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the only weapon that you can really compareit to is the erm…erm the rex. witch i think is my next weapon. it’ll be the rex. all rightthe fact that it’s got only 6 bullets in it’s magesinne is really not good. siriesley it is just notgood. and that’s why i miss a lot of shots and i die a lot erm yep. and the reload timefor this weapon is actually 4 seconds flat that means 4 seconds…. just the 4 secondsreload time for this weapon. erm it is pretty

watch full movies online for free

watch full movies online for free, high but it’s a revolver so you know. allright let me tell you something. however if you…if you are a dice dev member, you getaccess to the laser sight and the suppressor both on the magnum witch is pretty damn’s just the’ll be awesome seriously it will be awesome. i donno why they’ve gotit only for dice dev only it’s not good i

just don’t like it. the fact that it’s a dicedev only if you want to get access to this weapon. erm it’s got the 2nd i think the secondbullet velocity witch means the 2nd erm bullet thingy! erm what’s it called the…the…theerm like how the bullets travel like how fast they travel. that’s what velocity means. it’sgot the second highest. the 1st one is m1911 obviously. all right. as you can see i’m losinga lot of gun fights because of the slow rat of fire oh i forgot to mention that the rate…thereload…the rate of fire is 190 rounds per minute. 190 rounds per minute. witch is prettylow for a revolver at least if it was a bit higher it’ll be much better. but it’s allright never mind. mmm that’s our only choice so so yeah. when i… when i…as i said it’sgot 60% damage witch means at close range

you can down somebody in 2 shots or you canget 1 shot headshot kills. yep. witch is predy good. that guy is on a small… see i knewhe was nearly dead that’s why he was running away. all right last time i had… i thinkit was erm time for the erm what’s it called g18 erm i said the damage was 25% per shotand i was wrong about that guys i’m really sorry i just found out now that the damagewas 20% per shot it was not 25 erm witch is kinda disappointing i dunno why the only….dicegave it only 20% damage i dunno why. oh so hard to kill people with the magnum all rightthere is another kill right there. this gun is really good if you…if you’re using yourprimary weapon and the erm it’s … it’s completely dry when the magesine is completely dry andyou… and you switch to your side arm well

the thing is when i switch to my side armi like to shoot before iu aim erm well that’s not the fact with this weapon the fact thatit’;s got a slow reload…reload… time the slow erm what’s it called erm not not slowsmall mag size it really is not a good idea to start shooting withhout aiming you really not… is not a good idea.


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