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mother… i’ve heard that… a beautiful worldexists beyond this village. big cities, grand markets and… huge houses wheremovies can be seen. there’s nothing of that get down.

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watch hd movies online, mother, you always break my dreams. dreams are meant to be broken. get down.- no, i won’t. you won’t?

what if i make you fall? tell me. you’re my’ll make me fall? if your mother makes you fall, shewill also help you to your feet. if you fall in the city,no one will help you to your feet. get down… now! no, i won’t. – get down.- mother… – mother!- chini! rehma’s funda was simple and right.

when he has blessed you withone life, why think twice? wherever he would step,path would be automatically made. madras didn’t know at that timethat storm was going to arrive. if you check history, you will findtwo things common. men have ruled andwomen have created sensation. we barely get down to it… and the bitch nextdoor is already on a roll! forget about her, darling. why don’t you soothewhat’s excited in here?

get off! now go to sleep.we aren’t doing it anymore. bloody idiots! they can’t do anythingwithout making a sound. marbles, cricket…the choicest abuses… he even made me wear boy’s clothes. if my father had his way… he would even make me tease girls! didn’t your mother ever stop him?

she gave birth to agirl instead of a boy… so she remained a mute spectator. amma, tell me something… i have what boys desire. so, who is better? me or a boy? stop talking’s all rubbish! now don’t be so’re no less. i can tell a lot of men havebeen hard at work over here.

stop it! what? last night was fun. tonight could be even better. my wife has a night-shift… so tonight… i merely touchedyou and it leaked… your pen! if i come over, whatwill become of you?

you bitch!my wife is right about you. she is right about you too! you like to go riding but you canbarely stay on for a few seconds. you are mine… so why hide from you… you can take a peek. when you will truly be mine, thenyou can see the entire picture! you can go in… you can also go in…

you are out… you can go back. ‘she was waiting for two yearsfor her number patiently.’ okay, you can go in. ‘but hunger first devours decency.’ you are out. – sir… – you can’t come in. – the selection is done. – sir, sir… i want to be an actor, sir. and i wanted to be a director.

sir, i don’t want todance like other girls. i want to act, sir. and i wanted to make offbeat films. sir, i’ll doanything to become an actor. and to become a directori could not do anything. would you like to seewhat’s not in these pictures? do you want to hearthe story of my film? sir, you aren’teven listening to me. sir, step out of your film.

and you step out of your dreams. there are 25 likeyou waiting outside… and tomorrow there will be 50 more. you’re good for nothing. neither do you’ve the seductive charmof a lover nor the grace of a wife. you are very dull. i’ve been living onsugar for two days… so how can i look spicy? hold on…

take this and havesomething to eat. and think about what youwant to do with your life. not everyone can become an actor. one masala dosa. let’s go somewhere else. why? we can be by ourselvesat some late night show. it will be fun. i’ll pay you.

how much? 20 rupees. only 20 rupees for me? take it. bloody pervert! you’re at the end of your lifeand you want a fresh climax? neither do you’ve the seductiveof a lover nor the grace of a wife. c’mon girls show more energy. just a minute…

i’m not dull. who are you? what do you want? don’t you remember? you gave me some moneybefore rejecting me. here’s your money. i’m sure i have something for whichthat guy forked out 20 rupees. sudhir, where is that girl? how do i shoot the song sequence? where do i get a girl whowon’t mind ripping her own skin?

your whip scares the girls away… you want me to do it? think you can bear the pain? i bore it for so long,i’m sure i can bear it ahead too. pan the camera. some say the glass is half full… some say it’s half empty. and some are like silk. they say at least there is a drink.

enjoy it. it’s stupidity. but often stupiditymanages to get things done that… sir… sir… sir… you want to take thecamera through the girl? – do you? what sort of a shot is this? you horny bastard, filthy mind… – sir… – shut up!

you play the flute behindmy back and now you want to sing! – give me that reel.- please sit, sir… i left the shot for oneday and see what happened. sir, we’ll cut it, please… if you don’t cut the reel,i’ll cut you somewhere… and then you won’t knowwhether to wear trousers or skirts! what’s the occasion, amma?you’re all dressed to kill. who is the poor guy? check out the newspaper,your movie is out today.

aren’t we going for ‘first day,first show’? look… amma…wait here, i’ll just get ready. everybody should know that… every film has only one hero… director! every film one hero… who? everybody is staring at you.

who is that? – the director. oh…- come on! take off your sunglasses. okay, mother. where is our seat? amma, we’ll watch myfirst film from up close. you mean it’s the first row? here it is.- no, here. – wow, it’s selva ganesh’s film.- yes!

his films are entertaining. off with your sunglasses. amma… mark my words,now all my problems will go away. the dance director saidhe liked my performance. another thing, amma… my life has moved from’pack up’ to ‘action’. now i won’t let it slip away. hey! shhh!

stop talking. what do you mean ‘shhh’?she is the heroine. she is the heroine? the heroine? if she is the heroine,can i get a refund? is this your song? no. this one? probably this is your song.

no… where is your song? miss heroine… heroine… can i at least have your autograph?what has she done? she’s there in the whole film. – reshma…- madam… can i have your autograph? people in hollywoodare probably wondering.. ..why i am wastingmy talent in india.

i wish you had left for hollywoodbefore putting me into a loss. i would have been better off. sir, you haven’ttasted real respect yet. nayla has writtensuch a fantastic review. look at the wonderfulthings that have been printed. hey… you english show-off! i would’ve been happyif at least the tickets were sold. sir, you wait and watch… because of this film, youwill have a trophy in your hand.

and a begging bowl in the other. nowhere in the filmdid the ‘hero reason’ come alive. not ‘hero reason’. it’s heroism. if you know it,why didn’t you portray it? sir, the thing is… one man thrashinga dozen bad guys… and a dozen hot girlsfalling for one man… doesn’t click with the audience.

real films are those thatcompel the audience to think. the audience wantsto feel something else… and you want themto feel their mind? abraham sir deleted one song. that song wouldhave worked wonders. – which song?- this one… take a look. let me watch it. dear friend… you should go to hollywood.

we will miss you but you should go. you robbed the film of its life! life? you mean… that fatso… i will add this songas a special feature and… release the filmagain in smaller towns. that will definitelyrecover some money. abraham, what are you doing? what are you doing?

what did you do that for? you’ve set the positive on fire. i still have the negative. mark my words, thisgirl will set the screen on fire! hey, what are you doing? – i’m taking a picture.- you can’t do that, get out! i want a ticket. not you again! the amount you have spenton watching this film…

would have got you the girl. – are you serious? – of course! selva ganesh has provedonce again that… he will go to anylength to make money. this is not a film,it’s a volley of abuses. this is the respect that i like. the more these critics pan my film,the more my film will earn for me. well done, vimal. good job.- thank you, sir. i want this girl.

if merely her glimpse canarouse the crowd to this extent… imagine what will happen if shedanced to an entire song! get her. but sir, i don’t know whoshe is or where she came from. well then, find out. i’m sure someone knows. if she is present in the song, shehasn’t appeared out of thin air. find her!- yes, sir. this girl will bemy biggest discovery. who is it?

what is it? g… g… g…- g… g… what? who are you?- i… i… i… what do you want? money! what’s this? that’s one less than hundred. i bought this for one rupee. are you high?should i bring you back to reality?

forgot everything?- film… i saw your film. ever since then i’vebeen saving up for you. you are lying! i haven’t acted in any film. go away from here…get lost! the middle word in life is… ‘if’. the big ‘if’! if only that bastard selva ganeshhad spent five more minutes.. the bathroom…

if only he had driven5 kmph slower… everybody’s life wouldhave remained the same. but no. he was eager to screw me and how! even sitting on acouch didn’t feel safe. the sun rose thatday to shine reshma.. and to burn me to ashes. baby, should i call for more? enough, amma.

baby, all the people who’ve hadbreakfast with me in the past… today enjoy dinnerat 5-star hotels. join hands with me and the worldwill praise you with hands joined. have some more… keep eating. and you will be the best. i can see it, you have that…desire. silk! today onwards your name is silk. and your name is mr. worm.

silk is created by worms. baby, whether i’m selvaganesh or mr. worm… but all i am is anopportunity for you. and this opportunitywon’t come by again… it will only go to someone else. this song should be totally sexy. sexy..- hello sir.- take shot like.. c’mon take shot. okay, sir…

music… camera! one, two, three, four… oh god! silk, no heat…no heat! we want to titillate the public… not put them to sleep. and sir, extraordinary shot. sir, extraordinary…

but one more, sir, please. okay. cut it! silk, what are you doing? imagine surya siris a log of sandalwood. and you are a serpent…wrap yourself around him. and surya sir, very good shot. but she’s a newcomer, more shot, sir, please. cut it!- sorry sir.

george… surya gives only one take.that’s it. here i am… sir, please, sir… a day with surya is wortha hundred thousand rupees! understand? a good looking fruitisn’t always sweet! set up my solo shot. hey you…

come here. what’s your name? reshma… silk. two names to go by andyou can’t do one silly step. see this…plastic cover? whether it’s there or not… it makes no differenceto the cigarette. similarly…

whether you are in this film or notit makes no difference to anyone. you know something… if there’s no cover and it rains… the cigarette won’t even light up. pack up! heroine says thatit’s going to rain. i’ve been hit bya shoe because of you. but i won’t let it happen again. you made surya sir very angry.

you go! and don’t ever come back. what are you doing in here? i’m here to get tuned,and then we can make some music. you switched yourmelody pretty quickly. it’s your personality, sir. i’ve been admiring yousince i was a little girl. i was scared to be next to you. now that’s believable.

if god puts in an appearance… the devotee is bound tobe scared. sir, please give me another chance. why should i? i’ll be devoted to you. i’ll do anything you want me to. don’t you read the magazines? the magazines say that… i’ve tuned 500 girls.

but have you evertuned one girl 500 times? – is it true about the 500…- no… 501! sir, surya won’t act with her. sir, there they come.- we’ll manage. i guess surya siris all charged up. suryakant may die buthe won’t let go of a new girl. she’s doing it all wrong again,she missed a beat. to hell with the beat,look at that heat…

she’ll set everyone on fire. extraordinary, sir, very good, sir. mind-blowing,sir, very good shot, sir. madam… ticket please. that’s your seat, sit there. how does it matter?this place is empty. i don’t want problems later. go and sit accordingto your ticket.

ticket please. mother…congratulate me. your son has stoodfirst in college. bless you, my dear. you’ve fulfilled all my wishes. if only your dadwere alive today… very good shot, surya sir. excellent shot. just like a young boy.

that was… that was very good. you are very convincingas my mother. naylaji! what a pleasure,what brings you here? last month’s magazinehasn’t sold well? probably because youdidn’t grace the cover! so what’s brewing… under cover? this is new! lalitha was the heroine in yourlast film and both of you were hot.

and now she is playing your mother? you see…youth is meant to be tasted… not wasted! a heroine’s life… is like an elected government. the party lasts for five years…after that it’s there for support. sometimes left…sometimes right… and sometimes even centre! i’ve heard that new girl, silk, isa passionate supporter of your party.

everybody is talking about her. of course, i gave her a break. she is very talented. when god has blessedher so abundantly… there’s no harm intaking a piece of the pie. you know me… i believe the more i can be ofhelp to others, the better it is. but she is a quite down market. you write up on her was perfect.

well, i have to, surya sir. to portray men as saints… women have to bedepicted as demons. sir, madam is here. yes. – see you later.- what about my interview? we’ll do it later? this is important. quick, some filtercoffee for madam.

is silk here? the cinema hall was filled with menevery one of them only to see me. and as soon as the song was over,they left. it was amazing. don’t be so excited. take a look at whatnayla has to say about you. who is nayla? the most important film criticand gossip queen. when she writes,everybody pays attention.

she says selva took thehelp of dirt to sell his film. dirt…that’s you. look at my picture,it’s so gorgeous. now, i will stop at nothing. help me with more work… but why should i help you? because i love you and… we still have 499 timesremaining to get tuned. come in…

so, akbar and anarkaliare on talking terms? sir, good sense of humour, sir. abraham, this is silk. hello. surya sir, i want totalk to you about my next film. and this film will showcase you. you won’t need a cheap anddisgusting act to promote this film. abraham, everybodyknows you make good films. thank you, sir.

i owe it all to idli,rasam and rum. but your films aren’t…commercially successful. they captivate the audienceat film festivals but… they fail to bring in evena dog at local theatres. – is that right?- right, sir. spice it up, abraham, spice it up. add some sex. have silk dance to a numberor two, whatever you like. let me tell you…

successful films are those that…have the right spice. – right, selva?- you are genius, sir. it’s a curse, selva. it’s a curse. sir, i’m a director, not a pimp. i want to make a film,not sell sex. perhaps you can workwith that cheap girl but i can’t! right. fine, selva you direct it. okay, sir.

then bye. i wasn’t dejected thatthey chose silk over me… i was dejected thatthey decided so quickly. why do you have a problem with me? i have a problem with your parents. they shouldn’t havegiven birth to you. my parents didn’t give birth to me. silk was brought into this world… by the people who admire me.

your admirers occupy thefirst four rows in a cinema hall. the 40 rows at the back are mine. i will prove that films don’tneed gimmicks like you to sell. films need three things to sell… entertainment,entertainment, entertainment! and i am entertainment. a woman is like a rainbow. as many faces as the colors. some consider her a lottery.

if you win, you’ve hit the jackpot! some think of her as love. if you fall in love with her…you will gasp for every breath! but she ravaged me like poison. that now even waterburns me up from inside! "your sweet torment" "surreptitious tormenthere and around" "i am angry" "you are the reasoncajole me my love"

"i will tease you" "you are a bombastic girl" "aha aha aha" "ooh la la,ooh la la, ooh la la, ooh la la" "you are my fantasy" "don’t touch me, don’t touch me,don’t touch me, don’t touch me" "i am a young lady now" "when touched by youmy heart whistled" "give me a sweet kiss on my cheeks"

"your youth, is fluid" "which has drenched my heart" "aha you brought the rainwhat could my poor youth do?" "no no no no no" "by dropping your sareerepeatedly" "you make me restless" "after storming a fire in me" "what can the poor saree do" "poor thing"

"oh poor thing" "oh no" "- you are my fantasy- ah ah" "- i am a young lady now- hey hey hey hey" "- you are my fantasy- oh oh" you want to interview me? at my place? this evening… great! – amma… – what is it?it was a call from manorama magazine.

they want to interview me. they want to showthe world how stars live. no film star lives like you do.refuse them. amma, these opportunitiesdon’t come by again and again… they will only passon to someone else. what will you show?the tiny room you live in? i brought this deer from africa. superb, sir. this gun is anantique from bulgaria.

sir, deep breath, stomach in. move away. don’t touch camera.i’ll take photo later. – click my picture…- come in. go away… get lost! oops… you’re early. ma’am…i can come back later. now that you are here,let’s begin the interview. you mean like this? but have you worn something?

do you bathe with your clothes on? – no.- exactly! having a bath with yourclothes on is cheating… and silk doesn’t cheat. what you see is what you get! what are you doing? you are only taking my pictures what about my house? when the goddess ispresent in her full glory…

who cares about the temple? bye, madam. butter became of amul. what about the cow who gave milk? my film made that silk. she shed her modesty.. everyone stopped looking at me. silk is very goodat creating headlines. but this isn’t right, sir.

a girl, that too an actress… moreover on the front page! bad news, sir.she’s flying high. let her. no matter how highthe popcorn goes… it always falls back in the pan. excellent, sir, excellent!that’s brilliant! what are you looking for? someone from manoramahad interviewed me too…

but those idiotsdidn’t print anything! when will you grow up? you brought all thisto your new house too! what if surya sees it? he will be pleasedthat before i met him… i would make do with his pictures. surya and you are worlds apart. i’m worried. a thousandgirls like you are crazy for him. and a thousand guyslike him are crazy for me.

what’s to worry?we have the world at our feet. he has another life…he is married. if i had met him earlier, perhapshe would have married me… and i would’ve beenhis wife’s place. ‘if’, ‘perhaps’,’i would’ve been’… when these words crop upin love, it’s better to step back. amma, i know i don’thave any right on surya. but what can i do?there are no brakes in love. – but. – let’s talkabout something else, amma.

you know something, sit… – do you hear that?- what? listen carefully. i don’t hear anything. that’s the bestpart of living here. you don’t hear the neighboursand no unwanted sounds. silk, make it more seductive. come on. come on. yes.

this scene shouldmake the public go wild. make it hot. hey what.. leave me! mr. worm, take your shot. that was fantastic. what a shot! very good, very good… very good.

so silk…were you thinking about surya sir? why think about someone, withwhom i can be whenever i want to! ratnamma,i have dialogues in this film. i’m very nervous. people will laugh at me. why did the wormhave to have a premiere? what is this? – i won’t attend the premiere.- why not? ratnamma, i’m a dancer.

i don’t even have the’ting’ of acting in me. don’t be mad. – you can’t go inside.- i know her… listen to me. – i said you can’t go.- let me at least talk to her. – silk madam… – you can’t go in. ratnamma… i’ll call you later. just let me talk to her! silk madam… silk madam! silk madam…

how are you, madam? you! silk madam… how are you? i’m good. god is playing games with me. i thought… a thousand rupeesmight be enough but… you… you seem to be… very rich. even a million won’t be enough.

you’ve been lucky for me. every time you appear…something good definitely happens. now you’re leaving me high and dry. i’m giving the securityguard a thousand for the kiss. thanks a lot, madam. you are very nice some people makefilms touch the heart. some people makefilms touch the mind. the body part theywanted to touch…

well, this film was a hit there! she was playing tunesin people’s heart. and i was beingplayed like a fiddle. thank you… – very nice. – you liked it? thank you. what a film, what a film! you liked it? like?

i haven’t seen such adisgusting film in my life. there’s something nice andsuperb about this film. silk? now you will realise that to make agood film you need a good director… not a dancer! but don’t you think this film will do well? not a chance. but i am stillwilling to work with you.. because you gave me my first break. here…

have this and… even the abuses will sound sweet. mr. worm! that bastard rippedeverything apart! forget about him. i am sure even hisalcohol is as bad as him. but… what if his words come true? we haven’t made this film for him.

our fate will be decided on friday. industry has sunk to new lows… thanks to selva ganesh and… more importantly silk. by nayla. down with silk! cut.. cut. surya sir. smile please.

hey silk. hello silk… it’s been so long. is this the first time you’re here? you act very well even in reality! sir, a little closer, please. yes, that’s fine. let’s go inside. the actionalways takes place inside. all night you stick to me like glue…- hello!

otherwise you don’teven want to hold me. hello… control yourself, silk.the people here know me. if my wife hears about this,it won’t be good. – see you laterã¡at the farmhouse.- so, now what? enjoy the race. lay a bet on a good horse. i’ve bet on you. don’t let me down. evening… farmhouse.

that’s silk. what is she doing here? are people likeherã¡allowed in here? let alone her films,i don’t even look at the posters! you are…here at the race course… why not?can’t i come to the race course? i’m a star too. you think only these welldressed people with their english.. ..accents can come here?

– you are silk, aren’t you?- yes, so what? i am your fan. i didn’t thinkanybody here would know me. apart from a dozenhorses and a few asses… there’s no one herewho doesn’t know you. – on 3rd no.- one minute. – here.- listen. i want to lay a wagerthat number 9 will win. how do i do it?

silk madam,don’t bet on that horse. this horse has never won. nobody has ever bet on him. did anyone imagine that indiawould defeat west indies.. the cricket world cup final? but india won! if nobody bets on him,why will he win? he’s a horse, not an ass. here’s the money.

it will. ramakant sir… finally someone bet on your horse. this horse neverwon a race for me… but i hope he winsthis race for silk. come on, come on, faster. come on come on, mountain storm. c’mon. oh no!

at night you prefer to be likethe hands of a clock at 12 o’clock. but during the day,your clock says 6 o’clock. i have to control, silk. yesterday if we were seen together…you would’ve lost nothing… but i would’ve lost everything. so, which horse did you bet on? the horse that won. i’m the horse that wins. surya!

radhika! bloody hell.go hide in there… your dress. surya open the door. surya! – coming. go in will you… go in… surya please open the door. yes? just coming…

– what’s matter.- when you’re came. what do you mean by it. party was so bored.i got head pain. so i thought to take rest. press my head noone does it like you. silk never took the easy path. then how could herlife ever be easy? she had broken a million hearts… and now her heart was at stake.

people say only the heartbreaks but they’re wrong. every single part of thebody goes into mourning. the throat becomes dry… and cheeks remain cold… eyes welled up with tears…and heart… empty. i learnt about silk’smisery much later… otherwise i would’ve celebrated. excuse me! are you alright?

why wouldn’t i be? should i get a taxi for you?why? don’t you have a car? you… will come along… with me? – why not? are you going to rape me?- what? why would you say that? excuse me… just a minute, please. don’t worry. just do it. you aren’t thefirst man to think…

‘while shifting the gear ifi could somehow touch her.’ what… no…i wasn’t thinking of that. you work for suryakant? i’m his brother. suryakant… ramakant… brothers. did you see his wife go in? that’s when you figured that… since the permanent oneis in, i will sneak out.

one brother takes me to bed and… the other iserecting a bed in his mind! why are yourthoughts always so twisted? because virtue doesn’tstand a chance in this world. what do you do? i’m a writer. i write. which was your last film? i haven’t got the first one yet. and you’ll never get one.

why not? according to you, there’sonly one hero in your family. and that’s suryakant. according to you, who is he? hero or…a villain? i’ve given up classifying people. moreover… the hero and villaindon’t matter… because i’m thevamp in every story.

i want to go home… will you take me there? you see that window? i escaped from it onthe eve of my wedding. won’t you go in? mother… this award goes to silk. and to give this award… i would like to call mr. suryakant.

i want to present an award to theperson who chose silk for this award. she is despicable and… the person whochose her even worse. but mister… who the hell are you? abraham…director. been a long time since i saw you. i finally realised… where to be seen and where not. success has gone to your head.

but many like youhave come and gone. i haven’t come here to go away. look, i’m up here andthe others are down there. you think the peopledown there adore you? they are laughing at you. they know very well thatyou don’t belong with us. you are the fantasyfrom last night.. ..that nobody talks aboutthe next morning. you are our dirty secret!

at least say thanks… i really don’t knowwhere to begin from. if i begin right at the start,my mother will be hurt. if i talk about the present,you might feel offended. because today i won’t stop. everybody’s right eye is twitchingand heart on the left is throbbing… anticipating what i’m about to say. you must bewondering why you ever put… a nobody like me on a pedestal.

some people are famousbecause of what they do. i’m infamous for what i do. vulgar… disgusting… sexy… dirty… the words that areapplied to describe me. just so someone’sfilm could take off… i was used as a boarding pass.

yet people say i’m vulgar. you made me dance… but nobody noticed myeffort or my sincerity. you were busy noticingsomething else. yet you label me disgusting… my films are not meant to bewatched with the family but… people watch them alone andend up with a bigger family. if i open a few buttons… then everyone willbreak into a sweat.

don’t you worry… i’m leaving… because except for me,everyone else here is honourable. but i must say, yourhonour is unbelievable. you make films about sex,you sell them… you watch them, you show them… you even presentthem with awards… but you’re scaredto acknowledge them. neither will you change,nor will i.

wrap yourself with yourso-called-honour and… i will carry onshedding my clothes. i will continue makingthese dirty pictures. and i will bring thesedirty pictures before you. who are you? nayla. oh! so it is you who writesall the bad stuff about me. it will be bad ifi stop writing about you.

what do you mean? i mean… what you’re doingtoday is a rebellion. years later peoplewill call it freedom. i don’t get you. stay as you are… like a storm… don’t think too much. because if you do,you’ll fade away.

i am silk. i’m not some film that willchange after the interval. that’s surya’s wife andshe’s coming towards us. finally i’ve met you. i’ve heard a lot about you. i’m sure you have… but there’s a lot more to me. i like you better inperson than on the screen. i heard a lot about youtoo and you’re less either.

he looks just like his father. he even behaves like him. you have no idea… what it is like tobe a superstar’s wife. even so there isn’t a lotof difference between us. there is a lot of difference. no, radhikaji… the difference is as big as a mole. i have a mole near my heart and…

you have one… on what you sit. how do you know? your face gave it away. that you have a mole… right where i said it is. when human is alone,his eyes blink less. her eyes look for someonewho is feels near and dear to him. hey writer boy!

are you going to stand byyour brother and not talk to me? you’re pretending asif you don’t know me. what do you want?tell me. what i want… can only be enjoyed at night. night? why not now? what will people think? what will surya think?

right here, right now? this is between you and me. actually… things didn’t work out with surya. now it’s all up to you. i’ll see you at night… alone! what are you doing?you are doing it all wrong. do it right. don’t hold it, let me do it.

you’re doing it all wrong. i know how to slide it in. is this your first time? never mind me.slide it in properly. we haven’t even movedyet and you’re all wet! whatever you do,do it nice and easy. now ease into first gear… slowly. easy, yes… slowly…

slow. look straight ahead. slowly… yes, that’s the way. look straight ahead. now add a little pressure onthis pedal, it’s the accelerator. okay… thanks. now thatã¡you’ve bought a car… you should’ve hireda driver as well.

i bought the car fromthe winnings at the derby. i can’t decide whether… i should hire a driver or a jockey. do you know that was my horse? really! well then…you are lucky for me. no, you are lucky. i saw you whispering tothe horse before the race. what did you say?

it seemed depressed. i said nobody hasever looked at my feet. hold your head high andleave everyone behind. and it did. your words are so loadedwith horsepower that… theyã¡rein in theã¡wildspiritã¡in men.. ..while theyã¡revive thesagging spirit of horses. tell me… who holds your reins?

meaning? if i spell it out, you’ll blush. do you have a girlfriend? in the beginning, agirlfriend is delicious as cream… but then she slowlyengulfs you like cholesterol… and finally strikeslike a heart attack! fine, i’ll see for myself… how long an ascetical celibatelike you can resist.. ..the charms of a single woman.

"ooh la la, ooh la la,ooh la la, ooh la la" "you are my fantasyah ah" trying to meet you is likejumping across anã¡electric fence. sit. you can get a 440volt shock anytime! did you think i’m a little battery? i’m a transformer.transformer! are you planning ongiving me something lethal? are you out of breath already?

you better save some. neither is it your birthdaynor mine. so what’s this cake for? blow away your old life. and wish your newone a happy birthday. what do you think you’re doing?are you okay? many who have gained famehide behind their black deeds. at least you are covered in white. you are crazy. happy birthday.

– what are you doing! – to you too! hello! hey guys, stop press now! anything new about silk? i have something thatwill create a sensation. tell us, nayla.what did silk do now? i haven’t thought about it. about what? what do i label silk?

manipulative or helpless? vamp or just a victim? how are the pictures? i’ll cut them out. what about therubbish written about us? i don’t know what has been written. in fact,i don’t care and never did! i cut out the pictures,but only if they are good. a newspaper maygo stale in a day…

but the news in it remainsfresh for years to come. and these journalists neverwrite anything good about you. now they’ve labelled you draupadi. one should neverbreak one’s own rules. when she was carefreeshe used to soar like a bird just few bothers andwings were cut. ma’am… nayla madam is busy at the party. she said she can’t meet anyoneand i shouldn’t let anyone in.

didn’t you tell her it’s silk? yes, ma’am, i know you. i told her. what’s this party about? ma’am, the party is to celebratenayla madam’s best journalist award. a lot of high profile peopleand celebrities are present. kumar… yes. mam. – call the police.- yes. i guess they heard i’m on the way.

yes, sir. but they are looking inthe opposite direction. honk… honk!otherwise they won’t give way. i can’t stay herelike these idiots. let’s go back. i’ll check what’s going on. move! one minute. – are you alright?- yes. stealing the thunderfrom nayla’s party.

you are unbelievable, silk. why ruin just one party,when i can ruin two! driver, start the car… come on! there are many stars inthis industry, silk… but there’s only one hero- you. that was unbelievable. you publicly wreckedher private party. now nayla will never celebrateanything, not even her birthday! once silk decides on something,she goes through with it.

surya, for instance. his mouth was openlike an uncovered manhole. i hope you didn’t mind… me kissing you. my heart said so and i did. even though theheart is on the left… its decisions are always right. wow, the writer rises… you should sleep.

tomorrow i havenarrate the story to vijayan. and you have a shoot too. we just left twopeople burning with anger… and you want to put it out? if i stay back, a firewill start over here. then let it. ooh la la, ooh la la you are my fantasy… you don’t call out toothers when you’re on the edge.

the bullet exits the gun… the villain’s spiritexits his body… the end of the film. – and the audience exits the theater.- what kind of ending is this? i didn’t even havea fight sequence. swords are pulledout of their sheath… clothes ripped apart… bodies ripped apart…blood all over. that leads to the end of the film.

you should have a sword fight,yes a sword fight. sir, the lead hero is a cop. how could he have a sword? that’s a valid point. perhaps an ancestral sword… a family heirloom. but, sir… the leadhero is an orphan. boring! lead heroes of the 60sand 70s were orphans.

we are in the 80s now. let him have a family. and a sister… give her dignity…and then take it away! his sister’s trampled dignity… should reflect on his sword. now that will heighten the climax! – what do you say, vijayan?- sir, what an imagination! genius… sir, you’re a genius!

it’s a curse,’s a curse! what do you think, rama? i have one word… superhit! sir, sensational, thiswill be sensational! silk couldn’t differentiatebetween a man and a horse. a horse at its peakwill win derbies. but a man at his peakmoves like time itself. then he can neither stop.

do you remember…when we first met… you couldn’t utter a word. and now you make excuses! there was a time when i’d merelythink of you and you would show up. and now… – you think twice before meeting me.- cut it! what are you laughing for?you think this is a joke? you are the onemaking a joke, madam. we shot this scene yesterday.

i need a cigarette! silk…what’s going on? once upon a time,you’d act out a scene and.. ..i didn’t feel likecalling out ‘cut’. but it seems like youdon’t feel like acting anymore. how can i? there’s nothing new to do. everyday it’s the same old scene,same old dialogue, same old story. you can only act inone particular film…

and i’ll make it. i know why you’reso arrogant today. you’ve signed onthat new girl, shakeela. but venkat sir… there can never be another silk. and we don’t want another silk!everyday it’s something new. a new spat with surya… or a new scene with his brother.or your love for the bottle. in that case, ‘pack up’!

make this film with that… that girl… shakeela! silk, wait, don’t make a’ll regret. people who walkout on their work… spend the rest of theirlives begging for work. but they get nothing. i am don’t forget i’m a star.

when stars fade away, theybecome one with the darkness. and when the baredarkness strikes… the first thing it takesaway is the star’s shine. hello… ramakant, please. madam, he is busy at a pooja.[religious offering] pooja? for what? madam, it’s a poojafor his new film.

tell ramakant it’s silk! sorry madam, i can’t disturb him. hello, give the phone to ramakant! – madam…- tell ramakant it’s silk! it’s silk madam on theã¡line.she wants to talk to you. tell her i’ll call her later. i’m sorry, madam. i can’t disturb him. sir, i’m very happy.

one brother will write,the other will act. – today is a great day.- and silk will dance. greetings! – you’re on time.- excuse me. vijayan! yes, sir? silk… will not act in this film. the audience has seenevery inch of her talent.

sir, as you wish. but sir…the public demands excitement. we will change the trend. everything that silk did… we’ll get the heroine to do. that’s fine… sir but what aboutthe heroine’s image? the public goes for the goods ondisplay, the store doesn’t matter. when honour is disrobed…

it’s the ‘honourable’ones that enjoy it the most. you’re right,absolutely right, sir. ramakant, what do you have to say? silk madam on the line. what a coincidence. we were just talking about you. i’m here with vijayan and surya. they don’t want youfor their next film. and i think theirdecision is right.

you won’t do this film. absolutely not! on the first day of the shoot… i would like tointroduce you to my parents. hello, silk ma’am. i am mutthu. i am a small time film maker. i would to work with you.this is my card. drop it at my place.

okay, thank you very much. excuse me. well, the set is beautiful. congratulations. it’s all thanks to you. and don’t make a mess today. my parents will be here soon. your mother is fine but… how old is your father?

silk, please! relax will you! i’m a hit with themen in your family. you know…i don’t like such jokes. ramakant sir…please come here. one second. i’m a big fan of yours. i am shakeela. so you’re shakeela!

you’ve heard about me? yes.. but it was probably a lie. why do you say that? do you have a mirror at home? break it… because it’s lying thatyou can be another silk. you are wrong! i’m sure i have something…

i have the talent. is that so? come on then! "there is that nightof the honeymoon" "i am that night" "the joy of that night" "i am that joy" "that knocks the lover senseless" "i am that intoxication"

"the mantra to love andrelationships that you have read" "i am that book" "i am that book." "i play like the banjoi blossom in dreams" "gentlemen, make me infamous" "i intoxicate you like whiskey" "i grapple like a hiccup" "get intoxicated, my gentleman" "we forgetourselves"

"give me a drink like that" "my every move is killerand i sting with my lips." "i pinch like a knife, seem likebullet and i’m like venom." "what suites everybody’s body,i’m that gold." "burn but doesn’t burn, once ignitednever douse, i’m that flame." "hey.." "badhalf…sullen…departed" "broken, is your dreamwithout me" "it is only me"

"i am that intoxicationblend us together" when the man’s time is right,his torn clothes to become a style. and when time changes, the samepeople go to tear his clothes. let her go! she isn’t worthy of you. women like silkdon’t belong at home… a bed is where they belong. what have you done, silk? i had told you… don’t think.

you gave up too soon. say what you want to! couldn’t you controlyourself for just one night? what difference would that make? would your parentsthink i’m a decent girl? what is their impression now? they think you arelewd and disgusting. well, you’re in lovewith someone like her. that’s my character on screen.i’m not like that in real life.

you mean you’ll staylike this all your life? lewd and disgusting? the thing that made me silk… how can i let it go? surya was right… women like silkdon’t belong at home… of course, aã¡bed iswhere they belong isn’t it! silk’s noose is readyfor both of you. you call me lewd and disgusting…

see how i ruin you! anyone is here. get up. anyone is here.get up. c’mon talk with me. please talk. if exchange of heartsentailed hanging then this world would havebeen hanged long time ago. love and affectionsaren’t always with you

but its enmity whichgo long with you. that’s why neithersilk could accept defeat nor i. what you’reproposing is a very big risk. think about it. when god has blessedyou with one life… why think twice? no, think again. you could lose allthat you have earned. i never thought i’dget what i have earned.

you need to do a lot offilms to earn that much. but only one isenough to lose it all. it’s your blood and sweat…that’s why i’m telling you. i’ve seen you rise up… i can’t bear to see you fall. silk trusts her mr. worm. i love your idea of a triple role! one mother and two daughters. that’s what i thought.

when people see one silk,their tongues hit the floor. when they see threesilks together… their trousers will hit the floor! remember abraham? – what about him? is he dead?- no. he is alive. he is also makinga triple role film. and he is playing the lead. ramakant is writing the script.

mr. worm… do you know whysilk is so expensive? because it is meant to shine. let him make his film. we will watch it andso will the public. the era of hate was over. now it was time todestroy silk, once and for all. she stole my idea tocompete against me! i will put an end to her!

– very good.- hello, mr. worm… good good! mr. worm, will thetrousers come down or not? everything will come down. your cheque. where is she… picking on me youhave dug your own grave. let me just see himi’ll pour earth on him. you stepped on the beachand the tide subsided.

when the tide rises… you will be the first to drown. i even swam through thegiant waves in aã¡storm… and that’s thereason i’ve survived. but you… you’re back to whereyou started from. well, even you’ve come to me. you can’t live without me. my biggest fan.

i’m here to celebrate your defeat. don’t have anyone tocelebrate your success with? i hadã¡told you… you can’t defeat me. but the fight was a pleasure. silk is born to give pleasure. to her well-wishersand her opponents. and you are extra special. that’s what the newspapers say.

but there’s something youstill haven’t revealed… the fact that you like me. flop actress. she had the lastword like the lead hero. her mouth revealedmore than her attire. i like her? i… if she were the last womanon earth… i’d castrate myself! murli…

– murli…- coming, sir. a large coffee, please. and for the two women?beer or tequila? success does bestow acertain energy, murli. two girls? it’s not what you think. one brought you home last night. and the other is waitingoutside with her camera. ask the one withthe camera to wait…

and send the onefrom last night packing! i’m leaving! last night was great, wasn’t it? no way! and you should be with silk,not me! all night you kept talkingabout that disgusting woman! oh, i’m sorry baby. tell me something… when i was talking about her…

was it with hatred or affection? the problem is i… i hate her… but she thinks i love her. i want to know what myfeelings have to say. you are mad… you’re absolutely mad! bye… i will call you. yeah, sure! you don’t even know my name!

yet you spent thenight with me and… are calling silk disgusting! how did i end up in thisshakespearean tragedy, silk? earlier i fought with youand now i’m fighting for you! your girlfriend lefthurling abuses at you. she was nothing. last week a girlalmost broke my head! back then you were nothing… now you are.

next week again i’ll be nothing. i’m not some filmthat changes every week. you just reminded me of someone. i imagined i was the onlyantique piece around here. hey, by the way, congrats. you’ve defeated silk. i can’t believe you guys! i get no credit for my success. you’re congratulatingme because silk failed.

abraham… whose corner are you in? our corner or silk’s corner? i hate her. and if you want tocontinue talking about her… then this interview is over! i didn’t know that…silk is such a sensitive topic. what brought about thisdrastic change in your films? you see… one day i was watchingmy own film and i fell asleep.

that’s when i realised something. silk madam. tell them to show me other option. silk… anything important? i have come here to get high. you know actingalways gets me high. silk, you know very well that… neither i nor anybodyelse will give you any work. but if you want some money…

do you have five rupees? five rupees? when i first tried to getinto films, someone told me… that nobody would give me any work. he gave me fiverupees and sent me away. sir, give me five rupees. probably those days will come back. i was the dog that… had gone mad after biting silk.

i never let a friendget close to me… but silk was, allthanks to our enmity. why did i go to her? for company? for lack of a friend,an enemy would do. don’t stare at me. it’s as if the oven isawaiting a marinated chicken! at least try to give yourselfsome respect in your words. anyway, what are you doing here?

for lack of a friend,an enemy will do. i’ve destroyed you… i was here to see howmany stitches silk needs. have a coffee… i’ll pay for it. two silk coffees, please. the coffee that goes bymy name is quite famous. try’s the best cure for a hangover. you will burn in hell! and you…

you will enjoy it as abonfire and warm your hands. my heart and mindwere caught in a duel. i guess i was too highthat i began to like silk. the mind warned… ‘don’tbe an idiot, control yourself.’ for every man there is a woman. if you can stay away from her,life will be great. otherwise it’s over. i viewed from different angles…in different poses… even stood on my head…

but same results. i can never like you. you better get yourself checked… or you won’t like your wifethe day after your wedding. do you have any alcohol? do i look like an idiot? that i offer you adrink and let you abuse me? i want a drink becausei don’t want to abuse. i think you’re the type of girl…who looks better after a drink.

this is the worst! you mean it struck achord in your heart. the colour of thebathtub is awful… there should’vebeen more bubbles… i didn’t like it. then give it back. i’m keeping it. what about this? even children wearmore clothes than you.

if you manage toã¡liveup to a ripe old age… you will lookexactly like your mother. that’s not my mother…it’s me! nayla wanted tointerview my mother. you know nayla… she can be very persistent. it was not easyto say ‘no’ to her… but it was easy tobecome my own mother. so… i dusted my hair with powder,wore a dull saree…

and gave the interview. have you done anything straight? why didn’t you takenayla to your mother? my mother had slammedthe door on me. why wouldã¡they talk about me… when they areembarrassed they gave birth to me. if you weren’t born at all,how would the world ever know… that women can also be like you! is that an abuse disguised as praiseor praise concealed in an abuse?

i can’t praise you… and lately i can’t even abuse you. be careful, abraham. i guess…you’re starting to like me. i told you,ã¡you’rethe type of girl… who looks better after a drink. have you ever been in love? love that leads you toã¡bed… yes.

love that takes away your breath… no. how many people have touched you? many have touched me… but nobody has evertouched my heart. this is what happens when… a boy and a girl meet,they get close… they kiss…end of story. i’ve gained infamy because of that.

but if this story endshere like this, it will be… be what? it’ll be a sin. "love is a song of the gods" "love is a festival oflights for the heart" "love is a fragrance" "love is a burst of morning hues" "love is a lilting waterfall" "love is a prayer"

"love exists in every breath" "love lays in the eyes" "separate my heart from my soul" "destroy me in love" "make my existencecomplete with love" "to youi surrender all my love." "my love is an absolute submission." "i think of you in the morning" "i think of you at dawn"

"my destiny" "holds only your name" "in your fire i burn" "playing with the coal" "in my dreams, i walk aheadto tell you…" "to you" "i surrender all my love" "my love is an absolute submission" "walking together"

"our hands leave each others’ grasp" "don’t meet me in such paths" "talking" "the night fades away" "meet me in those nights" "who am i?who is god?" "where you arei find everything" "our lips meetmy lips blossom" "why should i move away?"

"i surrender all my love." i’m sober, and yetyou’re still beautiful. silk you’ve sopiled to abraham.. nothing else could beworse than this, silk. even your enemydoesn’t hate you anymore. hello? – who is it?- i’m. – who is there?- aravind. who is it you want?

ask, ‘what do you want?’ my money.all of it! i told you i will give it back… i’m not going have my house as collateral. listen, madam! as soon as i sign my next film,i will return everything. i saw your last filmand the empty theatres. you think anybodywillã¡offer you a film? you have until next week…

or you can forget the house. i had no idea that silkwas so badly shattered. she herself didn’tknow what was she up to. oh great, you are here. come… i’ve been waiting for you.come in… everything is ready for you.everything. what do you mean ready?what’s the story? script… dialogues?

story… sexy. dialogue… sexy.come. expression… sexy. madam, from your head to your toe,you should onlyã¡exude sex. i don’t get it… what’s going on? – don’t worry.- i don’t think i can do it. listen to me, please. don’t be scared of them.

they are all junior artists. but you are different. they are rehearsing.come with me. have a seat. i’ll explain it to you. we will do exactly as you say. don’t worry at all. just a minute. listen madam…

right now i have a film… and money. it’s yours, keep it. madam, right now youdon’t have either of them. what are you worried about? do me, just do it. i suggest you have a drink. relax… then think about it. no problem at all.

– drink!- yes, sir. you make one film with me and iwill plant a garden of money for you. and then, both moneyand films will chase you! here take this…don’t think, just take it. come on! good. are you okay? madam, we’re ready for your shot. come!

good.good silk. make it sexy. that made people mad. c’mon silk com on. light on.start the camera. raju remove your cloth.hurry up. suresh zoom the camera. come one silk. go close.very good.

police police…run! hey run! hurry up.leave the camera. my money. you run from here.police has come. hurry up. hey madam have you gone mad. amma! you are silk, right?

hey, madam. reshma was runningfrom there not silk. that reshma who want to be famous. she can’t tell thatshe has lost her name. why don’t you freshen up… if you need anything,he will help you. this way, madam. please. come on, silk… pick up.

i have such a bigsurprise for you… answer! i haven’t beenable to talk to silk. i guess she’s not at home. there’s somethingi need to do right now… so, tomorrow i’ll take you there. alright. ‘congrats! what a film!brilliant acting!’ everybody had words of praise. the buttons of my shirt gave way…

my chest was sopuffed up with pride! then what was i missing? i was at the party… but my thoughts were elsewhere… silk… silk… silk… her name kept ringing in my mind. but she… she wasn’t evenanswering her phone! – hello? – there’ssomething strange about you.

when i ignored you,i bumped into you everywhere. now when i want to see you… you decide to vanish. abraham, do yourself a favour. find yourself someone nice. listen… i have a big surprise for you. you want to sign me for your film? even better.

i’m waiting. right now… i’m stuck at a boringparty with boring people. who is there? the usual suspects. suryakant, ramakant,venkat, vijayan, selva ganesh… tell them i’ve said ‘bye’. where are you going? to bed.

i’m very sleepy. see you in the morning. promise. i’ll see you. he has point. abraham sir… it’s your party.we were looking for you. you just vanished. where were you? i was talking to silk.

the bus isn’t moving, thenwhy are you running after it? she’s worthless. you can talk to her anytime.enjoy the party. what did she have to say? she said bye to all of you. is she going somewhere? it’s the right thing to do,ramakant. she should go away. there’s nothingleft for her anymore.

when life becomes miserable, that’swhen you begin to understand it. and a million questions arise towhich you will never get the answers. why didn’t mother hug me assoon as she opened the door? why didn’t i realise that… worshipping a star and loving astar are two different things. the person whom you taughtto stand up for himself… why didn’t he stand up for you? everybody wanted to feel me,why didn’t anybody hold my hand? you can hear thepages turn in a library.

you can even hearhonking in a ‘silence’ zone. but when ears that are accustomedto applause fail to hear the abuses… life begins toresemble an empty theatre. i don’t know whethersilk was right or wrong? the matters in a person’slife runs for really long. but the judgementsare passed up there. up there. silk must be creating anuproar up there as well. "give me a sweetkiss on my cheeks"

"aha you brought the rain" "what could my poor youth do?" "- you are my fantasy- no no no no no" "oh no."


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