watch jackie chan movies

watch jackie chan movies

my name is ãœter zã¶rker. i was born in hammelburg. it was a small city, and except for fischerfest, not much happened there. when i was a kid my father taught me kung fu.

watch jackie chan movies

watch jackie chan movies, we loved to watch jackie chan movies and i wanted to fight as well as him. we practiced every single day. my father was my hero

the masked man now, my job has brought me to mã¼nchen. every morning i wake up at 7 am i take a shower i brush my teeth and i get dressed for work. my life was completely normal until… ãœter, have you heard the news? no!

what happened?! there was an attack in hammelburg is everything ok? our father is dead! how?! a masked man! he came in the night and suddenly he attacked everyone 25 people are dead

more are injured i should have been there for you it is my fault, father if i would have been there had i… i could have protected you. i will avenge you. come in! mayor schultz

how are you doing? it is good to see you, ãœter. and you. i wish that the circumstances… were different. your father was a great man, ãœter. thank you. i know

do you have any information about the attack? not so much i only know that he was the masked man. he came and then… he was gone. i must find him. when i have more information i will call you.

good luck, ãœter. i will try to prevent any other attacks from happening. i hope. thank you, mayor. 3 months later breaking news! an attack in dusseldorf! more are injured…

the police are on the scene


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