top ten movies to watch on netflix

top ten movies to watch on netflix

number 10 is parker a thief is leftfor dead by his crew and when he wakes out of his coma he’s left with one thing onehas mind revenge this stars jason stathamjennifer lopez, michel chiklis and nick nolte this action thriller is a littlenotch above most jason statham vehicles partly due because of the cast it’s gotsome great action

top ten movies to watch on netflix

top ten movies to watch on netflix, it’s a little over long but it is agood nights entertainment number 9 on my list is jack reacher a homicideinvestigator takes digs deeper into a case involving a military trained sniper whoseemingly shot five random victims tom cruise is a bad ass, super trained almostsuperhero like investigator in this

movie cruise is his charming self, theaction is fairly good with some interesting set-pieces the bad guys areover-the-top it’s generally fun it me not be memorable but it’s an enjoyablemovie to watch number 8 on my list is the abc’s or the death part two it’s a 26 chapter anthology series that basically all formed around the one subject deaththis is a strange movie it’s not really a movie it’s more a series of shorts and someof them are absolutely fantastic some of them are not as good there are someweird wacky strange things going on in this and it’s really hard to describe it’sa fun movie that you don’t need to fully invest in you can enjoy fiveminutes you can zone out over another five, it’s that kinda thing

number seven is lucya women turns the tables on her captors as she turns into merciless warrior whois evolving far beyond normal human capacities scarlett johanson is lucy in thiskick ass action movie it’s fairly quickly it has some fun set-pieces is great to seescarlett johanson kicking ass cause she’s really excellent at it, it also stars morganfreeman althoughi’ve got some problems with the last third of the movie it’sstill a fun if forgettable movie number six is a knight’s tale after his masterdies a peasant squire assumes the mantle of a knight heath ledger is thebattling knight in this movie that fuses modern rock music well it wasat the time with this old-fashioned

imagery it is completely unrealistic but it’sabsolutely one hundred percent fun but it’s a fantastic story that really drawsyou in and the characters have a little bit of an emotional punch too itit’s just as a popcorn movie and it does it extremely well what more can you askfor number five is the boxtrolls, a young orphan boy raised by underground cavedwelling trash collectors tries to save his friends when things go awry from laika the studio that brought us coraline paranorman and kubo and the twostrings and these are some of the best animated movies you’re going to find outand cinema’s they really do layer the

important themes on this with reallywell balanced out entertainment and there are some of the most rewarding re-watches that i’ve ever seen these movies are just fantastic and all the effortthat goes into them is unbelievable number four is shooter a retired military marksmanis coaxed out of retirement to help protect the president but he himself isdouble crossed and finds himself on the run trying to take out the bad guys andcleared his name this is a completely guilty pleasure from me i know themovies not perfect but for some reason i just love it and whenever i see on tv ineed to watch it and having on netflix is terrible for me because i and i have towatch every now and again just to get my

shooter kick, it’s is just so much fun number three on my list is boyhood it’sthe life and times of mason from being a young boy into early adulthoodfilmed over a period of 12 years richard linklater really tried somethinghasn’t really been attempted before it came over something that is a realmasterpiece it’s a film that either has something that really speaks to you in aprofound manner or something that’s just going to bore you to tears i lovethat i think it’s an amazing movie i hope you do as well number two is the thin blue line a film that successfully argued that man waswrongly convicted of murder by corrupt

justice system in dallas before making amurderer there was the thin blue line it is an unbelievable doc that you have tosee you can’t believe the facts and it actually found this guy guilty it’s truly mindboggling how they manage to do this it is a great movie and it draws you instraight from the start you want to figure out what’s going on and how thehell this happened is also anchored by this amazing score but just i’ve notreally seen that documentary before number one on my list is the big shortit’s all about the collapse of the housing market and how these bankers foresaw itand managed to bet against the system failing the more i watch the big shortthat the more i’m convinced it’s one of

the best movies this century it’s masterfully put together and itsfull of these amazing performances and it’s not your typical movie structurethat you’re used to seeing it has more than one protagonist within thestoryline it’s really fully fledged characters and the way the movies puttogether just wins me over and it’s such a movie that just draws you in everysingle time you see it and i think is truly exceptional and this is the one towatch this month on netflix remember to come back next month and see anothertop ten and i’ll see you next time on man v film so thanks for watching thatvideo i hope you enjoyed it if you

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