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"lord krishna." o god, guide me. what should i do? what should i do? hey, who’s left this child here? this child.. whose child is this?

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watch online full movie, this he your child? is he your child? whose child is this? listen, whose child is this?

my baby? my.. my child? my baby? today on janmashtmi..(birth of lord krishna) gave me a reason to live. hence, i’ll name him krishna. why did you save me? let me die. have you gone mad?why do you want to die? one gets the giftof life just once.

if life becomes a curse.. ..i’d rather not livesuch a helpless life. i want to die. – if godwanted you to stay helpless.. ..why did he send me to save you? bring him here. where are you going,old man? come. old man. – sir. today, i won’t go withoutrecovering the loan. i couldn’t get your money, sir.- throw his things out, inspector.

i’ll vacate them now.come on, inspector. stop, inspector. – come. someone stop the inspector. lala, have mercy on me. have pity on me and my children. pity on you! pity you!- no! father! no need to vacate the house.stop inspector. on seeing your daughter,i felt pity for you.

i’ll take her with me.return the money and take her back. come. – leave me, scoundrel. don’t you havea mother and sister? i do. but i don’t have you. come. – someone stop him. who’ll dare to stop me? – i will! how dare you try to abductour girl? – old woman, get lost! why? is she your sister that you.. ..are handing herto the moneylender.

old woman! – quiet. corrupt cops! what law lets you dishonorpoor people to recover money? it is law. shall i show you? aunt! this is our law. want to see more? this is our law. well done, inspector. dishonor her. – no!

one property and we are three demons.- no! lord krishna had cometo save that draupadi. who will come to save you? krishna will come to save her too! krishna! no! open the door. – open the door. no. – open it. break the door. – ok.

i won’t let you go. no! leave me! kill them. save me. krishna, kill him. no. these blood stains indicateyou’ve killed them all. – yes. yes. i have. krishna was born to end injustice.

i see. arrest him. – wait. he hasn’t killed them. i did. what did you say? slyly. i cut them with the sword.- you talk too much. only the noose aroundyour neck will shut your mouth. let’s see what happens.let’s go, slyly! you’re mocking me.come on slyly. – stop! i killed them. – what did you say? no, i committed these murders.

what? – i did it. no! i killed all of them. inspector, i killed them. – quiet! shut up! in front of the whole locality2 police officers were killed. forget the culprit,you didn’t even get a single clue. sir, you are talking about clue? everyone from that localityclaims they committed the crime. how can i arrest thewhole locality slyly?

sorry, sir. sorry. sorry! you may go. yes sir. more. – yes sir! you will handle the murdercase of 2 cops in the locality. okay, sir. help! commissioner, some terrorists hijackeda school bus on marve road.

control. inspector amar. we’ve got newsthat on marve road.. silence! – help! i’ll shoot if you scream. an empty jeep is approaching. look after them.i’ll check the jeep. – go. c’mon. you’ve locked us with pride.. ..but you’ll releaseus soon with embarrassment.

hey inspector, behave yourself! otherwise before leaving,.. ..we might make you lose your job. cop, control yourself. orthe consequences will be severe.. ..when you get to knowthat we’re velji’s men. got it? give the phone to the minister. who am i? i’m his father! mr. velji, why are you crying? then what should i do?

that inspector ofyours has harassed us. he has caught 3 of my men.i’m finished. if my men aren’t released within 5minutes, i’ll set you right. got it? hello. – i’m your minister,dharamchand. hello, sir. – have youarrested billa, ranga and shaka? i order you to release them soon. but sir,they’re dangerous terrorists. aren’t you ashamed of falselyaccusing decent people? but sir.. – this is my order.release them now!

this is my order! that’s it! ok, sir. c’mon, get out.hey.. hey you too get out. hello-. hello.- hello. i’m speakingfrom the national co-operative bank. terrorists have attacked the bank. what are you doing?this.. you’ve been surroundedfrom all sides. it would be better to surrender.

any action on your part.. ..can kill all the people it, commissioner? understand? inspector, no one will shoot. come in, sir. sir, did you see.. ..these are the same terroristswhom you ordered to be released. i’ll definitely rewardyou for your bravery. thank you, sir.

that scoundrel inspectorkilled 3 of my men. dismiss him soon. you take away his joband i’ll take away his life. sir, it’s you!- now i’ve snatched.. ..your right to saluteand kill innocent people. read it. what’s this, sir? instead of obeying my orders.. ..and releasing my menfrom prison, you’ve killed them.

this is the award for that. your dismissal order. what is this nonsense? hey have you gone mad? are you in your senses?- i’m bringing you to your senses. tomorrow every newspaperwill print huge headlines. minister dharamchand,who is a sinner, was thrashed. what nonsense!elections are around the corner. i’ll lose my post because of it.

you’re taking away my job.. ..the public willtake away your job! alright. this order is dismissed. happy! for elections you beg for cash,but you fail to do my work. it’s said that a dog barksonly in his area. – enough, vel! i’ve toleratedyour insolence a lot. it’s my positionthat makes you powerful. i won’t sacrifice my job for you.

instead, i’ll sacrifice it? greetings, minister. – move. what happened to him?brother, what’s it? why is the minister so angry? i called him a dog,so he got angry. greetings, vel. – bless you. a truck full ofpotatoes is outside. send it to the vegetablemarket to mr. behram.. ..who is a big trader of potatoes.tell him to call me.

go now. – i’ll do that. greetings. you’re handing him a truckfull of weapons worth millions. what are you doing?- he looks so innocent.. ..that no one will suspect him. hello. i’ll call him. ravi doesn’t know that heroinand weapons are hidden in it. poor ravi. i see. sit down.

write your complaint here. on your complaint i’llpunish that vel slyly. i’ll expose that traitorin front of everyone. what nonsense! if the truckhasn’t reached yet, where is it? hello. – your truck full of weaponsis at the police station. how did it reach there? your loyal dog ravi left it here. what’s the matter, papa?- move away. i’m crying for ravi’simminent death.

there is a saying, one shouldn’tmess with the powerful ones. if you do so, you’re dead. kill that rascal. he won’t do that.i’ll kill whoever cheats my papa. what are you doing, neelam?- my right eye is twitching. you’re very superstitious. whenever my right eye twitches,something happens. nothing will happen. go to sleep. alright. good night. – good night.

brother. what is it? what happened, tell me? what have i done? what’s it? look at’ve committed atrocities on her. i have? – yes. if i wanted to, i could’ve broughtvelji’s and his son’s dead bodies.. dump on you and expose you.

but more than them, you’reresponsible for ravi’s death. ravi was honest to youwhile your treachery killed him. file the case. yes, what’s it? velji’s son shot my brotherand sister-in-law in front of me. please sign here, sister. by dawn tomorrow,if that boy isn’t behind bars..’ll be dead. – sure. tell vel, one more thing.this girl is very dear to me

if anyone dares to harm her,i’ll punish his whole family! he can surely do that, velji! you’re unnecessarilyscared of raja, maru. had he thrashed you instead,you’d have been dumbfounded. come what may,but you can’t arrest me. why don’t you try to understand? don’t make me use force. maru, my son is my life. you don’t know how many willdie if anything happens to him.

what’s the problem?we’ve been friends for long. i’ll give him five-starhotel treatment there. yes, the only way his lifecan be threatened is by.. ..that girl who’s an eye witness. you decide what’s tobe done about that girl. come on. go now. well done. don’t worry, brother.siddhant is dear to me too. i’ll kill anyone whotestifies against him.

how much should i pay? we can’t treat him beforeinforming the police. but doctor, by then the poisonwill spread in his body. doctor, in order to saveme he put his life in danger. what can we do then? but.. – nurse,call up the police station. doctor.. please doctor, try to understand. for an unknown girl..

..he risked hislife for humanity.. ..and you’re makingthis a police case. you don’t have’ve no humaneness. doctors like you disgraceour noble profession. i’ll treat you. come. thank you, doctor. thank you very much. come here. give me the scorpion. here. – now go.

help me. he’s not even listening. i’ll die. help!- why are you shouting? a scorpion stung me, krishna.- a scorpion? where? – yes. down there. where is it? – higher. "a scorpion bit came over me." "i got scared.i embraced you."

"my fair complextion,turned blue." "go soon and call a physician." "if you don’t find a physician,you come to me." "give me antidote." "say some mantras." "nothing will happen,once the time passed by." "i am telling you, i lost." "i went from here to there." "i’m telling you, i lost."

"i went to marketto purchase a skirt." "this skirt cost me more." "i am dead.i am dying of pain." "i got mobbed in the market." "i’ll die if i get saved today." "he promisedto return tomorrow again." "i got scared.i embraced you." – shut up! brother raja,please accept this gift from us. because of you,no rogue attacks us now. here.

it is my duty toprotect the helpless. can i go now? – yes. brother raja, you’re very nice. you’re the supportof these orphans. no. i’m just a meansof their support, teacher. take this. educate them in such a manner.. ..that they don’tneed anyone’s support. you’re great. god bless you.

come on. let’s go children. aunt, make all the arrangementsfor your daughter’s wedding. you’re a god for us.- no mother, what is it? what are you doing? i’m not god, i’m your son. god bless you. distribute this.don’t forget to give rita. – yes. neelam. what’s the matter, neelam?

why don’t you speak?who did this to you? neelam,what are you hiding from me? you’re under oath. nageshwar tried to kill me. today if that angel hadn’t come.. ..i wouldn’t be alive. where is nageshwar?- i don’t know. nageshwar is here.ready to kill you. hey!

raja, don’t! no. leave me neelam. he is that rascal,who wanted to kill you. i won’t spare him. – no, raja. raja, you’re under oath. you won’t kill him. i’ve already lost mybrother and sister-in-law. i don’t want to lose you. i won’t be ableto live without you. you wanted to killher to save your nephew..

..but nobody willbe able to save him. whenever the court summons her,i’ll bring her there. i’ll see that siddhantpatel is sent to the gallows. raja has sent this money.- thank you. thank me too. – leave me. leave me.. leave me! or else i’ll callthe whole locality. i’ll see who helps you. leave me.

uncle, save my honor! this man wants to molest me! who is that scoundrel? he’s raja’s man. no. save me! someone save me! save me! save me! save me! someone help me! save me! save me! save me! if you want to live,hand over that girl to me.

leave her. what did you do, krishna?you killed raja’s man. now raja will kill everyonein our locality – no! if raja is so lowly,let him come here. he won’t be able to harm anyone. i’ll bury him alive here. who had the audacityto kill raja’s man? a boy named krishna,who lives in the colony. kill him.

make arrangementsfor his cremation. rita? – i’ve cometo return your money. now don’t send a man.. ..who tries to molesta helpless girl like me. i can sacrifice myselffor other women. and you’re my foster sister. tell me, which scoundrel did that? you want to know? this rogue would’vemolested me in the colony..

..if krishna hadn’t saved me. raja. oh.. raja. you hurt others, but todayyou saved me from getting hurt. this isn’t a wound, but penance. penance! – yes. if my men had shot you,i’d have never forgiven myself. why did you risk your life for me? he, who challenged kalluto save a girl’s dignity..

..can’t be a goon but my brother,who has virtues just like me. i thought you were unscrupulous. i couldn’t have dreamtyou were a nice and decent man. i want to bow humbly. brothers don’t do that.they hug each other. raja is very late. what’s happened? by shedding blood,i saved my conscience. you! – yes.

this is krishna,who saved rita’s honor. he also saved mefrom velji’s goons. some are born to wipeout crime from the earth. like you. – no, like you. no, like you. not you and i, but us. krishna. – what is it? take the offering. offering?

yes, i pleaded at lordshankar’s temple to fast.. ..not for just 7, 16 or 21 days.. ..but until yousay you love me too. then you’ll stay hungryall your life because.. because.. – because your futureis uncertain, right? yes. – but i know my future. a life without you isworse than death. – meaning? i can’t have your loveand i can’t live without you. there’s only one way out. my death.

only my death. "love." "in front of front of everyone." "i agree." "my dear, i love you morethan my life." "in front of god." "in front of everyone." "hope i don’t get insanebecause of happiness." "untie your hair.i’ll sleep in the shade."

"i never refuse to your wish." "my heart was stuck betweenconsent and refusal." "i was quiet as i was shy,but was unable to live." "i break the barriersof shamelessness." "i love you." enquiry! 2 cops have been killedand you are yet clueless. sir, there’s no eye witness.- shut up! inspector amar willinvestigate the case now.

krishna. what’s your name? krishna. – your father’s name? your father’s name, rascal! i don’t know. – don’t know! don’t know your father’s name! so, you’re an illegitimate son. you’re a prostitute’s child. i won’t spare you, rascal!

you abuse my mother. i’ll kill you! you abused my mother. i won’t spare you,i’ll kill you scoundrel! remove your hand! scoundrel! how dare you hit a policeofficer in a police station! he abused me. i won’t spare him. you’ll kill me? kill me?

you’ve already killed 2 cops. what proof do you have? – proof! i’ve been sent here tomake you confess your crime. stop dreaming. i’ll turn dreams into reality. not just you, every partof your body will confess.. ..that you committedthose murders. forget it! – well done. you’re here, sir!

i knew only you couldcatch this dangerous criminal. i’m proud to be thefather of such a son. i’m proud of you. krishna’s mother told meyou dragged him here inhumanly. if someone else did this,he’d be called a criminal. but since you’ve done it,it becomes lawful. why not? because you’re part of the law. come to the point.- i’ve come for krishna’s bail.

look, the city’sbiggest criminal.. ..has come to releaseanother criminal on bail! that’s your view, inspector. in our view,a responsible citizen.. ..has come to save anotherfrom this den of criminals. to tell the truth,all crimes start from here.. ..which is called a police station.- what rubbish! to protect the public, we raidillegal gambling dens and bars. the policemen take bribe..

..and let them ruin the city. so who is the criminal?- you talk a lot. we sacrifice our livesfor the other women’s honor. the police take commissionsfrom prostitutes. who is the criminal then?- quiet! mind your tongue! another word and i’llpull out your tongue. you’re insulting our duty,uniform and honesty. a few honest cops can change thecorrupt image of your department.

you may go. krishna won’tbe released on your bail. a warrior always entersthe arena well prepared. advocate. show them krishna’s bailpapers approved by the court. constable, release him. ‘you don’t know your father’s means you’re illegitimate.’ ‘you don’t knowyour father’s name.’ ‘it means you’re illegitimate.’ who is my father?

what’s happened to you krishna? what is this? – who is my father! so far you’ve beenmaking excuses.. ..but today you’ll haveto tell me who my father is. or else.. ..or i’ll kill myself. no, krishna! i don’t know your father. i don’t even know themother who gave you birth.

i don’t know who thatstone hearted woman was.. ..who abandoned youas soon as you were born. so, you.. you’re not my mother?- what if i’m not? i’ve brought you up. i’ve kept it a secretas i was afraid.. ..we might get separated. because i can’t live without you. i can’t live..

the police station hasreleased you on bail, not me. try to stay away from me. or else people will say that copskiller died in a police encounter. i’m not weak, inspector. even a police inspectorcould die in an encounter. right? go away, inspector. you’ve merely raised your hand. if so many policemenwere with me.. ..i would’ve killed you.

unless one of us dies,no one will interfere. if i die,he must not be held responsible. this is my order. now let’s see who kills whom. stop! i said stop. no. – leave me, mother.i’ll kill him. you’re no match for me. i’ll send you to hell. – no! move mother.let’s see who goes to hell.

amar, you’re under my oath. mother! just think,if anything happens to him.. ..his mother’s heart will be hurt. if anything happens to you,your mother.. don’t talk about my mother. her heart didn’t suffer even.. ..when she left me alonein this world after my birth. i hate the thoughtof such a mother.

krishna. – come, mother. "don’t know who gave birth.don’t know who brought me up." "a son of two mothersis unique in the whole world." inspector amar here. amar i might be molested, amar. where are you? – panchgani! "i asked my heart,how my lover should be." "my heart took your name and said,he should be like you." "my heart took your name and said,she should be like you."

"this world is right.. ..that everyone has a pair." "every moon has.. ..vibrant moonlight." "i asked the moonhow my moonlight should be." "moon took your name and said,she should be like you." "the crazy people accepted.. ..whatever the crazy heart said." "it became famous in the world..

..the love of candle and moth." "i asked the candle,how my moth should be." "the candle took your nameand said, he should be like you." "when i asked my heart.. my lover should be." "my heart took your name.. ..and said sheshould be like you." i got want to meet my parents. tomorrow morning. promise.

kanta, please pick up the file. what are you’re doing? who are you? – i’m sapna. whoever you’re.. ..i don’t discuss anycase at home. got it? but, please listen to me.i’m sapna, that.. i don’t want to listen to you. if you’ve to say something,come to my office. no. at home.. – what? kanta.

yes amar, tell me.- mother, sapna must have come by now. i called her home to meet you, butit’s very difficult for me to come. please, listen to me, uncle..- uncle. she calls me uncle to get her way. go away at once. – she won’t go. greetings, mother. – mother! you’re her mother and i, her uncle.she’s busy making relations. i told her i don’t discuss anycase at home. – be careful. what? this case has been already decided.

the decision is made. she’s our futuredaughter-in-law, sapna. greetings. – what! daughter-in-law.. were talking for so long,.. ..why didn’t you sayyou’re the would be.. you didn’t give herthe chance to speak! – ok. nagesh, that scoundrel raja.. ..shouldn’t reachthe court at any cost.

i’m scared, raja. i know velji’s boundto create hindrance,.. ..but i’ve madeall the arrangements. right, khan? – yes, sir. he won’t reach the court, brother. right from his home to the court,there are nothing but death traps. he won’t reach the court,but will go straight to hell. hello.. they just passed the juhu circle.- very good.

hello rana,they’re coming towards you. as planned,shoot raja’s body-guard.. ..and bring them to thatplace where they’ll be killed. understood? go.- okay, sir. i swear to speak thetruth and nothing else. slyly. sorry, it’s my habit. inspector, can you tell me on whatbasis did you arrest my client? on the basis ofthe girl’s report.. ..who saw him killingher brother and sister-in-law.

he’s the one who killed them. he’s lying. order. how can you be so sure thathe had committed the murder? during remand henot only confessed.. ..but put gaveall the proofs to me. the police can use theirpower to get a confession. the credibility of thepolice is well known, my lord. milord, till the eyewitness reaches here..’s futile to argue this case. you may go. get up. what did you do?- i spoke the truth. but why? – there are two benefits. one, i didn’t lie in the court. and my statement will beuseless after the girl’s death. reverse the cars. we can’t wait anymore, sir.

the girl, who saw her brotherand sister-in-law’s death.. ..should’ve been eagerto get the murderer punished. she should’ve been herewaiting for the court to open. but here the courtis waiting for her. god bless you, my dear. now the lawyer has done his job. i request the court.. ..instead of wasting anymore time,it should give its verdict.. ..and release my client.

that’s all, my lord. the absence of the eyewitness to the murder.. ..proves that siddhantpatel is innocent. so he should be released..- just a minute, sir. no.. i’m finished now. what do you want to say?who is this girl? she’s neelam, whose brotherand sister-in-law were killed. miss neelam, come tothe witness box and testify.

go. don’t worry. you’re siddhant patel’s death. and death isn’t scared of anyone. do you recognize this man? how can one forget theface of one’s ruin, sir? he’s the dangerous criminal.. ..who killed my brotherand sister-in-law in front of me. he’s that scoundrel,who made me an orphan and homeless. he broke my house.judge, he is the one!

until he isn’t sent to gallows.. brother and sister-in-law’ssoul will be restless, judge. hang him, sir. hang him. the testimony of theeye witness to the crime.. ..has refuted allthe arguments and proofs. the court finds siddhant patel.. ..son of velji patel,guilty of the crime. under section 302 of the indianpenal code, he’s sentenced to death.

please save me, papa. save me. i don’t want to die, papa. please save me, papa.i don’t want to die. ‘please save me, papa.i don’t want to die.’ velji, if you order us,we can kill raja. idiot,.. idiot, you couldn’t kill a goat,now you want to kill the lion! you.. i understand your grief, brother.

but you must have courage. courage! my courage isburning on that pyre, nageshwar. till i don’t cremate raja.. ..the pain of crematingmy son will always be in my heart. ‘lf krishna had not saved her,this wouldn’t have happened.’ abduct krishna’s dearones from the locality. krishna will come to save them. and to save krishna,raja will come. kill both of them.

run. run. run.. run! help! help! get all of them. leave me! let me go! let me go! let me go! let me go, scoundrels! don’t!

no! let go off me! the fire doesn’t harm you,till it’s not tampered with. once you arouse it,it incinerates everything. if you want to save yourselffrom this krishna.. all those whomyou have held in your van. or else none ofyou’ll be left alive. beware! no one dare come out! this is the resultof velji’s rage, krishna. you too will be taken to velji.

dead or alive. hit the rascal. move! hit him hard. break his bones. you’re standing like cowards. go and teach them a lesson.. they don’t darecome in our locality again. but they have weapons.- you’re afraid of weapons! my krishna has beenyour weapon all this while. what if something happens to him?

but madam..- don’t harp like this! take this, impotents.and hide behind your wives. shame on you and your manhood.- here, take this. disgrace on you. your mothers mustbe very ashamed.. give birth to cowardsand impotents like you. go away, rogues. get lost! hide in your homes!get lost! – you too, get lost. you too, get lost.

no mother has given birthto a son who can confront me. let’s escape. the rogues escaped! krishna. – krishna.. what’s happened to my child? take him to the hospital. krishna. krishna. this is to celebratekrishna’s death. cheers!

by attacking krishna,you’ve invited your death. i won’t spare you. don’t worry, velji,i’ve old scores to settle with him. for his attempt to murder you,i’ll get him severely punished. well done, maru.this is what you call loyalty. today you’ve repaid the favor.let’s go. come. – yes, brother. don’t run off.i’ve come here to kill you. your death is certain. – stop!

you’ll die looking for us,but won’t find us. let’s go, brother. it is certain. – stop. one more step and i’ll shoot you. go on, shoot! go on, shoot! – stop. take care of him. you were furious wheni criticized the cops. today, i’ve cometo expose the truth.

shut up! – you shut up! ask him, why was heobeying velji’s orders? the same velji who broughtmy brother close to death. better pray that nothinghappens to krishna. because you’ll livetill krishna is alive. that rascal yelled so much,but you said nothing? your bad conduct made me helpless. it’s people like you,who have defamed us. damn it!

some day i’ll takecare of all of them. hello. – you forgotyour promise, sapna. you promised you’dgo out shopping with me. i’m waiting here, ready. sorry aunt, patient’s been admittedhere in a serious condition. he’s close to death in his youth. doctor.. – that’s why.. we can’t get abnegative blood group. i’ve checked everyhospital and blood bank.

don’t waste time.try to arrange for the blood. if he isn’t given blood in an hour,he could die. fast. – ok. aunt, i’ll.. hello? can’t you take myblood and exchange it? you can do anything, doctor. there must be a way to save my son. we’re trying our best. – aunt? sapna, i heard everythingover the phone. my blood group is also ab negative.

perhaps my bloodcan save someone’s life. but he requires a lot of your age.. sapna, if he had been my son,you wouldn’t have said it.. ..and i would’ve giventhe last drop of my blood. just consider he’s my own,my own son. aunt, you’re great. come. i’m grateful to you. "eyes couldn’t recognize,but the heart did." "the blood tiesrecognized each other."

"god plays unique games." doctor, my krishna? how’s my krishna? aunt, god hasanswered your prayers. because of her favorkrishna is out of danger. krishna is conscious. come in. krishna..’re my life. nothingwill happen to you while i’m alive. i’m alive due to your prayers.

you’re feeding him! i got food for him, thinkingi’ll feed him with my hands. you’ve ruined my dreams. how can i do that? you feed him. yes, that’s more like it. don’t scowl, eat your food. doctor, don’t mind her.she’s mad since childhood. no. she’s crazy. she’s crazy in love. it’s difficultto find someone so devoted.

the doctor found out howmuch i love you in one meeting. but you.. – have you comehere to feed or annoy me? enemy of love, have it. uncle, have some sweets. you look very happy today.what’s it? my krishna has returned home.not only i.. ..but everyonewill sing and dance. we’re celebrating your’ve to dance. let’s go.

"heart is a wild pigeon." "it flew." "it sits on.. ..somebody’s roof." "i did the first thing bygiving my heart to my beloved." "youth comes andenchants everyone." "flows like the water in the sea." "before we die, come on,let’s do something." "traders and sorcerers came."

"many players cameinto this world." "everything was fine, but whenlovers came, there was a commotion." "you are are like wandering cloud." "you become the kohl of my eyes." "i don’t accept your invitation.i’m not flower of your hairband." "girls of this alley are magical." "they wound your heart." "all the guys are goon like you." oh no! don’t cry.

whose child is this?who is its mother? i am. it’s my child. had someone taken itthinking he was an orphan..’d have prayedall your life to find it.. ..but it would’ve been futile. sister, don’t curse someone.- you! 20 years ago,on the night of janamashtmi.. i had lost my child here too.- lost? or was it a sin you had abandoned?

no. that child wasthe symbol of our love. but destiny brought sucha catastrophe in my life.. ..that after a fewdays of my marriage.. husband died in an accident. his family blamedme for the accident.. ..and drove me away. after my child got lost,i tried to commit suicide.. ..but.. misfortune saved me.

may i ask you something? – yes. that day krishna said hismother left him after his birth. is your krishna my long lost son? can you swear that he’s your son? why should i? krishna is my son. only mine. no one can take him away from me. i’m selfish.let anyone say anything. but, no one can takeaway my krishna from me.

what is it, mother?- krishna, you hide. my son, you hide. where should i hide you?in my heart? mother. – god,where should i hide you.. that nobody can snatch you? what is it, mother?- hide, my son! who wants to snatch me from you? your mother. my mother.

yes. the mother who gavebirth to you has been found. which mother areyou talking about? because of her sin, i’ve becomean illegitimate for the society. don’t spoil the chaste word’mother’ by mentioning her. no krishna.. ..all your accusationsagainst her are wrong. i don’t want to hear anything. just tell me, who is she?

so that i can humiliateher in front of everyone.. much as i’ve suffered so far. enough mother!just tell me who is.. ..that characterless andshameless woman is! – krishna! she’s not a cheating, lowlyand spineless woman, krishna! a person can fightwith the whole world. but one can’t fightwith circumstances. she too faced such circumstances. now tell me, is she guilty?

where are you going? – mother. krishna! – i’ve found out today. what? – that you’re my mother. are you.. – yes, mother. mother. rogue. how dare you come here? get lost!- i’ve come to meet my mother. mother? what are you saying?

i’m telling the truth. – shut up. by calling a police commissioner’swife your mother.. want to prove you’re decent! in the police records,he’s an illegitimate child. how dare you callmy wife your mother? my relation with her is great. she’s the mother,who gave me birth. what do you mean? – sir, when iwas nearly dying in the hospital.. i couldn’t get blood..

..this goddess donatedher blood and gave me a new birth. one who gives birthis called a mother, right? believe me, if i had knownthat by calling her mother.. ..i was going toruin her reputation.. ..i would’ve never come here. ok. it’s alright. you can go now. sir.. ..i’ve a request, sir. may i touch the feetof this goddess once?

just once. alright. listen.. ..after today don’t make mywife emotional by shedding tears. she gave you life, butfor me a criminal is a criminal. you can go now. i’m ready for any test, mr. velji. i see. so wrestler, you’ve to.. ..stop these electric-poweredwalls from moving forward.

these walls will crumbleafter touching me. really? so here it goes. come on, stop it. – wrestler. velji. – that’s thereward for a traitor. i want raja’s beloved at any cost. leave my hand. darling, doesn’t my handfeel as nice as raja’s? what rubbish! if you can live withraja as his mistress.. can give me pleasure too. make me happy too. stop it, brother raja.- leave me, rita. i’ll pull out his tongue.- whom will you hit? he said it as he is drunk. even others want to askthis question, but they’re afraid. what is she to you? whatis your relationship with her? speak up you have an answer? this is what i prayed for.let’s go to the temple.

nageshwar, she went tothe temple to get trapped. god, you made me so happy. i must’ve done gooddeeds in my past life.. get raja as a life-partner. priest. stop. this is a sacred ground. you can’t commit atrocities.- move! here, i’m god. got it? come on. – priest.

scoundrel, leave me. when raja finds out,he’ll cut you into pieces. i’m abducting you so thati could cut him into pieces. girl, listen.tell him i abducted her. got it? come on. do whatever you can. brother raja,velji’s brother kidnapped neelam. don’t laugh, dog.where should i come? come to the dark cave, dear. where did raja go in hurry?- velji’s brother abducted neelam.

where? – to the dark cave. when will your beloved come.. ..and when will i.. – rascal! scoundrel! – velji! please come.i was waiting for you impatiently. this is the first time i’ve seenanyone wait impatiently for his death. great. you stand in the jaws ofdeath and challenge death itself. it’s said that the flameflickers a lot before dousing. don’t listen to them, velji,

i think they’re ina hurry to cremate you. leave neelam. i came to take her. sure. i took my son’sdead body after he was hanged. you too take her aftershe’s been molested. velji, if you touch her.. ..i’ll cut yourhands from your body. well! it’s niceto see you so angry. it is said that one powerful blow iscomparable to a hundred smaller blows. inspector amar.

inspector amar has come. let’s take the girl awayor we will be in trouble. nagesh, beat him to death.- kill him slyly. raja! stop it raja.. ..or i’ll shoot! let me go. velji andmaru have abducted neelam. her life and honor are at stake. he’s lying to escape from the law.

good you’ve come,or else he’d have killed all of us. i understood wheni saw him speeding away. he’s lying, cop.neelam’s life is in danger. i promise you i’ll surrender later. i know all your tricks and bluffs. stop raja. raja, i said stop. brother raja. brother raja.. – krishna, maru andvelji have abducted neelam.

her life is in danger.go and save her. but i can’t leaveyou like this. – go! for god’s sake, have mercy on me. did you have mercy on my son? help! – sister-in-law, neelam. save me. – scream louder.. you criedfor my son’s death. but today we’ll rip you apart.. ..the way you ripped my heart.

scream! leave! leave me! people say that thepolice never come on time. the cop is present to serve you! sister-in-law, neelam! stop, sister-in-law neelam. stop! stop, sister-in-law neelam. the train is coming! stop! stop!

neelu, sister-in-law! why did you do this? maru.. veljibhai.. my dignity.. i’m no longer worthy of ajay,krishna! i.. i.. nothing will happen.nothing, sister-in-law. o god, raja is thesavior of poor people. please save him fromthe jaws of death. mother. – what’shappened to her son?

mother, velji and maruhave molested her! – what? sister-in-law! no dear. she’s no more. no! no! raja is conscious now. he wants to meet krishna. krishna, don’t informraja about neelam’s death. he won’t be able to bear it now. i was desperate tohear your voice, brother.

i hope you’re alright. as long as yours and neelam’s love iswith me, nothing can happen to me. where is neelam? i hope she’s alright. – yes. she’s fine. when you recover,everything will be fine. you’re hiding something from me. where is neelam? – very far away. krishna. – no!brother raja, everything is fine.

actually while trying tosave herself, she got wounded.. ..and i admittedher in the hospital. hospital! that means her life is in danger. ..there’s no danger to her life. she’s far away from danger,brother raja. very far. so, why are you crying? i’m crying at your conditionand my helplessness. – fool. i can’t forget the favoryou’ve done by saving neelam.

as long as she’s alive,my wounds will heal. but my wounds will never heal. never. he really loves me a lot. sister-in-law, i swear. one who brought you to this state.. ..i’ll strike at yourkillers like terror.. ..which will ruin them completely. run! run!

velji raped raja’s futurewife and went into hiding. you should be ashamed. velji hasn’t only raped that girl,but has humiliated the law. that girl committed suicide.. ..and the law has been disgraced. this incident will incitethe mob to incinerate the city. till the time velji isn’t arrested,impose curfew in the city. during a curfew,i’ve orders to shoot at sight. i’ll shoot you today, scoundrel.

till i don’t kill you and avengesister-in-law neelam’s death.. ..the flames of herpyre will keep scorching me. i won’t leave you, maru. maru, scoundrel!i won’t spare you! i’ll not spare you! i’ll kill you, maru. stop it, krishna. you’ve dared to break thelaw and attack police personnel. dare! this scoundrel rapedsister-in-law neelam along with velji.

no. – i won’t leave him.i won’t leave him. shut up. leave him.. ..or else i’ll shoot you. if you want to shoot,shoot him, commissioner. but you can’t break the law.. ..and no one can stop me. commissioner,throw the revolver down. please, throw the revolver down. he is very angry.he will kill me.

drop the gun. please, drop the gun. chase krishna.he has killed a police officer. i want him dead or alive. – sir. sorry sir, i didn’t see you. hopeyou are not hurt. – i’m alright. i’m alright. you move aside.- forgive me. sir, i broke the law. move aside please. move! – i’ll call the doctor.- please.. i’m fine. – forgive me.

i’ll call the doctor. forgive me. please move aside. sir, i’ve looked everywhere,but couldn’t find krishna. i couldn’t find him anywhere. sir, he couldn’t be found.- sir, he couldn’t be found. he has to be found.where will he escape? find him. if he tries to resistor tries to run, shoot him. got it? shoot him.

what! krishna hascommitted a murder. madam, please save my krishna. save my krishna. i beg of you. your son amar has orderedto shoot krishna at sight. your krishna killed a policeofficer in front of my husband. he’ll be punished. – no. he hasn’t killeda police officer.. ..but a villain in theguise of a police officer.

please save my krishna. this is a legal matterand i can’t do anything.. ..even if he’s shotor sent to the gallows. i don’t know if i’llbe able to bear it or not.. ..but you won’t be ableto bear the shock of his death.. ..when you know that the son whomyou longed to meet for 25 years.. krishna, your own son. your own blood! why did you deny thatkrishna is my son? why?

if you had told me that day,maybe this wouldn’t have happened. my maternal love made me helpless. you were not helpless,but mistaken. why did you presume thati’d take him away from you? i kept him for 9 months in my womb. but, you kept my child for.. ..25 years and nurtured him. devki gave birth to krishna. he was brought up by yashoda.

he belonged to both of them. if lord krishna couldhave 2 mothers.. ..why couldn’t ourkrishna have 2 mothers! "both are troubledby their son’s sorrow." "both are helpless because ofmotherly love." "i’m scared.god knows what’s going to happen." my son, how are you? i’m somehow living,but i long very much to meet you. i wish i hadn’t gone to the templeafter your birth leaving you alone..

..and fainted there. for that mistake.. ..i beg of you.. ..and apologize to you. please forgive me.- don’t do this, mother. don’t make me a sinnerby touching my feet, mother. or else i’ll have to performpenance for many lives. krishna, my mistake..- mother, it wasn’t your fault.. ..but god’s fault whofilled my life with misfortune.

he forgot that after birtha child requires his mother’s love. right from childhood to youth.. ..a child needs hismother when he is in pain. he forgot that. – krishna. he forgot that all the pain isrelieved after hugging one’s mother. when god can forget so much,your mistake is nothing. i know all aboutyour life’s misfortunes. you do! – yes, mother. "after making us meet.god shouldn’t separate us."

"hope they don’t take awaymy life from me." "before meeting,he is separating from me." why are you sitting in the dark?should i turn on the light? my whole life i’velived in darkness. so it doesn’t makea difference now. look, today i’m your wifeand you can punish me if you want. but 25 years ago a motherhad given birth to her son. but she lost him. for 25 years she longedto meet her lost son.. don’t punish that mother. what do you want to say? i plead to you to spare my son. please save him. you want me to refuse toidentify that criminal in court.. ..and forget myduty and principles! never! i hate the thoughtthat he is your son. you want me to save himfrom the gallows and accept him. even if this criminalwas my own son..

..i wouldn’t forsake myresponsibility. understand? o god, don’t take away my son. please, don’t take my son away from me. listen.. listen. please, listen. great! you’re sleeping soundlyafter ruining others’ peace. you can awake whenkrishna’s hanged! hanged! – what else? because of your enmityyou’ve destroyed my life too.

tell me clearly,what’s the truth? truth? listen to me. velji and maru compelled neelam.. commit suicideafter dishonoring her. no! – yes. krishna killed maru in front ofeveryone to avenge neelam’s death. for that crime the court is goingto sentence my krishna to death. and you’re responsible for that.- i won’t let that happen. i won’t allow him to be hanged.

if anything happens to krishna,i’ll set fire to the whole world. raja what are you doing? the court finds krishna guilty.. ..and under section302 indian penal code.. ..sentences him..- stop, your honor! stop! krishna is innocent. i’m the murderer.i’ve committed the crime. i killed maru, not krishna. punish me, hang me.

he’s innocent. – what is it? what happened to the boy’s case? he got death sentence. – no! listen, you..- he won’t listen today, mother. today he refused toheed to justice and duty. then, why would he heed to you? meaning? he refused to identifykrishna in court today. since i’m his son,i can’t punish him.

but being a protector of the law.. ..i’ll never forgive him. if you knew thereason for suicide.. it must be a strong reason.. ..else why wouldanyone commit suicide? i don’t want to know the reason. i’m very upset with you, kanta. my anger hasn’t cooled down yet. despite being my wife..

after coming into my life.. were bearing.. ..child’s sorrow all alone. you considered me so unworthy.- don’t embarrass me anymore. kanta. today, krishna’s fatherand not a husband is asking.. ..krishna’s mother, whydid you keep me away from my son? answer me. forgive me.

you’re not a mortal.. ..but my lord. i said i won’t eat today. go. go! amar. listen, you’re upset with me,not the food. have it. no. never. i won’t eat until you tell me.. why you refused torecognize krishna in court.

amar, please have it. look, you don’t know the truthabout maru and krishna. truth! the truth abouthim is that he’s a criminal.. ..and an illegitimate child.yes, illegitimate. please forgive me. i didn’tknow that krishna was my brother. unknowingly i’vedisgraced my own brother. please forgive me. – amar, my son. stop crying now.- let us bring krishna home. i’ll go alone tobring my brother, papa.

i’ll change this history. step-brothers couldnever get along. but we’ll unite in such a way.. ..that it’ll be anexample for the world. today i’ll kill’re the cause of my misery. if you had let me gothat day i would.. – raja.. raja, i know i’m at fault. but don’t recount it. punish me. shoot me.

only then will thisflame of vengeance subside. no brother. don’t shoot. krishna. – yes, brother raja. move away krishna. let him shoot. no amar.raja will have to shoot me first. why do you want to save him? he’s my brother. yes, brother. i’ve found my mother. we both are sons of that mother.

krishna, my brother! – amar! i’ve come to fetch, we’ll live together. brother amar! it’s a disaster.- what’s it, gopi? velji’s men have kidnapped mother. velji! wait, i’ll come with you amar. no. mother sufferedwithout you for 24 years. i don’t want.. – i can’tlet you risk your life alone. i can’t as long as i’m alive,brother.

no krishna,we haven’t met properly yet. death can’t separateme from you so soon. i’m coming with you no matter what.that’s it. alright, sit. is there a problem?- i think we’ll have to push it. amar, wait! hang her! – no! cut the rope. great. i had brought kanta here..

..hoping that krishnawill come here to save her. but instead, amar has come. it’s good. you had killed3 of my men in the bank. i think you too are destined todie along with krishna with my gun. if you’ve the courage,just release my mother first.. ..we’ll see who kills whom. brother, he talks too much.i want to shut his mouth. no, nageshwar. i’ve setup this trap to toy with them. one prey is here andthe second will come too.

entertain these uninvitedguests on my birthday. "you did that work.we’ll do this work." "either you will greet.or we’ll greet." "you played games,while we silently watched." "this enmity is very old. thisstory is about your atrocities." "you began it.we’ll end it." "should we punish you or spare you?tell me, what we should do to you?" "the traps that you had laid,we broke them and came here." "we’ll erase your nameand become famous."

no! amar! nab that scoundrel! i’ll play such a game now.. ..which anyone wouldn’t have seenor heard in history. did you think we won’trecognize you? tie him. play your game, rascal. because it’s the lastgame of your life. – take him. last game. son!

tie him up. mother kanta.. on my birthday i wantone of your sons to be sacrificed. no! – take this. you may save any one of them. no. – take it. take it. fear god, velji. you want a motherto sacrifice one of her sons. you won’t get peaceeven after death. – listen.

if you shoot only 1 will die. if we shoot, both will die. – no! i.. – i’ll count to three. if you don’t shoot by then.. men will shoot your sons. don’t say that – one. kill me, mother.- no, mother, kill me. no, mother. kill me, mother.

two. don’t listen to him, kill me. please shoot, mother.- no mother, shoot me. shoot mother.- no, shoot me. don’t think. do you think i’m a fool? i knew it. i would’ve donethe same if i were in your place. but you didn’t kill, watch how to kill. velji, this is thecommissioner kapoor. your den is surroundedby the police.

surrender yourself! no one can escape from here,velji! nobody can stop us from escaping. come. – leave me. nageshwar, leave with these twothrough the secret passage.. ..and kill them mercilesslyto set an example for the world. what about you, brother?- don’t worry. i’ve this shield. she and her daughter-in-law. i’ll leave in frontof the commissioner.. that hisattention is diverted. alright, brother. take them. we’ll give you 5 minutes. what 5 minutes commissioner?go on, shoot. remember,if anyone tries to follow me..’ll find their bodieson the road. remember that. inspector,there’s a bomb in the truck. you’ll be safe tillyou drive over speed of 40. if the speed falls below 40..

..the bomb will explodeand you’ll be killed. come on! amar! krishna, your death is certain now. this helicopter will drag you toyour death. carlos, take him away. scoundrel! don’t kill me. come on. hurry up. take us lower. come on.

if you want to live,take us to where our mother is. let us go. – leave me. leave me. – leave me! where has velji hidden them?- i don’t know. tell me. – i’ll tell you. in which warehouse are they?- in the first one. kill those rascals. don’t move. before i kill you tell us..

..where is our mother? – tell us! your mother is here. amar – krishna. well done, my loyal friend. did you see how one movechanges the whole game? now i’ll kill both of you. look. amar, help. – krishna! no, don’t.. no.

krishna. amar. son krishna.. please don’t kill me, i beg of you. shut up.did you’ have pity on neelam? krishna.. amar.. i won’t forgive you. let him go, raja. don’t break the law.spare him, raja! spare him, raja!

no! son amar. krishna! amar! are you fine, mother? no, brother raja. commissioner,one has to die to end atrocities. don’t cry, krishna. don’t cry. raja.. brother raja..

i’ve come, mother. sister, krishna can’tlive without you.. ..and i don’t wantto live away from krishna. but sister,all of us can live together.


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