watch online movies

watch online movies

where to? andheri. not andheri, sir.only long fares. what the hell are you doing?!- shut up and drive. sir!

watch online movies

watch online movies, only long fares, right? here’s a long fare. go to delhi! – ghanshyam tiwari…

– …was found with his autorickshawin the mumbai-delhi goods’ train. if autorickshaw drivers don’tstop harrassing the common man… …next time we’ll sendthem a lot further than delhi. – the official ungli gang! – kalim, goti, maya, abhay… – …and me, nikhil. – we’ve been talking about fightingcorruption for 65 years… – …and still, nothing’s changed. but now things will change!

– you cops lovethe taste of money, right? – here. eat this. please, listen… we can’t digest these notes. – try it with pickle! nice and tangy! – it’s been two days sincethe ungli gang struck! catch them! – before the ungli ganggets out of control…

…we have to get inspectorkale on their case. – the day i start smashing things… …there’s no guaranteewhat i will destroy. there’s more power in a single oneof our fingers than your entire fist. – i want to strip them of everything! to catch them,we have to think like them. – when, both, the rightand wrong way fail… …you have to take the middle road. – are you trying to kiss me?

that’s my specialty!


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