watch new movies online for free

watch new movies online for free

our new brakepads are really cool. you’re not evengonna believe it. like, umm, let’s say you’redrivin’ along the roadwith your family and you’re drivin’, de, da, whoo. then, all of a sudden,there’s a truck tirein the middle of the road

watch new movies online for free

watch new movies online for free, [imitating brakes screeching]and you hit the brakes. [chuckling]whoa. that was close. now, let’s see whathappens when you’re driving withthe "other guy’s" brake pads.

you’re drivin’ along,you’re drivin’ along, you know, all of a suddenthe kids are yellin’from the back seat. "i gotta go to the bathroom,daddy." "not now, damn it!" truck tire. [imitating brakes screeching]"i can’t stop!" [groaning] help! there’s a cliff.

and your family’s screamin’, "oh, my god!we’re burnin’ alive! no, i can’t feel my legs!" in comes the meat wagon. [imitating ambulance siren] and the medicgets out and says,"oh, my god." new guy’s inthe corner pukin’his guts out. all because you want to savea couple of extra pennies. [chuckling]to me, it doesn’t–

get out. now. yes, sir. do you validate? now! ok. thank you.


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