watch movies 2016

watch movies 2016

whatsup guys, copyright holders of movies, music and tv-showsare now suing the average joe that is streaming their content on popcorntime! but how doesthis work? how do they know who you are? let’s find out. so if you don’t know the basics of streamingillegal content on services like popcorntime,

watch movies 2016

watch movies 2016, i did another video explaining the ‘top 5risks of streaming movies’ and make sure to subscribe for more video’s on this topic. so around the world people are using popcorntime,but recently it has come to light that in countries like germany, united states anddenmark, people are getting claims on their

doorstep. also dutch copyright holders areannouncing that they’ll start the hunt soon. on the internet you can read a lot on thistopic. people had to pay fines starting at a few hundred euro’s till a 1000 euro’s. aguy in germany had to pay a 1000 euro’s for streaming 5 episodes of ‘the vampire diaries’on one day. he had to pay this within 5 days or they’ll upgrade it to 2000 euro’s. ofcourse you don’t want this to happen toyou. so how do they know who you are? well ict company’s and internet providersknow basically everything you download. they keep record of everything. ofcourse this isprotected under the privacy laws. but unfortunately streaming illegal content weighs bigger thenyour privacy.

that means that copyright holders can go toproviders and ask for all ip addresses which have downloaded their content illegally. yourip-adress is connected to your home address and it’s that easy. now, not all internet providers will giveaway ip-adresses that easily. if they would, they’ll be losing a lot of users. so copyrightholders will have to send there expensive lawyer to do the job and that could be evenmore expensive than the fine they want give you. so what do you need to do? you can try vpnservices and have your ip address protected. but a lot of times you will have to pay forthis and you’ll be better of with netflix.

so best thing you can do is uninstall popcorntimeand stop streaming illegal content before it’s too late! so guys that’s it for this video. look atit from the bright side. with more people using apps like netflix, they’ll have moremoney to buy licenses and provide the best content as soon as possible. thank you for watching, don’t forget to subscribeand i’ll see you in the next one. peace.


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