this letter is a gated entry a peanut m&ms regrettably it didn’t themachine over there i can t stuff happens sometimes i found this setting is i wasvery hungry and also my wife had died 10 minutes earlier


watchmoviefull, maybe i should start from the beginningi get up every morning they never thought i’d be one of those people whocarried a briefcase always reminds me of carrying a lunch box to school david we handle quite a bit of my andwant to see how much because i think

that would be inappropriate ok six billion i don’t think feel liketo me that much at first i wasn’t all that ambitious also he told me once idon’t like you davis junior was a nice girl with good person other than that idon’t think i knew who she really was she always said i didn’t pay attentionnotice things i never saw before maybe i saw i just wasn’t paying attention tohimself if you want to fix something you have to take everything apart figure outwhat’s important miss her

and tried take apart my marriage there was not i just didn’t care


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