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flesh and sin die. die with christ, that’s it.rise with christ. that’s it. holy spirit, come.holy spirit come, set her free. die with christ. holy spirit, more.

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watch full movies online, come with your holy spirit.fill me up. just words started coming. thank you, lord! what was i doing?- what?

what was i doing? what you were doing?you were praying in tongues. does it hurt?- no. not at all?- no. in jesus’ name,i thank you. amen. it’s done!hallelujah! …over one monthand she is in shock. it’s jesus. i used to watchthese things on tv

and sometimes i do not believe,but today i do believe because it happens to me. pain, go now. and you can do get all up. it’s good, yeah?- yeah. thank you father. amen.try to feel it. can you feel any difference? seriously, it does not hurt anymore. wow!

god, i thank you for healing. thank you,the pain is going to go. try to feel the head. no!i don’t feel no pain, bro. now the pain is the pain is gone, yes. we, as the church today, are standingin front of a new reformation. a reformation,where we are coming back to what we readin the book of acts. if you look at the church today, it is so different from what we readin the book of acts.

because we have like2000 years of history, where the church has been changedagain and again. we can see that the churchin the book of acts was a living body. it was a body of believerswho were led by the holy spirit. the church was a movement,a disciples’ movement. christianity moved to greeceand became a philosophy. it came to italy andbecame an institution. it came to europe andbecame a culture. it came to america andbecame a business.

if you take a body and makea business out of a body is that not prostitution? and this is what we have donetoday with the church. we have prostituted the churchof christ, the body of christ. because of that, we needto see a reformation, where we go so much deeper. where we are talking about the doctrine,we are talking about the spirit, and we are also talking about the wholesystem, the church system. why we do church the way we do it.

it’s time to go back to whatwe read in the book of acts. god is now bringing usback to the beginning. what a mighty god we serve. angels bow down. heaven and earth adore him. what makes the book of actsthe most unique book of the bible, is that the book of acts isthe only book in the entire bible and all of scripture,that shows us how to actually go outand make disciples.

if you read the gospels thatlead up to the book of acts, what’s interesting is,that even though these books were written at a time,like when they were written, probably about thirty yearsafter the cross, but the time periods coveredare all before the cross. so we don’t see the fullnessof the christian life there because christ hadn’t yet died,he hadn’t yet been buried and resurrected and senthis spirit. so we don’t see in the gospels

how they went outand actually made disciples. the holy spirit hadnot yet been given and plus, we didn’t havethe power yet to go outand be successful doing this. and i think that contributes to a lotof the fear today for those who don’tknow the holy spirit. because jesus told themto go and wait. he says, "when my spirit comes,you will receive power and then you will be my witnesses."

it’s real!it’s really real! amen, it’s real! hallelujah.- she just got healed. amazing, jesus.- thank you, jesus. look at that, she’s walking. i know in many churchesthere is a sign on the church wall where it’s written, ‘jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever.’ we, today as believers,believe that

jesus is the sameyesterday, today and forever. but if he’s the same,the holy spirit is also the same. and if the holy spirit is the same, what we read in the book of actsshould also be the same. by the power of jesus christ, shegets healed right now. this man has just healed this lady. and he’s overwhelmed. it’s done.- it’s done. it is finished. it is finished, with his cry.

i was walking like thisbecause i could not move any faster. what can you do now? sister, do like this. i could not do this.this i could not do. and this i could not do. i would’ve screamed up thewhole place doing that. all glory be to his name. in the book of acts we see thevery early christians, the very earlydisciples of christ.

they were living thislifestyle of discipleship. they were reaching peoplein their homes, on the streets. they met peoplewhere they were at. and the gospel was explodingand spreading to the entire world. thousands and thousandsand thousands of people came to faith in jesus christ and were baptizedand received the holy spirit. but at one point in church history,we see that christianity was institutionalized andsoon became a state religion.

this hierarchy & institutionalized churchwas following us through the reformation where luther, calvinand zwingli came. they were trying to reform and bringus back to the real gospel, back to the book of acts. but they failed. we still have the building.we still have the special priesthood. we still have people meetingin special buildings, on special dates, with a hierarchyand people trying to bring offerings to the churchto gain the favor of god.

luther did not succeed in bringingthe church back to what we read in the book of acts. the bible is the book of life. and it doesn’t becomethe book of life by studying it. it becomes the book of lifeby living it. i command the pain in this handto go, in jesus’ name. try to do it again. it’s gone. what’s this?

in jesus’ name,right now. amen. check it. amen. go, right now, in the name of jesus.try again. bones, i command you to mendright now in jesus’ name. try it out. is it similar to reiki?- no, jesus. jesus, not reiki.- no, no. no energy? god. no, it’s not energy.

thank you, jesus. what do you think aboutwhat just happened? it’s cool.- it’s pretty cool? we are born, put here on earthwith a purpose. that is, to seek and find god. the problem is that wedon’t seek him. because we don’t seek him,we don’t find him. have you heard about jesus? we live 2015 yearsafter jesus christ.

god is real and he called usto be his disciples, jesus’ disciples, to go outand show the world he is real. fifth of april, 1995, i repented. i recognized i have sinnedand gave my life to jesus and a light came into my body andi fell to the floor, and i met god. when you become a born-again christian,the spirit of god comes and lives in you and you get to do the things jesus did. the bible says that we should bedoers of the word and not only hearers.

if we only hear the word and do notdo it, we are deceiving ourselves. we are like a manlooking in a mirror but as soon as we go away,we have forgotten what we saw. sunday after sunday there aremillions of christians who are sitting in church andlistening to the word of god. but as soon as they go away,they have forgotten what they heard. as a pastor,in the last couple of years i started to get really hungry.i would read through the book of acts and i became angry at the waythat i saw things happening

in the book of acts, and i didn’tsee this happening in my church, or in my own life, or with the eldership,or the structure of the church at all. we weren’t just going out& healing people. we would lay hands on peopleand tell them to go home and they’ll get better maybe,in the future, or maybe not. but what i read in the book of actsis that the apostles were going out and theywere just doing this stuff daily. i really felt thatthat’s what i wanted.

so for two years i’ve beenhungry for this stuff, believing that this iswhat i was called to do, but i hadn’t reallybeen able to do it. the church system has to change. we have to stop being a building-focused,sunday service-attending institution. people are sitting in churches,year after year waiting, waiting for that special ministerto come and pray for them saying, now you have the anointing. you can go out and you can dothis or that for god.

or they are just sitting there,hoping that someone will see them,see their talents. and that is not what we see thebible telling us to do. that is not what we seejesus telling us to do. in 1995, i was working as a bakerand i didn’t know anything about god. i didn’t know anythingabout the bible. i was as a young boy in denmark,baptized in the lutheran church. i was confirmed in thelutheran church when i was fourteen. but it was’s tradition for many people today.

one night i looked up in the air and said,"come on god, are you there? if you are there, come and take me.i want to know you." and a short time after,i heard the gospel and the fifth of april, 1995,9:30 in the evening, i repented and i gave everything to jesus. but then i startedto come in a church. and i started to become likethe people in the church. and i thought it was christianity, to

meet god and then come to a churchand sit there every sunday. but i got more and more frustrated. because i was like, "come on, there mustbe more than just going to a church, sitting there two hours every sunday and listening to somebody preaching." and at one time, i started tojust read the book of acts, read about the first christians,how they were living. and they didn’t do the sameas i was doing. they saw how lives got changedwhere they came.

and at that time i was so frustrated,because i had been a christian like many years. but i had never healed the sick,never cast out a demon. i had never led anybody to christ.i had never experienced the life we read about in the first churchin the book of acts. so one day in frustration,i was like, "god, i give you everything.i want to see this life." and then i started to see this life,more and more and more. but the problem wasthat in the beginning

there was nobodywho could disciple me. there was nobody, like jesus didwhen jesus said, "come and follow meand i will make you fishers of men." come and follow me,i will show you how to heal the sick,how to preach the gospel. i will show you, train you, in how you canbe effective in the kingdom of god. nobody did that. but what is different now,is that now we are startingto disciple people.

and if we take what wehave learned and give it to the next generation of disciplesand they continue from there, and then take that and give itto the next generation of disciples, in a very short time,we will have disciples walking around on earth,looking exactly like jesus, doing the same things jesus did.yes, even greater things because he went to the father. i’ve prepared the best for you. yes i have prepared a place of rest.

and in that place:life in abundance. in that promised land… now we will listento a friend of ours, simon ã…dahl. in swedish. sweden rules, man! father, i pray thatwe will take europe, also denmark, and norwayand the whole world for you! i became a christian abouteleven years ago. and i came intothe swedish state church

from a totallynon-christian background. after a while, me and my wife,we moved to another city and we came intoa very big church there. we became leaders in a bigoutreach work there in church. we were supposed to be an examplebut i had never led anybody to christ, i had neverbaptized anybody myself, i had never seen anybody with my own eyeswho i prayed for getting healed. i came to a point whenone night we were out and there came a man to my tableactually, and he asked,

"yeah, i see what you do,i want to become a christian. how do i do it?" and my reaction was,"okay, i pick you up tomorrow and i bring you to church." so i did that.i brought him to church and i brought him to the pastorand the pastor led him to salvation. but that made me react. i understoodthat something was wrong, ’cause i read the bible a lot, i wentto bible school for a couple years i know what the bible saidand i was the one

who was supposedto do these things. i was the one who was supposedto lay hands on the sick and they will recover.i was the one who was supposed to baptize people,and i didn’t do it. something was wrong. i started to think,maybe they are lying, maybe it’s not true,what people are telling me. so i started to go out. every morning i woke upand just prayed to the lord.

and it was raining sometimes,snow, bad weather, i just went out because i wasreally crying out to the lord. i want to know you.i want to have the real life. and one day i was at work and i wasreading a christian newspaper. there was a small note thereabout a danish man who was ina shopping mall in sweden praying for sick peopleand they got healed. and i was like, "what?"i saw this kind of article before but this just took my heart,and i felt that this is god.

so i called him and he answered.he was a normal man like me. we spoke and i told himabout my journey and he thought,this is amazing, we should meet. so i gathered a couple of friendsand we went down to him in denmark. then he asked us,"why did you come to denmark?" we said,"we want to see people get healed." then he said,"okay, in about fifteen minutes you’ll see the first personget healed." i was like, " yeah, yeah."i could not believe this.

how can this be a partof my life? but we went out on the streetsand we came to a gang of people, maybe about 25, 30 years old. one of the girls had a problemwith her knee for many years. he told me to lay my handson her knee and command the pain to go away. i almost blacked out,i was so nervous. and i had no faith, either, i think.i said, okay i do it. so i did it and she like jumped up."what?"

and she got healed. and the whole crowd was like…this rocked my world. i just realized, this is true.this is true. this actually was enough for me. i prayed for one personand then i went by myself. we, as christians, are calledto make disciples. another word we have startedusing is the word ‘kickstarting’. it’s like if you have a motorbikeand you want to start the engine,you kickstart it.

and when that motorbike is startedyou can drive all over the place. in the same way, we as christiansneed to get kickstarted in doing the thingsjesus has called us to. when we, for example, kickstarta christian in healing the sick, we take them out on the streetsand say, "come and follow us." and then we show themhow to do it. and when they have done it one time,they can do it again. you say you have pain all overyour body, most in your legs? yeah.and we’ll pray for it; you’ll see it.

i command all pain,leave right now. be healed right nowin the whole body. i command all pain,leave the body right now. the whole body, right now. i pray for healing right now,in the name of jesus. amen. just move, try to move it. try to feel it. it felt good.- it felt good, yeah? but do you feel the pain now?

no.- it’s gone? yeah. people get surprised. i command this back to betotally restored, right now. bend over like this,try to feel it. and up again.- for real, it is gone. for real.- what? i swear.- i am not making things up. you can feel it. it just went away.- oh, yes. oh, my god. this is growing all over the world.

the last years we have seen hundreds of thousandsof people getting healed. by normal believers,who get kickstarted and start to go outand heal the sick. and those people now startto lead other people to christ. so the last years we have seenthousands of people coming to christ. and this is really powerful. i came to stockholmand met this brother and he was there with a bunch of guys,and his wife was there, too.

and there we went out. he first stoppedthis person who had pain and he placed his hand on this person,and this person got healed. and i was just like,wow, this is amazing! this person got healedand i was like, now it’s not on youtube anymore. i am not watching this on youtube,but now i see it in front of me. it was amazing, seeing the reactionof this person who got healed. the next thing that happened wasthat this lady came

and she had pain in her stomach. this man, that waskickstarting me was like, now it is your time to pray.just place your hand and command the pain to i just placed my hand and i was hesitating,but i placed my hand and just commanded,"in jesus’ name, pain go." i just removed my hand and suddenly,you should have seen the face of this woman.she was like, how did you do that? what?

are you kidding me?- no, we are not kidding. this is true, and that iswhy we do this. no. this is sick. jesus healed you, not me. wow, i have never beenin such a thing before, and my dreams justcame true, right there. this is actuallythe best day of my life. being part of what i have beenlonging for, for such a long time.

so on my way back homei was so filled up with joy. so i was sitting in the busgoing home. when i arrived, i could notjust sit or just like go home. i just went around in the city downtownand i was praying for people and the very same day,and i came across these girls that i prayed for and theygot healed instantly as well. i was like, wow! so this is not something that happenedin stockholm and stayed there. it continues, you know.

ever since then, i wasgoing out every day. every day i was out on the streets andi’ve seen thousands getting healed. it just changed changed the entire me. it’s, wow! move your leg. i do not feel anything. it disappeared? i cannot feel it.- no. i cannot feel it.

is it not strange?- yes. it was jesus who healed you. bend over and try to feel it. it worked, dennis.- try it. try it. how does it feel now?- it feels perfect. all pain is gone?- all pain is totally gone. i swear to god. i was not expecting what we saw,i kinda was… this is supposed to happen. i have seen it happenin videos all the time

but i’ve never been ableto do it myself and i fully expectedthat this is what god does. this is what he uses me for.this is my purpose here. we prayed for one girlwho had some issues with the back. i think she hadsome kind of surgery. pain, go right now.back, go in place right now, in the name of jesus. i don’t know if you feelsomething happening. oh, snap.- wow, something happened.

she got filled with the holy spiritand god met her in a radical way. she was in tears.- she fell down in front of us. fill her up.more, more. the holy spirit is over you,just open your mouth. holy spirit, more, more, more.fill her up. you just got baptized,filled with the spirit. he is there, he is there. this is a new’s a new beginning for you. it’s a new beginning.

god, we thank you for freedom.god, we thank you for a new beginning. her family that was with her,her sister-in-law and her kids, were just totally at peace;like everything’s normal, and people walking by,"what’s going on?" and i just remember thinking, this is so cool, what’s happeningto this girl right now. she had no idea what wouldhappen that day. she got back up and you couldtell she was a different person. god had changed herfrom the inside out.

i’m okay, lillia, i’m okay. this is good.- way more than okay. way better than just okay. god, he wants to be alive.he wants to show us and show who he is to us. and see, this is god.this is outside here. not in a fine church,but god is there and he wants to be partof our life. he wants to be part of your life.

then we moved on from there. then we prayed fora guy named danny. right, first we asked foranother guy if he had any pain. he said, "no."and then danny came. right. we asked a gentlemanon a bench if we could pray. he said, "no, no, no, i’m okay."and a guy named danny said, "oh, my back really hurts."- "for how long?" "for ten years."actually it was five years that this man’s back hurt.and so we said,

"okay cool, well let’s sit you down."and we sat him down and his one leg was longer thanthe other by about half an inch. leg grow, loosen and growright now in the name of jesus. there it is.- yeah, whoa, there is movement. did you feel that?- and it moved in your hands. something poppedwhen it came out. danny, try to stand upand feel your back now. that is pretty good.- is it gone? yeah.- fifteen years, and it’s gone.

yeah, well five.- oh, five years, and it’s gone now. what did you experience?- i don’t know, i felt it’s good. this is the first timehe does this. that was awesome, and whilelooking for more people we decided to go get some ice cream. we went in and you talked tothe lady behind the counter. there was a womanbehind the counter and she asked what we were doing,where we were from, and so we explained to her,"oh, we’re going around and praying.

i am from houston and weare with people from all over and we’re praying for peoplewith sickness or pain." she said, "really?"i told about danny. she said, "oh my gosh,i want to meet this guy." i thought she meant danny,who got healed. "i don’t know where he is, sorry." she said, "whenever he comesback to pray, you let me know." in my mind, i thought,"that was me! i’m right here." so, yeah i’ll come back,just a minute.

and she came around thecounter and took off her shoe. "it is this ankle."she opened up and i continued praying for got better and better. i turn around and thereare 4 or 5 people saying, "i have pain.""could you pray for me?" how is it?- what are you doing? it wasn’t me, man.- i was in pain. i’m not lying. is it gone completely?

come on, jump, jump!- i can do it now. what are you doing? jesus.- it’s jesus. go down, go down, go down! when could you do that last time? in the military.- ten years ago? yeah, ten years ago.- so you couldn’t do this for ten years? no. every time i can’t. come on!- no, i know it feels good. sit in the chair.see if you can do this quick as usual.

and then stand up. if this is god, then…i love you. it is god! ten years you havenot been able to do that. no, i haven’t;i’ve been in pain, always going to thedoctors, in & out. but jesus is the great doctor.he is the highest and he is there. he is. amen. what is wrong with you?- my arm. you cannot lift ithigher than that? no.

how long have you had that?- like six weeks. so in six weeks you have notbeen able to do like this. be loosened right nowin the name of jesus, right now. you got it! you got’s yours, keep it. before you could get to hereand it would hurt, right? moving better, yeah? it’s good.- up with your hand! give me five.

you feel good? now we know what it’s like.yeah. so we get to go back to houstonand go find parks and stores. when we eat pizza somewhere…that’s not off-limits for god. yeah, it is like a redheadgrowing up in asia thinking, "i feel like there has to be morein life. everybody is the same." and then going to ireland. "there is, there really is!there are people like me!" that is how i feel, like,"oh, this is life, okay good."

that is what i wanted,and now i can go and do that. yeah, so we are excitedto go back and i just feel like… man! my neighbors, the people, they haveno idea what is about to hit them. because i get it now, i can do this.god, i can absolutely do this. we’re living inreally exciting times in europe, we’re beginning to see a reenactmentof the book of acts in our times. we’re seeing that peopleare going out with the gospel, with the demonstrationof the kingdom. and it is oftena very clear gospel message,

about turning awayfrom one’s sins, and part of the package is actually baptism and being filledwith the holy spirit. so often in our church systemsthey are separated. but what we are seeingmore and more, it’s coming togetherinto one stream, like it was in the book of acts. so there’s no waiting. so when somebody repentsand expresses faith in jesus,

they are takenwherever there is water. and it can be anywhere;it can be a lake, it can be in a rainwater tub,it can be in a bath, or wherever. people are baptized immediately and at the same time,also filled with the holy spirit. the first words thatcame out of jesus’ mouth, were, "repent, the kingdom of god is near." and we are calledto preach repentance today. and it’s like that part has been lostin the church today.

we are talking about faith,but we do not talk about repentance. they are almost afraidto talk about sin. but we are calledto talk about sin. we are called to preach repentance. we have to say what sin is. we have to say that those people who continue in sin,are going to die. we have to talk about sinbefore we talk about that jesus was the lamb of god,who came to remove our sin.

because if we don’t talk about sin,what should people then do with jesus? where are you going?- i go with god, to heaven. why?- because… are you a good person?- yeah. have you ever lied?- yeah. have you ever stolen anything? downloaded something without paying?- yes. have you had sex outside of marriage? these are threeof the ten commandments.

how many shall i go through? it’s all about how we compareourselves to each other. of course, if you compare yourselfto people around you, you can thinkyou are a good person. the question is not if youthink you’re a good person. the question is,are you good enough? the bible says, if you have justdone one of the sins, you are guilty of them all. it’s not like in other things,like it’s okay if you weigh

and you have bad deedsand the good… it is not like is guilty or not guilty. if you have once broken the law,you are guilty of breaking the law. if we talk about god,no person can ever come to god, come to heavenby our good deeds. it is not possible. and i have always thoughti was a good person because, yes, i have beenfighting a little too much, i have been drinking too much.i have been doing things, but…

this person and this personis much worse than me. so my problem was that i comparedmyself to people around me, instead of comparing myselfto the one i am going to standin front of one day. i believe we have to get backto what the bible shows us. repentance isn’t so muchfeeling sorry about our sins and what we’ve done and how we’ve violated god’s word,in the sense of ourselves. being sorry is not true repentance.

it’s part of it,but it is not the full story. we see pharaoh in the old testamentwith the israelites in egypt. he was sorry. he proclaimed,"oh, i have sinned against god." so he confessed his sin, but hedid not turn away from his sin. neither is it just remorse. a lot of people say that,"you see, they’re really sorry; they’re cryingbecause they have true remorse." judas in the new testament,he had remorse. he was so remorsefulthat he actually committed suicide,

but he did notturn away from his sin. when we read the bible, we cansee that god brackets repentance with forgiveness, rather than forgivenesswith faith in jesus. and i think, looking at it inthe latter part, we often think that with faith in jesus, godautomatically forgives us our sins. and as you read the bible,you discover that’s not the case. let’s imagine you and meplay chess together. i move, and then it’s your turn.

i want to see you move. my turn. your turn. am i now allowed to do this?move one there, and one there. am i allowed to move two times?- no. why? because there are rules. and the rules are that you moveone time, then i move one time. when it comes to god,you have sinned. you have done somethingthat’s wrong and because of that,you are divided from god.

you can not have fellowship with godbecause of our sin. our sin causes that godcannot have fellowship with us. god is looking at you and says, "i don’t want to punish you,but i am holy, so i need to do it." "but at the same time, i wantto give you a chance to get forgivenessand get a relationship with me, so i sent my son, jesus,to die for you." so it’s like this. you have sinned and brokethe commandments of god.

that’s why we are livingwithout fellowship with god. we are living our own life,divided from god. god looked down on you and said,"i don’t want to judge you, i want to forgive you, so i sendmy son, jesus, to die for you." whose turn is it now?your turn. god wants to forgive.he wants to set you free. he wants to give you a new lifeand heal through you. he wants to do those things,but he says, "move, it is your turn!"he is waiting for you to do it.

but as soon as you say, i repent,and receive that forgiveness. as soon as you do this,god is like, "i’m going to forgive you." it is so importantto understand, because there’s so many people…i had that at one time. like you, i believedthere was a god. but in my mind, in my universe,"okay, when it’s time, he will come to’s up to him. he’s great. he can doit when he wants to." and i moved the responsibilityfrom me over to him.

a true deep repentancerequires action. it’s not just a word; it’snot just something that we think. true repentance isnot only realizing that you have sinnedagainst a holy god, but that you thenconfess your sins to him, you are remorseful to him, and you turn awayfrom that sinful life and you start living his life. the word for repent in the bibleis the word ‘metanoia’

which means to ‘again think’. and god wants us to think again. about our livesand how we’ve lived. if we will have a rethink about godand how our sins affect him, then god will also have a rethinkabout what he thinks about us. and if you confess your sinand get it out in the light, you experience forgiveness. but if you keep it close,every time you take a step toward the light,satan is going to say,

"but remember, but remember…"- yes, that’s what he does. but now it’s have confessed it. you have said it to me;you have said it. be led by the holy spirit; maybe youshould say it to the whole world. i don’t know what,but there is forgiveness. people need to hear this.there is freedom. there’s so many girlsgoing through it, so many women. and they have done exactly the same, carried it around,thirty, forty, fifty years.

this is not where freedom is. freedom is what youexperience, right now. i came today, seeking godfor the gift of tongues. and for anything else in my lifethat i may need deliverance from. and over this weekend,god has delivered me and blessed mewith the gift of tongues, and washed me with water baptism. i’ve been livingfor over thirty years with shame and embarrassment,as a secret…

that when i was in my twenties i had an abortion. and each and every dayfrom that day forward, the devil has had his way with me. so i’ve been seeking god, too,as i was watching torben’s videos. telling god,i can’t do it anymore. pleading, asking,wanting to know if he had forgiveness for me. and then it came that heled me to come here this weekend.

and i felt led to speak with torben, that god had something to saythrough him to me. so, i was given the opportunityby god to be freed. delivered from this pain. over thirty years, i am free.thank you, jesus. thank you. be free. …that when i was in my twenties…god help me… he has! i had an abortionand ever since that day, god has tried totell me it’s okay,

but the devil just hadthat greater hold on my life. he just kept hanging onand hanging in. i remember the dayit happened like yesterday and i feel the pain the same. it’s a new’s a new start. are you ready to getbaptized to jesus christ to wash away your sins?- yes. so, on your own faith,we baptize you to jesus christ. die with christ.up with christ.

yay! free! yes! come, let’s pray for you. god, we thank you for elizabeth.god, we thank you for your freedom. and when she confessed that, another woman came upand confessed the same sin. and suddenly, her testimony already brought life andforgiveness to another.

and that woman, there,got baptized in water and she experienced that freedom. later we were at a meetingwith eighty people, where she explainedhow she had done that, and it was sin, with the abortion,but jesus had forgiven her her sins. when she confessed that,and shared that testimony at a meeting with eighty people, out of that meeting, there cametwelve women to her afterwards confessing the same.

and here we see the powerin confessing sins, the power of baptism in water,and what the gospel is all about. "he who believes and is baptizedshall be saved," jesus said. what’s really interestingabout water baptism is that… i believe that throughtime and tradition today, we look at a sacramentvery different than what the bible shows usa sacrament really is. often we look at a sacrament as anoutward sign of an inward reality. and what’s interestingabout that definition

is that it takes the spiritualand the physical and it completely separatesthese two things. and as a result,we only see baptism as something that’sjust ceremonial and has no connection withanything in the spiritual realm. in other words, it’sjust like a confirmation of something that’salready taken place in the spirit. but baptism is very,very different from that. what we’ve discovered,is that baptism

is not somethingthat’s just sacramental, as far as being an outward signof an inward reality. we’re seeing that whenyou go into that water, the spirit of god is touching that. and when the physical and thespiritual connect in water baptism, god does something miraculous. what’s interesting is thatwater baptism is two things. it’s both a bath and a burial. and to have a bath,you have to be dirty!

so, what does that mean? it means that a personwho’s getting baptized needs to acknowledgetheir sins before god. and in that sense, baptismand repentance go hand in hand. it’s turningand coming in faith. and the requirement for baptism,what god wants us to bring, is repentanceand faith in jesus christ. a person comes,dead in their sins, and what happens iswe take that person,

who’s coming in his sins,bringing proof of repentance, and then we baptize him. so when that person comes out,they are brand new and clean. i tell many people that we meet, water baptism isn’tjust a clean start off. it is a brand new,clean life to start. let it out, let it out.more, more. glory, glory. thank you, jesus. thank you, jesus.

praise your name. thank you, jesus. how do you feel? i was feeling like somethingwent out of… welling up; it’s the living waterthat’s welling up inside of you and god is releasing thatthrough your mouth. claudio, you are a brand new man.- amen. you feel good?- yeah. this is justthe beginning, claudio. this is just the beginning.- yes.

god’s given you this gift now. there’s gonna be times where youmay not know what to pray for. and now you can goin faith and pray. you know what’s great aboutpraying in tongues is that i can concentrateon other things while praying because my mind is not praying. i’m just letting my mouthmove by faith. and the spirit intercedesthrough us. so god just used you.

the spirit came inand intercedes through you. it’s beautiful.- amen. thanks, god. isn’t god good?- yes. he’s great.- yes, he is. i’ve learned something today. the power of water baptismunto jesus. it is no longer like a symbol,like most churches might believe, like i used to believe,because that’s all i knew. i just thought it was somethingyou just go through

with a sprinkle or whatever. but there’s so much power when you truly believewhat it’s all about. about the death, the burial,the closure, the old man, the nature is gone,and a new man comes up. as i’ve learned today,do you believe in jesus as yourlord and savior? yes, i do. well, the old man goes under,you die, and a new man arises.

and as soon as he came upout of the water, he said something left him. a great weight left him andno longer had any hold on his life. and immediately he receivedthe baptism of the holy spirit. and this brother was so broken,he was sobbing. he was just holding his was so precious to see. it was so precious to seewhat god was doing in his life. and all he could do was just weepin the presence of god. and for me, just to seewhat god had…

he drove, i guessthree, four hours to get here because this is what he wanted. and that thing that wasattacking him all this time no longer has power over him,and he is free. he is totally free. and i am truly now i have learned that there is somethingto water baptism, there is somethingto repentance, there is something to havingthe baptism with the holy spirit. all three things are needed.

and that has trulychanged my life. and now i preach that messageuntil the day i die. because i have experienced it,and it was one of the most powerful demonstrations of god’s lovethat i have ever seen. the reason why i believewe’re seeing this happen now is because whenthat old man dies, demons lose their gripand their grab. they can no longertorment a dead man. because the old man dies.

and when you comeout of that water, you’re somebody brand new. there’s a new manwearing your old clothes. when jesus waswalking here on earth, he was preaching repentance. and then he was teaching thatpeople need to be born again, out of water and spirit. but he could not, at that time,baptize people in his name. he could not baptize peoplewith the holy spirit.

but after the cross,when peter stood up on pentecost, we hear the full gospel forthe first time, when peter said, "repent, get baptized for theforgiveness of your sins, and you will receivethe holy spirit." okay, you kneel down and you say,"i baptize you to jesus christ" and make sure he goes down. freedom! freedom!go! go! freedom! freedom! come! leave! go! go! go!

i command you, spirit go!right now! come out! go! in the name of jesus,i command this spirit, go! leave him, right now! out! out!go! in the name of jesus, i commandevery demon, go, right now! go! right now!come out! i command this demon, go!go, right now! demon, go! i command every demon,leave him right now!

lie, go! come out!more, more. let it go! i command you, demon,in the name of jesus, come out! get out! more!go! go! go! in the name of jesus,i command the last thing to go! go! in the name of jesus,every demon, come out! right now!leave him! leave him! fill him up! fill him up! more!freedom! freedom! this is real. thank you.

this is real! if you want to read a book aboutthis, i want to recommend a book. maybe you have heard about it.the name of the book is the bible. this is whatwe read in the bible. he got set free and thenthe holy spirit took over. it’s not just a picture;it’s real. and if this is real in the bible,what about the rest? every word is real,from the beginning to the end. hallelujah!

my friend! i still rememberclenching my fists, and i rememberbanging on the water, and then i was reallyyelling out loud, and then there was a commotion,something happening. i didn’t know it was me.i didn’t know what was happening. i had my eyes closed,and then i opened my eyes, and i was in a different positionto where i was before. i was looking,and torben was over there,

and i was facing this way, andbefore, i was facing the other way. i didn’t quite understand why. and then there wassome more commotion. the last thing i rememberwas torben saying, "demons, get out." it was peaceful then;it just calmed down. there was quietness and silence. i can remember looking upand there were loads of people with all their cameras out.

many people looked at me and it was likei was in a bit of a shock. like coming out of a surgeryand everyone’s there. in terms of howi can explain it, through my lifeand my experiences, there’s not anythingthat’s close to this. but the best thing i havefrom my experience is it’s like havinga tooth taken out. i knew there wassomething in there

when this commotion was going on,that had no right to be there. it’s like now thatthat tooth has come out, and there’s nothing has come out. gone. and there’s like new skin there. when you haveyour tooth taken out, you want to get your tongueand you want to touch it. you just creep your tongue overto where the tooth has come out, to feel what it is like,and it was like that. there was somethingnew and young there,

where this tooth had been. and i’m happy i’m free,thanks to jesus christ. as soon as people get baptized,i start to pray for them for deliverance because nowthey have died with christ, they have risen up with christ,so now satan has to leave them. and it’s really strongto see deliverance out there as part of baptism. and it was so many people came and saw it and suddenly there was a multitudeof 150, 200 people looking on.

right after he got set free,he got baptized with the holy spirit and spoke in was really powerful. then we were supposed to baptize the rest of his family: his sonand his daughter, and his wife. when they came down inthe water, ready to get baptized, god did something amazing. we read in the gospels today that jesus got baptizedin the river jordan. we read the bit when the heavens opened

and the holy spiritcame down like a dove. me and lauren,we were just saying, "shall we pray that somethinglike that happens today? that we see a sign in the skywhen we get baptized?" so when we got baptized, i was in the waterwaiting to get baptized, and i heard people inthe crowd saying, "look up!" and i turned and i looked up andsaw ‘real’ written in the sky. and it was like my prayerhad been answered

as i was about to get baptized. everybody pointed and said,"look, look up!" and up in the sky,there had just been an airplane writing in the sky, ‘real’. and it was in the same timethat i was praying for her husband and he got delivered,and i had been saying, "this is real.this is not a picture." "if this is real. everything weread in the bible is real." and suddenly we saw it,in the sky,

that god had written, ‘real’. real torben, look up!- yeah, i have seen it. yeah, i see it. we started to preachthe gospel afterwards and many more peoplerepented and got saved that day. instead of just baptizing eightpeople as we were supposed to, we baptized morethan thirty people. because people whosaw what happened,

saw how peoplegot delivered from demons, saw how theyreceived the holy spirit, they also repentedfrom their sins and came and got baptizedand experienced the same. the demonic world is so’s very real. i have seen glimpsesof it in churches when evangelists had come,or so-called "men of god" had come, people who walk in authority. they pray for peopleand see them manifest.

but i had never seen it happenfrom my own hand. the first real experience i had and probablythe biggest experience is when my wife and ibaptized someone for the first time in our home. this person, she was involved innew age: reiki healing, tarot card reading, crystals,a lot of new age things. we baptized her and if we hadjust left it at that like a normal church service,we would have smiled,

given her a certificate andhad a cup of coffee afterwards. but we continued topray for her, and pray for her, and after about two minutes,the demons started to manifest. and one after one, they manifestand we cast them out. and it was the most real,the most radical experience, that i’ve ever had. it opened my eyes upto the battle. this is a fight. we are not just asked,we are not told it’s a good idea, but we are commanded by jesusto cast out demons.

we’re given the responsibilityto set people free in jesus’ name. why is there a fight going on?because satan don’t like it. but now we are goingunder water and then she’s going to come upand you are going to see a freedom. you are going to seea freedom and a new life. just kneel down.don’t be afraid. kneel down. just kneel down.- i cannot. no, you can, you can. in the name of jesus,you can, you can.

it’s a new life.satan is a liar. satan is a liar. he has been lyingand he don’t want you to give everything overto jesus christ. because when you give yourselfover, he will set you free and satan is going to loseand he don’t want this. you can. my knees don’t want to bend. go down, in the name of jesus. she wants to, but her kneesdon’t want to bend.

she cannot get down.there is a fight going on. in jesus’ name,god, we thank you. just go down, in the name of jesus,just go down. down, down, just go down,in the name of jesus. in the name of the name of jesus, go down. go down, go the name of jesus, go down. are you ready to get baptizedto jesus christ? so on your own faithwe baptize you to jesus christ. just go down. die with christ.up with christ.

freedom! freedom! satan, go!leave her! leave her, right now! come out! come out!leave him! go! come out! go!right now! loose! loose! go! go! in the name of jesus,i command this religious spirit, go, right now,in the name of jesus! go! last thing, go! go! go, in the name of jesus! go! right now!

go! go! get out, in the name of jesus!get out! go! right now! come out! every anger, every fear,go right now, in the name of jesus! come out! right now!get out! get out now! come out, right now! i command you, go! go! go right now!freedom! right now! let it go!

i command this demon, go! i command this spirit to go! get out! get out! just now! go, in the name of jesus!go right now, in the name of jesus! get out right now! go! go! i command every demon,leave him right now! come out! go, right now in jesus’ name! come out!come out, right now!

go! go!go, in the name of jesus! i command every spirit, leave him.right now! right now! come out! get out! get out!get out right now in jesus’ name. come out! come out! hallelujah. can you experience a freedom? you are free. how is it?- it’s great, thank you! come on, a new life.

come on, can you see it?i love it! come on friends, can you see it? this is the power in baptism. repent from your sins,towards jesus christ. it is a battle.but satan has lost. jesus is alive. a new life, a new life. freedom.- yes. praise the lord.praise jesus.

thank you that you are filling her up.thank you, thank you. amen! you got the holy spirit.- yeah. he has never spokenin tongues before now. powerful! we have seen so many people got delivered from sinin baptism. we have seenschizophrenic people get delivered from demonsin baptism.

we have seen peoplewith eating disorders get delivered in baptism. we have seen sick peopleget healed in baptism. we have seen many peoplewho were not able before to receive the baptismwith the holy spirit. but when theygot baptized in water, the holy spirit came over themand they started to speak in tongues. it is real. i tell you, it is real. i don’t know how to explain it,but the spirit of god came

and i was really baptized in thespirit. i really spoke in tongues. i’m going to prayand you are going to help me. what is your name?- kathy. kathy has anxiety and she also wantsto get baptized with the holy spirit. we just met and i talked about baptismwith the holy spirit and how it is. god, i believe in you. i believe in you, jesus. i repent.

and i ask you, set me free from every anxiety and come with your holy spirit. fill me up. baptize me. right now. in the name of jesus. the bible is clear thatthere is always a sign

when people receivethe baptism with the holy spirit. in the book of acts, chapter 8,we can read about philip, how he came to samariaand he preached the gospel. and people received the messageand they repented and they got baptizedin water to jesus christ. but at that timethey had not yet received the baptismwith the holy spirit. so when the apostlescame, they saw that they have not received thebaptism with the holy spirit.

so they laid their hands on them and they received the baptismwith the holy spirit. you don’t readright there what happened, but you know there was a sign. why?because there was a guy, simon. simon, he saw howthe holy spirit was given by the hands of the apostles. and when he saw that,he wanted the same power, that those people on whichhe would lay his hands

would also receivethe holy spirit. now we start to speakin tongues, when i say, "now" just say the first wordsand let it out. now. holy spirit, freedom. freedom, right now. freedom, right now.freedom, freedom. freedom, right now.come with your strength, right now. strength, strength.

yeah, it’s cool, isn’t it?i had mine done yesterday. he got baptized withthe holy spirit yesterday and you, today. i have never spokenin tongues before. how? it just came?- yeah. how was that? that was awesome;that’s crazy amazing. try to imagine thathere in the middle of the street. that’s awesome, thank you.thank you so much.

you go and tell othersnow about this. i have always felt that if thereare two camps; if you go to one camp they onlytalk about miracles, miracles. that didn’t seem to makea lot of sense to me for the simple reason thatif jesus only wanted to help us with miraclesand healing my physical body, and that’s all he wanted to do, then it kind of contradictsthis whole aspect of god promising to give us believersa new body one day.

but at the same time, if i goto the other side of the camp and i say miracles are not fortoday, it’s only the word of god, then it contradicts scripture because the scripture says thatthe word will come with power and he’ll confirm it with power. so where is that middle road? and the middle road is foundin the word of god, where there isa balance of both; where we want the word of god

to come togetherwith the power of god and actually make atransformation in people’s lives, where people will truly beconvicted by the holy spirit, experience a new life,repent, turn from sin, not just confess sin,but forsake sin, receive the power of god, be baptized in water,speak in tongues, and operate on aday-to-day basis with the power of god in you

or rather, in the temple,which is us. for years, i just goofedaround with religion. then i moved awayfrom it completely, and then there was this hungerto come back to it. and as i came back, i realizedthere were areas in my life where i was shut downin unbelief. that doesn’t happen for today;that was only in jesus’ time, or that’s only meant for a few people. then i read the bibleand it says,

"these signs will followthose who believe." and i’m saying," i am a believer,why is it not happening?" and what we need isto stir each other’s faith. if i have a team of peopleand all doing the same thing, i get encouraged in my faith. the same with you now. today you have agift of a language. if you don’t use that gift,guess what will happen? it will fall away.

what will happen if youhave this in you now and you are not goingto read your bible? you will throw it all away. cultivate it;make it your lifestyle. make god the center of your life and do what we are doingto your friends. think of anyone you know,any one of your friends. call them and tell themwhat happened. share your testimonyand then you pray for them.

believe that when you put yourhand to pray, i am talking with confidence. guesshow long have i been doing this? since yesterday.- today. today is my first day healing people. i am praying for healing today. now just imagine,all that church junk we learned, and i could never do anything. and now with the powerof god in us, you can do it right now,and actually

look for somebody, pray for themand you will have a healing. that’s the power of jesus christ.he is amazing! come on, all come what’s happening. you will see whatgod is going to do. is that awesome?- yeah. who wants to come first,who has got a problem? no, no, really.- you have got blisters, right now. okay.- you have got pain in the ankle? no, on my foot,i have got blisters everywhere. healed, in jesus’ name. how do you feel?move your leg. oh, my god. no, i don’t feel anything.- really? on a scale of one to ten,do you feel any pain? only two.- okay, let’s pray again. bones, come into healed, in jesus’ name. i don’t feel anything.that’s crazy. it is!isn’t jesus awesome?

he is amazing, isn’t he?- i love him. thank you so much.- are you sure? you are not just saying this to please me?- no, i am being legit. i can actually walk.- fantastic. walk and show me. come on. no pain at all?fabulous. praise jesus, praise him.who is the next? i have joint pains in my knee. right.- yeah. how long have you had it for?

it started about the middle oflast year and it comes and goes. what would you sayis the pain level now? can you feel any pain? when i put pressure on it. okay, let’s pray. knees, joints be healed,in jesus’ name. move it nowand see how you feel. just move it around. that’s a bit funny.

it was there two seconds agoand now it doesn’t hurt. at all? completely? at all. i’m puttingpressure on it. if i put pressure on itnormally i feel like… is it completely gone?- yeah. praise god for that. you know how thishealing happened? by the power of jesus. it’s jesus that does it, not me.

i am not any special person;i am just a messenger. anyone else has got anything?come on. i recently recoveredfrom a sprained ankle and still get painevery now and again. do you have it right now?- a little bit. move it around and seewhat kind of pain you have. yeah, i have got pain.- okay. ankles, be healed,in the name of jesus. move your ankle.- that feels weird.

come on, walk a little bit. that’s so…- isn’t he amazing? i am as amazed as you,because you know what? i am a new christian.i have just been baptized in water. i have just receivedthe baptism of the holy spirit. i spoke in a foreign language,just like the bible says. then the bible says,go out and heal people. don’t listen to the religiousdenominations of christianity. that’s all rubbish.that’s all religion.

true followers of christdo what jesus tells us to do, and that’s what we do. we are simple, ordinary people, just going out andlistening to what jesus says. how much do you knowabout the holy spirit? and baptism with the holy spirit?- he intercedes for me. have you heard about speaking in tongues? i have; i have seen itwhen i was younger but i got really scared,so i wasn’t sure what it was,

with very little understandingabout the bible and how the holy spirit works. it was kind of hard for meto understand, but in the church that i go toi have not seen it happening yet. in the book of acts, chapter 19,you read about paul, how he came to ephesus,where he met some believers. he did not ask themwhich church they attended, because this is not important. he asked them,

"did you receive the holy spiritwhen you believed?" and those believers had not yet got baptized in waterin the name of jesus christ and they had not yetreceived the holy spirit. so paul, there baptizedthem to jesus christ and when he then laidthe hands on them, they all received the holy spiritand started speaking in tongues. freedom. freedom. more. more freedom. freedom, right now.

god, we thank you for your love.we thank you for your freedom. thank you holy spirit that you arefilling her up. you are filling her up. never the same, never the same. how are you? you felt that… god… you have never experienced that? i will never be the same. and there in that mall,i laid the hands on her and the holy spiritcame over her.

she had never experiencedthat before. she was so touchedby the holy spirit, so we decided to go outsideto talk and pray a little more. outside, when i prayed for her,a demon started to manifest. i command this spirit,go right now! i command this,leave her, right now! there is freedom.there is freedom. come out! go! freedom, right now.freedom, right now.

go!go, i command this spirit, go! go! go! right now! go! leave her! leave her!right now! leave her! in the beginning, i did not knowexactly what i was praying for, but then god revealed it to me. he showed me a sin in her lifethat she had done. when i told her that,she broke down crying and said, "how did you know,how did you know this? can god forgive me?"

there, outside that mallthat young girl met god. it was so at one point, there came three guardsrunning out and she said, "go away, go away,i want to talk with them. i want to talk with them." and that day, that girl met god. later in the afternoon, she cameand we prayed for her and she got baptized with theholy spirit and spoke in tongues. it was very emotional.and when he was praying for me,

i have never mentioned itto him before but he did tell methat i reminded him of someone who was goingthrough the same thing. and that’s when i knew that god wanted to tell me that daythat he has forgiven me. even though, i didn’t wantto forgive myself because i thought there isno forgiveness for such thing. but that day, god used torbento let me know that he loves me and he forgave mefrom what i have done.

and he has allowed meto experience that. i will never forget it andi will never be the same again. can you tell about yesterday and then what happened today?- yeah. sorry, i’m just really happy.i thought about it yesterday. it really is his wayof telling me. because i was tiredof looking for answers and i could notfind it anywhere. there was alwayssomething inside me.

yesterday it was finalized for meand i am just really happy for it. so today i got baptized. i felt really great after. it’s something that i have beenthinking of doing before but i thought that there arethings i have to do first before i can do it.i have to talk to a pastor, have a couple of seminarsor something like that, so, on your own faithwe baptize you to jesus christ. god, we thank you for maria.

we thank you for everythingyou have done, god. thank you for whatyou did yesterday and today. thank you for what youare going to do in the future, god. it’s so amazing, how godreally answers prayers and how he can give you,in his perfect time, the things that youneed to learn and the things you needto know about his love. i was actually prayingthe night before i met torben. i was praying that night on thehighway while i was driving.

i was praying that i would havethis desire in my heart to know him and to reach outand just give everything to him, but i didn’t knowwhere to start. i felt like i’ve ran away so farthat… he’s not there anymore. but yesterday heanswered my prayer and he made me realizethat he was there the entire time. he was right there, when iwas grieving, when i was depressed. depression got me big. but i’m still here and i’ma representation of his love.

i really think that whenthe church comes back to a true baptism,the true gospel: repent, turn to christ. be baptized for theremission of your sins. die with christand rise with christ and be filledwith the holy spirit. that would change this world. what we see in the book of acts is an organic, dynamiclife with god

that is not based on hierarchy. it’s not based on programsor projects. it’s peoplewho are following jesus. as we are living thebook of acts, we are now seeinghow that plays out in life. and now, when we look intothat perfect mirror of god’s word, where it says,"the word became flesh." it’s happening in our own lives. so it’s like, we are now looking atourselves when we read scripture.

i see peoplewho are fed up with structure. i see peoplewho are fed up with traditions. i see people who will notaccept anything but the truth. almost every christian in the worldwants to see a revival. but my pictureof revival was like, some angels from heaven will come,or a light, and everyone gets started and just wake up,and then we have the revival. but, what we see today is thatwhen all christians on this planet get activated, start doingthe things the bible says

we are going to do:go out, heal the sick, preach the gospel, lead peopleto christ; then we have the revival. i believe that the revival has been heresince jesus came 2000 years ago. i truly believethis is the last reformation, the last reformationof the church. this stuff is real. it’s can do it. it’s just a caseof going out there and start working on the street. we hide a lot of stuffin the church

and there is a lot ofbondage in the church, but we need to get out thereand be doing it, on the edge. god is real and he called us tobe his disciples, jesus’ disciples, to go out and showthe world he is real. it’s really real, y’all! if this is real in the bible,what about the rest? real. this is real.we are living in the last days, where god is bringing his churchback to the truth,

back to the real lifewe have been longing for. the real life we have beenreading about in the book of acts, where the holy spirit is leading. this is happening, and it’shappening all over the world. so let us keep the focus,let us continue making disciples and let jesus build his church. i believe it’sthe last reformation and this is just the beginning. do you still remember the wordi spoke to you?

do you still remember the dreami gave to you? time passes and the calendar’sfilled up. but one is necessary,spend time with me. wake up, my people. soon, i’m coming back. one is necessary. spend time with me. i’m guiding you. if you want to be my disciple,

you must deny yourselfand lay your own dreams down. follow me, no matterwhat the cost is. then you will get eternal life. do you have time for me? to seek my kingdom, to seek my face. i want to speak to you. i want to lead you step by step. i’m calling you.

will you follow meno matter what the cost is? i’m calling you. i’m calling you. subtitles by: mark sheats, robbert dam,therese visconti & lourens akkerman. subtitles by the community


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