kill me.- let go of you? let go of you?

your life is mydestruction and my devastation! you will definitely have to die! no, badal! please don’t kill him. he is my daddy, badal! please don’t kill him! while taking care of the girl,about whose death you… …always kept on planning,today the love of the same girl… …has given life to you!

but a man like you hasno right to live his life! go and search for your death! i would not have got a muchbetter death than this, tina! no, daddy… the meaning of life is love… only love! only love! and i haveunderstood this very late! i want to make a request to you.

always keep tina happy!


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