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what movies for free

the bride black one hiseyelashes and made her lips she was in the bathroom,and colored her hair. she put on her best dressand all her bracelets… but it still lacks something.what is it? -sa ring.-no.

what movies for free

what movies for free, her earrings.-no. the bride black one hiseyelashes and made her lips… this is where? devine!

-it’s him -bingo! what are you thinking? i will bring them. what your daughter myriamis next on the list! all our friends are here. come, celebrate fornour and khaled. look at him, look at him.you’re the bride ?! do not be ashamed! -nour, when will the wedding?

we will wait forkhaled finds work. do not wait too long !. my neighbor has been engaged for 10 years.her fiance is dead. it was not even a sheepfor comfort now! take care. come, antonietta!no, i prefer things italian. touch, you’ll like it! – how much are the tomatoes?twenty cents. it’s too expensive.

i do not have enough money .. come on, let’s go .. ah, those germans…i have never seen men like them. they have good manners. and have blond hairand blue eyes. frankly, if one approachesme, i do not aisserai from. me neither what did you study in school today? -nothing.

she was deported! as if being firedwas not enough! she chose a bad day for! ‘you have nothing to teach me then?you know it all. you can sew and cook.khaled will be happy. my mother makes me crazy.-mine too. say… it’s been a whilesince i wanted to ask you but i do not dare. go. tell me!

the french have returned… why? i do not know.they love us more. tita! come here. i heard that you have not paid? i said i’ll pay next time.you know our position! you always say that! you’re like a sister to mebut i’m going to get angry.

next time, no money, no bath! i’ll bring you themoney next time. on the grave of myhusband, i’ll bring it! it is difficult to geta penny of a jew! it is worse than the french! let’s hope the germans will win thewar and get rid of the french! they will win. myriam! -all right?-very good.

good morning.-hello. hello. come here, girl! bring it to tita. my husband i have to talk to you. -what is the problem? -khaled wants to knowthe date on marriage. has he found work?-not yet.

-no work, no wedding! well, he’s our cousin! how is it you support them?no work, no marriage. god forgive me! what are they doing? ‘they laugh.-really? come help me now! there are dresses in my room. yes, my dear.

-tita?-yes. my mother sent it.thanks, nour. what is the problem? you have not listened tothe radio this morning? come. come with me. ah, nour, the world is cruel. wait here, i’ll giveyou the moulria. enough!

may god destroy them! returns the view. when you are poor, youcan not be choosy. you eat and you stay calm. you want me to die in poverty? this man was sent by god. it will bring you glory and happiness. in the beginning i also thoughtthat i did not like your father. and then…

there is a war. "god almighty," "myriam win 20 millionfrancs to pay the fine." first… first of all… have you finished? and the book of arabia?-this too. that’s fine. have you found work?

no. must khaled! i know. why you wanted to see me? my father wants themarriage annulled. do not worry. i will soon find work. i have to go.myriam will be worried. -it’s what?-americans.

"the bride has her eyelashes blackened" "and made her lips" "she was the hammam" "and put the hennae on her hair." "she put on her best dress" "and all his bracelets" "but there is always something missing the groom… " god…

where is the baker what are we doing- i do not know they will not bomb us all days . let’s go .. make an effort, my darling can i ask you something? yes. i want to see khaled again. ok.

do not worry, i’ll have a pass. -you can have one?-yes. and i’ll even find work.and money. – the have you told my father?- not yet. it suits you in march? – what?- our marriage. your eyes, your lips… come here.- no, no… – i waited for years.- like everyone.

if-te-please, please do…. i beg you, my love. you do not love me anymore?-yes. i love you. please do. ‘come tell me. what next? then my father told me how do you know? do not be afraid.

what are you doing? who is it? who is it, miriam? my god, my daughter is a slut! shut up! shut up, bitch! you saw? it is damaged. i do not know. tomorrow i have to goto the "kommandantur".

you work for the germans? these are good people. and promised independenceafter the war. there are many thingsyou do not know. i’ll teach you. who is he? miriam ah… thank you, you saved us. there is no problem.everything is fine.

no problem, tita! do you want the orientalor european style wedding? oriental… oriental. get up! i have a friend whosejealous neighbor wanted his bride. in the wedding nightshe cast a spell: and she became like a baby!

his father did not kill her whenhe saw the sheet without jobs? the poor man lived withthe shame all his life! -from what family is it?-the entire neighborhood knows! i know who he is. you have to be clean toplease your husband. your husband also want you soft as silk. all is well, all is well. relax, the pain will pass. all is well.

you see, your skin is silky. i do not know, i do notunderstand french. for the hostages, it isbest to take the men. there is nobody else.my husband died and my daughter is married. please… i have done nothing, ipaid the fine i. .. what are we doing?search the site take the jewelry, moneyand the sewing machine.

-there is nothing.-they hide everything. bitch! hello, miriam, are you? everything okay? it’s ok. what’s wrong with her?i do not understand. god knows, my daughter. shalom hajaj. again

for there. -profession?-doctor. traitor! -traã®tre!- you’re not a man! what is this bra? this is a new one. where did you get the money? it’s a gift. who?

why do you want to know that? you must not wear clothingwith another girl! we are not beggars. who gave it to you?-a woman. a woman? who? myriam? take it! why?remove it! you do not need to dresslike a whore with me please!

you have not seen myriam. good. the bride blackenedher eyelashes and made her lips.it was the hammam and put the hennae on her hair.she put on her best dress and all her bracelets but it still lacks something what is it? his ring.-no.

do not worry, umm khaled.my daughter is healthy. it looks a little thin for me. here’s your money. better late than never. you can go… ‘they do not respect anything. "there is no god but allah andmuhammad is his prophet." "there is no god but allah" "and mohammed is his prophet"

what happened to the hammam ? nothing answer me no, never c ‘ not someone is a jew . come here i want to live in a nice house . i also i would like our childrento go to university.

me too. are you ever wondered why it wasthe jews who had the right… why the french they give themthe right to them and not us? this is our country! you’re okay with that? it is also their country and also they are very poor. it’s not true! you do not know!you never read anything.

it’s hard to read. your french is not good enough. read the koran. you will do the most? what’s wrong, girl? if anyone desires areligion other than islam it will never be accepted of him, and in the hereafter he willbe among those who lost. nour, what’s wrong?

nothing.i look at the well. "hello, here is the bride" "hello, nour, my dear" go, we go. you read arabic now? i just see you read. who taught you? -i taught herself. impossible. who taught you?

miriam. do not lie! and where she learned arabic? in school. what are you reading? the koran. so myriam told you to read the koran? so read it. i’m listening to you! if anyone desires a religion

other than islam in the hereafter, he willbe among those who lost so, myriam told you read that? no, i came across it by chance. read this for me! "those who believe, those who follow judaism,christianity and the sabians and believe in god and the last dayand who do good,

have their rewardfrom their lord. they will have no fearnor shall they grieve. thank you. now let me sleep. the bride blackened her eyelashes and put the hennae on her hair.she wears her pretty dress "but it still lacks somethingwhat is.?" -her husband.-yes. i love you.

-there is nothing going on.let them! they will go out! i read the qur’an. only -any?-yes. what do you mean? i found nice thingsabout miriam. i told you to stop seeing! i can not… i am the one who decides give me your foot.

celebrate for them! in the name of god, thecompassionate, the merciful. say: god is one. hark, israel. the lord is our god.the lord is one.


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