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watch films online, nina antonova dmitriy smirnov ekaterina kabak written by natalia afinogenova,nikolay mikhailov & evgeniy grigorenko

production director nikolay mikhailov music by timur polyanskiy sound producer egor irodov producers larisazhuravskaya & vlad ryashyn wind in the face episode 3 it’s 24th. i got you. i’m on my way. why are you staying here? jump in! why are you so crestfallen?you’ve had a night shift or what?

where are your girl friends? what happened? – come in, please. – i’ll stay here, thanks. are you sure? as you wish. stop it! take your hands off! are you pregnant? the bus station isright behind the church. thank you for giving me a ride. excuse me. you shouldn’tthumb a ride on that spot,

it’s where the lot lizardswork — that is, prostitutes. – here you are.– no need, i’m not a taxi. – how about the note?– what? the note with your wish.i will pray for you. for good health or forthe peace of a dead soul? – the last one is gone.– what? i say, there will be no more buses. the next one is tomorrow morning at six. what are you waiting for?get out of here!

– may i stay here till morning?– it’s not allowed. get up! – please… where will i go?– have you got any money? yes, a little. listen up. behind theplatform there’s a staircase. go down, pass theruined office building. there will be a house ofred brick to the right. tell them you’re from makarovna. thank you. don’t forget to tell you’re from makarovna.

okay, i got you. thanks. give me your purse! let’s go! drop the purse! damn you! my baby… what, there’s no light again? should i maybe drive her to a doctor? she doesn’t need a doctor.did she hit her head? it’s not that bad. i will cureher with herbs and hot packs.

i didn’t mean to kill… i didn’t mean to. go, go! drink some, girl. here! it’s a soothing herbal tea. – where am i?– in motykino. it’s a village. i am granny grandson pasha saved you from the hooligans at the bus station. – hello!– hi! how are you? – i’m better. are you pasha?– yes, it’s me, big as life.

thank you. are you going somewhere? – where to?– to the north. i’ve got a job there. are you driving by car? i will leave the car inmoscow, at my friend’s place. then i will take a plane. pasha, take me to the cityplease. i must go to police. i killed a person. so it was not a delirium…you shouldn’t go to police. i have to explain them how it happened.

i didn’t mean to kill. what will you explain to them? if you killed someone —you’ll end up in prison. and they will take away your child. they’ve got a specialorphanage for such kids. you should stay here untilyou deliver. then we’ll see. my grandma will lookafter you, i told her so. – what is your name?– dina. dina. it’s a pretty name.and you seem to be a nice girl.

okay, i’ll be back in autumn. if everything goes well, i will marry you. – look.– no. – like this?– more. yes. leave it? okay. what about the lips? the corners go down. like a bow.the lower one is thicker. okay. like this – no. like this?– no. – yes.– very good.

what’s your relation to thisperson? are you a father? no. i’m a friend of her mother. why are you so sure she’s missing? she disappeared 3 days ago. she was expected to come toyasmino, but she never came. – meybe she went somewhere else?– maybe. but it’s been 3 days. acknowledgethe statement, captain. after 3 months

holy mary, full of grace,the lord is with you. blessed are you among women,and blessed is the fruit of your womb, jesus. push it, push it, baby! help yourself, darling. the baby is coming, show strength. push it! push it more! oh dear god… – and you didn’t want to give birth!– of course i did.

you lost conscience. it was tough. how will you call your son? i don’t know yet. let’s see what namesfall under july, 19th. – dionisiy. apollo. innokentiy.– that’s right. why are you laughing? here are some modernnames. viktor, for example. it’s a good name, means ‘winner’. do you see how he’s eating?

viktor is not a good choice. anatoliy, anton, vasiliy. anton. anton chaykin. this looks familiar! are you sure? it’s not our guy,i know everyone here. green hand or a barnstormer? viktor semakin. dina chaykinawas looking for him last autumn, do you recall? how could i have forgottenyour princess dina?

– stop it.– why did you turn red? i’m allergic to you. i’ll visit one place.i think semakin is there. say hi to dina. – keep you sarcasm to yourself.– it’s an innocent joke. – do your job.– yes, sir! here, eat some. all mothersin my family ate this. – and they always had plenty of milk.– thank you. granny vera, i always dreamtof making gorgeous evening

dresses, and now makingmatinee coats. but it’s okay. it’s good, my dear. childrenare the most important in life. i understand. why are you crying? pasha will soon come back,and everything will be different. he’s a good host. he willalso love anton. right, anton? granny vera, we don’teven know each other. so what? the heart is smarter than that. the villagers think it is pasha’s child. anton looks kind of like pasha.

do you? yes you do! maya evgenievna! hello! captain korenev, cid. your friend viktor semakinis suspected of auto theft. – he lives here, doesn’t he?– no. not anymore. since how long? why does it matter? i kicked him out? – for what reason?– he annoyed me, just like you do. anything else?

i wouldn’t be in such a hurry.i’s advisable to be straighforward with a criminal investigator. you’re a witness now, but youmight become an accomplice. – what o you need to know?– everything. how and where you met? he repaired my car. he wantedto marry his childhood friend, – and i stole him from her.– why? leisure interest. sounds easy. you brokesomeone’s life for fun.

you aren’t a psychologist, are you? – should i continue?– yes, i’m all ears. i rented him an apartment.i paid for a year in advance. i think he’s still there. that guy didn’t want to work, butwanted to have everything at once. give me the address. normally gentlemen askfor my phone number. if we need you we’ll call you up. – okay, write it down.– i will remember.

look who’s here! you seem surprised,as if i’m not in my office! you didn’t show up for a while. you gave up business and me.let me help you. i needed time to take breath and think. – to think about me?– leave off! – do you need any help?– i left my school photographs here. alla, it’s been a yearsince chaykina disappeared, – but she still bothers you.– stop it.

i won’t stop. she shot you! it’s great luck thosewere traumatic bullets. and you didn’t even go to police! stop it! it’s none of your business. aren’t you afraid to beleft completely alone? i am alone. get out! face the wall!hand behind your back! go ahead! except for the citizen kuzikov,who else knew about your criminal activity?

no one. how about maya? did sheknow about your "business"? maya? no. how about dina chaykina? you know about her, too?no, she didn’t know anything. where is she, by the way?i must question her, too. i don’t know where she is. i don’t. – when did you see her for the last time?– last autumn. she found me and toldme she was pregnant.

i wanted to give her money, but she… well, we went separate ways. – you went separate ways, you say?– that’s right. you left a pregnant woman, you rascal?! what was i supposed to do?i had another one at that time… write down whom you sold the stolen cars,when and where you disassembled them. – write down all in detail!– all right. – does she have any relatives?– who, dina? no, she had no family at all.she had a friend, sveta.

they worked together in ashop, in kuibysheva street. – is it what you wanted? – pasha, thank you so much! i bought up the whole shop.the rest is in the boot. thank you. i owe you so much. don’t say so, you owe me nothing. – who is crying here? is it little anton?– be careful. when will we register him? pasha, what are you saying?dina has no documents. we’ll figure it out.

i don’t know anything.the last time i saw her she told me she performed an abortionand went to murom. – who’s there?– i have no idea. maybe you should checkher old address in murom? – you can easily find it out, right?– right. here you are! – thank you.– bon appetit. surprise! i didn’t know that criminal investigatorsare so complacent.

– enjoy it!– thank you. do you need dina only asa witness in viktor’s case? could there be any other reasons? there was a big theft in our shop. dina was blamed for it. then she left. i thought maybe that’s thereason why you’re looking for her. – no, no. is it tasty?– very tasty. would you like some more? do you need something else from me?

not at all. i just wantedto ruin a stereotype. why don’t you walk me home? – easily.– let’s be friends. okay. dina, we need to talk. this house needs a hostess.i will take care of your documents. i’ve got connections. let’s get married. i understand, each ofus has his own troubles, but together we will overcome them.

please say something. dina? pasha, i can’t. – do you mean it’s too fast?– no… it doesn’t seem right — without love… so, you conceived antonwith a man you loved? where is he now? okay. i will always be with you.and i won’t leave you. i have to think about it. okay. think about it.

hey there! are you sleeping?we’re in murom. didn’t you want to go to thepolice department? it’s right there! it’s a rupturewort.i add it into a diuretic tea. it also gives away foam — good forwashing hands and softening skin. – and this is a melilot.– melilot. granny vera, can you make a love potion? – what for?– i want to fall in love with pasha. why do you care so much for love?what did it give to you? same with my pasha.

you should think about yourchild, your family, your house. it’s okay, you’ll get used to it. pasha likes you very much. when he returned from the penal colony,he didn’t want to look at any girl. – he chose you.– what colony? drunken guys tried tohassle pasha’s fiance. he beat one of them up so hardthat he died in a hospital. pasha got 5 years. his fiance married anotherguy immediately after the court

hearing and fled away. that’s love! look who’s back, so quickly! it’s very heavy. okay, here’sbread, salt, soda, flour. is that all you need? that’s a real man! you my dear,thank you! okay, take care! – pasha…– what? i agree. stop it, stop it!

zhorik, go home! – hello!– i’m listening. i’m looking for dina chaykina.she was your neighbor. kolesnikovs live there now. they’revisiting their children at the moment. – has dina ever come to murom?– she never did. it’s a small town,news spread fast here. where should i look for here? you should ask claudia semakina.dina used to be dating her son. but when he got backfrom the army they split.

wait a minute. please, come in! zhorik! nice boy. come here! nice dog. you won’t bite me, will you? i wanted to find the address of allamartynova, dina’s mother’s friend. i was their school teacher. i only found a photograph.look at these nice girls! they’ve been sitting at thesame desk since the first grade. – but they fell out when they graduated.– it happens. i think there was some love issue.

alla and marina were in lovewith the same guy, grisha veresov. here he is. he loved alla.they were expected to get married. i don’t know what happened between them. martynova went to moscow,and veresov moved to ural. – how about marina? – marina had a baby, dina. she raised her upalone, without a husband. no one knows anythingabout dina’s father. – such things happen in life.– okay, thank you. if dina comes here,please call this number.

– okay, i will.– thank you. good bye! – dina, please don’t think that i…– quiet, please. right. i understand that you women like romance and stuff. well, this is for you. here, take it. open it! do you like it? please put it on. i don’t have ear piercing. what? oh dear.

okay, granny will do it for you. – i’ll be back in 30 minutes. hi!– hello! did you want to tellme something important? it’s not that important, but ididn’t want to say it over the phone. i have a lunch break, let’s have a walk. okay, tell me. dina wanted to perform anabortion, but she didn’t want to take a leave from work.she asked me to fill in for her. then the proprietressnoticed dina’s absence.

– i had to tell her.– who’s she? she’s the owner of theshop, alla martynova. i didn’t see dina afterwards. – alla martynova?– yes. let’s go to the shop.i have to talk to her. she’s not there. she hasn’tbeen visiting often lately. – do you have her address?– yes. – how about the lunch? – we’ll have to postpone it. – i would agree to a dinner.– okay!

why didn’t you tell me? i’d help. i can do it myself. jump, i’ll catch you! – pasha…– come on! – what’s up?– pasha, i have to feed anton. what do you want? i’m listening, captain. i need to see martynova. she’s been arrested yesterday.

please, don’t be so nervous. anton may wake up. really? it’s okay. he shouldget used to his parents. – no.– why, what’s wrong? – pasha, i can’t be your wife.– why not? because i don’t love you. so what! no one needs youwith your child, except me! – we don’t need anyone. – yes you do! you need me! i will do as i please, you got me?!

pasha! – i told you!– i disgust you. what did you say? thank you for everything. are you leaving? – god bless you.– thank you. dina! wait! here you are, my dear. you will need this. don’t be mad at pasha.he’s got a difficult fate…

he lost such a woman. forgive me. forgive me! calm down. don’t think ill of us! take care of anton! dina? you finally camehome? with a child… hello, lyubov petrovna.what happened here? where’s aunt lisa? what, you didn’t receive a telegram? – your aunt has died.– when?

this winter. the house wasoccupied by homeless people. the district police officer saidthey made a fire to keep warm. then they fell asleep,and burnt the house. dina, come to my’ll have some rest. i will feed you. come. i’ve got information that you accuseddina chaykina in a big cash shortage. soon after, she you know why? i have no idea. do you know that your accusationaccording to the article

number 198 — evasion of paymentof taxes on an especially large scale — can be complementedwith article number 126 — kidnapping.this will sum up to 12 years of prison. are you out of your mind?what kidnapping? it’s nonsense! yes, dina lived inmy house for 3 months. so, after she performed an abortion… she didn’t perform an abortion.she wanted to give birth. she fled when she was 5 months pregnant. where to?

why are you looking for you? i’m afraid you won’t understand. find grigoriy veresov.he was my gatekeeper. he might know something. how interesting. the circle is closed. – what do you mean?– i’m talking about you. marina chaykina and grigoriy veresov. something has happenedbetween you in your youth. what?

dina, why don’t you stay?where are you going with the child? i’m going to nizhniy. thankyou very much for your help, – lybov petrovna. good bye!– good bye! grigoriy veresov? it’s lybovpetrovna, neighbor of lisa’s, dina chaykina’s aunt’s. you asked me to call if dina comes here. – hi!– maxim! – hi!– hi! gosha, the director, held me up.

i couldn’t call becausemy battery’s dead. – here are the photographs you asked.– thank you. there’s a folder. there are20 pictures of me and dina. there’s 1 photo of me ina red dress with low neck. why are you smiling?it’s a wonderful dress. it wouldn’t fit to dina. on this picture she lookslike a wanted prisoner. excellent! i will send the bolo tomorrow.

where can i drink some water? there’s a cafe nearby. we can drink somethingthere, and have a dinner. i promised you, didn’t i? let’s go to my place for a dinner. – do you like lasagna?– lasagna? i don’t know, i guess so… – what does your mother feed to you?– she almost doesn’t cook. – she’s got arthritis.– are you serious?

i know how to cure this. quick and easy! you’ve got many talents! my friend likes horse riding.she uses special ointment for the horses’ joints. why are you laughing? i can getthis ointment for your mother. you will thank me later. – okay. let’s start with lasagna.– okay.


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