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‘this isn’t a learning disabilityor an eye sight problem’ her father heads the department inthe college where my daughter studies what’s the use of beingpopular among his students? a daughter like her isenough to ruin all that every family will havea blotch like this

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watch latest movies online free, if this continues, promotionto 8th grade is difficult you should get thissigned by your father mili, wait don’t let your hair get so drywhy don’t you apply oil?

it’s full of dandruff ask sudha to bring somemedicated oil from home too late, she should be here by now we can buy tomorrowfrom a shop nearby must be your auntgo and see open the door mili, when did youcome from school? little while ago shall i make tea for you?

just a little will do i met her school principal today he feels the syllabus isdifficult for her to cope with next year we mustshift her to another school i don’t want, serve her why don’t we admit her in a schoolback home till she finishes her 10th? if it wasn’t for her monthly check upsi’d have taken my sister-in-law with me with nirmala and otherfamily members around she’ll automatically become cheerful

if you put in a requestto sujatha teacher we can easily get admissionnext year at de paul school i can bring her here every week doubtful if we can get herinto de paul with her record we’ll check mary mathaor sharada’s school just don’t make things worseby pampering her too much my dear, i wasn’t serious don’t be upsetand sulk in there sweetheart!open the door

don’t pamper her like this, sudha let her cry for sometimeshe’ll eat later on it’s tough when you makesuch a demand suddenly how can i shift youto another room? no one is prepared to adjustwith each other these days we three always feltnegative vibes in that room marriage proposals don’t comeour way, let alone take off i must shift from here only then good time will begin

this is quite ridiculous! how can a room be blamedfor lack of marriage proposals? maximum demand is foryour room in this hostel no other room is so spaciousor with an attached bathroom if it is so much in demandwhy don’t you give it? how can i trust newcomers? you are old occupants new girls may not be like you if you insist, i can shiftone of you to d block

decide and tell mewhich one of you’ll shift if that’s the case, you knowthe 4th girl in our room? just shift her from our room 4th girl…? you mean mili?what’s wrong with her? don’t think i’m cribbing about my jobit’s a job that’s highly insecure only if i start at 8:00 a.m, catchthe bus, i can reach by 9:00 a.m but ever since mili joined usmy entire routine has gone haywire i can’t even shower in peace

she’s inside the bathroom at 5:00 a.m she takes 3 hours to come out open the door mili but in case i get in first- daily i go througha similar hassle too we go to bed aftera tiring day at work you switch off the lightsat 10:00 p.m for us to sleep but she never sleeps at night wretched girl!

mili has a mental problem, teacher lfl get a call, she’s all ears i first thought, it was all in fun i get messages from my fiance how canl ask him notto text me just because… …someone elsewas reading them? she is a psycho "mili is like the mimosa plantif touched, closes the next instant" "little pearl, head to toe naughtylike a firefly is our mili"

"blooming bouquet of leucaslittle white flowers on her lips" "hesitantly" "coral bead-like eyes blinking innocentlysaunters softly slinking our girl, mili" "walks but not alongside typicallywafts like a breeze, our mili" "like a rainbow hued flower gailyshe’s a simple soul, our mili" "mili, in a crowd is always lonelywithin each one of us is also a mili" nancy always advises meto wear contact lens but i always feel as ifants are crawling inside my eyes i can see through this quite clearly

that must be a message from renuka you are renuka’s roommate can you give meher phone number please? to call her for a screen test when will you be back, nancy? i’ll be latetoo many patients are you at the apartment? i’ve given the key to the security go in and be with motheri’ll join you soon

there’s milk in the fridgemake some tea for mom, if possible light tea, use sugar-free, okay? i’ll try to be therein half an hour okay, sis hey! you look greatis it your birthday? if you dare say i got this for youour deal will be called off, okay? if i am caught,i’ll betray you to nancy – enough?- muah are you making tea?

yes…why? make it a bit strong i’m unable to relish the taste of milk forget it! i know all these areexcuses to make me add sugar nancy has specificallytold me to use sugar-free oh this nancy! you have added only1 tab of sugar-free, isn’t it? don’t harass me like this 1 tab sugar-free?

just you wait! i willget my son married his wife will then deal with this problem isn’t with tasteit’s your tongue even if your son’s wifecomes from the us… …this will taste just the same thinks no end of herself! did you have your tea? why are you behavinglike a pair of thieves? what is it, my girl?

what the hell do youthink you are doing? if you are planning to be hospitalizedtake her along to nurse you she isn’t seriousgive me that fried fritter give it to me hide it i’ll be back soon so why this sudden visit today? is it about your roommates? or is it to do with love tangles?

arun looked at me today, once and? i don’t knowafter that he didn’t bother he just moved away couldn’t you look back at him? how can i withall those people around? i feel he’s deliberately avoiding me shall i talk to him? hey! no

don’t ever come herewith such silly issues again me? tell me i was the one who senta friend request to arun it was mehe accepted first in this groupi’m his 1st friend morons! trying tosnatch him away! i didn’t say it was your call no

no, yaar not bad goodness!if she had seen that message…?! it would’ve put me to shame she has started it again inability to communicatedoesn’t mean less intelligence are you here becauseyou believe you are a loser? i don’t think we are so unluckyas to deserve these insults if it is a kindof discrimination here…

…i am willing to leave at least one personbelieves in luck maybe you’ll join a new company are you sure you won’tface similar problems? after hopping in and out of several firms you’ll buckle under pressure from familyget married, have kids and continue with life isn’t that the only option you have? understand that unlesswe agree, you won’t be sacked this group, including anupamawas asked to attend this session…

…not for the lack of trustthe management had on you the spanish painter picasso was oncechallenged by a very beautiful lady… …if he could painther picture in 1 minute picasso did it in 30 secondsand the lady was stunned she was about to leave with the picturewhen picasso mentioned its rate the lady, shocked asked why he wanted1 million for a work of just 30 seconds? he replied ‘it may be30 seconds for you, madam’ ‘but it took me 30 yearsto do it in 30 seconds’ reason behind his reply was this

understand a person’s skillsbefore passing judgment we may meet many people whohave gone through lot of negativity but convening the negativityinto positive energy ls passion for one’s workand belief in one’s effort ‘the harder i work the luckier i get’don’t forget this success mantra you must believein that kind of luck not like anupama’s negative pessimism but go about positively without fear hello, sis?

just look at this! madam, please don’t raise thisas a complaint in front of others isn’t it natural for kids toquarrel among themselves? that too inside the classroom when such things happenin the presence of teachers… …do you want us to be quiet? action has been takenagainst that student in unusual instances, a teachermay have noticed it a bit late every movement is recordedin the classroom and still!

i have lost my trustnot only in the teacher but the school’s efficiency also giri sir has recommendedmany children to this school can’t you compromise withoutturning it into an ugly episode? if giri is also involvedit will turn more complicated please don’t do that i promise we won’t have carelessteachers in this school hereafter if you shift nikhil now, the futureof our school will be affected i hope you understandwhat i’m trying to say

what if other parents also demandthat their children are monitored? didn’t you see howl supported youto the maxim um extent? at this age when childrenneed maxim um attention ‘lfl dismiss you right awayi’ll also get into trouble’ ‘i can give you a month’s notice’ ‘you can try elsewhere by then’ ‘i have no other option left’ no complications but only the nurse is here

let me seei’ll try to get back early who has come with joseph? mathew sir had called says ecg shows mild variations he doesn’t expect any problemsbut wants an angiogram done she may have to stay overnight did mom tell youanything specific? what is the use of asking someonewho fusses over every little discomfort? let the test take its course

i must visit the clinic urgentlyand pick up my daughter too will you be able to stay herefor another 2 hours at least? of course! i’ll staytake your time here, keep this with younothing to worry, bro mom has recovered fromworse situations, right? she’ll come out of this also she’ll cajole you intobuying food from outside don’t buy anythinguntil the tests are over – okay?- fine

i am leavinggo sit inside she’s already jitteryabout tomorrow’s tests mili is there to add to itwhat more do we need? – okay- see you i saw you going in did you leave school early? – yes-i thought as much she would have given youa distress s.o.s call, right? sit, you can leaveafter a cup of tea

i’ll get some teafrom the canteen so this was your intention, eh? while sharing problemsa little sweet will help! what did you think? that if you didn’t keep her happylike this, she will love you less? mom knows you very well that’s the reason for herphone calls and complaints don’t scold her i was feeling a bit lowsol helped myself from her bag

she didn’t get it for me then she must have the gutsto stop you from eating it mom’s illness can becured with proper medicine but what you suffer from, can be curedonly if you learn to say ‘no’ to people if relationships breakdue to that, just let it go an existence without any identityof your own and always petrified take it easy, my childdon’t take him seriously mbrhdrg "somewhere, someplace"

"forgetting ourselveswe move at our own pace" "there, hereor anywhere" "we race alongnot knowing each other" "with desires variousand thirst endless" "in search of a shore for safetywe run through roads plenty" "oh time! as you pass, nearing the endyou extend a hand like a bosom friend" "on this path, moon blooms brightlyand cottony clouds caress softly" "i arched as a rainbow topsy-turvy" they have askedtheir parents to come

she is sure to be thrown out this is really too muchthey are questioning mili i just hope she won’tget us into trouble i have no other opinionabout you in this case if your roommatesdo things in hiding… …you must first report it to me but if you want to protect themi have no other option not only that, it could also meanthat 2 of them planned and got them in teacher, that girl said her friend-

such friendship must beoutside this campus that girl’s parents havefiled a police complaint hiding a personis a criminal offence you may not facethe same charges as raji but as per rules, i must speakto your local guardian or parent this isn’t the 1st complaintwe are receiving about you just spare your fatherfrom coming here again mrs vimala chandran? come, doctor is calling

please sit that girl, your relativeis waiting to see you if you are busy, we could havecome for the late night show it is convenient for me also how can we leavemom alone at night? neither can we take her alongher legs are not strong enough won’t the maid vanaja come? catch her staying!she stays only till 8:00 p.m today i put in a special request

we’ll know once we get back most probably she’d havegiven the key to the watchman this trip is just for you it’s a great film, mom did you plan something elsefor this evening, mili? mili, i was talking to you sis?! did you have anything elselined up for this evening? mili, can you take herto the restroom?

go ls mili worried about something? what makes you think so? i don’t knowi just felt it as if she wants to confide in you just wait and watch she won’t go backto her hostel today she’ll come straightback to your apartment only there she can tell you

don’t bother asking her we’ll see how she handles it let us go via the hostelwe must drop off mili no, drop me at the clinicmy scooter is parked there do you want us to let youride back so late at night? then i’ll sleep at the apartmentand leave early in the morning i’m not meetingthe warden for this how are you involved in this? didn’t i tell you, sis?

i tried my best to explainbut she refused to listen i won’t have anything more to say lfl keep runningto solve your issues… …you’ll always failin every walk of life just once more, sisone last time, please it will be morecomplicated if i come go straight to herand explain everything after all this isn’tan orphanage and you are payingyour fees regularly

only if you are aggressivethey will cool down no need to go back to that room those girls are not your kindwe’ll give you another room upstairs are all studious girlsthey are all very quiet moreover it’s easier toadjust with the younger lot teacher, stop being sentimental single occupancy so there is spaceonly for one cot don’t open that window

one of the first regulationswhen this hostel took over this room is closest tothe men’s hostel next door if you feel uncomfortable just get someoneto open the ventilators or if you insist on sharingwe’ll go back downstairs this is fine she can stay here let me go and draw up the papers you can sign them

this is good enough when alone you willlearn to be responsible "apple of my eye, sweetiewon’t you hum a song for me?" "my sugar cube, sweet honeywon’t you sing a song for me?" "you behold a pan of god, don’t you?you caress away my pain with love true" "you’re my eye’s visionalways in my horizon" good morning…! these kids don’t suityour temperament it’s the age factor, you may find iteasier to handle older kids, teacher

don’t think i’m agreeingto this break-up those people will surely insult mein front of our family members i can’t forsake herjust becausea proposal didn’t work out, can i? like any other father i also wantedto see my daughter happily married away from my protection,i thought, she will become… …more responsible in a newhome and circumstances i don’t deny that but instead of over protecting herlet her work in a decent office a new job, new friendsand responsibilities

even if she objects… …you must make her understand she must learn to livealone in some city hostel my dear child your work should beyour first priority i have given your number tonancy, an old student of mine she will be your local guardian it’s been so long since wetravelled together like this, isn’t it? when you were littlewe used to go for walks

you used to ask me to get youanything you saw and fancied but as you grew olderyou stopped asking me may be i was the reason a selfish father who wanted to seehis child learn and master tough syllabus i don’t know if youever realized that when your mother was alive… …she always asked me to find out about how you were coping the way you bondedwith your friends

there are some thingsonly a father can ask his child but i was too cowardly i’m not at all happyleaving you alone like this i get more apprehensive, of whatwill happen when i leave this earth "you’re my eye’s pupilalways in my heart and soul" yessure, ma’am sweetheart? what happened, my dear? i don’t want to behere anymore, father

there was a problemi lost my job at the school i can’t live alone, father let me come home and what will you do here? i’ll just be with you don’t come backjust to be with me i refuse to stand by you on this if you’ve lost this jobfind a new one i have told you what i feel

i don’t want to see youif you don’t have a job i have nothing more to say (prayer) did i ask her to do this? she behaved wilfully she just did itin a weak mental state but don’t ever sayi was the cause for this ‘renuka and i aren’tin any relationship’ ‘this video message isjust to clear that confusion’

sir, why didn’t youtell me you were coming? after her call last nighti couldn’t wait any longer why don’t you go meet her?may be i can come along now no, my dear this isn’t a casual visit lfl meet her now… …howwill i go backleaving her alone? but what’s the issue, sir? is it because she wassacked from herjob?

i don’t believe she isan incompetent teacher the school authoritieswere also to blame this filtration is to givepriority to their own people may be, but what ifin some otherjob also… …her performance isjudged in the same way? even though we speakon the phone daily… …you hide many thingsfrom me and manage i know it isn’t rightto ask this of you but…

…if all fails, can youemploy her here? nothing big, just odd jobs or maybe train her as a receptionist i’ll myself pay youher salary every month with you around i need notworry about other issues i am unable to see her as a non-achiever she was running aroundplaying all this while, aby suddenly she justdropped off to sleep naveen has taken over the kitchenso dinner is bound to be late

it’s a typically local chicken currywith pepper and coconut milk great! why are youmaking my mouth water? what a lovely flavor! there sits the judge! with a little more spiceand salt, it’ll be perfect what if it takes time? no compromiseon chicken curry aby, what have you decided?any changes in strategy? it’s all uncertain

i’m confidenteverything will be fine the research teamwill be decided in 2 days lfl am not in… i’ll call you back later chicken curry is ready! i found out somethingfrom her school discreetly now herjob is terminated don’t let her knowyou are aware of it she hasn’t told me anything

let us see if she cansolve this problem by herself sit straight, my girl take your hands off your head take some more drop her off at the hostel, okay? good that your spectacles broke you look good without it why don’t you manage like this? my sister told me you lost your job

but how did she know? i know you haven’t told her but your father knows, right? probably he told her what are your future plans? are you looking for anotherjob? or planning to go back to your father? in bharat matrimonial… …i seem to have seen a familiar profile

this is the best timeplenty of time no worries aboutapplying for leave your father must havestarted planning i must get a job at leastfor my father’s sake otherwise, i can’t go back home job it shouldn’t bejust for the sake of working however small, it must besomething you enjoy doing any father will accepta daughter with that attitude

it was your father whoidentified my sister’s efforts he saw that she yearned forsomething more than graduating won’t he expectthe same from you? inna …i didn’t have such …an aim in life have you ever wondered why? have you ever taken a decision withoutyour father or nancy being involved? if i leave you alone here tonight…

…who will you call? your father? or nancy? when they are around youyou think you are safe but it is only an illusion if one day, they stopped responding… …you will be completelyshattered, won’t you? aren’t you going to answer? father…i’ll call him later

is it because you can’t talkwith me sitting beside you? of course not he’ll ask if i’ve reachedmy hostel safe and sound don’t worrywe won’t be late just like you cut that call… …will you be able to cutyour comfort zone for some days? i know it isn’t that easy there will be frustrations anddisappointments in the beginning but once you cross that stageit’ll be difficult to hold you back

why are we back here? did you feel any relieffrom the talk we had? afear caused by a cuti saw on your hand i’m not asking if it wasan accident or deliberate but i hesitate to leave youalone tonight and go away you share the smallestof life’s incidents with nancy… you can easily share this also you will be even more relievedthan what you feel now how can i explain all this to her?

don’t worry, by the time youtake the lift to the 11th floor… …i’d have briefed nancy be brave okay, i’ll call you back i understand have you told the hostelyou won’t be back tonight? tell everyone concernedwithout getting them stressed out why didn’t you answeryour father’s call? he called me sayinghe was unable to reach you

go on, tell him yourself here, it’s ringing do you see the lights are still onin some flats so late at night? if you watch carefully, you’ll seethere are kids crying from them they don’t sleep at nights my irene too was like this as a baby when i was busy with my careeri didn’t get anyone to look after my baby afew of us facing similar situationscame up with a bright idea look at that recreation area

an independent day care areafor the children of this place alone but the question waswho will be there for that job mili, to get over this phasejust be convinced and commit yourself that will be- kids have only increased in number all we have to do isput our idea into practice tell me you are willingi’ll talk to the concerned people but day care responsibilities"? i’ll support 11â°"

and it isn’t for free you’ll get paid enoughto sustain yourself i’ll need a project reportto present to them you want me to prepare that too? no, i’ll do it myself i’m getting married onthe 17th of next month in my home town everyone here will attendyou must come too tara?

she agreed to all thisbased on my promise whatever the decisiondon’t delay in saying it, please i know you won’t recommenda person without credibility but they want a personwho is a mother also let me talk to the membersof the association i’ll give you my feedback as far as i know, she hasn’t gota single friend she can confide in the only way to make hercome out of this depression… …is some positive spacethat’s what she needs

don’t you have friends inyour circle who can provide that? so that she is somehow or the othershe is amidst us i can try but first of all… leave that to me in such a situation,i won’t let her be alone if you can accommodate her, anupama it’ll be a great supportto me and her family i thought of many optionsto eliminate this isolation

but i don’t think i have a betterchoice than you, anupama it’s good to hear such words …will it end up as a headache? "paths that unfoldwith hopes untold" "eyelashes dressedby dreams caressed" "i envelop you in my heart’s essence" "spring strokes green branchesin the sunset sky a rainbow marches" "let my wings carry mefar away into infinity" "lend me a shoulder, oh cloud softto carry away my dear one aloft"

"time eternal! show mein my life a shore to safety" "beyond any border" "far and yonder" "further than the eye can see" "right into infinity" "further than farther" "out of range" don’t corner themwhat do you gain by hiding? how can you say thison the very first day?

the effort she has made all these days just can’t be ignored let her not know this please if it doesn’t work outi’ll find some reason to wind up i want to go back to my father what happened? i don’t fit in here what about the new day care? you’ll lock it up?

will you say this to nancy who wentout of her way to convince families there? it’s only the 1st daygive it some time i’ll call later teacher, can i leave him here? i have duty in the other block todayhe won’t be a bother be good, okay?i’ll be back soon who is he to say that? i have lost the thrillof being with him i don’t go to other’s roomsand pick up stuff

but this is only a dustbin it isn’t so valuableto ask permission it is valuable to me no one shouldtouch it hereafter so narrow minded- what you did was wrong and you said she was a poor soulwho won’t utter a word! so this is her true color? 1st time i’m hearingof such an incident

kalyani is a trouble makerand slightly nutcase also to confront her of all people what was the reason? that is the funniest pan a dustbin what?! a small plastic dustbin but tara doesn’t inviteoutsiders usually why did she call her?

she isn’t an outsidershe’s the kid’s teacher how does a frog cry? shall i tell you a story? this is the storyof jeff and muff this is brother jeffand muff is a girl i’ll tell you the story let me try this take that one, please? i lost my job too afteri was asked to quit the hostel

her parents came andcreated problems there also i changed several jobsand finally landed here can you work with me, raji? i can easily affordanother helper now ‘wake up to brush your pearl white teethto wash your sweet little face please’ ‘to dip in the pond carefreetie up, make your hair tidy’ did you drink water? had enough water? give?

do you also want some? here anju! we weren’t aware that our kidswere being treated like this if all of you begin to feed the kidsit’s better we put an end to this can’t the maids come into clean only when necessary? an it ha, it’s o kay what if she falls sickbeing fed by maids? anju dear?

just look who it is? yes lam sure even otherwise complaintshave started trickling in what is it? anitha’s son is only2 years older than anju she gave her a spoonful of ricefrom what she brought for her son i don’t know the number ofbacteria in what she fed but i know one thing for sure

every spoonful rice she fedwas filled with mother’s love we must teach him a lesson and you must be the one to do it i can’t do such things, okay?! i’ll drop down in fear remember how many nightshe kept you awake? – come, come- no, please – come on-i am afraid so finally you learnt to say ‘no’

i did n’t think i could but he is a total flirti was such a fool so it was for a stupid flirtyou kicked up such a fuss thanks for giving me new friends they care for me so much really? is that why they’veleft you alone like this at night? it’s not thati felt stifled in there anyway i’m not alone so the transplantwasn’t all that bad, right?

wait herei’ll bring the car it’s the association’s decision we must open onlyafter informing them we never expecteda problem this early but neither can we treat someof the incidents as silly issues this play school was approvedbecause it was exclusively for us but kids from other blockshave also been accepted not only that you don’t followthe play area’s restrictions

we are concerned about the safetyof kids who run out in the open we need at least 3 people tohelp take our parked vehicles out we never know fromwhere kids will appear if we take care of these issuescan’t we continue, sharath? i didn’t mentionthe noise pollution factor panicker sir is a senior citizen here since he has also complainedwe are planning to shut it down what will happen to the kids? we have 10 days

we have to look outfor some other place both the kids and me why don’t you talkto your husband? it’s of no use i didn’t come to speak for sharath i came for mili’s sake why don’t we takea collective opinion? they form the majority even if we go in for votes,what is the % of families with kids?

about 20% much lesser let’s keep it at 20 if we have a meeting, how manydo you think won’t respond? 35 -40 % won’t attend they don’t have timefor such issues why not considerthe remaining people? what do we gain from that? even if we get support, the issuesthat were raised can’t be solved

they are kids i find it difficult toshut them up in closed rooms mr panicker must comeback to sit in his balcony kids and i shouldn’tbe a hindrance to that when you come for the 1st timeyou might feel it’s a bit too far tell me at least nowwhat’s happening? that’s where our board’wonder kids’ will be, bro you must tell them that they won’t mind it

they’ll even compromise on rentbut they won’t budge on the advance let’s set aside loans andmortgages as a last option what else can we do? why don’t we conducta fund-raising event? event?with who? talented kids frommili’s day care center how can we conductan event at such short notice? what about the sponsors…? i’ll take care of sponsors

if in 1 day you could trainthose kids at the birthday party… …this can be achieved too mbrhdrg "may sight and speech become evidentoh lord, through prayers fervent" "follow like a shadow with methrough unfamiliar paths intently" "embodiment of goodnesslittle friend with godliness" "can you come to us?" "will you be the starin my nights, my lord?" "will you be in my conscience, dear god?"

thanks what’s the ‘thanks’ now for? for pushing me to reach this level then that thanks should go toyour father for insisting you be alone otherwise can you imaginea day like this in your life? you can sit in front, sir no, this will do for applauding the dance stepsthat went wrong today only they can be like this

only they know these steps… …and you appreciated them thanks for the foundationyou laid today to help them… …bear bigger lapsesthat could later happen mothers, fathers, brothers andsisters who clapped for them… …will never be forgotteneven when they are 60 even if they forget computer gamesthat go outdated in a year no one taught nikhil that poem he created it on his ownwith his own choice of words

when i was a kid, i too yearnedfor an applause like this but i never reached the heightsmy father expected me to it was fear and disappointment fear that if i didn’t get the 1st ranki would be scolded at home disappointed when teachers said i wasa failure in spite of being a professor’s child if only 1 person had told methat bad marks in math was not… …an international issueit would have made a huge difference when i performed badlyin ans and sports… …if only just 1 pair of consoling handshad convinced me i wasn’t a lesser person

when the kid next door sings wellcomparison ruins another’s childhood if a five year old child’s score ingeneral knowledge put us to shame… …what they lose aremany precious memories let childhood be cherished for that to happenthis applause is enough when your 5 year old makes mistakesand when he or she is lonely… …just a tight hug is enough realize that a kingwho lost his empire… …and a kid who lost her toyfeel the same kind of pain

when childhood is happy,teenage also is happy youth will also be good the story of this applausehanded down to grandchildren… …will make old age delightful too what i’d like to share today is… …these kids showered mewith love expecting zero returns ‘a realization that as long as i havethat love, i have no rig ht to fail’ ‘mili didn’t speak foran applause like that’ ‘it was her last effort to hold onto the play school she began’

‘priceless moments for peoplewho love their job with passion’ ‘if mili with so manylimitations can do it…’ ‘…why can’t yo u?’ mbrhdrg


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