to watch movies online

to watch movies online

hello, guys it’s me tirtha today here in this video i will guide you to stream or play movies or tv shows while downloading from torrent . i know that it is really a boring job to download movies or tv shows from torrent because sometime we may have to wait for several hours depending on the size of torrent but i have a solution and after watching this video you don’t have to wait for several hours

to watch movies online

to watch movies online, until the download completes because you can watch it when it is downloading. so, without wasting our time let’s get started. for this trick we just need a torrent client and it is none other than utorrent and a vlc media player. so, just download and install it by going to this website or you can find its link below in the description.

after downloading and installing utorrent search for the movie or tv show that you want to stream while downloading. click on its magnetic link or download a torrent file and open it with the torrent client. for this video i am using a different torrent site and that’s why you may find the interface a bit different than other torrent websites like piratebay or kickasstorrent. now, after clicking on the magnetic link a window will pop up with a request to launch the utorrent application therefore click on launch application and then click on ok to start the downloading process. as soon as the downloading starts you just click on the torrent file that is currently downloading. after clicking on the torrent you can see all the files inside that torrent. after clicking on the torrent you can see all the files inside that torrent. you just right click on the video that you want play. in my case it is alien message. mp4 now click on copy stream url and the first step is now completed

next step is to open a vlc media play, click on media and finally click on open network stream. paste the stream url that we have copied previously and then click on play. that’s it guys now your torrent will start to play while downloading and remember guys streaming a live video from torrent will depend on your internet connection and the seeders or torrent. so, if have a slow internet connection then you might face buffering issues. i hope you will surely love this video and if you have any queries please mention it below in the comment and do forget to like this video as well.


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