watch free films

watch free films

but either way… i feel terrible. it’s not the easiest thing, being human is it? all these decisions, all these… "am i right?" "am i wrong?"

watch free films

watch free films, i’ve done so many things i’m ashamed of. i’d love to go back and put right. but i can’t, can i? can’t go back and put it right.

never. just have to hold it in here now and.. i’ve robbed people. i’ve lied to people. i even– i even… killed somebody. all right it wasn’t "murder", it was–just one of those things. but either way i killed somebody! girl: i seei killed somebody.

i can never take that back. just have to accept it. girl: maybe… ya know years ago when i was–twelve, thirteen. if i’d known, that i’d be at this point somedayrealising the actual definition of regret… but how do you know, how does one know? how does one actually–girl: i don’t know… take everything for granted–your youth. abusing freedom.

girl: what about shame? i do feel shame, i do feel sorrowfor those that i’ve hurt. but what can i do about it now? nothing. are you ready? where am i going? where do you think you should go? i guess that’s up to you isn’t it…


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