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werewolf woman and on the nightof the full moon the howl of the werewolfwill be heard. its terrible cry willmake men tremble. they will close their shuttersand bolt their doors.

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watch movie online free full, then the werewolf will beginsearching for food, tearing to pieces whoevercrosses its path. and when fully satisfied, it will go back in hidingin the depths of the woods.

and if it finds a pack of realwolves, it will join them. not until it is discovered and killed,not until after death will it regain its human appearance. what’s happening? the count’s daughter,daniela, has disappeared. but why are you armed?where are you going to? – we heard the howls of a werewolf.- may the saints in heaven protect us. – we gotta get him!- but where has daniela gone? we’ve gotta find her too.

c’mon, hurry up! now you and your brothers,go down to the river. and all you othersstay close together. we’ll beat the woodsup to sales’ caves! let’s go! down there! c’mon! daniela! what is it, darling?what’s the matter? answer me! answer me, for god’s sake!

what is it, dear? tell me… answer me… phone our doctor immediatelyand tell him to come right over. – get her medicine!- right away, sir. darling… no doubt about it. readingthis ancient legend, but above all this extraordinaryresemblance of your daughter danielawith her ancestor, has made her abnormallyobsessed with it.

did you know the storyabout this ancestor? we’ve talked about itaround the house, but to us it was just a legend. we can’t accept such ridiculouslegends on werewolves, we’d be mad. yeah, it would be ridiculous to thinkthat anyone could turn into a wolf on the night of the pleniluneand act like a beast committing animalisticand sexual acts of sadistic type. and yet lycanthropy exists. – are you suggesting daniela is a…- please, be calm.

the phenomenon has already beenanalysed, it was proven really. but considering that your daughterhas never had manifestations of this kind before, that whichoccurred last night to be certain was determined aftershe’d read that old fable. and particularly when she foundthat her ancestor, the protagonist of this weird fable, had aremarkable resemblance to her. tell me, count,how did your daughter come into possessionof that old chronicle? daniela was 15when she experienced the violence

of a brute who raped her.the shock was tremendous. physicians adviseda change of environment. i thought this place in the country… would be ideal, our villa at sales. in the chronicle i believeit says it was at sales that your ancestor affected withlycanthropy was burned to death by some enraged peasants. that villa in sales has belonged tomy family for many centuries. i would never have made itmy house, my home.

when they advised i move outthere with daniela and irene… – irene?- my other daughter. she’s in america now studyingnuclear physics at berkeley. a healthy girl, full of life. but daniela has never been the samesince she was raped by that maniac. she’s always alone. she’s obsessed with fear. she seems to be repelledby the opposite sex. unfortunately, there was a fineyoung man who was in love with her

but made advances to her too soon. she became quite hysterical anddidn’t want to see him anymore. no doubt it’sa case of sexual phobia. so then, you made your decisionto live in the country. yes, that’s right in sales. and at a considerable sacrifice toofor my business, my relations. the villa was filledwith antique, dark furniture. so i transformed the wholeplace completely inside and out. i wanted everything to bemodern and bright.

even had a swimming pool builtand yet daniela, especially since irene went abroad, spends most of her timein the attic. she seems to be strangelyfascinated, morbidly attractedto that old furniture. apparently she discovereda secret drawer, where she found that miniature andthe chronicles the old documents. don’t leave danielaalone, if possible. you must look afterand support her,

and don’t forget,you must always be near her. this therapy can bevery helpful to her. but you never know what can happen. what do you mean? the strangest things can happen toa person in this state of mind. well, the violence she experienced, this kind of attractionshe bears for the past, the nightmares, thoseold papers she found in the attic, but above all her extraordinaryresemblance to this old miniature

constitute a progression offacts that are heterogeneous, the components of which can besought in psychiatry and in a phenomenonof parapsychology. when science decidesto contribute more time to the study ofextrasensory phenomena, within 50 years it will makemore progress than all men of culture havedone throughout the centuries, and without beingcalled visionaries, prophets… …or even crazy.

– how’s my girl?- oh! wonderful! and then it’s so wonderfulfor you to be here with me, to stay with me, keep me company. it just never happenedlike this before. it dawned on meall of a sudden the other day. i told myself: ”you’re an ass,a perfect idiot. don’t you see?here you have sun, trees… and a daughter too! well, of course, dear!that above all!

thank you. you know what i’ve been thinking? how about the two of usgoing ona trip for a while? where would you like to go?to greece, france, mexico? excuse me, sir. what is it, augusta? there’s a cable, sir. it’s irene!they’re arriving tonight! go and prepare the room for themand have antonio get the car

– and pick them up at the airport.- very well, sir. that’s the end of our vacation now. – welcome home, ma’am.- thanks. hello, father! well, you’ve given us a surprise! – hello, daniela!- hello! fabian, what are you waiting for?come here! i’m so glad that you are here. i don’t know if you intend tostay on but should you decide

to stay here in italy, i’m sure thati could be really be of great help. you see, the director of thenuclear centre happens to be an old buddy of mine. oh, that’s just great! though it’s not the right momentto make such a decision. in fact i have to finishmy specialization. but it’s not only what i decide,you see, there’s irene. well, a parent always tries to keephis family close by if possible. daniela! what’s the matter?

you haven’t said a wordthis evening. aren’t you glad i’m here?you don’t act like it. what are you saying? i’m happy. the news of your arrival todaywith your husband came all of a sudden andjust knocked me out. we’ll have a long talk tomorrow.i’ve got a lot to tell you. i’m tired, now i’m going to bed. say goodnight for me. well…

now we’d better go to bed. frankly i thought my sister wouldshare my happiness in being here. don’t mind her, she hasn’t been well.she’s just a bit nervous, that’s all. – goodnight.- goodnight then. goodnight, father. daniela! we’re here! we’re waiting for you. you belong to us.

come, daniela, we’re waiting! it’s a long time we’vebeen waiting for you. you mustn’t fear, daniela. you belong to our world. daniela, the magic circlehas been formed. we’ve been waiting, waiting. observe my wounds,see what they’ve done. – did you hear that noise?- yes. there must be someone outside.

yo’re a good girl, daniela. we’ve been expecting you, daniela. you’ll always belong to us, daniela. don’t ever be afraid,i will help you. fabian, come here. you see, i’ve beenwaiting for you. don’t be afraid, come here. look at my body.isn’t it beautiful? i could make you feelthings irene never could.

go on, touch me, fabian. i want you more thani’ve wanted any man. what’s her condition now? well, she’s not recoveringas we hoped for. it seems to be a state ofnocturnal schizophasia. she’s a hypermaniac,beset by phobic complexes. – pressure?- the diastolic is a bit high. when did she have her last attack? she didn’t sleep last night.

she began to scream in a fitof psychomotor agitation. her liver is a bit swollen and the abdominal musclesseemed knotted and hard. and the shock treatments?what results did you get? pretty negative but the alpha waveson the electrode encephalogram are quite regular and symmetrical. – electrocardiogram results?- in the norm. just signs of myocardial alterationsand extrasystolic arrythmia. in case of another attack, ratherthan pump her with drugs,

it would be better to restrain her.she couldn’t stand the drugs. certainly in her condition,she’s likely to have another attack. do you suppose there may bea lesion of the brain? i rule out completely any lesionof the temporal lobe brain. those large reddish splotches onher body are possible hematomas of a form of lupus sistemicus. how about administering a therapywith cortisone and tetracycline? no. better to use narcosynthesis. oh, what a surprise. remember?you promised you come and visit me.

look. this breast is pretty nice, huh?don’t you admire a lovely breast? i’m not thinner, am i?tell me it’s not true. you’re just kidding!this is a real woman. oh, you are a real cheeky. i’ll invite you over come and visit me. look, don’t waste time. – it’s all clear.- yes, you are right. – let’s check everything and…- excuse me. dr. travel?

he’s on this floor, just aboutfinished visiting his patients. irene, you go on ahead.go to visit your sister. i want to speak to dr. travelfor a moment. i’ll go up then. unfortunately, the neuroplegictreatment didn’t give us the results we’d hoped for. yes, but how are thingsreally going on, doctor? these cases are not simple to cure.they’re puzzling too. the symptoms your daughter presentsare anomalous, contradictory.

usually this kind of illness manifestsitself during puberty or adolescence. while daniela is a grown woman. you’re not telling me you haven’tsome cure for this illness, doctor? surely there must exist some curethat will improve her condition. there are cases in whicha patient behaves as if he doesn’t want to get well. sometimes it seems as if he wantsto hide his illness. unfortunately i believe this is thecase with your daughter. it is clear that her personalityhas been shattered

because of the influenceof a violent neurotic charge. that which we learned abouther ancestor is of great help. it’s not only imperative to make sureher brain’s energy isn’t released due to tension the causeof which we don’t really know. how terrible! i’d much prefer to delay my prognosis,but don’t despair. why did you come here? why, just to visit you, daniela. before now i just couldn’ please, forgive me.

but since poor fabian’s deathi lost all sense of… fabian! you liked fabian,didn’t you? sure you did! you liked making love with him. daniela! what on earthare you saying? i saw you making love with fabian!you were obscene! disgusting! but you liked it! i like to make love too, you know.i wanted to make it with fabian. i’d give him everything but you’rethe one who makes it with fabian. i hate you! i hate you!you whore! you whore!

go fuck yourself!you dirty bitch! – get away from me, you whore!- for god’s sake, stop yelling! – i don’t wanna see her face!- stop it! that’s enough! can someone come andgive me a hand? easy! quick! i can’t hold her still,she’s gone wild! go away, madam! quick, i can’t hold her anymore! be calm, quiet! keep calm!

like this… – do you want some water?- yes, thank you. please, nurse, untie me.just for a little while. i can’t stand it any longer.please, i’m calm now. don’t be afraid. i’m not allowed to. oh, please, untie me! – you have to calm yourself.- oh, please, please! you’ll make yourself worse,calm yourself.

try to sleep a little. tomorrow you’ll feel much’ll see, that’s a good girl. damn you! you whore!i kill you! you bitch! hello, there! you’re the girl who came hereat the beginning of the month. i’ve been wantingto get to know you. my name is josie. and yours? what a beautiful body you have. i knew you were so beautiful.

you’re so pretty… so nice… you didn’t mean that.i’ll forgive you. do you want to get untied? oh, yes, please.i can’t stand it any longer. please, untie me. yes, darling, i’ll untie you. then we’ll spend the night together. are you happy now?

here are the keys, dr. savelli.i put everything in the car. thanks, renata. oh, no! help! oh, god! it’s time you go, darling. aldo?is it you, aldo? who’s there? don’t be silly, aldo. is it you, aldo?

who’s there? aldo? what is the autopsyreport on this victim? according to the examinationsmade, the autopsy report says in all probability the victim’s deathwas caused by massive haemorrhaging, with consequenthypovolemical shock. the lacerations and deep woundsare of uncertain origin. almost animalistic. uncertain. a bite of an animal?

look at these scars. don’t theyremind you of something? no. in our profession one has to havea photographic memory. i remember having seensomething similar. and so have you. could be but i don’t recall, sir. try to remember. an italo-american,about a month ago, found in a ravine nearthe villa of that industrialist…

yes, in sales…if i remember correctly. yes, sir. that young fella whosupposedly had gone out for a walk in the park and the watchdogs didn’t know him. yes, but that fella’s woundswere caused by the protruding rocksof the precipice when he fell. now these. now what do you supposecaused these wounds? the hay? well, perhaps a hungry dog before the local policefound the cadaver. there are five differentfinger nail scratches.

distinct one from the other.they aren’t scratches of an animal. you bring to mind a story thatmy old grandmother used to tell. what story did yourgrandmother tell? fantastic tales of country people. it was something that happenedwhen she was a little girl, in her village. the story of a manwho on the nights of the full moon was transformed into a wolf. and he’d attack ferociouslyeveryone who crossed his path. how about that?

oh, and then she’d say: ”if anyoneis born on christmas eve he will turn into a werewolf”. i got a hunch that story of yourgrandmother’s wasn’t exactly a fantasy. let’s go, arrighi.wait for me in the car. i have to phone the prosecutor. good day.inspector modica, homicide. inspector, sit down, won’t you. if you’ve come here to inform meof what occurred last night at the clinic, i’ve beennotified early this morning.

i don’t know if you remember me,but we met about a month ago under unpleasant circumstances. i was investigating the unfortunateaccident of your son-in-law who fell into a gulch trying to escapesome watch dogs in tha park. certainly, i recall, daughter daniela, who saw that accident,was so shocked that we had to put her inthat clinic where yesterday night… unfortunately we haveanother victim. was it dr. savelli?

no, dr. savelli’s in bad shapebut the doctors hope to save her. well, who is it? early this morning, a fewkilometres from the clinic, a body of a peasant girl wasfound outside her house. she was brutally murdered. i don’t see how my daughterenters into this, inspector. the signs of violence found onthis young woman are identical with those of your son-in-law. at the time, it was thought theywere caused by his fall and dog bites.

i’m afraid daniela’s terribly ill.incurably, inspector. i understand and i’mvery, very sorry and i hope that one day science will findthe answer to your daughter’s problem. but unfortunately i havea duty to perform. i have to find her beforeshe can do anymore harm. it’s evident that you suppose daniela’scome here seeking refuge with me. no, she is not!i assure you she isn’t here. look around for yourself.interrogate whomever you like. will you just go ahead anddo your job, inspector.

i can assure you of my discretion. excuse me. i knew it!i heard it all! my sister daniela,she murdered fabian. i will never forgive her, never! did she take anythingin place of these clothes? a skirt with various coloursand a brown shirt. and they were new, you know!not even worn yet! the dressmaker deliveredthem yesterday.

oh, and a pair of shoes, inspector. also new? right? no! but they werein perfect condition! this woman, you said thatyou’ve seen her well? i’d just returned home from shopping and i saw her came outwith my own blouse and skirt on! – is that her?- that’s her! yes! – arrighi!- sir? send out a bulletin to all stationsand tell them to pick up this girl.

she’s wearing a brown blouseand a varied coloured skirt. yes, sir. ah, you already know this girl? yeah, we got her in our files. oh, yeah! who is she? a little petty thief. well, you’ve got to puther straight in prison. that’s where she belongs. just think entering intoa house to steal.

come and frightena person to death. imagine the harm she can do! we’ll do what we can go now, ma’am. – but i want all my things,don’t forget! – sure, sure. – but when you find heryou will arrest her? – naturally. now you go home and as soon aswe find her we’ll call you. goodbye now. i consider myself verylucky, you know. yes? how come?

i would have had bad troubleif we hadn’t met, you know. i simply had to get was suffocating. there were always quarrels and fights. but i don’t think these thingsinterest you. don’t worry,just pour everything out. there are limits in life, understand? when you feel suffocated,you’ll blow up in the end! naturally, you blow up! my husband is very jealous,he was always abusing me.

see what he did, my husband? when he gets mad he’sworse than an animal. and look at this,look what he did to me. and there i’ve got bruisesall over, you see? – oh, come on…- you see i couldn’t stay there. look out! i was afraid, you know. do you think you will go back to him? i’d be mad to go back toa man who gave me only pain,

suffering and disappointments. what if your husband calls youand asks you to go back? i think he’s happy i went away. come on now, we’re almost there.look, you got any place to stay? no. not really. no problem, if you stay with me,nobody will do you any harm. you know, i havea place of my own… it’s a nice little one comes there. i go there every now and again when…

when i need to escapedaily routine… if you like to come… that feels better.i’ve made myself comfortable. you should do the same as i do. you like someoneto help you undress. you’re right, honey,it’s more exciting that way. get your hands off me! hey! what is this? look, you don’t think for a minutei fell for that story

of the jealous husband with the hands,you ran away from home. you can’t imagine what sad storiesi here from cunts like you. some of you bitches come out withthe sob story about mom at the hospital and the baby at the orphanage. get out of here!get out, do you hear? you’re forgetting, baby,this is my house! oh, i see you wanna play.okay, i’ll play that game. you’d like me to rape you.come on! – you pig!- i’d like that.

come on, you big whore!i’m gonna rape you! – you’ll see i can fuck you!- no! come on! you pig! – very nice.- can you play this game? no, i don’t play,but i know the game. too bad, we might have playeda game together. can’t imagine how relaxing itcould be, playing this game. oh, yes. i can imagine.

very relaxing, it sure is. i believe you but i came hereto speak to you about something else. speak to me, i’m listening to you. it seems that your guesswas right about that theory on lycanthropy. i cameto the same conclusion myself. although i can’t give anyscientific explanations. but… how do you explaintoday’s murder? are you sure thatdaniela is involved in it? no question about it.

the description of the girli got from the doorman was perfect. varied coloured skirt, brown blouseand the identification of the photo. listen to this. when danielawas a teenager, she was raped by a brute. it was perfectly natural thatthe unfortunate incident should change her character. she’s suffering fromancestral complexes, you see. based on what? you must know that her relativesused to speak of what occurred

two hundred years ago to the family. but they attributedthe old tale to legend. but soon in our poor daniela’smind it became a reality, supported by a portrait,she sees her own face in it. and she is convincedof reincarnation, that her ancestor and sheare one and the same. two hundred years later? we’re all cells belonging to oneimmense entity that’s universal and to us remains unknown.

seems we’re surroundedby the occult. so occult were also theprocesses of reincarnation. a very interesting theoryand somewhat fascinating. and logical. think for a moment of thephenomenon of telepathy. and apparitions inthose who dream. those who are ill and recoverthrough faith, for example. all this does not justifydaniela’s behavior. i’m sure there isjustification for it.

we mustn’t forget in a mind likedaniela’s two important facts. her conviction of her being thereincarnation of her ancestor, and her repulsion for the sex act. now try to imagine what might happenwhen these two elements come together. irene, daniela’s sister arrivesfrom america, with her husband. daniela is probablyattracted to him but her sexual phobia predominates. there’s a plenilune,a full moon night, and daniela submits to its influence.

when the spirit of a dead personpenetrates somebody that’s obsessed, the latter follows the destinyof that reincarnated spirit. and so then, daniela starts withluring her brother in-law to exactly the same place where her ancestorwas killed, understand? and possessed by lycanthropic fury,she kills her brother in-law. her mind breaks down at this point. what happens?disassociation, schizophrenia. i’ve had her under observationfor over a month, i know this is the case with daniela.

now the next plenilune: danielasenses this mysterious summoning. so she kills that womanin the hospital to escape. wait a minute. the autopsy on thatpeasant woman revealed that she had sexual relationsminutes before her death. i believe it. no doubt she met with her friend andprobably was making love. daniela saw them, once againthe two elements come together. so she kills.

she begins to roam aroundaimlessly doing things which seem to be thieving of clothes… finally she encounters thatbroken down don juan. while feigningto offer her protection, he convinces her to goto his apartment with him. where again she experiences the sameviolence experienced as a teenager. daniela rebels and soshe kills her fourth victim. buses don’t run around here. wanna a lift? you’ll catcha cold staying there.

there’s a thunderstorm coming. come on… listen, my house is only a coupleof kilometres up the road. if you like, i could putyou up for the night. it’s better than staying outsidein this weather, right? that is a photo ofthe loire grand prix. do you have to do suchdangerous work? yes, ma’am. always. danger is my business.

stunt man.that’s how i make my living. but at the moment i livein this western village, an abandoned village. i do falls and hard jumpsfor lots of big stars. they’re’s too risky. you can’t imaginehow many times i risked my life. i guess you’ve had somebad experiences with men. well, you don’t have to worry.i won’t bother you. you go upstairsand i’ll sleep here.

listen, the womeni’ve had up to now, have always come to me of theirown free will, understand? daniela! come here! daniela, cut this, will you? right here. that’s it! when it comes to preparing thesegadgets, i’d rather do it myself. i must be certain i’m notrunning any risks. i value my life very much. the more dangerous the work,the more i get paid.

daniela, it’s a whole monthyou’re here now. we seem to get alongvery well together. i’ve got some money put away. i’d like to take you awayfrom this place. i saw a nice apartment. once i’m done with this film,we’ll move to our new house. you’ll go and buy some furniture. daniela, you haven’t told mewhat you think about it. it isn’t a bad idea, is it?

– hello?- hi, dad. yes, daniela. daniela darling, where have you been? now please, i can’ttell you where i am. please, listen to me. – wait a minute, let me talk first.- daniela! father, let me tell you!this is important! first of all i ask forgiveness forwhat i’ve done to you and irene. it was my illness, father,

that made me do all thosehorrible despicable things. but now something’s happened that’s making me well again. daniela, tell me where you are. i can’t do it, dad.but i’m fine. i’ve never been so happy before.hope i can see you soon. i’ve got to go now. – don’t hang up- i’ll call again soon. shut up!

hold your head down… what i’ve been telling you, guys?she’s some piece, huh? get out of here! show us how you fuck! – you pig!- you bitch! show us what you’ve got up here! show us your tits! – you bitch!- get out of here! catch her quick!

come here! i’ll pull her pants down. go on! give me a blow job! you lousy cunt! you dirty slut! go on suck! shut up. stop it! shut her up! daniela? daniela, where are you?

daniela, here she is! she came all over the place. daniela… go on, it’s your turn. morning, hello!yeah, he’s working. if you wait, i’ll call him.hang on, just a moment. hello! got a phone call!alvaro! hey, alvaro!what the hell… help, help!

well? what’s up, arrighi? we searched thatluca mondini’s place. the kid that worked asstunt man for the cinema. he was found murderedstabbed to death in his house. yeah, it was some kindof revenge, wasn’t it? obviously you didn’t findanything interesting. well, i found something… alright, arrighi, out with it. know what i found there?brown blouse and multicoloured skirt.

what did you say? you heard it, and that’snot the only information. you see, i checked aroundin the nearby neighbourhood, and you know what i found? an old lady at the market, one ofthose busybodies, you know the kind, told me that luca mondiniwas a nice boy, and that for a month before he diedhe was living with a beautiful blonde. so, i showed the womanthat beautiful photo of daniela. and she said: ”oh, my lord!there’s no doubt, that’s the girl.”

marvellous, arrighi! hello, laurenti?everything’s right? listen, i want to know to whomthose fingerprints belong, the ones they found on that knifethat killed that stuntman, you know, that luca mondini. yeah, that’s right.i’ll wait. there’s no question about it. there was a full moon the nightthat kid was murdered and i’m willing to bet my jobthat daniela killed that kid too.

yes? they belong to a criminal? and he got killed the following nightin that fire at the barn? thank you, laurenti. you can go home, arrighi. thank you, sir, but i’vestill got some work to do. it’s a riddle! this woman disappearsfor a whole month and despite all our effortsnobody can find her.

all of a sudden she calls her fatherand tells him that she’s cured, that she’s happy. but she can’ttell him where she is. now we find out she’s been livingwith a young man who gets killed by a stranger. the same stranger gets burnedto death in a fire. but we know he’sa well known criminal, the friend of other two criminalswho mysteriously disappear. we don’t know where or how.

i can’t help it but in all of thisi suspect only one person, daniela. but where is she? where can she be? i’m telling you, sir, this daniela isgoing to drive us all to the nut house. me too. what is this?the werewolf, the moon… i’m even afraid of sleeping at night. since that story began,i have nightmares.

the other night my wife told mei was yelling as if i was mad: ”the forest of sales, beware ofthe forest! the forest of sales!” did you say the forest of sales? turn on the headlights.


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