watch film

watch film

my name is tim. i had the greatest parents ever. rise and shine. its ‘take your kid to work’ day. really?! it was just the three of us. the templeton’s. life was perfect. ’till that one fateful day.

watch film

watch film, tim! look who’s here. meet your new baby brooooooooooooother. baby snaps fingers and begins to cry.

he’s taking over the whole house! look at him! he wears, a suit. he’s like a little man. he carries a briefcase! baby quickly hides briefcase does no one else think thats, oh i don’t know, a little freaky?? well you carried lamb lamb around until you were like- this is not about lamb lamb!

trust me. one day, you’re going to love him with all of your heart. never! [indistinguishable chatter] but i think the kid might be on to me. hands up baby!! aah!! poop duty. aaaaaaaahh! i’ve gotta deal with the k i d. you can talk?!

uhhhhh, goo goo gah gah? no! you can really talk. fine. i can talk. now lets see if you can listen. get me a doulbe expresso and a see if there’s a place around here with decent sushi. i’d kill, for a spicy tuna roll right about now. get yourself a little something. who are you?? let’s just say, i’m the boss. wait till mom and dad find out about this!

power nap! uhh, you were saying?


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