youtube free films

youtube free films

hi folks it’s mike with witha video for you on how to download youtube videos now you ask yourself if you are not a youtubecreator, why in the world would you want to download youtube videos. and i can show you why

youtube free films

youtube free films, let’s go here and type in full length movieson youtube to watch for free click there and you can see that there area ton of movies available on youtube to download to your laptop for example so when you geton the airplane you can plug in your headphones and watch the movie

or maybe you are traveling with kids in thecar and they can watch movies on your laptop. okay what’s the best way to download a youtubevideo or youtube movie to watch later? i recognize that there will be a differenceof opinion in this case because there are a ton of websites out there where you cansimply enter the youtube url and download a movie you don’t have to use firefox like i do ora firefox extension but i can tell you that i have been doingthis for a long time, i trust firefox and i have never ever had a problem okay with firefox loaded come over here clickon tools, click on add-on and search over

here in the search box for flash video downloader look here this is from fvd media inc. i can’t search for it because i already haveit loaded and it won’t come up in the search results but go ahead search for it, download it andinstall it you have to restart firefox okay now that you have the flash video downloaderinstalled let me show you how to download a video i’m going to go ahead and click on one ofmy videos which is youtube channel art maker

and by the way if you are a youtube creatorwatch this video to find out how to make some fantastic youtube channel art for free andi will include a link to that video at the end of this video now you notice one thing right off the batyou will notice a little download box right here below the video okay if you click on that you can set yourfile types but first you want to set is your destinationfolder so you can find a video after you download it so in this case here i created a file on thedesktop called youtube downloads. you have

to click on custom files now you want to select your file types i only want to download mp4 high-definition.if you want something else if you’re going to use a mac for whatever, you’re going todo you can select these other web extension or file extensions okay so let’s go ahead and click downloadin high definition and if you notice it brings up that file thati created it will save it over here on the right-hand side you can watchthe amount of time it is going to take to download that file

it depends on the size of the file and thespeed of your internet connection so will just take a break and i’ll be rightback after that downloads okay as you can see the file is downloadedto my youtube download file i created on my desktop. so let�s click on it and let itplay (video is playing) ok well there you go folks, a great way todownload youtube movies and videos for more tips like this visit my website like us on facebook so you’ll know right awayas soon as i post another video and i got an idea, you should subscribe tothis youtube channel



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