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watch free online hd movies

of all the famous images preserved in our national archives the most requested photo of all time is this one! you remember when you talked about finding an ally for nixon?

watch free online hd movies

watch free online hd movies, someone from the outside. i need to get this letter to the president you’ll never guess in a million years who just showed up in north-west gate asking to see him it’s elvis

elvis presley? do you swear this isn’t a joke? ’cause this penmanship is all overwhelming thank you, thank you very much so you think we should meet with him? yes, mr. president. during my nap-hour. everybody loves elvis call me

he could really help us with the youth folk. he would also like a badge. a what? i would like to go undercover as a fellow agent i’ve been in 31 major motion pictures that makes me an expert in costume and disguise i could infiltrate the communist and then, i’d bust them all let’s do this thing. an under cover rock and roller

sounds ludacrous i can supply my own firearms alright, now what do we have on this guy? well, he’s one of the most famous men on the planet, loves guns, hates the beatles the beatles? well i don’t like them ok sir, do you have any firearms or weapons of any kind on your person? it’s a good thing they didn’t catch this little fella in my boot mr. presley, we’re going to have to go over the protocol

mr. president.. mr. elvis presley on the coffee table is a dish with m&m’s, those are only for the president. m&m’s are my favourite. mine too. there is also an unopened bottle of dr pepper. you have a bottle opener? please do not open it, please do not drink from it because it’s only for the president. what in the good god is going on?

i don’t know sir. make sure we get a picture, mr. presley and me you and me, we rose from nothing but look where i am today and look where you are. mr. island developed these knuckles of steel now slap ’em come on harder, harder, let it out! let it out! those are the steel claws of a tiger, mr. president.


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