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greetings sir.- greetings. greetings sir.- greetings. please take your seat. our cm chandrasekhar reddy is on liveshow here answer your questions.. what’s your name?where are you calling from? greetings chief minister!- greetings.

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watch hd movies online free, i’m vipin from kounthure- tell me. sir, you came to my placeduring elections. its 2 years 6 monthssince elections. you haven’t yet come to our place.

does your place have current?- we do sir. any water problem?- no sir. have new roads been laid?- yes sir. there was a big ditch near oldpost office, is it still there? has it been covered?- covered sir. earlier only one bus plied four buses are plying. yes or no?- yes sir. what if l come to your place or not? i’ll come again to seek your votes.

if this continues, even if you don’tcome, i’ll vote for you, sir.- good! how do you remember theold post office in his place? i’ve walked all over the state,who else would know other than me? what next? -if this goes on,he’d be the next cm again. according to me all the citizensshould know their responsibilities brother-in-law, do somethingand become cm again. look at his face! looking at his smilei am very jealous. even our faces would look likethat before media.

please do something, brother-in-law! i can’t stand his smile! from tomorrow he’ll not smile. a clash would happen tonightbetween two castes. i know how long i should stretch it let’s see!which caste he would support? brother-in-law, our countryhave so many castes, religions, we’re able to surviveby creating trouble, what if there’s one caste,one religion and one nation!

what would happen to ourlives, brother-in-law? we have to divide thecountry, right? call those boys in hostel!- okay! boys! some guys are beating upour hostel inmates. come…come…- let’s go… what’s the problem there?- nothing, nephew. what happened? -every day there is fight between different groups, if they will not fight now thenwhen will they fight? who are you?why are you beating us?

why are you beating them? they were beating our group. do you know why they had a fight?- i don’t know. do you know you were fightingwithout any reason, you know that? when you didn’t know the reason,then why were you fighting ? who are you?which hostel do you belong to? which hostel are you from? what are you doing in this hostel? what are you doing here?

who are you? a viewer who watches your tv! i’m beating him in suspicion.- what’s the doubt? my doubt is, govt. has givenhostel facility to this caste, the same govt. has given hostelfacility to this caste also, govt. is spending on both of them, govt. which teaches all thestudents in one class, why is it running 2 separate hostels? since it is there,they’re fighting it out.

i don’t know the philosophy of theleaders to split the society. i want to hear it fromanyone of them. nobody would come andnever say anything. till my doubt is cleared, i’ll keepin touch with both hostels. i’ll not go from here tillmy doubt is cleared. i want it cleared now.will you clear it? will you? who would clear it?who would clear my doubt? will you do it? come on, do it.

who? you…you… who is this man?he has spoiled our plan. look now, the topichas been diverted. he’s asking questions withoutanswers, who is he? who is he?he did make a valid point. where is he from?he has guts! why is he so dynamic? won’t you go until youget the answer? who would answer you at midnight?

he has courage to askwhat nobody would dare ask! no way sir!look at his face! he’s a stubborn man! who would clear my doubt?come on, do it. i feel like meeting him. would you like to meet?okay, meet him. hey! listen.-hmm. last a boy created a scene,it seems he’s a mechanic here. what’s his name?

rambabu.- where’s he? he’s not there. i want information about the boy. what’s the connection betweenlast night’s trouble and rambabu? no connection. why did he react so much then? that is his character. please tell me in detail. in detail is he can’t tolerateany kind of injustice.

gets up early morning andreads newspaper. there will be some newswhich moves him. a rogue son who throwsout his mother. then he’ll reach thereto do the justice. he will smash him enough. now let me tell you aboutthis sunday incident. was sitting peacefully andhaving lunch. there was a news on thetv about a saint scam. he immediately took outhis bike and reached there.

spurious medicines rock,he goes there too. one is not getting pension.he goes there! this is nothing when he came to knowin nearby city some goon who used to teasegirls police had already arrested them,but our man isn’t satisfied, he entered the cell andbashed them all. police arrested our man too!he came out after 4 days. he can’t at all tolerateinjustice. and other thing he respectspeople from bottom of his heart..

but something somewhere goes wrong.then, his eyes turn red. his hand reaches the neck. after that neither he nor weknow what he would do! what about his family?i mean parents, sisters… he doesn’t have anyoneexcept his mother. she’s mad and in mental hospital. poor woman!so, you’ve given him shelter. you’d feel like that. though i look like the owner,actually, i work for him.

he owns this shed and supports25 people along with me. where has he gone? it seems some lady gave birthto a child and left it. it was shown on tv9 news channel.he has gone to adopt the child. there he is come. enough…we have reached home.take the child! feed it with milk.- okay brother. uncle, pay the auto.- okay. you hear on tv, right?cameraman ganga!

i thought cameraman gangais a man! but… i’m no less to any man,that’s why… you are also not less. girl? yes.- what would you do? i’ll raise her. looks like you’ll marry her off! i’ll try my best.- l like you very much! please don’t look at me like this,i’m shy.

you’re funny too!- didn’t l tell you? you didn’t tell about this. rambabu… tell me.- i’ll use you! use?how would you use? the fire in you…i’ll use that! madam is little dominating! not dominating but dalmatian! you mean?- l mean talkative girl!

other name for justice is rambabu! people ignore seeinginjustice happening! but this young man isn’t like that. he reacts to injustice!he helps hungry people. he questions the society!he stops hooliganism. his name is rambabu! he’s just an ordinary mechanic. but he repairs humans tooalong with cars. paying no heed to atrocities,he fulfils his responsibilities.

he gets justice to poor. teaches a lesson to goons if necessary he slaps them. along with breaking hemends also. he takes loan from bankand helps others. till now he has made hehas settled so many people. i ran away from home,brother got me an auto. my husband died 2 years ago. rambabu helped to startthis juice shop.

my two children are goingto school now. rambabu is god! my family is livingby his grace. if he comes to know i’m drunk,he’ll beat me. please don’t tell him about this. thanks to rambabu’s gracei have started a show shop. do you know the real aim of rambabu? everybody must work! if you don’t work,i’ll beat you.

if l get any doubt, i’ll stopanyone on road and ask him, i’ll ask what he does. if he says i’m doing nothing,i’ll beat him severely. i’ll really thrash him! hello…so how wasmy program? it seems you’re shockedlooking at my talent. that is ganga! this is just the trailor, entire film ofyour life is fully set in mind your life will changeforever from today.- will it?

your shed is shaken up for comingon tv news for just once! what if you become news reporter? come…come…let’s go to news channel. come, let’s rock the state! go nephew, rock the state.shake it up! go nephew…please listen to me. you must go, that’s must go.- you mean it? this entire area is for programming.and editing is done there. where’s md?- md? upstairs.

upstairs?- yes. come on rambabu.upstairs. really you arevery different. my channel needs people like you. boss, l want freedom andi don’t work for salary. l don’t do mistakes andwill not allow others do it. i’m little short tempered. i can’t control myself if anyinjustice happens before my eyes. even if girls do it,i’ll take them to task.

even if she commits any mistake,i’ll slap her too. that’s why she has brought you here. do whatever you wish to do. why did you go overboard inside? will you slap me?will you? did l say like that? i didn’t mean that ganga. don’t act before a cameraman. i’ve realised i’m extraordinaryand not an ordinary girl.

i got you here and youare being smart with me. no ganga what can i teach you? nothing is extraordinary in me,everything is ordinary. everyday observe me fora couple of hours. you will become over smart. okay. i got it. do one thing.- tell me. go home for today.- l will. do you’ve bike?- l do.

come to my home by morning. your boys had planned a thanks givingparty, tell them i’ll not come. better, if you’re therewe can’t enjoy it freely. do you need money for party?- no need. can l lend you rs.500?- oh god! rs.500?! we can’t afford to spend so much! you’re acting too smart off late.- thanks. tomorrow be on time. drink but don’t blabber!

infact we drink to go overboard. to remain same before and after drinks,why should we drink anyway? we’re not drinking for funbut unable to bear tension. what’s the tension? the girl who sells sweetmeatsin the street corner, she stares at you desirously.- l know that! she has shifted next to our shed. we’re tensed about what shedo with you! where?- she’s there!

did your man deserted you? then why are you crying? everyone in this channel is onebut srk is on top.. who is srk? i’m going to introduceyou to him. come walk faster. ram…babu! ordinary name.i’ll make you extraordinary. little polishing would makethe boy reach top! sir, that’s whyi’ve brought him to you

just for 2 days, if you takehim under your wings. then he will be of my level.-it will be done. do you know what does head of socialissues means?- i don’t know. it means taking allsocial issues on to your head. if there are no issues,you’ve to create new ones. create new issues? we’re blind, sir!please give us alms, sir. please don’t ignore us, sir. don’t have any doubt to givealms or not, sir.

madam…madam… learn how i deal with them!- okay sir. please give me alms, sir.- i will but… did you see a recent releasefilm ‘love is blind’? we’re blind,how can we watch films, sir? you can’t see, right?but you can hear, right? yes i can hear it.- one minute. hear this dialogue. get lost blind man!

repeating the dialogue, sir.- i’ve copied and pasted it.? what’s your feeling onhearing this dialogue?- feel, sir? get lost, blind man!won’t you feel hurt on hearing it? even if we feel bad,what can we do? if it was told about blind man,isn’t it for you too? indeed, sir. won’t you feel?- we do, sir. won’t you react?- we will, why not sir? can you come to my studioand vent your anger?

we will sir.- get up sir. tell me , where to come? a film ‘love is blind’that was released recently, it had dialogues to hurt thesentiments of visually impaired. get lost, blind man! how could censor allow this dialogue? i’m asking, has censor boardgone blind? what do you say about it, dhanraj? is it our sin to be bornas blind, sir?

don’t know in which life i sawwhich mms! in this life i’m not fit toread a single sms also. not only that we’ve information thatthey’re planning to burn the reels is it true?are you going to burn the reels? yes sir, give me the reel,i’ll burn it. where are the reels?give me the reels, sir. so mr. rambabu how didyou like my programme? why are you beating me? would anyone bring garbageinto home?

but you brought it on tv. it means you’ve taken itinto every home. do any program like this again,i’ll stab you with tripod to death. in an emotional outburst,i’m little short tempered. i lost my cool. i’m sorry for what has happened,please delete the records. do you’ve this talent too? mr. rambabu..very talented boy. your training is over,you can join duty today.

what sir?not even a day is over! no, the boy is very sharp.put him on track and give him a push! please don’t praise him like that. please train the kids. no need to train him,he’s well trained. if you want to talk,let it be personal like this. not in public, right?- no sir. -understood? take him…take him. sister, tv media people are here.

let them in. are you going to interview me? yes madam.- do it. sister saroj! my good wishesfor world women’s day. what was your aim to enter politics? since time immemorial menare denigrating women. i’m fighting against that. but people criticize that you’re usingwomen as plank to get mla seat. criticism can’t stop revolution!

women will break free andwould rule the world. but history says kingdoms werelost because of women. what do you say about it? it was a history written by menin their favour. but sections are favourableto women now, right? it is not enough tohumiliate men. why all this trouble?why don’t you give up marriage? if we do, who would bear children? who would take them to school?who would earn for the family?

who will look after the household expenses. so, you need man!- we do! but he must do as we say! only that man is usefulwho is under woman’s control. history says women areenemies of women. what do you say? you always rake up history. a woman like me wasn’t there then. men went overboard andwrote all that nonsense. had i been there,l would’ve burnt them all alive!

since god has given you a mouth,you blabber too much, people say that about you.what do you say? bring the idiot who saidthat i’ll take him to task. sister…tobacco chewingis injurious to health. say something thati don’t know. is your husband happy withyour this habit? habit of tobaccochewing. if he is not happy, i’ll give divorce to him. ms saroj one thing is very clearto teach a lesson to men

is your foremost goal. and by doing this you willhonor women. now you’re showing your true color.i am not doing this for myself. i’m doing this for womenall around. ms. saroj last question, tell ushow will you teach a lesson to men? that will see later, now letthe fresh air come in. chewing tobacco is injuriousto health, we all know. sister saroj, she believes thatwomen are superior to me. one doesn’t heed woman hasto no rights to live

reporter rambabu from news channel. why are you telling just your name? won’t you tell my name? won’t you?- i will.- tell again.- okay. this is rambabu withcameraman ganga. your student is marvelous, sir.he’s very fast! your training rocks! but don’t know why i wish to meet youpersonally at least once a day. you be busy with your workand me with mine.

let’s keep the eagernessto meet as it is. i think, i need to go to toilet.please take him. go!…-come on rambabu. go..danger! atrocities by jawahar naidu forseat of power is crossing limits jawahar naidu has connection to12 unsolved murders in this city. i’ve the evidence to prove it. though i’ve given it police,they don’t care it. jawahar naidu is behind it.

last week’s caste clash betweenhostels was a scheme of naidu. this phone conversationis the evidence. there must be a clashbetween the two hostels. send our men, at least50 students must get hurt. murthy will pay you for it. create some trouble,if not this, then that. political murders or caste clashesor fake corruption charges, he wants to bring down thepresent cm and take his place. but his intention will neverfulfil.

do you know who he is? i know sir, he’s dev narayan.i met him once. he started his career bydistributing pamphlets. l know journalism is stillalive seeing him. watching his fearlessness,l fear danger to his life. did you speak on road orfrom telephone exchange? why didn’t you go tohis home and speak? you would have revealedyour underwear size also. you have ruined everything.

l don’t know how recorded myconversation, brother-in-law. media people don’t have any other job,recording or telephone tapping, or do sting video operations. they’re not letting politiciansdo anything wrong. we’re not afraid of govt.,police or people, but really scared of media people. no use! we have to starta tv channel of our own. why should we invest so muchwhen not in power? it’s drain! then, kill him!

he’s accusing us from every platform. if we do now, it’ll get usinto trouble.- let it be! every journalist must know we’d killif anyone points fingers at us. where’s my son? tell him,he’ll take care of him. okay, brother-in-law. are you speaking to him on phone? your father ordered his kill, kill him,you want the media to know it? have grown old without getting wise,tell him personally. right, brother-in-law.

is rambabu there?- he’s inside. why are you all here?won’t you go to home? where would we go? what are you doing? making an come you’re here, ganga? nothing, i came out feeling hungry. do you know to cook?- a little bit. i live alone, right? no beers in your fridge, rambabu? i don’t drink, i don’t keep stock.

won’t it be difficult for guests?get me one. will you have bear?-didn’t you hear me? call for it.-small or large? if it is small i would’vetold you specifically. large one!- okay. arrange to get it. uncle…- i’ve sent boy. you’re on the job already?okay, send it chilled. it’s plus for you to spend eveningswith seniors like me.

i’m proud of you rambabu.really very talented.. after all you’re my product. today is off duty, no need ofrespect or tension. free… okay…free…will be free! let the omelette be spicy! do you love spicy food?-okay. even i don’t leave spicy things. rambabu..-miss ganga! how many would you’ve loved till now? including you, no one

do you think how would’vefallen in love with me? may i fool that i’llwill fall in love with you? why did you say like that?am i not beautiful? beauty is not the issue,there’s little manliness in you. manliness is in foregroundand womanliness is in background. the fact is whether you’ve itin you or not is suspect. who would dare come forwardfor you in this confusion? your omelette.keep this here. i know many boys arecrazy behind me.

did they approach or you think so?- why? did anyone gave youlove letter by mistake?- no. did anyone dare say i love you?- never. did anyone give you flowers orbox of chocolates? – never. did anyone ever wink at you?- no! who would want to invite trouble? please tell me, ganga. are you scolding or telling me? i’m praising you.

you’re cameraman ganganot camerawoman. who would dare come near you? i took little liberty becauseit’s off duty and you said so, please don’t take itto your heart. but i’m getting an ideawhen you say this. my foot! after drinking this bearone just feels sleepy. it came in flow…sorry. no problem if it is in flow. l feel shy when you say this.

we too ask for the same! feel shy!shyness is woman’s adornment. that will make you a woman. who is inside? rambabu with cameraman ganga! do you know what is thesign of good journalist is? a bridge between politiciansand public. ..but what to do, all day long youkeep telling public about our scams. did you ever tell aboutwhat injustice people do? do you know how dangerous people are?

do you’ve any idea how theyplay with politicians like me? there’s no mad man than him in the worldwho wishes to become their leader. do you know what all we don’t need to come in politics. they take money for votes,they take saris, cricket kits, biryani packets, arrack sachets, just to hear our speeches, they don’t come unless we pay them, moreover we’ve to arrangelorries to carry them, ..keep begging everyone.

idiots they talk such big things.we’ve make you win every time you stand. you’re god.. idiots theyshed tears. trusting this we go toevery home and pay them, but there’s no guarantythat he would vote for us. while counting votes,tension almost takes our lives. do you know the problems facedby politicians because of people? bp rises, sugar falls and sometimeshave itching also. unable to bear the tension,we do few murders, and get involved in scams.what else would we do?

why do you write about itand show on tv to kill us? let you may shout for rooftops, but people remember only leadersnot the names of journalists. people only remembers good politiciansand not the pimps.. i’ll show your true color to people,will expose you in front of public. what will happen with that?today onwards no one will remember you. they must remember your death! every journalist must shiver onseeing your post mortem report. my death may scare few millions,

but if just one man gets angry,that’s enough, you’ll be finished! let me see it!let me see who would get angry! let me see what he would doif he gets angry! many stab injuries.they’ve stabbed him repeatedly. it must have really painedhim too much.. very painful death! who did this, sir? we’re investigating.- who did this, sir?

l know it is jawahar naidu’s son!everyone here know that! media people also know that!can we do anything? we know where he is!but can’t go to him! nothing is in our hands! you file the case against him,i’ll get him! where is he? in his guest house. come. rambabu…it’s not safe to go therenow, we’ll go later.

get on the bike. who are you all? who is he? boys! stop him!don’t let him in, stop him! go away! people say you killed narayan,what do you say? when did you kill him?where did you kill him? to hell with your interview! did you kill him or not?

no! okay, you didn’t kill him, right?let’s go to police station. come! why should i come to station? throw him our boys! what the hell…- will you come or tell me? hey you! switch off the camera! if camera is switched off,i’m uncontrollable. do you want me to stop it?- stop it. come on, stop it.let me see it.

ganga, stop the camera.stop it. you want to know the truth?yes, i killed him, so what? i’m angry! angry?what would you do if you get angry? what would you do?… hey you stop!you switch on the camera. what do you want?please switch it on! you want me to come tothe station, right? come, let’s go.keep the camera on.

election at delhi hasshaken the entire country. no ordinary man can winwith so many votes just now we’ve got thenews that rambabu… uncle, is elderly man near you? he’s watching tv.- switch it off immediately. switch off the tv immediately.-yes, i am doing it. why did you switch offthe tv? yes now say. some time back a reporter had came here,he took away rana to police stat.

if leader comes to know, it’s trouble.- okay. okay. what happened? nothing, rana has gone to stationregarding narayan murder case. taken to station? some media reporter came forinterview and took him to station. i’ve spoken to ramam. give me the remote.- nothing..- give! there’s nothing, brother-in-law!- give i say!

rambabu took rana the accused byhis collar in full public glare. who the hell is he to take my son? he’s a media reporter, brother-in-law! why did you switch off tv then? are you planning to ruinmy son’s career? don’t worry, rana will be out. not about rana, who the hell is he? he’s rambabu…- bloody rambabu! who is rambabu here?- please listen to me.

who is he?where are you, rambabu? what? are you taking video? you wait!where are you? i’m calling you!can you hear me? where are you? where are you?where are… how dare you take my son ranato the station! you don’t know me, i’llmake your life a hell. how dare you touch my son rana! i can burn down you andyour tv channel!

i was cm for two terms!you don’t know about me. i would’ve seen many uselessfellows like you. even great men bit dust before me. please come in sir,let’s discuss peacefully. he dared to touch my son,how can i discuss peacefully? please listen to me, sir. why should l? you takesides of people who pay! but claim honesty and integrity!- please sir… today i must see his end.- please listen to me.

you may have been cm, may havemet president and prime minister, but wouldn’t have ever meta mad man like me. if i once get angry than i don’tsee am or pm to thrash cm how dare you slap me!do you know, who am i? brother-in-law! brother-in for ambulance rambabu’s reaction attackedformer cm! rambabu has become talk ofthe state once again! getting excited about son’s arrest,jawahar naidu had a paralysis attack.

his supporters went berserk inmany place across the state. curfew has been imposedin many towns. rambabu, phone call from cm’s office! who got the call?- you!- me? md is calling you immediately. cm…cm sir has called up. rambabu…-yes sir. i’ll say only one word. country needs men like you!

that too in media isreally necessary. what do you think of yourself?who are you? just a stone!a small stone in ameerpet. i brought and chiselled itinto a statue. what happened now?- what should happen? if cm calls,will you say thanks and hang up? won’t you tell him about me? i didn’t have time.he said thanks and i said okay. if he says best of luck,you mustn’t say thanks.

what should i say then? you must say it was allbecause of ganga, he would then ask, who is ganga? ganga is my mentor andshe gave me life, you should have told him about me,just said thank you and hang up. you proved to be very mean! who are you?my product! i identified you! like introducing a hero in film,l gave you big bang entry! l trained you day in andnight out to shine like this.

why are you putting hand on neck? are you getting angry or got angry? hands off. why are you laughing? i’m really sorry! in the pride of fame,l forgot my mentor! cm minister should know gangais rambabu’s mentor. now what’s the use? youdidn’t give any importance. whatever happens hereafter,you’re front and i’m back, okay?

what would l do in the front? you want to put me in frontand get me killed! are you crying, ganga? my wish is coming true! you’re changing slowly into a woman!emotions are coming out. i’m not an ordinary girlbut extraordinary girl. you’ve made me cry! i told you to observe me,did you do it? has anyone learn without trainingthat you would learn? -no, sir.

i’m vast sea, talent isin every drop. only then a ganga and rambabuwould come from you! he has come without intimation!his face looks grim! come rambabu, you boys can leave. i want to talk to him.come rambabu! come.what’s the matter? i guessed it from your face.that’s why i sent them out. one minute delay and you’d havebeaten me before them, right? srk, you’re great!

why did you beat me now, rambabu? what’s that program? you didn’t like any of my programs,which program are you talking about? the extinction of black marketingof film tickets. like black tigers are going extinct, likewise people who sell ticketsin black are also going extinct. let’s know about their problems.tell us about your problems. whenever any film would be releasedour business would be on top. now instead of selling the ticketsin black we’re getting black in sun.

come on say it. why do you think so? they’re releasing 1000 printsin all centres at a time! and people are swiping credit cards oninternet to book tickets in advance, what would be our condition?how would we support our family? if they release tv serials in theatres,we’ll sell tickets in black to women, and eke our livelihood.please allow us to live, sir. please sit down.-do you have water? here have water.-thank you, sir

you’ve seen, right? is careless govt. responsiblefor their poor condition? are directors responsibleby making c-grade films? are producers responsible forreleasing in maximum theatres? are you responsible for notsupporting black marketing? think over it! awakening! is this a program? it’s my weakness todo such programs.

it’s your weakness to beat mewatching that program. weakness would go suddenly,try to reduce it step by step. you too reduce your weakness. l want to slap you tightly. will you slap me?- any doubt? who would dare stop you?- latch the door! do whatever you want insidethis room. quickly..quickly… narayan’s murder casetook a new turn. a man claiming to have killed narayansurrendered in kachiguda station.

police has beganthe investigation. to take me away from it, to my innocent dear citizensof my state today my heart is crying,tears are falling from my eyes. i gave you all everything butsee what i got in return. they have made yourwell wisher a handicap.a i claim that all this was donewas cm’s orders. i’m making a fervent plea thatthis is political conspiracy! today it has happened with me, tomorrowit may happen with someone else.

can you see my dear citizen whatkind of punishment i’ve got to be in opposition. but i will not give up. nobody can hide truth! look there!my son has come back! my child!my nana! come my son!- father! father…- look…look my son! they’ve made me a handicap.

nothing will happen to you, father. what have they done to me? what was their sin totorture father and son? though he has no power,he’s struggling for people, is this the way you treat him? don’t feel sad, son! though i die,you must serve the people.! what are you saying, father?nothing will happen to you, father. they’ll not let me live,they’ll kill me. nothing will happen, father.- they’ll not let me live.

but, you must for the sake of people,for the welfare of this state, you must live! yes, my son will serve the people.- father… he’s the man responsible for all this. why are you focusing on us?turn the cameras on him. son, he’s responsible for everything. he has joined forces with chief minister,this is a drama played out by them! how much did he pay your channel?- you calm down, father. how did you allow thisuneducated mechanic into media?

is he a journalist? after all, what do youwant from us? why are you behindour lives? what did you or your fatherdo to rule over us? i’ve always been saying thetruth and i’ll always keep saying. do whatever you can do. son, that attitude… yesterday’s incident jawahar naidutook entire sympathy. all other channels are accusing us.

if we’re afraid of other channels,why should we run a channel then? what should i do?every party owns a channel! there are rules andrestrictions in channels. rules and restrictions!please tell me what they are! rambabu, your this attitudeis putting me in trouble. come out openly like that! if you say your attitude is creatingproblems to me and my channel, please leave the channel,i’ll willingly go away! rambabu, i didn’t mean…- sir, i love media.

i’ve great respect for journalism. but one thing hurts me, channels have forgottennarayan barely in few days, and showing sympathy towardsjawahar naidu’s family, it has really hurt me, sir.bye sir! i feel sad to think about that youwon’t come to office from tomorrow. i’ll miss you very much. i too would miss you. isn’t it?

what shall we do then? come to my garage with your bike. get it repaired and mean timewe’ll chat even! i’ll again make spicy omelette,for you! please give me an opportunityto serve you. why not? we’ll always remain friends.- okay as you say.. something is wrong with me. temperature too has changed. you’re alive because i want youto realize my terror.

my foot media! your earnings and life isn’t worththe drinks my boys have every day. do you think you’re a herowith a mike and camera? instead of finishing in the flow, why are you giving a uselesslecture about useless things? l know your capacity!i’ve seen it already! i’ve brought men to fathomyour pride! who the hell are you to do that? my pride must accept it, right?

bring 10, 20 100 or 200 men, let it be any number,only 4 people can round me up, i’ll leave that four so that theycan carry your bier. whether you kill 4 and die ordie in the hands of 40 people, you’re sure to die! you made fun of me.i’ll make you a joke. take out the cameras. his death must be shownon our channel. come here!

l don’t have the patienceto chase you. come…come here…stand there! come. am i mad? to come when you’re with a rod!i’ve seen it, right? we’re just ordinary media people! our lives not worth thedrinks you have! come! we’re not living on you!you’re living on us! if we don’t write about you!if we don’t talk about you! if we stop showing you on tv,what would become of you?

you’d vanish! then, you’d fall at feet to beg!- so what? you’re 200% right! media is the most powerful, so what? i can use, play or make the samemedia run as per my wish. i’m telling you now, i’ll use the same media,make people as puppets and play! i’ll use the same media tobecome cm, what would you do? media isn’t anyone’s concubineto play as you like.

let me seehow you can become cm! how is rambabu? fine but madam told us notto allow anyone inside. who is this madam?- she’s smitha madam. who is smitha? why did you come insidewithout permission. i’m ganga!- why have you come here? i’m here to see rambabu. all the people are hereto see rambabu.

please go out!doctor has ask him to rest! why is she here, uncle?she’s from that channel, right? this channel made an entryafter your channel got cut. last night some people attackedrambabu, she brought him home. if she does, won’t she allowanyone to come near him? how dare she stop me! rambabu has become so dearto him? will she make him fine? sitting close to himas if she is a nurse. who are you?- besides me all are outsiders..

clear them out!- okay madam. what does she think ofherself? what is all this, uncle? whatever is going, very soonyou’ll be habitual to it. what’s this, uncle? brother-in-law, there lot ofsympathy on us among people, rana’s popularity is on raise! this is the right moment!let’s get him into the act! plan it grandly!launch must be sensational!

wherever my son may be, at least a million peoplemust be around him. you said some bobbywould be here… greetings… babu, i can foresee it!it’ll be victory! let’s rock it! cm post is a film thatshould run for 5 years. publicity must be a deluge! his posters must be sensational! please tell us when you drink less,we can plan a photo shoot next day.

don’t keep the face so seriously, the way our politicians have,practice that divine look! we’ll put a garland on your photo considering you dead, peoplewill give you votes. beauty, when his death boy’sbirthday falls? 6 months later. 6 months is too late,shift it to next week. i’ll cut a demo on him,release two song albums on him. that’s enough for the party workers,

let’s release it on all tv channels, it’s my responsibility tomake him cm in your budget. take money from verma. greetings sir… son, every leader in theworld rose from agitations, you’re a leader as big asyour agitation! i walked out of the channel unableto compromise or bend backwards. it’ll repeat again in your channel. join us and do as you wish.

who will stop you?work thinking channel is yours! i don’t know if you know thisor not, i’m your big fan! really? stop, please sit here.they both are inside.- who? smitha madam and babu.they’re busy inside. hasn’t she left him yet? i think they may ask us toleave as night falls. i’ll see her now..-you see. oh ganga…smita she is gangaand ganga she is smita.

can you please step outfor a minute? l want to have a personaltalk with him. l think you both love each other. sorry, i don’t know, please carry on. smitha, you’ve mistaken. there’s no love between us,ganga, she thinks we love each other. tell her. heard that your leg was brokenand hurt your head! came just to see you.

but i find you quite happy here. my heart is content! l think she wants to say somethingbut unable to express it. i’ll take leave. please sit here.- sit, smitha. if not there sit in his lap.who would stop you? quickly return this do you’ve 22 number wrench? take it.- i’ll…

ganga on whom are yougoing to use it? one who is sitting inside. she’s a scheming lady, uncle.she’s not ordinary lady! silk smitha! did you see whatkind of clothes she is wearing? even i’m from media, do idress up like her? – no. i am decent girl, right?-certainly.. bloody! did he get even a scratchwhen he was with me?- no! just a small gap andhe got injured severely.

she entered and charmed him! bloody smithaji! hello…-bobby sir…good morning sir. how do you do?- better than before, sir. l owe my career to you, sir. it’s all your grace, sir. stop it boy! your programsdon’t have creativity anymore.- what? you don’t have the firein you anymore. what’s your program?awakening!

is it really awakening?- yes. l feel sleepy watching it. what’s that reaction? how can youreach top with such programs? that’s why i called you, sir. sir, it seems rambabu who was withus is set to join your channel. yes, i too got the message.he’s joining today. please train him under youfor 2 days. under me? he’ll get lynched! he’ll lynch you!

just 48 hours is enough. how can i say no to your request? i’ll definitely train him.send him to me. yes, how are you?-bobby sir… this is rambabu.-okay okay. you carry on,i’ll be back in a minute. come soon. srk told me about you,i am his mentor. look, media isn’t justblabbering or blurting nonsense.

use brain! do you have brain?or have lost it? play it boy! jawahar naidu will be sworn in as19th chief minister of andhra pradesh. born in 1947 jawahar shinde’shas a revolutionary history. entered politics with slogan,telugu people’s right. but he hasn’t yet becomecm again, right? program would be likethat if he becomes. if he gets ‘padmasri’ award,change the voice and play it.

‘padmasri’ title has been awardedto a telugu man again! jawahar naidu who lead manystruggles and agitations, central govt. is going tohonour him with the award. stop it! if jawahar naidu dies… come closer. i’m moving closely with him,l think he’ll die soon. if he dies… play how the program would be!

light of labour has been put off! hope of the poor has been lost! with the death of our belovedleader jawahar naidu, entire has gone silent! state is wet with tears of sorrow! how is it? am i not the best? what are you upto? what are you…?

you are very must get a national award. if you take such precautionary measures,i’ll kill you live on tv. on live! by now he would got a tight slap! how is it, sir?- how is it?! rambabu has joined, right?how his performance is! why is he so obedient?he’s too soft! is it? your editor is my friend. l got the message ofwhat had happened there!

come here, editor.-yes sir. you enjoy a lot inmessaging, right? laughing? i’ll sell yourfurniture’s on olx. cheer! for what cheers, uncle! earlier i used to drink when i usedto happy but today i am sad. l got you a beer recently, right? don’t worry, everythingwill be fine, ganga. she is very smart. she hasinfluenced rambabu.

and you’re asking menot to worry. okay, drink. tell me one thing, uncle. when i already love,her entry is villainy or not? you mustn’t give a gap andyou gave a long gap. you’re right, uncle. when we went on bike, i made a mistake of keepingcamera kit in front.- yes. i am being punished for that.

you are right. -or else today we’dbe sharing a good relationship. talk to her and join that channel,you can be close to him. what are you saying, uncle?i’ll never bend. that too before her! i think we’re thinking too much!is she so dangerous? snake, uncle! in a disguise of a woman,sexy snake. her make-up, her matching dresses,her low neck blouses are all her weapons. drink!

why is her car here? snake got down from car, uncle. cobra too got down! oh no! they’re coming here! we get fine tea know that?- is it? uncle, look at her gait! let’s sit here. do you like it?-yes ..yes… let’s hear their conversation.

carefully. did you fall in lovewith anyone, ramu? say ganga!- no! story of yours and mine lifeis very similar. i knew it, you must have also notfallen in love with anyone. calm down. what do you think?is it really possible? one can get loveranywhere, anytime. not yet!

i’m telling you, i’m single. i like gutsy guys like you,what do you say? see uncle, she’s making an open offer.enticing him! come here with me.don’t stay here. come here. no uncle. what you told me now if youtell him, he would understand. look at her,how well she’s expressing! i’m single, i want a gutsy man! she’s telling him.what did you tell him?

having my drinks and supporting her! we’re left with drinks as company! if i’m right, by now shewould’ve kissed him. really?- indeed! it’s time, people are waiting! wait! once i drink i’ll be ableto talk? rest later. come now. long live rana! i didn’t know till nowwhy was i born?

i don’t know themeaning of my life. but after seeing thesea of humans here, feeling the love ofmillions of hearts, after seeing your affectionand emotions, i’ve understood, i was born to die for you! i take a oath, every moment of mylife is dedicated to you! enough! enough of the tearsyou had shed till now, enough of empty stomachs! till every man and woman in thisstate has two square meals,

i’ll eat only once in a day! though toiling hard,working till body tires, still man isn’t unable to eat well,who is responsible for it? who? people from other states who havecome here to loot our state. uttar pradesi’s, biharis,punjabis, bengalis, let it be anyone, i am not going tospare anyone.! schools, temples, hotels,shops, pawn shops,

everything belongs to them! how long this plundering will go on? how long? chase out those robbers whoare stealing our mother land! we don’t want bihari taximen, don’t want up vegetablevendors, don’t want punjabi dhabas, don’t want marwari pawn shops,don’t want guajarati businessmen! this state belongs to us.

this state belongs to ourchildren only! if any outsider will come in,we’ll kill him. if this agitation seeks my death,i’m ready! are you ready?-yes..yes..yes..! greetings sir. reports with us are more genuinethan from police and intelligence. we cover from the spot without botheringif it is stone or bullet that hit us. situation is 10 times moredangerous than what you think, sir. if you release news of 10 deaths,at least 100 would’ve died.

if news is 100 deaths,it would be 1000 deaths! they’re beating up peoplefrom neighbouring states. they’re looting andransacking their property. mothers are on streets with kids! this is not an agitationbut atrocity! this is not a memorandumbut we reporters’ duty! please take it as a complaint. arrest rana! congrats son!you got an arrest warrant!

we’ll offer 51000 coconutsin the temple. go immediately to yourguest house. i’m already there, father! you’re becoming cm! the days you spend in jail,i’ll burn down the state! state agitation hastaken a new turn! arrest warrant has beenissued for rana! agitators say handcuffscan’t stop the agitation. call up father.

send him here! how is my initiation into politics? very cheap just like you! you said this is your last birthday,right? indeed it’ll be the last. now, i’m not an ordinary leader. you can’t even reach me. there are millions ofpeople between us! you’d die amidst the crowd only! your warnings and warrantswere lucky charms for me.

you’ve lodged a complaint, right? do you know how would luse it in my favour? police would be herein few minutes. you may think i’ll get arrestedand go with them in van, i’ll walk to police stationfrom here, at least it will take24 hours. crowds will throng entire stretch, a massive congregation, entire state must standstilland watch me on tv all the day!

what did you say? if your media people don’t writeabout me or show me on tv, i would vanish! if you’ve guts, tell media peoplenot to telecast this program. you guys are items! you alldepend on my mercy. very long speech, give the restof the speech in the police station. come! come no guys! long like rana!

rana shinde who receivedthe arrest warrant, instead of going in police van, he’s walking to police stationpolice station with his party men. brother-in-law,the program has begun, watch it livehaving drinks happily. long live people’sgodfather rana! women must offer camphor welcometo my son at next crossroad i thought only his father had,he too has good following. political pundits say this willlead to early by-elections.

paul kardos for aaj tak! students, workers and women, everyone is talking aboutone man only! ranababu..ranababu.. long live rana!long live rana! did you see brother in law bycreating misunderstanding among people… …he has got millions of peopleon his side. am i right leave ranababu or we’llset our self on fire.

we’ll commit suicide! hey..hey..what are youall doing? whatever may happen we’llgive away our life. now there will bereal fire. sir, tell me, the commotionranababu has created… what will be the effect on the peopleof different states staying here? can you tell me, the step that ranababuhas taken is right or wrong? yes it’s correct, it’s100% correct. agitation should have beganlong back.

in our state we don’t have that kindof unity that is there in other states. have you seen in other statesthey love their land, language… love their people and are proudof their country. but in our state they fight forcaste, creed that is foolishness. don’t politicize the agitation. i request media channels like you,don’t play politics with this agitation. please for god sake. long live the leadership of rana! i want your interviewbefore getting arrested.

no brother, stay away from him. if you really care for telugee peopleis sincere, talk to me. no brother, please listen to me. what? what do you want? do you’ve respect formother telugu or not? if mother telugu asks,i’ll give my life also. did you ever see mother telugu? why are you askingmeaningless questions? like we do have a mother telugu,

do other states’ peoplehave a mother or not? everyone would’ve a mother,so what? you hate mothers ofother states, right?- i hate them! if by chance tamil nadu falls intotrouble, will you help them or not? i don’t know! it means mother telugu hates mothersof tamil, marathi, punjabi, bengali, you want say this, right? yes or no? didn’t i say, i don’t know?

why are you fighting thenwithout knowing it? are these mothers second wives,sisters or daughters of mother india? fighting amongst you! you’re interpreting theagitation wrongly. you don’t have respectfor other states, so you don’t have the rightto salute the national flag. l say you’re not qualifiedto sing national anthem. what do you say?- why not? this is my country,

i’ll singnational anthem and fly the flag! punjab, sind, gujarat, maratha,dravida, utkal, vanga… you don’t have respect for any mother, so i say you don’t have anyright to sing national anthem. what do you say man? you’re confusing me! am i confusing you? i’m asking you without confusion.- go ahead. is your brother doing businessin america or not?- so what if he does?

do you own a 5 star hotelin singapore or not?- so what? do you own power plants in sikkimand apple gardens in kashmir or not? that’s my personal business! it is personal! you can run businesseverywhere and loot them. that is your personal! but it is wrong if a man comesfrom bihar and do business here! if a man from gujarat comes and startscloth shop, it’s looting! your car driver is a marathi,

your children’s tuitionteacher is a bengali, it’s a malayalee nurse who looksafter your paralysis stricken father. moreover you need benz carto go around. for your evening drinks, you want chickenthat is of punjabi hotel. when any states faces droughtor flood then all the states come togetherto help that state. and you want to divide it. what do you say about this?

fantastic!rambabu is sensational! all efforts have gonedown the drain! i’m asking you,what do you say? superb rambabu! will you say we’re just items? you’re the item we got today! yesterday, you were talkingtoo much telegu state is like your motherand my brother is a traitor. now see what punishment youget to call him traitor.

why are you staringat me? will you remove my eyes andplay with it? no one can save you fromthe terror of women. you think yourself a great man!you talk against woman? we’ll chop you in pieces. oh god! he killed my sister!why are you watching? kill him! kill him…bash him! go! he has no respect for women! will you beat women?bloody rogue!

bash..bash..bash him. can’t take him like that,get weapons! break his bones! what are you waiting for?kill him! sister saroj, come! kill him! shall we fight it out, rambabu? not fight, i’ll knock you out! champa, chameli where have youdisappeared. come and smash him. gulabo come and finish him.

gita..where are you? get theacid and throw on him. will you throw acid on me?come on do it. will you run the roller over me?do it? sir, he’s beating up women!he’s killing innocent women! what are you waiting for?arrest him! are you innocent girls? will you become women if youwear petticoats and saris? his name is saroj. should i show his reality?

if you take of her sari,saroj will become satish. you were also born as demonlike soorpanaka, if i was allowed to do two murders,you’d be the first one. if you talk about differencesbetween men and women, i’ll behead you before goddess. go…go! hi! this is ganga! i’ve seen you that day. what can i do?

i’ve been working with thatchannel for years, madam. did they fire you? no, if you offer job here,i’ll shift to your place. why? aren’t you happywith pay package? yes. we’ll pay you lesser here.- no problem. are you mad?what are you blabbering? rambabu is here, right? if i join here,we can work as team again.

what would you do? people got used to it. state is fixed with it. state is fan of rambabu not you. please madam… look, rambabu is concentratingon his work. i don’t like you to disturb him.please go from here. won’t you offer me a job?no. why would you offer me a job,damn lady? -what did you say?

why would you let me meet him? you’re snake!you’re an epitome of desire! what the hell are you talking? why are you stopping your carat the tea stall at midnight? i know how youentice people. do you think i’m not following you? i’m cameraman ganga,i’ve every single frame! do you want my rambabu?didn’t you find anyone else? black serpent inblack dress!

seems you have goneout of your senses if you roam around withmy man at midnight, and take him out tolunches and dinners, i’ll finish you! even i am doing snake yes call security or defenceminister, i am not scared. get lost? -you get lost,your father get lost… you’re a snake! get my luggage!

i’ll stay here from now.- stay here? hello..yes smitha… why are you crying, smitha? are you trying to blackmailmy man emotionally? if you call him on phone again, i’ll blow up your exchange?cut it! this is not the right wayto speak with smitha. ji! i’ll break her b…- oh god! do you know who she is?scheming lady!

please abuse smitha with bad words.l can’t hear it. do you know how sensitive she is? is it? how sensitive? she’s very compassionate aboutothers, you know that? forget about humans, she didn’t eatfor 2 days when her dog got hurt. she distributes food and sweetsin orphanages on her birthday, she’s a still photographer too. did you ever see her photo collection? i’m also a photographer!

but you can’t see what i take! you’re completelymisunderstanding me. i’m telling something andyou’re taking it wrongly. i’ll you one thing about smitha, do you know how she criesif it doesn’t rain? does she want good rains andgreenery everywhere? can’t she eat withoutthe smell of soil? these are snake’s habits,men fall for such things only. ganga..ganga…youare crying like a woman?

by any chance, do you love me? am i not then? oh god! would’ve been betterif you’ told me this earlier. what happened now? smitha and i…very close… how close?- very close…close… i’ll shoot you both andthen commit suicide. you should’ve told methis earlier, how would i know if youkeep it in your heart?

how did you know she likes rain,dogs, poor kids..where are you going did she tell you? you guessedit yourself, right? i’m a girl, how cani tell you openly? moreover i’m an extraordinary girl. extraordinary? if you don’t mind,i’ll tell you a thing. every girl in this worldis ordinary! you look extraordinarybecause of our craze, all of you are ordinary! we look with eyes coveredby sexual desire,

so you look wonderful, we look at you after drinks,you look stupendous! somebody writes a song andwe think it is about you, just a layer of kohl on eyescan melt us, we’re happy seeing a flashon your waist, just a small smile is enough, we go on a hunt to findplace to build a taj mahal! tell me one thing, ganga! what’s the connectionbetween girls and sea waves?

what’s the link betweenyou and moon? is your laugh like moonlight? full moonlight!it’s shear madness! what else then? basically men are born poets,so you’re managing to survive, no woman is extraordinary! it means no woman is extraordinary,all are one and same! ganga, now i’ll tellyou what a boy wants… boys like ordinary girls. being a complete woman isto remain ordinary.

you know our rekha, right?she was an ordinary woman. mumtaz ordinary. the more you’re ordinarythe more beautiful you are! but you’re extraordinary! you hit my heart straight! please don’t leave me.- i won’t even if a mad dog bites me. come and hug me tightly! nephew, agitation fizzledbefore the surge. you made the mistake bygiving interview to rambabu.

never speak directly to media. had you avoided live show,everything would be fine. father!- what son? to put life into my agitation,l need your emotional speech. yes, brother-in-law! for your old theatrics,if you add few tears also! we’ll rock it. the political colour they’repainting on my agitation, i think i’ll not see the dreamof telugu people come true,

when i see these atrocities,i’m really disappointed. don’t know, now whowill fight for us? but i’m asking you,what was my mistake? i sought work for poor it crime? i sought food for poor it crime? people here can’t afford totwo square meal too! neither i nor my son wantany seats of power! if the price of thisagitation is my life, take it, i say take it away!

but i’ll get peopletheir rights. but bring down this corruptand fascist govt., telugu’s dream will come true!it will be good for telugu’s welfare. telugu people! what a speech, father!what an expression! when would i reach toyour level, father? i can never reach it, father. you’ll upstage me, son! release this video, publicreaction would be overwhelming.

see how again people willmake you hero from zero. at any cost, i’ll makeyou cm, i will do it! i’ve got an idea, father.- what’s it son? what if this becomes yourlast speech, father? what are you saying? you had seen many things in life,you were cm, don’t you want your sonto become cm? are you out of yoursenses? you said you’d die for telugu people.

can’t you die for your son? what are you saying?what is he saying? nephew, don’t delay it.let’s do it. you too have gone mad?what nonsense? you have done enough ofpolitics, now go up and do. here we will manage. jawahar shinde’s last wordsbefore he died. people here can’t afford twosquare meal too! light of the workers has been put off.

state has gone silent withsudden death of jawahar shinde. did you see, how my advancedplanning worked? only media can smell the future. how can make programssuddenly for deaths. what will he lose?he’ll die instantly. who would give the footage? without saying tata byehe went from here. what if we’d have not plannedfor future then he comes, he beats and leaves.

and you send messages to him! bobby, come.- me? he? you! come! now don’t message this to anyone. – come. over here. he’s our channel’s problem. i don’t like the way news isread in our channel. but i’m not the news reader.- but you write it, right? they read as you write.- what did i write?

don’t you know what did you write? come lets read your news?come, who is scared of it? come!- let’s go. what is actual news andhow he presents it? watch, how he twists the news! the news, a delegation andhra pradeshwent to delhi for discussion. inspite of offering coconuts to banyantree, people didn’t welcome ministers. ordinary cats of delhi… is this a comedy circus?just read the news.

don’t you watch bbc and cnn news? do they also quote proverbs like you?plain news… do you think yourself to be anactor? idiot, you’re just a news reader. why do you twist the newsand read? where was i twisting and reading.another news! another news! actor prakash raj appealed high courtfor divorce from his wife. off late marriages of film starsare ending up in divorces. nagarjuna, pawan kalyanand now prakash raj!

if wanted to take divorce then whyspent so much money on wedding? actor prakash raj demands high courtto give divorce urgently. the news is about prakash raj,why mention about nagarjuna and pawan? pawan is little mad! if he guns you down on the road,you’ll die! die on road!useless guy! would anyone demand high court?useless man! read the next news…please…- next news! actress lleana said inan audio release function,

that she owes her success tofollowing director’s instructions. beautiful lleana says she’s readyto do anything for success! this goan beauty says openly she’llgo to any extent if director tells. just because you’ve a mouth,will you blabber whatever nonsense? what did the girl say andwhat did you say about it? why should we be hereto tell as she says? there’s pep only if we addsomething to it, right? would these fools watchif we tell them plainly? they’ll change the channel.

do you know how creative oneshould be to present like this? we use all our brainto get the words right. i’ve an in-built flowin me to manage it. if not what would becomeof this channel? it’s time for main news,shall we go now? all of you please go. politics is heating up in the state,changes in political alignments. has telugu agitation reachedthe crescendo? can jawahar shinde’s deathtake rana to the cm’s seat?

how far rana is fromthe magical figure! when would the countdownto cm’s seat begin? no confidence motionin assembly, making fast moves inthe political chess. cm invites all mla’s to city, exchange of power in thename of get together. greetings sir- greetings. how do you do?- fine, sir.- greetings sir. i want your support.- sure.

our government will be made. please sit down…please… i’ll give 3.- i’ve spent 5, what can 3 do? elections are coming in 2 years,if our government comes instead of 5 takes 10 crores,now go. where are you?- what? vittal called on phone just now.- what happened to him? vitthal..vitthal… rambabu…-vitthal..- what happened?

they killed him, brother!- killed? who? they killed jawahar shinde! i captured it in video. i’m a driver with rana! rambabu rambabu…rambaburambabu this video is worth billions! one can cheat anyone for it. was election tension less thatyou’re giving this also?

what if this is telecast?tension will increase manifold. anyway i killed my fathernot your father, right? what would i get if youkill my father? tell me your price please. rs.200 crores!- rs.200 crores?! what would you do with it? i’m a girl i do needso much money to spend. that’s the price, we both areseen clearly in the video, she would need that much money!

send her! it’s like a 5 star hotel butnow it is new mla quarters. what is going inside isn’t biryanipackets but bundles of currency notes. drinks flowing or bargaining is on,only god knows what’s happening there? in the political contest betweenchandrasekhar reddy and rana, who will be the last man standing? bobby’s exclusive after the breakon the political changes in the state. the murder attempt on rambabu hascreated sensation all over the state. there’s information that chief ministeris going to inquire about his health.

greetings sir..- greetings! please don’t get up, lie down! i’m not here to ask who did itor to inquire about your health. nor i’ve come as cm. i’m here for therespect i’ve for you. chief minister’s positionis most powerful, i am not going to leave this positionuntil i fulfill my duty. if he becomes cm, he too willnot give up easily. the fight for this seatis affecting the state. whenever the cm is changed,the state goes back by 10 years.

new leaders, new decisions,new schemes. they throw into dust bin midwaywhatever the previous govt. did. i’ll do everything to save my seat,he’ll do everything to get it. change isn’t in changing cm’s. people must change. youth must have the courageto stand up and question us. now people don’t have anyfaith in politicians. they will believe you. the only media entire statetrust is rambabu!

you react to small issues. today the state is in turmoil. i want to see your reaction. rambabu is speaking, go live! why did you change the channel?- it’s rambabu! it’s time for all channelsto come together, stop any program running now,today we need rambabu! the first thing we do reachinghome after a day’s hard work, to watch tv,

likewise people who don’t haveany work also watch tv, because we want to know newsof the world, we got to know it. what do we do knowing it? we discuss in useless meetingand give foolish advises. foolish advises! a man who can’t earn a rupee talks about what decisions primeminister must take for economy growth. a man who never played cricketin his life, would suggest to dhoni ball how heshould play every ball of the over.

people in the evenings discuss aboutwhich decision unite nations must take, and which countrieswould benefit from it, and say that is better for peruand this is good for cuba. he’ll brush awaybarrack obama as nothing! useless gossip! bloody gossip! like mother feeds us withlove and affection, tv channels show us every injusticehappening around the world, what do we do watching the news? we’ll abuse this nationfor some time,

abuse leaders,abuse the govt., we’ll cry hoarsely that nobodyhas social responsibility, but this will not changethe circumstances. more than social responsibility,personal responsibility is important. if you’re good,the country would be good. i’m not here to educate youwith my lecture. i don’t have the patienceor interest. but i’m here to speak to you! i’m speaking to you!hey you!

are you hearing me? do you know how bad issituation of andhra pradesh is… if 25 mlas shift loyalty,your fate changes, is it okay? rana shinde, a criminal wouldbecome cm, is it okay to you? hey you! he’ll collect the money spenton buying mla’s from you. petrol price will increase,food prices will go up! school fees, bus fares will go up! if gets the itch and becomes cm,you’ll end up as loser, is it okay?

won’t you solve your problem?like the problem will not be solved. you’ve to give time.but you don’t have time you stand in sun all the dayto watch a film wait for hours if your loves calls, if it comes twitter, face book,you all have ample of time. you’ll watch your favouriteserial again and again you’ve time for it,but no time for this! right? no time for this! in a day just for an hourthink about the country.

our country will change. just one hour in a day. you want a reformer…but not in your home. get up and you getthe change. you keep looking for heroin others. why don’t you becomea hero? stop cursing the ministers. are you youth?what kind of youth you are? it’s your fight and you want someoneelse to come and fight for you.

lord itself came down to fightwith demons. and you all…don’t want tofight your own problems? decide whether you willfight for yourself or now? i’m going to stop him, i’ll not let my countryruin. i’ll go and stand against him.will you stand with me or not? what can god do if you’re like this! there’s nothing to lose in fightingother than shackles of slavery. come…come!

tomorrow morning rambabu will stand aloneand will waiting for you all. come! listen carefully, not any mlamust go out from here. last night when he saidyou’re a lone man, i thought no one would turn up, come out and see! how many would people be here? i can fathom a sea butcan’t judge how many are here! did you see, this is calledstrength of common man. its people everywhere i see!

it seems entire state has gotup and come. are they people of our state orcame from neighbouring state also? after paying also, we can’tcall so many people. sir, i’m going crazy watchingthe crowd here. if they do anything, we’ll notbe able to do anything. not a man is moving or speaking! this silence seems to be thesign of impending storm. if so many turn for his call,what if i call? there are no people thereto come if you call.

give up, try to understand me. go..go and ask him after allwhat he wants? what do you want, rambabu?what are your demands? please say, rambabu i’m asking you,please say something. come…come…what does he want? rambabu gave you 5 minutes time, not an mla must be inthis building! he has asked them to go home.

it’s better to leave silently. what would he do if i refuse? call military! before they come and raise bonnets,everything would be over. not a piece of you would be left. no one will leavefrom here. no one will go one will go out! telecast the video ofjawahar shinde’s murder. will you take rs.200 croresand telecast the video?

rana shinde caught red handed! don’t worry..don’t worry.nothing will happen. ah..where are you going…where are you all running away? stop..i’m telling you to stop! as soon as possible telecastthe shinde murder video. yeah do it immediately.quickly. ah stop…after taking 200 croresfrom me you’re going to telecast that video. the video of rana killing hisfather has created sensation! in this his uncle birju pawaris also hand in glove with him..

what’s this? what do you want? what will you get from it?how much money do you want? this state is ours! you don’t know how bigmistake you have done. have a safe trip.goodbye. is there politics behind your anger? are you entering politics? what’s the reason for the journeyfrom nobody to everybody? my mother…some man cheated my mother.

she cried seeking justice.nobody cared! she became mad! my mother was 6 month pregnant with mewhen she was sent to mental hospital, i was born to that mad mother, my mother doesn’t knowabout my birth, i don’t know who named meor where i grew up, to say i’m an orphan, idon’t know my dad’s name also. my mother is still inmental hospital, she’s still crying for justice,

i don’t mind if this stateignores my family, but i do care about this state! a puli – ddr presentation


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