watch movies on youtube

watch movies on youtube

“future classroom”: teaching with cromebook and google apps for education“doamna chiajna” technological high-school | roè™u-chiajna, ilfov county, romania when i grow up, i want to be a computer programmer. i want to become a pilot. a computer programmer. i want to become a lawyer.

watch movies on youtube

watch movies on youtube, i want to become a computer programmer. when i grow up, i want to be a doctor. education is very important, because it provides vast and organized information to students, it creates values, develops characters, strengthens the will. we need to use technology in class, because it urges our evolution.

and the children, they seem to be born prepared for the new technology. right now, we have digital children. the “future classroom” laboratory is equipped with 30 chromebooks and a smart board. it is a pilot project launched on may 8, 2014. the “future classroom” is used by the pre-schoolers, the students from the elementary school, secondary school and high-school. i believe i have used most of the google applications for my lessons. they provide a different perspective on the lesson, a freedom of thinking, a freedom to design my lessons, to present them to my students. today we studied in the “future classroom” and we used google slides, google docs; it’s been an amazing experience. by including technology in the teaching and learning process, we get students to love math. we get them to work in teams, to communicate. the math class in the lab was interesting and easier than the regular classes.

i was able to understand the concepts much better. we have had many hours in the “future classroom”. for example, the spanish class. our teacher came from spain, he doesn’t speak romanian at all, and most of his classes are taught here, we watch movies on youtube.. our students are born, somehow, in a technology era. from their first years of life, these children play on the smartphone, on the computer, and if we present a loaded, sterile curriculum, all we do is push them away. i like the classes when we use technology together, because we are able to find much more information, the teachers are more interactive, and so are the students. i believe one can capture each and every moment from a lesson in the “future classroom”. i feel like i’m part of that class, not only watching and listening to what the teacher presents. get google apps for education for your school!visit together we improve the quality of


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