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♪ what’s up? street dreams. -hey, go, cops, go!-stop, do not run. ♪ when i pretend everythingis what i want it to be ♪

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watch full movie, ♪ i look exactly like whatyou had always wanted to see ♪ ♪ when i pretend, i can’tforget about the criminal i am ♪ ♪ stealing second after secondjust cause i know i can ♪ ♪ but i can’t pretend this isthe way it’ll stay, i’m just ♪

♪ trying to bend the truth ♪ ♪ i can’t pretend i’m whoyou want me to be, so i’m ♪ ♪ lying my way from you ♪ ♪ no, no turning back now ♪ ♪ i want to be pushed aside,so let me go ♪ ♪ let me take back my life,i’d rather be all alone ♪ ♪ no turning back now ♪ ♪ anywhere on my own’cause i can see ♪ ♪ the very worst partof you is me ♪

hey, you see how many copsthere were? that was ridiculous. reese! i thought you got popped. nah, i couldn’t believethat shit, but the motherfuckersgot my shoe, man. fuck your shoe,be happy you ain’t on you way to jail right now. boy’s probably back thereshowing off

his boy scout badgestrying to make friends with the cops or something. that was real funny, guys. could have at least helped meget my bag over the fence. every man for himself,you know the deal. -i got a present for you.-thanks, dude. all right, wherewe going, man? we can’t stand here forever. how about the west forest head?

there’s cops all over the place. they’ve got cameras upand everything. let’s go to the woodley ledge. oh, dude’s got a point. go slow, i’m a smoker. ♪ what you about to witness ♪ ♪ has never been done before ♪ ♪ high house motherfuckers ♪ ♪ i live by this modeltill the day that i drop ♪

♪ young, fly, flashy,my nigga, it don’t stop ♪ ♪ with diamonds on my neckthat’s cold as a nice pop ♪ ♪ with a bank account so largeit’d buy out your block ♪ ♪ fresh crew sweater, nigga,you know how i diddy-bop ♪ ♪ young is on the blocklike terry, you make the city pop ♪ ♪ stay humble,got bitches by the bundle ♪ ♪ i ball so much,you ain’t never seen me fumble ♪ ♪ raisin’ them jungles with themkillers and drug dealers ♪

♪ where some wear raiders,and some wear steelers ♪ ♪ i stayed on that boy,pushin’ up that block ♪ ♪ now i’m limpin’ in the hillsand i’m sitting on top ♪ ♪ we fresh, we fly ♪ ♪ we got them brand new decks ♪ fucking kidding me? fucking kidding me right now? give me that. hey, if you stay more centeredabove your front truck,

you pretty much got itright here. did i ask youfor your advice? damn. i’m just sayin’, man,that’s what helps me. thanks for your concern, buddy,but i think i’ve got it. here we go. ♪ but don’t test me,i pack nothing but thunder ♪ ♪ they is to skate, i mean,i’m more like a player ♪ -easy as yo mom.-oh shit, dude.

look like he’s talkin’about your moms, man. ♪ love a real nigga ’cause youknow i’m from the hood ♪ what, you don’t thinki could do that? oh, now the up-and-coming ripperfrom chicago, derreck cabrera, about to take the crownfrom out veteran champ, troy vincent,let’s see how he does, folks. took you out of there! yes! out of there.

no, you couldn’t. hey, take itsomewhere else, man. it’s not likeyou can’t read. oh, come on, man,there’s nobody back here. look, i don’t care,i don’t want to get sued when one of you guys fallsand breaks your neck. nobody’s going to breaktheir neck, it’s a little ledge. look, if you don’tget out of here right now, i’m going to callthe cops, okay.

what are you going to tell them,"officer, i’ve got some skaters back here,come get them immediately?" you don’t know what it’s liketo have your own business. i bet you don’teven have a job. yeah, i know, i’m a stupid,loser skater. yeah, you said it, i didn’t. yo, easy up, richard simmons. it’s not like he’s–oh my good lord, look at that side bike.

that thing’s beautiful! fuck you! get the fuck out of here! i’ll tell you,i’m calling the cops! you fucking pricks! ♪ we fresh ♪ (tv audio) good morning, sweetheart. good morning.

breaking your streak? excuse me? do you haveto start it right now? can’t it wait tillhe eats his breakfast? well, i don’t know when i geta letter that tells me that my sonhas missed seven days of school this month,and if he continues to be delinquentthat he won’t graduate. i don’t know about you,but this sounds like something

that needs to be discussedas soon as possible. and guess what? as soon as possibleis right now. shit. do you reallyhave to use that language? i also got a phone callthat you and i’ve got a meeting with the principalmonday morning. does this have anything to dowith troy and reese and cash? don’t forget mikey.

mikey, at least he’s got skill. for your information,mikey hasn’t missed more than two days of schoolthis whole year. you reallyspoke to his mommy? we were concerned. you know, your education is– something i can alwaysfall back on. yes, i may have missed a lotof school, but i’m not deaf. hey.

there’s no reasonto get fresh with your mother. she just wantswhat’s best for you. well then, i guesswhat’s best for me is getting my assto class. you know whereto find me. we are going to havea lovely party. there’s going to belots of alcohol around. you guysshould definitely come. so how many kegs are you goingto have for tomorrow night?

-seven.-only seven kegs? ace cooper had 10. well, we’re going to havejello shots, too. mmm, i love mesome jello shots. i know you do, baby. so, uh, is yourlittle skater boyfriend going to be there, or do i getyou all to myself? am i that goodin your dreams? i don’t know,let’s ask him.

hi, baby. ask me what? we can see your boxers. can’t afford pantsthat fit? can’t afforda cool haircut? i didn’t know straight guysrocked blond tips. so brad’s havinga party tomorrow night. -you’re coming, right?-nah, i’m over it. what, you got a date with yourloser boyfriends cash and reese?

that’s funny, brad,you didn’t think you were losers when you used to skate. obviously one of ushas decided to grow up. come on, baby, please cometo the party with me. it’s obviouslynot my scene. i know,but it’s my scene, and i want youto be a part of it with me. well, what about sunday? do i got to go with youto your family thing?

come on, derreck,i’ll make it worth your while. and my dad sayshe’s got something he wants to talk to you about. really, what’s that? it’s totally awesome. you know i love you, right? hey, grind king. it’s cool if i takeyour girl to the party? ♪ excuse me,i’m talkin’ to you ♪

drink, drink, drink! ♪ i see that look in your eyes,i wanna touch you, baby ♪ ♪ are you by yourself tonight,i wanna to touch you, baby ♪ ♪ excuse me,i’m talkin’ to you, hey ♪ hey, you miss me? baby! you’re here! and you are wasted. am not.

okay, maybe just a little bit,but it’s a party. let’s get you a beer. come on, baby. brad’s ready. shut up, i told himi’d think about it. think about what? keg stand! i know you like that. put me down.

♪ all night long ♪ ♪ let’s party,let’s party ♪ let’s go, girl, you can do it. come on, you can do this. just put it inyour mouth and suck. drink, drink,drink, drink, drink, drink,drink, drink, drink, drink,drink, drink! that was totally awesome.

wait, where are you going? you shouldtotally do one. yeah, i can’tthink of anything better to dothan be upside-down getting beerpoured down my throat with my asshanging out. shut up, it’s not likei was wearing a thong, and everyone’s seen mewith my cheerleading outfit. yeah, i’m leaving.

we not extreme enough for you? are you seriouslygoing to leave? you want to come with? i didn’t think so. hey, sam. let’s do another one. who’s next on the keg? you are, bitch! do it!

drink, drink! yo, mikey. you still gonnaskate the rail? dude, i got to get out of here,these fumes are killing me. you did notjust childproof me! the security guardgets off at 11, so we will wait, right, reese? yeah, the guard’s my cousinshanita’s baby daddy. so you just randomlyfound out what time

your cousin’s baby daddygets off work tonight? actually,he was at a barbeque talking about his hours,fucked up and shit. you didn’t tell meshe’s fucking white dudes. don’t worry about would never get a chance. it’s 11 now. see, niggas, look. don’t be tellin’ mei don’t know what’s up. come on.

aw, dick suckers. this is bullshit. why’d you act likeyou scoped this place out? i did, two days agothere was nothing on it. look at ’em, man, they’re noteven normal skate stoppers. they’re just big-ass nuts. keep me out of this, man. somebody wentweld-happy on this shit. fuck this.

aw, man. that’s some bullshit. crock of shit,let’s go back to my house. ♪ let’s go ♪ yeah. man, this is ridiculous. i’m sickof all this skate-proofing and getting kicked outof everywhere. -this is where we should go.-what is it?

it’s a skate plazain ohio. damn, you can getthe sickest lines here. how far is it? it’s not that far,it’s like eight hours away. yeah, derreck, you can finallyfinish your sponsor me video. please finish that video,i’m over giving you boards. i know, man, i just got toget that final banger. what’s your "final banger"? i’ll show you.

oh, this ought to be good. yeah! come on, man. a 360 flip, crooked grindon a handrail? are you kidding me? you livin’ ina fantasy land right now. if this is a fantasy land,danny devito would be takinga dump on my chest. -that’s wrong, man.-all right, well, look.

what are yougoing to name it? well, i mean, you’re so goodthat you’re inventing tricks. you might as wellgive it a name. i’m not goingto fucking name it. okay, look, look. let me help you out. why don’t you call itthe nac? that’s actually sick. right?

why the nac? for not a chance. aw, come on. oh, my god,yo, let’s go tonight. no, we can’t go tonight,i got to work tomorrow. we’ll leave after i work,drive through the night, and we can skateall day monday. -i can’t go.-why not? come on, d, it’s onlyfor one day, man.

you got to finishthat video, right? yeah, well, kind of promisedsamantha i’ll take her– come on, man! the truth comes out. did you lose your dick,or did you just give it away? i can’t even believeyou’re still with that chick. i’ll tell you whyhe’s still with her, that bitch fine as hell. -yeah she is.-easy.

i’m just sayin’, if i was you,i’d bang, bang, bang. me too, i’d be right upin that shit. what the fuck is the matterwith you dudes, man? that’s my girl. hey, she won’tmiss you too much. you can tell herto bring brad along. fuck you. hey, dude, i didn’tmean it like that, man. whatever, i’m out of here, man.

i hope you bitcheshave fun in ohio. i’ll see youwhen you get back. dude, who took a shitin your vagina? what’s up, kenny? how you doing there, buddy? i haven’t seen youfor a while. haven’t seen you either. yeah, how’s it going, man? -good.-let’s see what you got.

oh, nice, you got a littlemore pop than the last time i saw you. i see your flick mark’scoming in nice. hey, baby. how are you? i’m all right, how you doing? i feel like shit. oh, sorry, kenny. it’s okay, my mom says"shit" all the time.

is it all right if i talkto derreck alone for a second? sure, i know all aboutalone time, too. all right, kenny,i’ll catch up with you. see ya. so, late night? i wish youwould have stayed. well, looks like you weredoing all right without me. you invited brad? why am i even here?

because you’re my boyfriend,and i want you to be here. hey, hey, how’s it going overhere with you kiddies? i was just talking toyour buddy, brad, over there. he is so excited about attendingthe university of arizona this fall. but you might want to gosave him from your aunt linda. mr. cabrera here and i have somebusiness to discuss. okay. i’ll see you in a second.

let’s go for a walk. so you and my angel have beenseeing each other how long? three years. you’re happy though, right? yeah, of course,she’s a wonderful girl. yeah, yeah, that she is. she asked meto offer you a job. really, well, that would bevery nice of you. hey, hey, it’s minimum wage,but the hours are excellent,

and you can startright after graduation. all right, so what wouldi be doing? thinking i’d give you a jobin the mailroom, you know. the beating heartof every company. thanks a lot, sir,but i never pictured myself as the mail boy type. really? too good to workin the mailroom, is that it? -i didn’t say that.-hey, don’t worry about it.

if the mailroomis below you, i’ll start youin the warehouse with the restof the immigrants. immigrant? you just–what the fuck is thatsupposed to mean, "immigrant"? exactly what i said. yeah, hold on. derreck, stop. -derreck, what’s wrong?-get off me.

stop, what’s the matterwith you? -i got to go.-why? aren’t youexcited about the job? i mean, it’s a great opportunity for someone like you. -someone like me?-you know what i mean. no, i don’t thinki do, sam. what do you mean,someone who skates? or someone who’s failingout of school?

or someone who’sa fucking immigrant? your daddy made itabundantly clear. you know what, sam,this is bullshit. you and i both know it,alls you want to do is get fucked upat frat parties on beer bongs. you know what, if you thinkyou’re so cool for failing out of schoolfor skating, you’re going to turninto a nobody, just like your loser friends.

well, at leasti’m doing something i enjoy and not just doing what daddyhas planned for me. it’s time for youto leave, mr. cabrera. yeah, i was thinkingthe same thing. don’t come crying to me whenyour big dreams fall apart. don’t fuckinghold your breath. pull up your goddamn pants,you loser! he’s not worth it. yo.

you guys, uh, leave yet? no, i’m packing up right now. you got room for one more? yeah, of course, man. d, dude, i’m sorryfor what i said before, dude. -i didn’t mean to—don’t worry about it. -i’ll be there in ten.-all right, cool. ♪ on the road with my home boys,and they got no place to go ♪ ♪ so i’ma go town to town ♪

♪ east to west then down ♪ ♪ we go south to north ♪ ♪ on the road with my home boysand they got no place to go ♪ no joke, mikey. this watch is $5,000. because you’re my friend,i’ll give it to you for 500. man, that shit is as fakeas the jackson family noses. quit blowin’ me up, cash. yo, d.

that little cheerleaderwould love to see you shining like this,don’t you think? hey, they broke up, man. -mikey!-sorry, d. i didn’t knowit was a big secret. think of it this way, man,now you got more time to skate, so you can concentrateon your video, concentrate ongetting hooked up, right? your video’sgonna be sick!

still a long shot gettin’ on the team. jesus, man, why don’t you justpiss on his birthday cake? i’m just sayin’, i mean,look how long it took me to get on flow. i know it. i’ll tell you one thing,that’s for sure. as soon as hedrops that nac, it’s going to takea gaggle of navy seals on angel dustto get my dick

out of his butt. what? oh, come on. ♪ got a lot of thingsi got to do, i’m leavin’ ♪ ♪ hold me, baby ♪ come on, boys, wake up. it’s the golden hour. wipe the shitout of your eyes. breakfast is on me.

how is breakfaston you? dude, you’re broke. one dollar, i canget you all fed. what are we going to do,share a candy bar? just get the hell outof the car, lazy shitheads. all right, gentlemenand lady. check it out. the magic dollar. -the fuck is this?-that’s tape, dipshit.

yeah, we see that it’stape, but how is tape all over a dollargoing to get us food? well, apparently there’s morethan one brainiac in this bunch. pay attention, mr. wizard. you take this dollar, and youstick it into the machine. -you following me, retard?-gotcha. and? no way! free food and free money.

free money? take it easy. let me show ya. oh my gosh! nice. boys, have at it. let’s go. ♪ when ♪ ♪ when i get my big break ♪

♪ break ♪ jackpot! holy shit! this place is insane! shit, look, there’s all sortsof pros here. here comesyour future team manager. start kissing some ass. yeah, you better pucker up. -oh, what’s up, troy?-what’s goin’ down, tony?

-how you doin’, man?-good, man, how are you? why didn’t you tell meyou were coming out here, man? i would have broughtyou some boards. no worries, i’m straight,what’s up? like the whole team’sout here right now? no, man,just a couple of ’em. just out here gettin’ some lastminute footage for the video. video’s goingto be sick, man. so, what’s up,is this your crew?

reese, cash,mikey, and derreck. so, this is derreck, huh? heard a lotabout you, man. so still waitin’on your tape. just tryin’ to getthat last trick, you know? he’s still tryin’ to gethis final banger. well that sounds sick, man,i’m looking forward to it. and your footage too, troy. i got to keep movingthough, fellas.

you guys have fun, all right? what the hell, guys,you gonna sit there and thumb your ass all day,get out there and skate! come on, troy,let’s do this shit, man. ♪ raw, rip it likeyou’re workin’ a chainsaw ♪ ♪ from new york to cali,new jersey to crenshaw ♪ ♪ i speak the gift,while y’all plead the fifth ♪ ♪ my team is sick, we eat,sleep, and breathe this shit ♪ ♪ rough and rugged,kill ’em soft ♪

♪ we don’t leave one standin’when we’re breakin’ ’em off ♪ ♪ takin’ a loss,not a chance in your life ♪ ♪ if bein’ fresh is wrong,i don’t wanna be right ♪ ♪ stop, drop, and rollwe got soul ♪ ♪ safety popped offwhen we lock and load so ♪ ♪ this is howwe get this done ♪ ♪ you can check on the rep,yep, second to none ♪ ♪ check on the rep,second to none, yeah ♪ ♪ you can check on the rep,second to none ♪

♪ yo, check the rep,yep, ’nuff respect ♪ ♪ if not for the jewels i drop,the chunky neck ♪ ♪ i’m funk fresh,equipped with a rusty tek ♪ ♪ am i the best, well,i gotta put it bluntly, yes ♪ ♪ you can’t touch me,the flows’ll getcha ♪ ♪ squeeze breath outta ya chestlike boa constrictors ♪ ♪ i’m a killer,and i usually know my victims ♪ ♪ so i catch a lotta bodieson the homie system, uh ♪ ♪ don’t get it twisted,i’ll break ya jaw ♪

♪ you’ll be sippin’ friedchicken through a crazy straw ♪ ♪ liquid diet, bitch,we official pirates ♪ ♪ i ghost-ride the ghost ship,drinkin’ and drivin’, yeah ♪ that’s what i’mtalking about, buddy. there you go, sweetheart. thanks, boss. so, what, you ready to trythe nac? don’t call it that. whatever, man,you ready to try?

-ready to do it!-do it. -let’s do it.-go. -all right.-don’t fuck up. yeah, like you cando better, cash. easy up, bub,hit the red button and be happy you got a job. hey, you just workon your tent, all right? oh! that was it, dude.

that was it. i got it, all right. mikey, you got to jumpon this line, i just made. no way, man, he’s grindingalmost perfect right now. -he almost made the nac, dude.-exactly, he almost made it. i just made the lines,it’s gonna take me like two minutes, man. what’s going on? i just made these lines, i justwant to film it right now.

dude, couple more tries,he’s gonna have this. dude, i justwant to do it right now. you know i need footagefor the video. why did we even come here,you know what i’m saying? yeah, i know, that’s cool, man,get that shit. all right, i’ll be right there. i got to go film troy right now. he’s got a linehe wants me to film. you know, smoking’sbad for your health.

so is landingwithout your board. what do you knowabout skatin’? are you a skater? do i looklike a skater? definitely not. skater girls usually aren’tas cute as yourself. at least,i’ve never seen one. so, why are you here? see that littlepunk over there?

that’s my little bro. been drivin’ him aroundfor years. he can’t seem to passhis driver’s test. wait, you’re eric jones’ssister? eric jones is my little brother. well, uh, i’m derreck, my boysand i, we drove up here– okay, derreck, let me justsave you some time. i’m not the girl that fallsfor the troubled, tortured, "i have a dream"song and dance.

i’ve seen it all before andit has the same boring ending. well, no worries here,i mean i’m not looking for that cool girl who wearschuck taylors and purple hoodies. what’s up, sis? this guy botherin’ you? nah, he’s cool. so, now i’m cool? until proven otherwise.

all right, that’s cool. hey, man, i saw that back flip,it was sick. aw, shit, thanks, man. i saw you tryin’something crazy over there. what was that? oh, trade flip crook? yeah, my boys call itthe nac though. if he’d commit,maybe he’d make it. you shouldtake her advice, man.

she knowswhat she’s talkin’ about. yeah, i thinki’m startin’ to get that. all right, well, it was niceto meet you guys. i’m gonna get back to it. ♪ this one right here,this one a pusher ♪ ♪ brooklyn, stand up ♪ ♪ with some miss 40sfake-ass rappers ♪ ♪ back in the days,i never snatched pocket books ♪ ♪ i just snatch ya mind upwith the flow and the hook ♪

♪ that’s right, be on alert,coming faster ♪ ♪ corny mc’s,body snatcher with the rapture ♪ ♪ dismember ya bodylike i was a raptor ♪ ♪ took ya eyes out,so you can’t see my laughter ♪ ♪ don’t care how many goldand platinum plaques you got ♪ ♪ i put my foot in your ass,up in the spot ♪ hey, yo, man, that is tight,you want to shoot that? -hell yeah, man, i’m down.-cool, let’s do it. thanks.

♪ rockin’ hard body cardiganwith the timberlands ♪ ♪ p.f. drop the beat,afu drop the grammar ♪ ♪ was swift with the gift,old school like cold bangers ♪ damn, you all right? yeah, i’m good. ♪ chitty chitty bang bangin’ ♪ ♪ name your whole rap crewlike i’m gang bangin’ ♪ holy shit,i should be shootin’ derreck. it’s not like he’sgoing to make it anyway.

whoa, whereare you going, man? somebody’s got to film it. it isn’t you, man. oh, come on, troy,we can film afterwards, man. no, no, no,we’re leaving afterwards. i drove us here,i say when we go. that’s bullshit. fuck it, do whatever you want. i got you, d.

let’s do it. now that’s a banger. you mean a hammer? no, i mean a banger. now, if that’s b.s.down 16 stairs by a flooty, little turdrockin’ young-ass jeans is a hammer. a boner-inducing trick, one of whichyour pea-sized brain

can’t possibly comprehend,is a banger. now please,stop looking at me before i reconsiderour friendship. (groaning) he gets into itevery time. hey, you got it, boy. you got this, man. yeah, man. you got this.

hold up, hold up. i gotta reload. -okay, let’s get it, man.-see that? hey, check it out real quick. let’s go, we’re leaving. what, com– dude, he was justabout to land it. i don’t care. unless you allwant to be

permanent residents of ohio, i suggestyou come with me. that’s fucked up. who put the beein your bonnet, dick-socket? -jesus christ.-asshole. nice meetin’ you. take care, brother. my ride’s leavin’, man. it’s cool,maybe next time.

all right, thank you, though. yo, derreck. what’s up, tony? what’s going on, man? so, was thatthe final banger? just gotta land it now. well, look, man,if you can give me a tape with that on it,i can pretty much guarantee youa spot on the team,

no problem. all right,well, i’ll guarantee you a tape with it. all right, man, perfect. -hell yeah.-good work, buddy. all right, tony,take care, man. take it easy, man. damn, derreck. that was sick, man.

thanks, man. your friend’skind of a dick. yeah, pretty much. so, what’s the story? we gonna see you in tampa next weekend or what? i’m not sure. you gonna be there? mm, i might be.

then i might be too. well, man,i hope to see you there. all right, man. miss jones. come on, boy. all right, boy. hey, what’d tony say? oh, justa little encouragement. cool.

(car honks) hey, her name’s taylor. taylor, huh? all right. check ya in a minute. all right, dawg. what the fuck? i can get it. all right there, boss?

i’m bleeding. hey, d.,who was that chick you were talking to? yeah, you know that dudewho got fourth place in tampa last year? yeah, eric jones, right? yeah, she’s his older sister. shit, he got all rogueafter tampa last year. see, dude,now you have to go to tampa

because if you dropthe nac in tampa, you’re getting on theteam for sure. one hard trick is notgoing to get you on a team. i just don’t want youto get your hopes up. shit! are you trying to give me a heart attack? you almost gave your mother one five hours ago.

i had to give hersleeping pills just to calm her down. sorry. oh, is that it? you know what you missedthis morning, right? we were supposed to havea meeting with your principal to discuss, um,how did she describe it? your habitual truancy. how do you think it lookswhen i have to call in

and say, "i’m sorry,we can’t make it ’cause i can’t find my son?" like you’re a bad father? is that what you think? that this is my fault? no. man, you just don’t get it. what don’t i get, derreck? that school’s a joke to you,and that hanging out

with your friendsis more important than your future? that’s not how it is! then tell mehow it is, derreck. because right now,from where i’m standing, it looks like you’rejust blowing everyone off. fine, i’m an idiot. are we done? don’t push me, derreck.

whatever it isthat you think you’re doing is gonna stop right now. do you understand me? i said, "do you understand me?" i need a verbal response. good. i rescheduledfor tomorrow morning, and derreck, whatever you do,do not disappear again. i’ll be there.

don’t disappoint me. turn the lights offwhen you’re done. derreck,i just don’t understand. your grades, your absences,i mean, really, your general demeanorall seem to suggest that you have no interestin graduating. i cannot make youdo your homework, and i cannot make youattend class. do you understandwhere i’m going with this?

for someone of your age,and i know you’re not a bad kidand i can see your… …and withouta high school diploma… …isn’t necessarilywhat’s right for your future. she’s great. you’re so lucky, derreck. okay, so i thinkyou should talk to your teachersabout what you’ve missed and convince themthat you’re committed

to bringing upyour grades, huh? i guess. you guess? you were just givena second chance, derreck. doesn’t thatmean anything to you? maybe. i don’t know. yeah, well, i know. you’re gonna start taking life

a little more seriously, and you’re going to startby accepting that job that mr. reynolds gave you. hell no, i ain’t workin’ for that racist. what are youtalkin’ about? nothing, man. people just aren’tas perfect as you think, dad. what, you thinki don’t know people?

you think no one’sever talked down to me? treated melike a second-class citizen? come on, derreck,you gotta grow up. get some thick skinand take some responsibility for yourself, man. i’m going to work,and when you get home, i expect you’re gonna havea better attitude. you weren’t in school yesterday. i was busy.

the barbequegot kinda out of hand. so… so? -an apology would be nice.-for what? for embarrassing mein front of my family, for starters. sam, i’m not sorry. we’re done. we both know that.

are you seriouslybreaking up with me? we already broke up. samantha reynoldsdoes not get dumped. samantha reynoldsalready got very dumped. i am the best fucking thingyou ever had. you are so done. nobody is evergonna look at you at this school again. it is what it is, sam.

fuck you, derreck. fuck me. ooh. later. peace. (phone rings) what the fuck is that? we’re cutting the knobsoff the university rail. well, go do it,get the fuck

out of my face, dumbass. i need you guys to help. oh, fuck that, man. we leave for tampain the morning. there’s no wayi’m gonna risk getting arrestedon some bullshit. man, you’re notgonna get arrested. all’s you got to dois look out for us. yeah, just goto the lot across the street

and call usif you see a cop. then reesewill give us a signal, we’ll cut the lights. nobody’s gonna get caught. cut these knobs off,skate it all night. yup. fuck it, i’m down. i have wanted to dothat frontside crooked grind for a while, you know?

so, you in? i’m down, let’s do this. (cheering) that’s what i’m talkin’ about. let’s go, boys. all right,i’m gonna go around back in case the pigswant to get sneaky. don’t be gettin’caught up on the phone with none of these girls, man.

i need you to pay attention. don’t trip, man.i ain’t gonna miss. -let’s do this.-come on, mike. (motor starts) you ready? pop this on. you ever done this before? hey, just watch out for me,all right? all right, cool.

shit, that’s loud, man. call troy. see if he hears that. hey, could you hear that? just call usif you see anything, all right? no, we’re good, dude. it’s pretty easy. awesome, man, keep going. let’s do this.

oh, shit! don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop. fuck. (police siren) stop right there! cops, cops! shut the light! drop it, drop it!

go! mikey, leave this shit! i can’t,my uncle’s gonna kill me! no, you go! mike, fine, go! just i’ll stay. just get out of here, dude! do not move! want to thank youfor getting here

so quickly. absolutely, officer. well, as you can clearly see,mr. cabrera, this is your sonvandalizing private property. yes, it is. i can see that. it’s not likethese businesses hate skateboarders. it’s just they can’t affordto be sued

when one of them gets hurt. i completely understand,and it won’t happen again. i know these kidsare just having fun, but this is going too far. michael robbins is free to go. however, he’ll haveto wait 30 days before he can regain custodyof his equipment. as for your son,your signature will release him. you’ll receive some paperworkin the next few days

about his court date. thank you, officer. you can pick your stuff up from the cageon the way out. um, officer. uh, am igoing to be charged with anything? you wanna be? -no.-then get out of here.

your keys. give me your keys. get in the car. mikey. thank you for the ride,mr. cabrera. get out of the car, mikey. look, i just have to say that it’s notall derreck’s fault. okay, i’m going.

please tell your friendsto not to see or speak to derrecktill after graduation. that goes for you too, mike. but we go to school together. how…? okay, mr. cabrera. ♪ so you thinkyou’ve been through it all ♪ ♪ but i can’t helpbut wonder now ♪ ♪ yesterday i foundmy worst regret ♪

♪ i’ll hide it awayso no one ever knows ♪ ♪ i’m dying ♪ ♪ i’m trying to leave ♪ dad, i know you’re pissed,but it’s really not that big of a deal. getting arrestedand going to jail for vandalismisn’t a big deal to you? it’s not like i was tryingto rob the building. i just wantedto skate the rail.

it’s private property,for christ sakes. first you’re failingout of school, now you’re getting arrested? don’t you realizeyou’re throwing your life away? i’m not throwing anything away! yes, you areand for what? so, you can skateboardwith your little friends? god damn it! this is fucking ridiculous!

what’s ridiculous? that i’m doing somethingi’m good at? i’m not doingwhat you want me to do. this isn’t about me! -it’s about your future!-no, it isn’t! i’m sorry i couldn’t bea fucking baseball player like you wanted me to beand have the life that you threw away! i didn’t throw anything away!

i took responsibility, something you knownothing about! what do you know, look at you! you fucking hate your job. you hate mom,you hate me for being born, and most of all,you fucking hate yourself! don’t you fuckingtalk to me that way! i gave you my blood and sweat! get outta here!

go out the door! ♪ every now and theni feel the end of us ♪ ♪ i love the wayyou breathe inside my head ♪ he’s got to grow up someday. i fucking hate you! ♪ let me slip awayi’m barely holding on ♪ (knocks) the hell are you doing here? let’s fucking go to tampa.

♪ i’ve got a lot thingsi’ve got to lose ♪ all right,chill out for a second. i’ma get the room. oh, look, a buffalo nickel. (laughing) come on, let’s go. here, hold my hand. crazy bastard. so, have youtalked to your dad yet?

fuck no. i just thinkthey’d want to know where you’re at. i really don’t care, man. he don’t deserve to know. fuck him. you want to play skate? sure, man, i’m down,let’s do it. hey, sean, you ready?

♪ i’ma put it in perspective ♪ rock, paper, scissors. all right, i guess i go first. i got this. whoa, coming out fine. ♪ i’m bein’ honestthrowin’ back to the hottest ♪ ♪ i got lebron callin’ his momto check his closet ♪ ♪ skills , uh-uh,you don’t wanna do that ♪ what the fuck, fucko.

you want somethin’? well, first of all,whether do you paint them jeans on every night,or is it, like, a weekly thing? man, fuck you where you breathe. easy up, sick bitches. i just need your, uh,non-dairy creamers right there. you want these creamers? -yeah.-hey, here you go. here, take the fuckin’ creamers.

(unintelligible banter) ♪ his closet, whoa ♪ ♪ the rest can chill,you shoulda knew that ♪ man, this kid’s no joke, huh? ♪ testin’ me ♪ ♪ that must be a fool that ♪ yeah, troy. (claps) what’s up, dawg?

can i get those creamers? whoa, whoa, whoa! don’t shoot, don’t shoot,don’t shoot! i’m just fuckin’ with you, man. easy up, do-rag. i need that. puff, puff, pass. all right, so you got…what do you got? s-k.

s-k-a. you got it, right? -aight.-all right, right here. ♪ take it back,do, do, do, do ♪ aw, that was t. one more, you’re out. oh. is that patchouli? yeah, it is actually.

oh, do you ever geta mid-shaft gash on your old john thomasafter screwing a 15 year old red oak? (laughs) can i grabthese creamers here? remember guys, save a tree. eat some beaver. ♪ do, do, do, do ♪ ♪ take it back ♪

one more and you’re out. yeah, i think we got enough. no, no, no,we’re getting another one. what do you want? oh, dear lord. you did not vacationin this dump, did you? what did you say, son? i said, "hump my ass," but that’s neither herenor there.

can i have those creamers? ow. get out of here, you punks. who jerked off in your geritol? yo, cash, that old man’stryin’ to bite your style with that wife beater. well, your sisterseems to like it. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ i ain’t here to make friends,that ain’t my job ♪

♪ if everybody ain’t nice,that ain’t my squad ♪ that’s game for you. ♪ this is like a grown manridin’ a bike again ♪ it’s good. taste. all right, you stay down here. i’m goin’ up top. you know what i taught you. ♪ you were steppin’in the name of love ♪

♪ like left, right,bring it back ♪ good game, man. yeah, you too. that was sweet, d. thank you, sir. hey, i told you guys no skating in the parking lot. -what the…?-whoa! what the hell was that?

(laughter) what the fuckwas that explosion? fuckin’ dairy creamer! that shit’s flammable! oh my god. what is that smell? charred dogs. it’s cash’s face! i look like an asshole.

i certainlycame out of one. i think it’s an improvement. hey, hey, hey, yo. here’s the deal. reese, since you and cashare obviously gay, and you’re very comfortablewith his dick, you two can take this bed. me and mikey got this bed. well, derreck can have my bedsince he’s gotta skate tomorrow.

no, the fifth wheelwill take the floor. you can justtake my bed, man. chances are,i’m going to be asleep in a bush with a hooker anyway if all goes to plan. thanks, cash! what the fuckare you doing, man? we are going drinkin’. dude, i can’t be goin’ out.

i got to wake up earlyto skate. quit bein’ such a puss. you don’t even knowif you’re going to be able to skate anyway. dude, i don’t even got an id. don’t worry about an id. i can get you an id. you need an id, shit-dick? no, it’s all good,i got it covered.

-how?-look. i got it on me. oh, i gotta see this. look. looks real, right? oh, shit. see? oh, god, it actually does. it’s cool, huh? now, boys.

you know there befine-ass bitches gonna be down thereand of course, you knowthese florida bitches are slutty, tan as shit,and ready to fuck. you can’t go to tampawithout hitting up the ybor strip, man. we’ll just go to chill, bro. we’ll be back early. fine, let’s do it.

he found his dick! ♪ records, records,records, records ♪ ♪ uh, uh, uh,one, two, one, two ♪ ♪ uh, uh, uh, uh,one, two, one, two ♪ ♪ it’s bigger than hip hop,hip hop, hip hop, hip ♪ hi, boys. what’s up, girl? ♪ hip hop, hip hop ♪ don’t worry, man, i got you.

yo, derreck, derreck. man, that was fast. know what i’m doin’. "edward chung." dude, he’s 39. they don’t lookat that crap, man. well, he’s 5’2" and asian. man, stickler,i’ll be right back. get out of here.

do you even knowwhat i look like? he’s the same height. dude, he’s 280 pounds. just tell himyou got your stomach stapled or something, ad-lib. fuck, whatever. -go.-i’ll try. hey, chuck, you look great after that stomach staplin’.

i’ll see you at the bar. ♪ dis, dis, disyou hit it ♪ ♪ got the digitsquick, quick decisions ♪ ♪ boy, pop the rhythmdon’t bet the physics ♪ ♪ if ain’t no dougie,then go grab the shovel ♪ ♪ and blow up my spotbut don’t pop the bubble ♪ ♪ i know you, miss ♪ yeah, i’m from chicago,actually. we’re all pro skaters.

see that kid over there? yeah, he’s ranked number onein the world. he’s recently singleafter splittin’ up with his supermodel girlfriend. so, you’re friend heresays you’re the best. are you gonna win tomorrow? well, you never know. of coursehe’s gonna win tomorrow. he’s ranked number one.

what about you, are you pro too? yeah, that’s why i hang outwith these guys. don’t listen to that dude. he’s a pro-nothing. that’s our water boy. water boy? a filmer, filmer. -oh, okay.-film– excuse me, can you tell me

what time it is? i can’t see my watch. what is that? oh, my god. ew! that is so gross! -you’re disgusting!-i’m gonna barf. what the fuck i tell youabout pulling out your dick, you idiot?

you even scared the chicks away. i didn’t even show her the tip. my god. well, that’s fuckin’ coolas shit. hey, dude! cut it out! that’s disgusting, man! who’s ready to do some shots? purple hooter!

come on, ace. man, what’d you do? buy out the whole bar? just take a fucking shot. nah, man, get that shitout of my face. whoa, what,one little shot’s gonna get you so drunkyou’re not going to be able to drop the nac? whatever, dude.

you’re not gonnafucking make that shit anyways. yo, easy up, man. it’s a newcomer, man. you got to ease the tip in. yo, you and i,shot, shot, shot. all right, all right,all right, all right. hook me up, hook me up! tits. again.

-excuse me.-fuck you! you fuckin’ coot. you heardwhat i fuckin’ said. whoa, whoa, whoa,whoa, whoa. ease the fuck up, man. you better grab your friend before he gets his ass whipped. he didn’t do nothin’! leave him alone!

we got some cops outside. they wanna talk to you. get the fuck off! back up, or you’re goin’ to the tank with this guy. motherfucker! get the fuck off me! man, troy is just scandalous. somebody’s name on this biotch!

whoa there, drunk ass. tell me you saw that shit,how hard i punked that dude. yeah, real hard, man. you fuckin’sucker punched him and let cashtake all the heat, you’re sick. it’s not like cashhasn’t been detained before, and you knowhe can handle himself. it is fucked up. he is spendin’the night in jail.

well, there’s nothin’we can do about it now, and i’m starvin’. let’s eat. hold on. give me the keys. you’re wasted. oh, what is this? thanks, mommy. -thanks, mommy.-shotgun!

fuckin’ shotgun. you never have shotgun. what the fuck, man? watch out. (chuckling) could you believe how hardi punked that dude? oh my gosh, why are you so psychedon yourself? "oh man,i punked that dude

and let cash go to jailwhile i hid like a bitch. oh." yeah, you mock mebecause you wish you were me. man, you must be fucking drunkto believe that. please, you’ve been ridin’my coattails since day one. what coattails, man? you’re 24 years old on flow. at least i’mmaking a name for myself. how about you,what are you doing?

’cause all i see is a kidthat takes rides in my van and mooches off ofmy board hook up. you ain’t doin’ shit. man, i’m over this,i’m done, man. your whack-ass attitude,being a dick to everyone. all right, well,if we’re being honest, that night at the rail, i let the cops get you. -what the fuck, troy?-what?

man, fuck you! yeah, get your shitand find somewhere else to stay. come on, guys. chill the fuck out, man. what the fuck is going on? this shit is crazy. we’re supposedto be friends, man! so what, man? yo, derreck!

-what up, derreck?-oh, shit. did you just get hereall the way from chicago? nah, i kind of lostmy place to stay. well, we’re actuallyheading to our hotel. you can crash with usif you want to. you sure that wouldn’t betoo much trouble? i offered, didn’t i? hey, that’s her way of saying,"get in the car." wanna step outside real quick?

sure. make out time! shut up. so, you want to tell mewhy you were on a dark road all alone,or should i just assume you’re the brooding type? uh, it’s a long story. i know a lot of long stories. do you think it’s normalfor a 19 year old girl

to be driving aroundher little bro and friendsall over the country? i just figuredyou were cool older sister. somethin’ like that. hm. so, why does it look likeit hurts for you to smile? well, i’m failin’ out of school,just got arrested, and basically ran awayafter my dad hit me. well, did he have a rightto hit you?

i probably would have donethe same thing. sounds to me likeyou didn’t run away from him, but you’re trying to run awayfrom yourself. what are you,some sort of shrink? i had some mandatory classesin the first year of college. so, why does a guy like younot have a cute, little girlfriend by his side? well, we just broke up. probably a good move,

what with how fucked up you are, you wouldn’t wantto get anyone involved in that mess, right? (chuckles) right. and you? no one’s in your mess? nah. i haven’t found anyonewho wanted to listen.

eric! you little asshole! what’d you say? you want to seesome asshole? -oh, my gosh!-ugh! -dad?-derreck. where are you? i’m in tampa. there’s a contest here.

hey, dad,i’m sorry, like– no,derreck, we just wantyou to come home. i will. you know,if i do good tomorrow, i get hooked up. well, then, uh, good luck then. well, um, just tell momi love her.

i’ll be homein a couple days. talk to youlater, dad. -later.-bye. (sighs) ♪ all aboard ♪ ♪ check, one ♪ ♪ check–check it ♪ ♪ all aboardfreedom train progress ♪ ♪ all aboardas we pierce the darkness ♪

♪ bona fide soldiersbuild through mic check ♪ ♪ we on trackfor our freedom ♪ welcome, everybody,to this year’s tampa am. this is the biggestamateur skate contest in the world,and here is how it’s goingto go down. we have six seatsof 20 skaters each. everybody’s going to gettwo runs to the prelims. the top 12 scores–

hey, seriously, thanksa lot for getting me in here. all right, man,no problem, my pleasure. let’s gowarm up. yeah,let’s do it. aight. (cheers) this is the futureof the sport, right here. hey, hot-ass,how’d you sleep? lot betterthan you did.

how’s the tank? oh, some big badasstried to spoon me. i think he thoughti was a cupcake or something, trying to find a creamy center,i gave him reese’s number. -what, what you say?-what, he’s your type. get the fuckout of here, man. so, where’dyou sleep? chick from the plaza’s herewith her brother. i knew you was goin’ to hitthat shit, dog.

anyway, did troysettle down? he pukedall over himself. he seriouslytore down. -aight.-good luck. -yeah.-see you in a bit. all right, boys,i’ll see you later. hey,break a leg. as a matter of fact,break both so you can bein a wheelchair,

and we can getto the front of the line next time we goto the amusement park. this is gonna bea good one, so get ready at the skate park in tampa,amateur competition. we still got a few minutesof warm-up left, so get out there,guys. ♪ don’t sweatthe technique ♪ ♪ let’s trace the hintsand check the file ♪

♪ let’s see who bitto detect the style ♪ ♪ i flip the scriptso they can’t get foul ♪ ♪ at least not now,it’ll take a while ♪ ♪ i change the paceto complete the beat ♪ ♪ i drop the basstill mc’s get weak ♪ ♪ for every word they trace,it’s a scar they keep ♪ ♪ ’cause when i speak, they freak to sweatthe technique ♪ ♪ i made my debutin ’86 ♪

♪ wit’ a melodyand a president’s mix ♪ ♪ and now i stay on targetand refuse to miss ♪ ♪ and i stillmake hits ♪ ♪ with beats, parties,clubs in the cars and jeeps ♪ ♪ my underground soundvibrates the streets ♪ ♪ mc’s want to beefthen i play for keeps ♪ ♪ when they sweatthe technique ♪ wow, look outout there, guys. -what the fuck, troy?-you were in my way.

so, you’re justgoin’ to shoulder-check me? you don’t wantto get shoulder-checked, stay out of my way. riders, get your lastwarm-ups in here. the prelims areabout to start. don’t forgetthe heats are posted in the snack room. make sureto check and see what heatyou’re in.

great, 120 people, i gotta goafter this asshole. ♪ fuckin’ posers ♪ ♪ yo, yo, yeah ♪ hey, welcome everybodyhere at the skate park at tampa. this is the tampa am. we’re going to fire upthe preliminaries right now. let’s make some noiseand get this thing fired up! all right, tampa, this isthe first scene of the contest.

make some noisefor dylan perry. here he comes inoff the big roll and getssome good speed. ollie abovethe centerpiece flat bar. nice hurricane grinddown the rail. lookin’ goodso far. oh, couldn’tquite hang on. that’s all right, dylan,you’ve got a second run coming uplater on.

coming upfor a 50-second run, let’s make some noisefor ricky martin! here he comesdroppin’ in the corner, comin’ up the step up gapwith a clean kick flip shifty. got a lot of hot, young talentcoming out of south america. will it be enough? i don’t know,we still got a lot of good ridersto go. ♪ it’s over now ♪

♪ it’s too damn lateto apologize ♪ am i right,there it is! first perfect runwe see right here, number 30,with patrick daniel. ♪ you think that youdon’t have to ever quit ♪ all right,were we are, number 14. ♪ you think the lightwon’t be ever lit ♪ ♪ it’s almost over now,almost over now ♪ tampa, with a big,warm welcome,

let’s bring inour next rider, eric jones! this kid isso amazing. he’s got large tech trickslike the big, backside flip 270 over the hit. pop shove frontside,nosegrind on the flat bar. and he pop shovedover the hit. fast time for eric jones,another rockin’ run. we’re definitely going to seethis kid in the finals. tampa, i know it’s beena long day, but this is it.

the sixth and final heatof the prelims. skaters,clear the course. let’s get readyfor our next rider. crank it upfor joey ragali! tryin’ to go bigon that centerpiece, can’t quite hang on. next up,comin’ all the way from indiana,bobby smith. here he comes,45 seconds left,

what you got? oh, throwin’it away. still got timefor one more. you want one more?no, all right, he’s done. next up,from uprise skate shop, troy vincent. here he comes, all the wayfrom chicago, illinois. jumpin’ on the flatbar,smooth crooked grind. there he is upon the corner pipe,

keepin’ his rhythm,let’s see as he comes acrossthe centerpiece ledge, frontside five-o. he’s got a good rungoing right now. let’s see what he’s gotto finish it off. frontside lipslidecrossin’ now. make some noisefor troy vincent. next rider up, let’s makesome noise right now for derreck cabrera.

another skaterfrom chicago, illinois. all right, look at this,he’s droppin’ at the corner pipe switch. startin’ outwith some difficulty here. switch kickflip,whoa! all right, here he goes, he’slinin’ up for the centerpiece. what’s he got,down the stairs– oh, blowsthe train flip. that’s a tough trickright there.

you suck! i’m the only guythat can say someone sucks,that and the judges. first run,he must have the jitters. he must be nervousout there. coming across centerpiece,lookin’ at the rail, backside lip–oh, man. that’s all right,derreck. tryin’ some hard tricksout there.

not quite enough. remember, skaters,it’s the best run out of two. -but up next—sick run, bro. what is his problem? that kind of sucked. was kind of hopin’for some encouragement. do i really need to tell youthat was only the first run? so, are youcallin’ me out right now?

somebody’s got to. hold thesefor me, please? -sure.-thanks. let’s seewhat i can do. that’s itfor first runs. let’s go backto the top of the order, second runs. all right, skaters,this is it. your last chance.

you’re gonna haveto really bump it up if you want to make itin the final. going outfor run number two, let’s hear itfor joey capelli. ♪ prevail the mercilessmercenaries of militance ♪ ♪ no resemblance to any otherassembly’s heritage ♪ ♪ despair will bethe downfall of arrogance ♪ ♪ repairs will be necessary,too much heavy damage ♪ ♪ counter intelligence ♪

♪ spy craft flies pastthe aviator ♪ ♪ resuscitation, reincarnation,i’m the re-animate ♪ ♪ greater mind powerthan einstein ♪ ♪ genius and insanity,we walkin’ that fine line ♪ ♪ talkin’ ’bout prime timeexposure, face remains poker ♪ ♪ overload the road to stardomlike exploding supernovas ♪ ♪ maintain composure lowvisibility violent turbulence ♪ comin’ up for round number two,let’s make some noise for troy vincent.

here he comes with a dropat the big roll tryin’ to getsome speed. nice frontsidesmith grind. frontside nosegrind. comin’ inthe corner pipe, get some speedfor that euro gap. that’s a trade flip. stylish moves right therefrom troy. gettin’ set-upfor the big rail.

frontside lipslide. another frontside smithon the corner. what’s he gotto finish it off? frontside bottle. gettin’ a little pumped upabout your run, huh? last chance. don’t choke. this guy had a tough timeon his first time. come on, tampa,let’s make some noise

all right, derreck,this is it. this isyour last run. you really got to put ittogether right now. looks like he’scomin’ in that corner pipe switchonce again. yeah,nails it! solid switch trayup the ramp. there he goesheadin’ for the centerpiece, linin’ upfor the rail.

this kid’sgot a bangin’ run goin’ so far. here he comesheadin’ for the rail. looks like it’s–oh. can’t quite hang on,that’s all right, derreck. you still gota good run, plenty of time left. you still got some timefor one more trick. trade flipon the stairs

and he nailed it. solid run right therefor derreck cabrera. that’s the kind of runthat’ll put you in the finals. all right, skaters,that’s it for the prelims. top 12 finalistswill be posted that wassick, derreck. -thanks, dog.-no worries. (announcers in background)

i have a perfect run,you bail a trick. qualify first,i don’t even make the finals? man, you didn’ttry anything hard. shut the fuck up,you little rat. who you callin’fuckin’ little rat? who the fuck are you,little girl? -hey, hey—fuck out of my face. this is betweenyou and me. you aren’t in the finalsbecause his ending trick

was betterthan your entire run. shut the fuck upbefore i paddle you. i could give a fuckwho you ride for. leave himout of this! you wouldn’t evenfuckin’ be here in the first placeif it wasn’t for me. whoa, whoa, whoa,easy up, man. can someone get mea fluorescent, pink nipple for my dick so troy herecan feed on it?

keep his mouth busyfrom bitchin’. dude, the little twerpis right. you played it safe,and now you’re payin’ the price. -so, let it go!-it’s not even that. this dude wouldn’t even behere if it wasn’t for me. if he wasn’t heresomebody else would have phasedyou out, man. why you got a problem with himin the first place? he’s my fuckin’ problem.

he’s not tryin’to take your spot. he’s tryin’to make himself one. yo, let this arrogant cocksuckerbe a lesson to you. you didn’t come hereto puss out. troy, you and iare going to get some popcorn and watch our friendin the finals. derreck, man,don’t even worry about it. you got it. all finalists,please head–

wow. your friendsare like girls. yo, my man,let’s go do this. good luck, boys. i’ll see you later. all right, tampa. are you ready? this is the momentyou’ve been waiting for, the finalsof the tampa am!

come on,let’s make some noise for our top12 finalists! we’re going to startthe finals right here,right now. tampa, are you with meon this? all right, skaters. this is how we do itin the finals. you guys allgot two runs. the best run wins.

comin’ out of boulder colorado,qualifyin’ 10th place, make some noisefor t.j. spark. trade flipup the euro gap. goin’ for the rail,kickflip front. oh, and he hangs onto it. next up, from miami, florida,steve otero. qualifyin’ at sixth place,timmy newton. the sex change on the rail,are you kidding me? forget you all.

backside left slide! oh, can’t quite hang on. next up, qualifyingfourth place, let’s hear itfor sean malto! big popon the kickflip up. comin’ switch nowdown the stairs. big switch flipdown the stairs! comin’ up next,one of the top finishers from last year,bring the noise

for eric jones! here he comescoming down the big roll with some good speed. frontside throttlecrossing down the rail. backflip to fakie! that’s timefor eric jones! this kid’s been feelin’ itall day. comin’ up next,our number one qualifier, let’s makesome noise

oh, a frontsidenosegrind. lookin’ stylin’right there. back the other waywith a beautiful backsidelipslide. amazing styleout there. thirteen seconds. windin’ up for something bigdown the rail. oh, man. wow, rockin’the family jewels right there.

-you okay?-oh, that’s gotta hurt. -yeah.-oh, fuck. you need an ice packor something? what, are you gonnaice my balls for me? -ah.-all right, tampa. looks likehe’s all right. let’s give a handto derreck cabrera. all right, tampa, we’re backat the top of the order gettin’ thingsstarted right now

for second runs. comin’ outof boulder, colorado, t.j. sparks. kickflip upthe euro gap. headin’ for the rail. smooth eagle grind. so, uh,how are your balls? pretty sore. yeah, man,i saw that.

looked like it hurt. yeah, i thinki’ll be okay. ♪ now let’s get itall in perspective ♪ ♪ for ally’all enjoyment, a song y’allcan step wit’ ♪ ♪ y’all appointed meto bring rap justice ♪ ♪ but i ain’tfive-0, y’all knowit’s nas, yo ♪ ♪ they shootin’,

ah, made you look ♪ ♪ you a slaveto a page in my rhyme book ♪ ♪ getting’ big money,playboy, your time’s up ♪ ♪ where them gangstas at,where them dimes at ♪ ♪ this ain’t rappin’,this is street hop ♪ ♪ now get up off your asslike your seat’s hot ♪ ♪ my live niggaslit up the reefer ♪ that’s one solid run. skatin’ good all weekend long,let’s make some noise

for our next rider,eric jones! droppin’ inon the big roll and huge kickflipover the centerpiece! kid’s had some solid ridesall day long. he is the manto beat. jumpin’ upon the front side, eagle down the rail. lookin’ stylish. workin’ the corner pipe tranniesright there.

comin’ up nowwith some speed. gnarly backsideup the gap. keepin’ it clean,tryin’ to get a solid runright here. big hard flipdown the stairs. nice, solid ridefor eric jones. what do you say, tampa,make some noise! last trick comin’ upright now. come on, tampa,let’s fire him up!

one big trick,what you got? comin’ full speed,kickflip backside throttle across and down. come on, let’s hear itfor eric jones! without a doubt,that is the run to beat rightthere. -sick run.-aw, thanks, man. so, uh, i thinkyou’re the only one out there who can beat me.

i don’t knowabout that, man. not if it’s anythinglike my last run. comin’ up nextis our number one qualifier, final skater of the contest,let’s make some noise for derreck cabrera! looks like i’m up. at least drop the nacin your run. -you think so?-oh yeah, man. you’ll shockeveryone.

comin’ up next,he’s a first timer up here and makin’ a lot of peopletake notice. final skater upand coming is… this isderreck cabrera! droppin’ inthe corner pipe, comin’ in switchright here. up on the railfor switch crooked grind. pretty clean. and a trickover the rim right there

with a noveltyfrontal flip; never seen thatbefore ever. makin’ up tricksas he goes out here, derreck cabrera. goin’ full speed, nailin’ every trickout there. frontside flipup the gap, land the fake,switch push up. now going forward,

trade flipdown the stairs. derreck cabreragetting’ technical out here. look at this, droppin’in the corner pipe switch, headin’ forthe euro gap. oh, switch tradeup the gap! are you kiddin’ me? looks like we gotthe winning run going right now. oh, what– i don’t even knowwhat that was.

oh, tough breakfor derreck cabrera. that’s gonna be time,let’s hear it for him. -the nac.-okay, tampa. that’s gonna finish itoff out here for the finals. what an amazing weekendwe had. stick around becausewe’ve got tons of pr– oh, wait,he wants one more! crowd, you want to see himdo one more?

come on, tampa,let’s make some noise! he wants to getone more shot. come on, everybody,let’s gather around. let’s get himfired up. come on, crowd,gather around out here. let’s cheer him on! that’s all right, guys,come on in! get up close,front and center. let’s seewhat he’s got.

it’s after time,so this won’t count for the contest. i’ve just been informedby the judges, the trick he’s going foris a 360 flip crooked grind. you have a chanceto be a part of skateboard historyright now. i’ve never even heardof anybody trying a trade flip crookbefore. ♪ i got it ♪

(skateboard whooshing) whoa! unbelievable! that was so close! (applause) derreck cabrera’sgonna go for one more. come on, crowd,who wants to see him make it? one more try,one more try! come on, crowd,let’s hear it!

you’ve got it! one more try! unreal, unbelievable,this is one of the hardest tricksin the history of tampa am. this is what skateboardis all about. it’s about doing ityourself. it’s about makingthe one trick that you’ve beendreamin’ about. he’s concentratin’.

heavy focus right now. got to imaginehe’s gonna roll away from this one. he’s now gettin’his speed set up. lenses are out there. oh, derreck cabrerasticking the trade flip crooks! -(cheers)-unbelievable! it’s insane! you just watchedskateboard history

go down right hereat the skate park in tampa! derreck cabrerathrows it down after timeat the tampa am! i can’t believe it! unreal,360-flip crooked grind! hey, check outthis angle i got! it’s reallyamazing, man. thank you. -congratulations.-yeah, thank you.

yeah, yeah,we’re buddies again! i love you two! (screams) cash, cash,cash! and in fifth place, he might not have wonthe contest, but he definitely hadthe craziest trick, give it upfor derreck cabrera! congratulations,derreck.

that was crazy,right on. give it upone more time! fifth placeright there. derreck cabrera! -good job.-good job, man. guess you’rethe man of the hour, huh? aw, thanks, man. after seein’ that, man,don’t even worry about sendin’in that video.

you’re on the teamif you’re down. no way,hell yeah, i’m down! congratulations, you deserve it,welcome to the team. and the winner,riding for road skateboards, make some noisefor eric jones! good jobout there. let’s hear itfor the winners of tampa am! and one more time,make some noise

for the winners! eric jones! hey, man, that wasabsolutely amazing today. -congratulations.-aw, thanks a lot. man, if you had droppedthe nac in your run, it would have been youtaking this thing home. -come on.-come on, man. maybe next year. yeah,for sure, dude.

all right,well, hey, this weekendwas amazing. you killed it,and i’ll see you around. hey, thank youfor gettin’ me in today, eric. -no worries.-i appreciate that, man. -we gotta go.-all right. i guess i lied. i fell for the songand dance. well, i guessthat makes me a liar too.

fell for the cool girlwith the chuck taylors. what the hellis goin’ on? man, quit tryin’to get your carrot wet and get the fuckin here. let’s boogie. so sorry about that. it’s cool. it looks likeyou got to go. well, did i at leastearn the digits?

it’s alreadyin the phone. well, look at youall slick. you know,it’s just my style. ♪ break our pact ♪ ♪ i’m searchingfor the way back ♪ ♪ but i’m lookingthrough a peep hole ♪ what are you doing? leave me alone! why are you a dork?

well, you owe mea new pair of pants because i bustedout of these when i got that goddamn boneryou gave me. oh, god. ♪ hoppin’over fences ♪ ♪ hoppin’ over,hop hoppin’ hoppin’over fences ♪ ♪ hoppin’ over,hop hoppin’ ♪ if we were in fantasy land,you guys would be naked,

and this wouldbe a botanical garden— and for what? so you can skateboardwith your little friends? fuckin’ ridiculous! this shit ain’tgonna fuckin’ open! okay, back to one. yeah, that’s good. fuck this shit! i cannot believei kept fucking that up.

well then, let’s do another one. i cannot believe– that’s the–i didn’t do it right. they’re just gonnatape the mess. dude, thisis a bus pass for a 92-year-oldgrandma. they’re notgonna look! my god,stickler.

how is sheeven in there? cut! -get a little—why not? you know,wear my speedo. i’ll shave mineif i have to, and i’ll waxmy asscrack. that’s great,i’m glad. i’ll beright back. i feel like i’m in the recordi”studio right now.

♪ i’m feelin’ separated ♪ ♪ push, pull, prattle, indifferences ♪ ♪ the bottom feelin’ ♪ ♪ now wake up ♪ ♪ destructin’ ♪ ♪ toss turn,toss turn, losin’ fastwhile i’m sleepin’ ♪

♪ lie, lie, lie with me ♪ ♪ pretend,pretend, pretend you love me ♪ ♪ i needed separation ♪ ♪ i say if nothing, see it through ♪ ♪ ha, ha, ha, ha ♪

(unintelligible lyrics) ♪ lie,lie, lie ♪ love, love, love, love ♪ ♪ je’taime,je’taime, je’taime ♪ ♪ love me ♪ ♪ pretend,pretend, pretend ♪


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