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the car is ready, sir i don’t know… father! father!- go inside, dear. for god’s sake go in.- please leave my father. he doesn’t know anything.we don’t have anything.

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youtube full movie, what’s this?- this stuff? i swear, i don’t know about it.- we don’t know… you don’t know, eh!- father! where is your sonansari? where is he!

tell us the names of the personwho are involved with you?! speak up!- bloody traitor! we will make you speak at anycost. speak up… tell us something! you traitor! swine!why don’t you speak? how are you related tothe isi? lower your gaze. where did you get the weapons from?- speak up! we found these thingsfrom iqbal ansari’s house. this proves that heis an agent of the isi and he is attached tothe terrorist’s group.

it is possible he might have a hand in theriots that took place recently. that’s why we havearrested him under pota. but we also have clues which provesthat these people were planning to strike at many places in mumbai. he will be producedin a special court. inspector karte is taking him, and leaving for mumbai withhis team tomorrow morning. rascal! do you think thesepeople can rescue you from here?

this is not the problem faced bymy constituency in chandangadh. but in the entire country… thecommunal riots of chandangadh… the terrorists that attacked thepolice team on the main street. this is a part of the proxy warwhich our neighbouring country… has declared through isi. firstly, the illiteratepeople are influenced… and they are supporting the isi. but now even literatepeople like ansari have started becoming their agents.

this is a dangerous sign. wehave to crush their network. that’s why mumbai police should senda team to chandangadh immediately. and should bring the terrorist ansarihere and present him in the court. yes, it’s not any easy task. that’swhy i told add. comm. mr naidu… that he should be very carefulabout selecting the team… he’s sending to chandangadh. till now 8 policeman have beenkilled while getting ansari to mumbai. nothing much has changed now. the situation and workhasn’t changed either.

the same danger…- have you thought of someone? dcp anant srivastav. and we both have beenserving the nation… the only difference is, we servethe world by wearing khadi… and you people, wearing khaki. people are applaudingso that he keeps quiet. but he’s going on and on. i very well know you peoplewish to hear a lot from me. but due to time restrictions…

thank you. now the chief instructorof this acadamey, shri anant kumar willspeak a few words. shri anant kumar… your father is sleeping. mr anant kumar… forgive me for having a wink. actually i didn’t know that the honorableminister would start his speech…

from the year 1942. i heard him give his speech tillthe year 75… then i dozed off. i can’t blame your speech. butit is the fault of my old age. i am very grateful to the honorableminister and his fellowmen. because… they tookgreat care of me. whenever there was a riotor an incident in my area… they immediately transferred me to some desolated placefor the sake of my peace. they kept on transferring me…

and when they couldn’tfind any desolated place… they transferred me here inthe academy amidst you people. excellent, sir. you are great.- good speech. well said sir, well said.- well done. enough of your praises. we are very fortunate tohave you as our trainer. yes sir.- your real training starts now. and you will have to passa test at every step… amidst the disease of dirty politics,corruption and communalism…

you will have onlyone master then… that’s yourconscience. your wisdom. don’t let it die. what else do i say? i will wishthat whatever i didn’t achieve… in my career you peopleshould achieve it. yes? yes i am coming. onemore duty… of that of a wife. my daughter is getting married.and i have loads of work to do. look, you all willattend the marriage. only this much. i wantthe lights everywhere.

in all the four corners. it will be done. still twoweeks to go for the marriage. just two weeks… guests willstart pouring in a couple of days. the master will get angry. mother, please come here. what happened?- the outfit is so tight. i can’t breathe. – didn’t you took the measurements properly? i had taken themeasurements properly. but it seems she hasput on some weight…

for she is excitedabout the marriage. when was this picture taken?- may 1988. my sister was here frombanglore during the vacations. and we had gone to mahableshwar.even you had to come there. but you couldn’t make itdue to some case of yours. i know the date, month and theyear of each and every case of mine. but i don’t know what you peoplewere doing all these years., i don’t remember aboutthese photographs… and i am missing in lot of them.

these are just pictures.- no… it means the entire lifetime. and i was just a mutespectator, not a part of it. and whatever you were doing,that too was important. i gave away my 30years to the department. i did my work properly. i never protested about my work. let bygones be bygones. but sirtoday why i do i feel that… this deal has provedto be a costly one. sit. the department never consideredme to be a good police officer.

even my wife and my daughterhave lot of complaints against me. my daughter always missed me. tomorrow she will leave us least let me see her off. i can understand, anant. but don’t you feel you were waitingfor this case and this mission? this case is very sensitive. and i trust no one except you. it’s just 12 days togo for the marriage. but it’s a question of 3 days.

you will return to your house. but the one’s who arekilled in chandangadh… we owe them. you know this isn’t an easy task. there will be some power whichwill not let ansari reach mumbai. forget about the power,sir. we are determined. 71 people have died,several are injured… thousands have become homeless.they are from my constituency. my near and dear ones…- sir…

i don’t know how willwe compensate them. but they should atleast get justice. the entire stateis counting on you. i promise. i will neverlet khakee (uniform)down. it was a high level meeting. the commissioner naiduand the minister… selected your husband forthis important mission. you should feel proud.- yes i am proud. but we have a marriageround the corner, mr dcp.

as far as i am concerned, i’llnot be present at the wedding. what nonsense! i have become the additionalcommissioner of police. what… is it true? i heard people saying thatmy… promotion is fixed. naidu got the news. don’tdisclose it to anyone. it might go to the press. at last good sense prevailed. youshould’ve been promoted 10 years ago. never mind.

you are happy, aren’t you?- yes. after all these yearsi feel i am worthy. hi everybody, how areyou? how are you my friend? what an attitude, inspector.- that’s not the case… you didn’t even called us upafter your training got over., and what about my messages?- i got all the messages… you are giving us atreat day after tomorrow. i am going out day after tomorrow.on an important assignment. only if i let you go.

what are you doing?everybody is watching. so what?- i am in an uniform right now. people hold it in highesteem. make her understand. what have you done? are you drunk? didn’t you saw this big cart? out with you license?- he has damaged my stuff, sir… i am getting late. let’s go. here, 50 bucks.- what the hell is this? i asked for yourlicense. out with it.

sorry sir. fine, take 100 bucks.- bribing a policeman? sir, let me handle this. what is my fault? i waspaying him as per his rank. i was paying him as per his rank…- he is an officer. i was giving him 100 bucks.- you talk a lot. let me know if there’sa change in the rate… he just started hittingme. does it makes any sense? what’s your name?- ashok yadav. i heard the place where youare going is very dangerous?

who told you?- mala. who mala?- mangesh’s wife. bloody idiots…- what do you mean? they have gone mad. whatdo they know? danger… danger lurks everywhere. thereis danger even when you cook… the food on the gas. even it dangerous to cross the road. you listen to them like a fool. and later you start eating my brains.- what i was saying… i said, shut up!stop your nonsense.

why do you shout at me? youcan make me understand lovingly. you are talking to your wifeand not with a robber or a tramp. fine, don’t cry.- what do you mean? i am telling you since a yearthat i have to meet my mother. you are just doing yourduty and avoiding me. i’ll be back in three days.i’ll take you to your mother. sure?- sure? and i’ll get you a sequinedsaree when i return. what are you saying?- my bat broke.

we will buy a new one. youare my sachin tendulkar. good he’s not sleeping now. else i always see himsleeping when i come. how he is at fault? yourduty doesn’t have fixed hours. do not taunt me.- do not taunt me… wait. let’s go. constable, why are yousitting here? get down. why are you getting angry madam? eve teasing happensa lot these days.

that’s why thegovernment has decided to provide security to the ladies. we are going on a picnic dayafter tomorrow. are you coming? no buddy, i am in a soup.i have to go to chandangadh. bloody duty… – chandangadh? – yes. fine… you willget security ahead. oh my god! get up,shekar. fast. oh god… what are you doing? you didn’tlet me sleep the entire night. i am a human, not a machine.

my husband is here. how did he return so soon? what are you looking for?- where is my brief? you are wearing it. you have landed me in a soup. goodness! what are you doing?are you mad, shekhar? are you out of yoursenses? how will i tidy it? goodness! oh god!what are you doing?

mr inspector, you?you are here again? playing hide and seek with me. where have you hidden it? tell mequickly where have you hidden it. what?- cocaine, drugs…! you have started dealing in drugsleaving your profession of smuggling. i have got theright news this time. no sir, i don’t know which foe of mine passesthe wrong information on to you. and you search my house every time.- don’ t lie!

i couldn’t sleep properly theentire night all thanks to you. i speak the truth. i haveleft all illegal business. why don’t you ask her? speak up. she has said and donewhatever she had to. now it’s your turn to do.otherwise… for 10 years… what are you giving me?- take the entire amount. be alert. i can raidthis place anytime. don’t lie to your wife. see thatyou return on time. understood? go, enjoy.

no, no… am i mad togo to chandangadh? never. but sir, we have an important work- is it more important than my life? you know 8 policemen were comingfrom chandangadh with the terrorist… what happened with them?they were bumped off mid way. it is good that i havea political connection. i’ll be spared from going there. listen to me. make someexcuse. get rid of it. i am sorry sir i can’t do this.- is it? tell me one thing, why didyou join the police force?

tell me why did you join it?- sir, since childhood i had a dream… enough… i know the story. yourfather was a freedom fighter… mother was a school teacher. i haveheard such filmy stories a lot… i am fed up, buddy. tell me the truth. your family pressurized you or you are here to earnsome extra bucks, right? am i right? – i will bash the person up who tries to bribe me. bravo. everyone says thesame thing in the beginning.

but later they bash up the onewho do not pay them a bribe. stop the car… stop the car. the dcp has ordered us to reach thepolice headquarters at 9 tomorrow. good night.- good night. this is fine. this is not fine. there’s someproblem with the handle. please change. it will work, sir.- do we have an insurance policy? we’ll land in a soup ifit doesn’t work properly. forget it. will the minister leaveearly morning to serve the world?

i had a word withhim yesterday night. he told me to callup in the morning. please transfer the line. please… i got only 4 bullet proofjackets. the rest have disappeared. what? he’s busy performing prayers.but i have landed in a soup. tell him it’s an emergency.- we have only 4 bullet proof jackets. what do i do? you are four of them.- you are not coming, sir? i will come to offer flowerson your grave. get going. mr patil, shekhar here.- shekhar? who?

your inspector shekar.- what is it? how are you?- i am fine. how’s sister-in-law,granny… – come to the point. sir, i had told you aboutchandangadh yesterday night. please cancel my name. it is not possible.- use your contacts. i told you, it’s notpossible. can’t you understand? sister-in-law hadcalled up yesterday. she told me aboutshahrukh khan’s show…

and we have to take the kids.- pandya will take them. all right. tellsister-in-law to forgive me. fine. and tell the kids i won’tbe able to make it this time. convey my regards tograndmother. bless me. hang up now.- okay sir. swine… good morning sir.- good morning gentlemen. is everything ready? – we have got everything as per the list.

anyone who’s possessing a weapon? i making some adjustments.i don’t have anything. how many rounds do you have?- thirty. fine, keep it with you.checked all the weapons? mr gupte has checked it thoroughly. he has won a goldmedal in shooting. cardboard target…- did you say something? actually sir it’s very easy to shootthe target during the shooting range. because the targetnever backfires at you.

and a human can do it.- yes. we will leave forchandangadh at 11:30. if everything goesaccording as per the plan we will be here day aftertomorrow along with ansari. but we have to dothis job cautiously, by being alert andaccording to the law… follow the rules. we are facing such an enemy whichneither has a name or an identity. we don’t know how many are they.but we know there are in lots.

we don’t know whatweapons they wield. but they will havegood weapons than us. we don’t know when, whereand how they will strike us. but they will certainlystrike us. this we know. they can go to anyextent to free ansari. so be careful. any questions? fine. we will leave within 10minutes. good luck gentlemen. you bet a lot. what do youthink? what are our chances? 100%.- chances of coming back?

no… 100% chancesof going up there. there’s a photographer outsidethe compound. catch him. hey, come… where are you taking me? sir,i am freelancer. here’s my card. i earn 200 hundred to 250 bucksper photo. and i earn my livelihood. i got to know that a specialteam is going to chandangadh… i thought i would earn some extrabucks… what are you doing, sir? it’s my livelihood. i’ll not commit thismistake again. please sir…

don’t pick up the phone. my wife didn’t tellme you are here. i have already sent thepackets of your photographs. i don’t have anything. then how come this is here? it was meant for a test. i don’t know how i forgot it here? my mistake.- i am destroying this mistake. but what about your second mistake?- second mistake? police… you have gotthem along with you.

who are waiting outside. i will handle them…don’t get tensed. now your silence is theonly remedy for my tension. it means… you… no… look, you cannot dothis. we are good friends. my wife considers you herbrother. you cannot kill me. please forgive me. i willnot do this mistake in future. i am ready to do whatever you say.if you want, i’ll leave this city. look… i have awife… small kids…

they don’t have anyone except me. my kids will becomeorphans. don’t kill me. what can you do for your family? i can do anything… anything. you can implicate me too?- i didn’t mean to say that. i will never do such a thing. the funda of family is strange. sometimes it turns aperson into a beast… and sometimes turnsa beast into a human.

you are lucky. you are saved. – when did you come brother?-just now, sister-in-law. greetings. what’s wrong with him.- he’s become a bit emotional. loves you people a lot.- that’s fine, but… father’s doll, what does she wants to be?- she wishes to be a singer. she is fond of singing- sing. sing a song for uncle. let’s go and see.- great! i will leave. eat something before you leave.- some other day.

thank you.- what is wrong with you? why are you crying?why are you so worried? who is it?- cops. open the door!- the cops are here? don’t fear. i’ll handlethem. open the door. pick up the phone, child.- yes mummy. tomorrow may never come… doctor iqbal ansari… because of some selfishpeople like you…

your entire community gets defamed. but you don’t care about it. because you are such a person… who can even sell his motherfor his vested interest. i have been informed that youhave not spoken a word till now. you haven’t spoken to anyone. good. we too are not here to talkto you or to listen to you. i am here to take you to themumbai court for the hearing. and we will surely take you there.

your terrorist friends havekilled 8 policemen of ours… in order to save you. we have to settle theaccounts. we will settle it. we are not here to kill anyone. listen mister there aretwo types of justice… one, that takes place in the court.sir made you understand about it. and second, whichhappens out of the court. the one that suits me.and according to me… that will be finefor a person like you.

remember, if you try toact smart while we leave… i will bump you off there itself. without any court proceedings,advocate of judge… just one bullet and thecase will be dismissed. i’ll fire the bulletin your back side, it will come straightout from your head. hey junior, did you seehow i threatened him. no big deal. he’s a cardboardtarget. he cannot backfire. great! we havesettled our accounts.

riots… ansari… hissilence… and the attack… it’s not a good sign, mr srivastav. i will be at peace if youtake him at the earliest. my best wishes are with you. are you wishing me good luck orare you giving me some bad news? one lady mahalakshmi has called up. she’s speaking fromlittle angle school. she feels that the person who arestaying in her house are terrorists. little angleschool… the avenue…

tell her there’s atelephone booth there. tell her to wait for the police. tell her to keep quiet.- yes sir. sir, if you don’t mind we too…- sure. yes sir.- the photographer on whom you had… told to keep a watch… someonehas murdered him and his family. there was a blast in house.even 4 policemen were killed. did ansari saysomething? any leads? we just got an information

that we have found someclues about the terrorists… we are going there, sir. look, i can walk. i can even run. we can’t leave you.- thank you, sir. we cannot even keep you with us.- i’ll be of great help. you feel exhausted, you feelweak… you are not in a good health. you need rest. you are sleeping peacefully. you didn’t even wearthe bullet proof jacket?

mahalakshmi had called up. mahalakshmi… i think she mustbe an old hag. born in 1936. she got bored of watching t.v.she thought of creating an uproar. she called up the police forshe wishes to be in the news. how can you be so sure?- we policemen have an instinct… not every policemen has it.i have it by the grace of god. i have a strong can never go wrong. the ones’ wearinguniform will follow me. the ones’ wearing plain dresswill come with me. as we do always.

let’s go. what did i say? excuse me, you had called up?- yes, i had called up. great. you were born in 1936, right?- goodness, how do you know? where are they?- in the house. they are crying. why are they crying?- i told them you people are coming. why did you tell them?- that’s why they kept quiet. they are waiting for you.- waiting for policemen?

you are a cop?- what else? you are not a mechanic?- mechanic? my grand children werewatching a match on the t. v and suddenly it went kaput. so i called up the mechanicand i am waiting for him. you are not mahalakshmi?- i am sapna. your instinct has is a success there. those blue eyeswill kill me someday. just tell us ma’m…- just a minute…

you can tell me. inspector shekarverma. i am his senior. yes? his senior is here,the dcp. talk to him. are you sure no one has come out? no. i was watching from theshop, no one has come out. in which room?- that one. what on earth is going on?there will be a firing here? it is possible. tell your staff and kids togo inside and lock the room. and they shouldn’t comeout until i say. sawant…

yes sir? take the kids inside. the utensil is hot.- they have escaped just now. tell them to seal all the check posts.- yes sir. even his motherwon’t recognize him. he has been shot ona point blank range. they have even left theirgun. and burnt his hand. no chance of finger prints. no!

i’ll answer all your questionsin the police station. but first clear that dead body. lady, you are shouting as though… we got the dead body. since 10 days they werestaying like guests. the trust had giventhe room on lease. did they know they were terrorist? they told that they were here toshoot a documentary on the riots. they were honest criminals.they kept their word of shooting.

you think this is funny? thisis some kind of a joke to you? she is angry. give her acold-drink. – just one second ma’m. just tell us why didyou called us up today? because of this. a bullet. my kids got it todaywhen they were playing. that’s why i calledyou up today. okay? look ma’m it’s important. will yoube able to recognize those people? i didn’t see everyone properly.i might recognize one or two of them. but today… but the onewho came today morning…

his face… i can never forget. madam i don’t think youare safe here anymore. we’ll have to arrangefor her security. talk to sp wagh and tell him to postthe constables outside her house. look as it is i don’t stay here.i am going to mumbai to my home. i was just here for 3 months toconduct a workshop with the kids. look as a responsiblecitizen i have done my duty. i called you people here.

now you do your duty. why areyou dragging me in all this? i don’t want yoursecurity, damn it! you may not wantit. but you need it. listen, the man whom you came acrosstoday will never forget your face. he is a very dangerous man. henever leaves any sign behind. for example, you saw the dead body. sir, even we are going tomumbai tomorrow. why don’t we… good thinking…- just a minute… i will have to talkto the headquarter.

as a procedure wecan’t take her along. what’s the guarantee that i’llbe more safe with you people? they were here for 10 days.and nothing untoward happened. i just called you up… i didn’t tell this thing to anyone. and suddenly they escaped. it’s shocking. don’t trust whatever you think is right. i would like tochange my travel plan. do whatever you think is right. right, sir. what do we doabout that girl mahalakshmi?

as you say she’s in danger.take her along with you. it will help us in the court.- right sir. yes. why do you want to change the plan? all the arrangementshave been done. yes, the arrangementshave been done. the ticket of mumbaiexpress has been booked. bogie no. s1. seat no. 24 to 29.- how did you come to know? the tickets are in my drawer. andthe details… only i know about it. many people know about the details.

i found this paper in the roomwhere we found the dead body. this paper was below the paper onwhich the details were jotted down. and so the impressions. the storm is aboutto come somewhere. sir… just a minute… she’s ansari’s mother. thatswine doesn’t utter a word. and this old hag doesn’tseems to listen anything. she’s staying heresince a long time. and today she insistedon meeting you.

listen sir…- she will eat your brains. i will shoo her away.- wait. open the gate. sir… ansari’s son. i aman illiterate lady. i don’t know what’s happening here. but everybody says thatmy son is a traitor. he is responsible for thebloodshed that took place over here. if this is true thenshame on my womb.

for giving birth to such a child. but a mother’s heart says that,it is possible, he is innocent. the court will decide what isright and what is wrong, sir. send him to the gallowsif he is a criminal. but for god sake take himto the court at any cost. don’t shoot him on the way. you will meet yourson in the court. what are you doing? it is dangerous to standnear the doors and windows.

you can be an easy target. are you hurt?- no problem. i was rude to you in themorning during the interrogation. it’s all right. – i am duffer as far as girls are concerned. nervous, shy… youknow all the time. why don’t you have something?you were saying something, right? no. you were saying something. saw? god knows what happens tome when i come across a girl? i really don’t understand.- i am astonished.

you are in the police force. – whatastonishes me is a beautiful girl like you is conductinga big social work in a small city like chandangadh. i really admire you. even i am fond of doingsocial work since childhood. that’s why i joinedthe police force. but later i saw theviolence, politics and… corruption… i hate that. i feel like joiningyou leaving everything.

will you have something orshould i give you something? so you were saying something?- no. this time too it was you. not again… these constables are good drivers.they know mumbai city well. this one…- ghorpade, you will go with them. yes, the dcp is here.tell me your name at least. who is it?- someone wants to talk to you. he says he is your old friend.but he isn’t disclosing his name. hello…- welcome. welcome to chandangadh.

who is it? – i regret for not meeting you when you came to my house. i tried to talk to youwhen you were there. the bell went on ringing butyou didn’t pick up the phone. you are still sharp mr dcp. good. a hunter enjoys when hisvictim is smart and sharp. we’ll soon come to know who isthe hunter and who is the victim? the call can’t be traced.- i can hear the sound of the train… why are you quiet, my friend?trying to remember something? you are speaking asthough you know me.

you might have forgottenyour old buddies, mr dcp. but i don’t forget. is it near the station… he’s in a bar or in arestaurant near the station. i can hear it. neither do i forget.neither do i forgive. the bars and restaurantsin the city are closed. because of night… sarika, look who has come.- just a minute…

i am studying. you can have a look. who are you? whom do you want to meet?- he’s inside my house. in my house…- i can reach anywhere. i can even reach to ansari. youwere lucky today. you were saved. you’ll have to be lucky every time.and i need to be lucky only once. hello… if you do anythingto my wife and my daughter… good night. come on, pick up the phone. hello jaya!- yes anant?

is everything fine there?- yes. why? where is sarika?- she is here. hi papa!- what’s the matter? nothing… i was missing you both. constables are there outside, right?- yes. okay.- you seem to be worried? fine, go to sleep. see you soon. bye. i felt better.- what do you mean?

i feel good when danger brushes me. i always look out forsuch opportunities. i am fond of playing withdanger right since my childhood. where there is danger, there isshekar, and vice versa. that easy. now for example thismission… chandangadh. i went to the commissionerthe moment i knew about it. i told to the commissionersend me if there is danger. he made me understand that we haveto select a group leader first. i said, you carry onwith it. we see it later.

but i said involve me first.because it is a dangerous mission. and i will go. you know politics, don’t you? but i didn’t took any risk. i told the minister tocall up the commissioner. he made him understand toinvolve me in this mission. because shekar is honest…- he is brave. right.- he is a good guy. right. shekhar is a good boy.

this mission isimpossible without me. listen to me. you knowwhere they were sending me? to shahrukh khan’spremier with the kids. now this is left to dofor brave people like us. hot and strong tea. hey traitor… have the food,iqbal. you will die of hunger. as it is we have a bad reputation.we’ll land in a soup if you die. why are you troubling me? eat… why are you tormenting him?- he is not having food.

he will eat when he is hungry.hey will you have something? he will not have. will youhave something to drink? no. he will ask for foodwhen he feels hungry. sir ordered me to give himthe food. – is it? – yes. sir wants you to eat something. traitor, cannot digest the food? bloody… go and inform thesir he ate whatever he had to. he’ll not feel hungry tillevening. give it to me. yes jaya? i have made all thearrangements for the reception.

i had a word with the caterers.nothing will be lacking. the florist will come to you andhe will show you lot of photographs. book him keepingthe budget in mind. i will get a gift forthe groom. don’t worry. tell sarika… just a minute.which company’s watch is this? panera. made in germany.- i will get him a panera watch. what’s the cost?- 5,ooo… tell him i’ll get acouple of watches for him. no sir, it’s not 5,ooorupees. but 5,ooo dollars.

phone…- we’ll gift him an indian watch. i will talk to you later. somebody gifted me. did i ask him anything? ms mahalakshmi, get up. don’t sleep when you’re sittingbesides a driver, the driver too will feel sleepy. talk to me. – it’s you who do all the talking. go on… taunts, eh.

tell me how come yourname is mahalakshmi? my parents named me. any problem? no. no problem. i feel i am talking to abuilding whenever i talk to you. right. there are lot of buildingsin mumbai named after you. for e. g, . mahalakshmi chambers,mahalakshmi department… mahalakshmi apartment, mahalakshmisociety, mahalakshmi station… mahalakshmi race-courseand mahalakshmi lottery. i often buy lottery tickets but itis today that i have hit a jackpot.

shooting…- where? i am talking about a film shoot.don’t get ready with the gun. only if our lives resembled thesemovies. it would have been fun. how come?- it would have been a lot of fun. a person would have pouredhis heart out singing merrily. you know to dance? my god, those blueeyes will kill me! "my heart has immersedin those blue eyes" "o beloved just know this thing"

"i am your crazy lover.i can do anything for you. "i live all thanks to you love. ican even sacrifice my life for you" "i will not fall foryour words, crazy lover" "don’t entangle me inyour vocabulary stint" "i will be plundered,i will get destroyed. but i will win over your heart" "i will not leave youeven if you torment me" "o beloved, just know this thing" "there’s pain andintensity in my love"

"thousands of romeoshave gone mad in my love" "i will handcuffyou in love one day" "i will take you as theworld will keep watching" "i am your crazy lover" "i’ll do anything for you" get back in the car. i will take 34 hours to clear. there’s a road near by. we will touch the highwayif we travel another 4 kms.

get aside… move… make way. come sir. move. move… c’mon… come… c’mon… hello?- you are in a problem dcp. now what will you do? tell me.

whom are you searching? mhatre, keep an eye onansari. i will be back. stop! get down, fast. come… move! move the van! why did you run after theprofessor? who gave you the orders? by god’s grace nothinguntoward happened. why didn’t it happen?

he is not so stupid to show his face and run awayafter taking all the risk? he was here to do something. but why didn’t he do it? or did he do something and escaped? i was on the top of ansari’s van.i didn’t let anyone loiter there. now the question is of this jeep… who was standing near this jeep? get out! go back!

back! reverse! c’mon boys, you are okay? they must be civilians. theygot scared watching all this. it is quite possible someone washere to see how many have died? there’s a problem, sir.the van doesn’t start. our car has broke down.- what should i do? we want to stay her for a while.- the master is not at home. i’ll talk to d’mello. it’s justa question of couple of hours. he won’t listen.- i said, just a couple of hours.

our master will not say anything.isn’t he the agent from pakistan? i saw him on the t.v. who all are there in the house?- uncle ramdas and i, nandan. i am the cook over here.- there’s no network… there is no network overhere. yes, our phone works. sit. i’ll get water. kamlesh yes sir? – take ansari inside and be with him. come on…- repair the van.

yes sir.- shekhar, ashwin and mhatre… seal all the entry andexit points of the house. okay sir. sir…- who? anant here. our jeep was was blasted. no casualties. but we need help. tell me exactly where you are. i sending the police team immediately. our house in front of thelane going to the perwa road.

okay. listen, do not movefrom there. don’t move. yes sir. thank you. who will pay for the call? you are asking sir for the money?how much? i’ll pay you. yes sir. how much do i pay you?- thirty rupees. is it? wait… how come you people will havemoney? you are freebie, right? hey…- what? i’ll pay him.- i’ll pay you later.

don’t forget to take the money. they never intend to give anything.- get lost. come, ms mahalakshmi, don’t fear.- i am not scared. you can find anythinghere. a rat, scorpion or a snake. you know, anything. its okay. i am notscared of them. it’s fine. are you not scared of them?- no. you are not scared of anything? i used to get scaredwhen i was a child.

scared of what?- when i didn’t used to sleep… mother used to say go tosleep else the cops will come. you made a villain outof the cops. look here. i tell you the truth. thisplace is haunted by ghosts. ghost of a buffalo.- what? ghost? but don’t get scared. i am around. you know i am the danger-man. sit. i will be with you the entire right.i will protect you. don’t worry. hell with the ghost. takethe quilt and go to sleep.

sleep…- i am fine. don’t worry about me. what are you saying? aghost is after all a ghost. what can a ghost do?- my god! uncle, scaring a policeman, eh?- there is no light, you see. is there is a ghost here?- yes, 18 of them. heard? 18 ghosts… hear that?now what do you have to say? 18? how exciting! well, i have heard a lot about them. but i never got achance to see them. but till a brave manlike you is around…

the ghost won’t come here. soplease go and let me experience this. good night.- listen to me… listen, at least give me the torch. how will i go down. it’s so dark. sir, tea… you might have forgottenyour old friends, mr dcp. good afternoon. what is this inspector? these are those 5 goons whoplundered the bank three days ago.

they were hiding here. they firedon me when i told them to surrender. the dared to fire on a policeman.i fired in my self defense… and those poor peoplewere killed. what do i do? don’t try to act smart, angre. i know the people very wellwho had plundered the bank. i can see it clearly. you took the money from those peopleand killed these innocent people. so you can do away with the case. but i won’t get fooledby your story this time.

i was thinking the same.something is amiss in the story. four of them are lying downthere. one is lying here. five of them died when i fired… but no policeman werekilled… when they fired? at least one policeman should die. and if he is asenior officer than… you will repent! youwill repent a lot! hello… yes d’mellosir i had called up. sir… hello… hello…how did it get disconnected?

call everyone. we will leave.- sir. get back! what is written? – send ansariout else we are coming in. how many rounds do you have ashwin?- three. seven…- two, sir. i have one. it was anice move by the enemy. he is striking a deal with usafter we have run out of bullets. how many rounds do you have? what are you doing?!- throwing this swine out!

are you mad? we cannot leave him. neither we can’t keep him with us.- i had a word with mr naidu… the party must be reaching any time.- when will the party arrive?! after we are dead? to do the panchnama, tocount the dead bodies? what do you except? weshould all die on this hope? we will fight, shekhar.- how will we fight. how? we saw them firing? what do we have?a handful of bullets, that’s all? let’s set him free today. we cancatch him in future if he lives.

they have left us with nochoice. we don’t stand any chance. we will all die forno reason at all. why did you wear this uniformif you are so scared of death? do you know themeaning of "khakee"? your duty is moreimportant than your life. understand!- yes i understand. i understand you, old man. you are unsuccessful unsuccessful policeman! i agree you haven’t acceptedbribe in your entire lifetime.

but you haven’t done anything! you have always been at the receivingend for your entire life time. you have gone mad, oldie. you thought you will become a martyr,you will be famous if you died… in the line of duty…your family will get medals. but we people can’t diefor your selfish motive. out of my way! i am in charge of thismission till i am alive. he is not goinganywhere. that’s my order.

hell with your order. hell withthe duty. and hell with you. i knew you were acorrupt policeman. but today i alsowitnessed your cowardice. stupid! i am fighting for everyone. the question is notof your life or mine… now the questionis of my conscience. and it tells me that dcp is right. put your gun down.- you will fire at me? you will fire at me forthe sake of this isi agent?

because of this traitor…- kill me! finish me off! do you think these people areafter you so that they can free me? no… they want to kill me. yes. i am hearing taunts since along time. traitor, isi agent… am i from pakistan? i am paying the pricefor being an indian. paying the price forbeing an honest indian. i will not go against the rules.

autopsy has to be conductedon… these three dead bodies. i can’t issue theirdeath certificates now. why? the rmo is angry. – they haven’t been killed in the riots. they have been poisoned. andwounds were inflicted on them later. your job might be in a danger…- i am sorry. no problem even if i am fired.i will not issue a fake certificate. listen mr doctor, i am bhaskarjoshi. i am a freelance journalists. the certificates ofthe dead bodies… i can’t say anythingon this matter.

this is a police case. – even the police are involved in it, sir. and an influentialperson is behind all this. devdhar?- yes, our minister. he is appealing for peace now.but he is behind these riots. why?- there can be lot of reasons. god know how many crimes he hascommitted for the sake of power. the three social workers had collectedproofs of misdeeds against him. so that he can be exposed. butdevdhar came to know about it. he poisoned them by callingthem on the pretext of a meeting.

and he inflicted wounds on the deadbodies and threw them away in the areas where the riots had started. so that everyone thinks thatthey too have died in the riots. what do you except from me? i have the file which containsthe misdeeds of devdhar. if you give me the autopsyreports of the three dead bodies… i will print them inthe papers with proofs. these are the reports. andif i get more information… i will inform you.

here’s my card. do read tomorrow’s newspaper. you haven’t eaten anythingsince yesterday night. there’s a card in my pant which i had put on yesterday. get that card. first eat something.- eat it brother. i would have even consumed poisonhad someone offered me so lovingly. shut up. you came homelate yesterday night. you know the state of the country.- nothing will happen in our hamlet. the people here are so nice.- every human is a nice human being.

whether one is a hindu or a muslim.everyone wants to live peacefully. but these politicians…- iqbal! – yes mother? what’s the matter, son? your wife said that you areworried since last night. nothing.- don’t worry. i am going to the holyshrine. i will pray for peace. even zaffar wants tovisit the holy shrine. his vacations are goingon, so i thought… no, he will not go.- please father…

no… no…- please… please… fine. but don’t harassyour grandmother. i will harass her alittle. will it do? the train leaves at will come, won’t you? i will drop you wheni go to the hospital. you told me that you will printeverything about devdhar with… my reports. what happened?nothing has been printed. who is it?- i am doctor iqbal ansari. hey smart fellow, whatdo you know about devdhar?

what did the reporter tell you?- who are you… you don’t know me? don’t worry. he is fine. i am jayanti bhatia from aaj tak. we want to know about the riots…- talk to the rmo… please sir… what happened bhaskar?get the theatre ready fast. what happened? yes? what? what?

your phone… hey you smarty, what didbhaskar tell you before he died? tell me everythingproperly. where is the file? you people…- forget him, he’s dead. think about theones’ who are alive. nowadays the situation is notgood for you people. understood? hey! stop your nonsense!i don’t have any file. i would have not given ityou, had it been with me. people like devdhar shouldbe hanged on the streets.

stop this melodrama, doctor! the entire community is defamed… due to some dishonest people like you.- what nonsense is this? what else? go andsee in your house. arms and ammunition has been found…in your house. – what? yes, go and see. the riotershave burnt down your house too. go! father! mother! did you see my father?!

has someone seen my family members? are they in your house? whydoesn’t anyone speak?! speak up! smarty, you can save your life. where is devdhar’sfile? there’s still time. saw? we just unloaded a boxof ammunition in your house. your house went up in smoke. why did you keep quiet for so long?- i had nothing to say. whom should i have told all this? to the police?

it was they who kept the armsin my house and implicated me. or to the press? who branded me aterrorist without knowing the truth. whom should i have told? nothing is going to happennow. i will surely die. you people can leave me hereif you want to save your lives. you are not sent hereto take me away… but instead you have been sentso that you too can die with me. shekar, take care of ansari! move! good evening.

sorry i came uninvitedand on the wrong time. what to do? blame iton the government job. why are you astonished mr dcp? i am doing this job for the samegovernment for whom you work. the only difference is i take cash and you take a cheque every month. and i am paid little more than you. the funda of politics is strange. they sent you to stop me andthey sent me to bump you off.

where is doctor ansari? eventhat smarty shekar is missing. and that kiddo ashwini isalso missing. want to play? come on, let’s go. find those rascals! mahalaxmi! leave me. what have i done?- shut his mouth! leave him. you are always ready to die. your wife and daughter both arebeautiful, but you are so unfortunate.

you couldn’t make them yours. you only fulfilled your dutythe entire life wearing a khakee. so… i will look after your wifeand daughter once you are no more. mac, point a revolveron his temple. riddle everyone with bulletsif the dcp moves from his place. slap your sir. no… i… can’t… i will blow up your sir’shead if you don’t hit him. no… i… no…

did you hear it?- no. you did hear it when i was slapped.- yes. hit him hard. i heard… kill me. kill me sir. later. first the head of yourmaster will be blown to pieces. no… don’t do this. don’t do this. i understood. mac!- no! this is called real assault. theone who beats also cries with…

the one who takes the beating. you hit me here. but i assaulted your soul.this is called real assault. i would have killed you themoment i came out of jail. but i knew you carea damn for your life. duty, honor and self-respect…means a lot to you in your life. i wished to strip you ofall this, slowly… slowly… today i have the opportunity. youwill not succeed in your mission. you will be defamed. you willbe stripped of your uniform.

people will spit on you. only then will be i at peace. it doesn’t make any difference evenif you think or talk in this way. now the storm willdecide about the light. only the lamp willburn which has the power sir… some people arehiding in the godown. come on, gold-medalistlet’s see your feat. come on! get out! move! move! move!

the blood flow isn’t stopping.we should rush him to the hospital. shekar to the hospital. fast! did ansari say something? we have some cluesabout the terrorist… how did they come to know thatyou people are coming here? hello…- hello anant where are you? i sent the police teamthere… and ansari was shot… how did you come to know…that ansari was shot? actually…- only we knew about it.

and angre. ansari still lives. we will certainlytake him to the court. tell this to your mentor! devdhar! i have taken out the bullet. butthe patient’s health is critical. it is necessary to keephim here for few days. you people can return. this mission isover for you people. you people must have nowrealized the fact that…

the ones’ who sent us on this missionthey themselves don’t wish that… ansari should reach the court. and still if wecontinue to fight… we will be fighting the government. we’ll have to fightthe entire system. in this case it is impossibleto take ansari to the court. imagine if we are successfulin taking him to the court… the government will seekrevenge… they will suspend us. we will be fired. we caneven land behind the bars.

i have decided that i will fight till the end. you people are still young. theentire life lies ahead of you. better if you people return. very good sir. very good. you wish to do allthe good deeds alone. very good. okay i have been a bad cop. fine, i did a lot of misdeeds. but i have got this oneopportunity to get rid of my sins…

and you want to snatchthat only chance from me. i will not return. yesterday night i was… rude to you… please forgive me. but please, i will not return. i will come with you. if you don’t takeme along with you… i will follow you… till the end. but i will definitely come.

even i am there with you till the end.- i too will come with you, sir. let them fire me.- even i am with you… till we take ansari safely tomumbai. i will resign after that. even i wish to be with you. okay. we will not contactmumbai from now onwards. no phone calls, nomobiles… nothing. what is this, buddy? youare thinking of resigning. a person like me shouldresign. but look at me…

it’s a new beginning for me.and you say you will resign. why will you resign? why? why should i stick to this iob?i learnt during this mission… whatever i have to do, the reasonwhy i joined the police force… i will not be allowed to do that. and whatever theywill tell me to do, my conscience will not agree to it. then why? will i salutecriminals like devdhar and naidu? whatever… – did i put on this uniform to serve them?

no sir. tell me one good reasonwhy should i wear this uniform? sir the sp is here. sorry i had to inform. you people will have to cometo the police station with me. tell the minister and thecommissioner whatever you have to tell. we have the orders totake ansari in our custody. and to relieve you all.we are just doing our duty. yes… it’s your duty. can you tell us… about our duty?

protect the good people…destroy the culprits… isn’t that written behind you? this is our aim. protect the good people…destroy the culprits. but what do we do? for the sake ofmoney and success… we lick the feet ofpoliticians like devdhar. doctor ansari was pe_orminghis duty in chandangadh… when this rascal devdhardestroyed his life.

inspector fateh, ghorpadewas doing his duty. those jawans who were killed inchandangadh were doing their duty. we are fighting with death since48 hours for the sake of this duty. and our department isall set to trample us. that swine devdhar is playingwith the honor of the law… because our officernaidu has become his pimp. let alone the criminals… if the police department wishes,and if the governments permits… no one can snatch a toyfrom a child in the city.

but the fact is we policeman whohave put on this khakee are that goons who commit atrocities on thehelpless and weak people. that’s all. the municipality worker is betteroff than us who wears khakee like us but he cleans the city of thefilth by going inside the gutter. our duty says that… weshould take ansari to the court. and give him the justice. we will surely do that and if your dutypermits you to stop us… then you can fire on us.

okay? so… pull that bloody gun outof the holster and shoot us. because we will take him away! hello… add. commissionernaidu on the line. satam here. i hadgone to the hospital. we have got them to the police station.- don’t let them go anywhere. yes sir.- listen to me carefully. it’s a question of our’s an order from the ministry. we are interrogating.

these are not the ones’whom we are searching. we will inform you assoon as we get some news. thank you for makingme aware of my duty. you people can stay heretill doctor ansari recovers. what are you doing here?what are you thinking? what can i think? whateveri thought was wrong. whatever i did was wrong.what i comprehended was wrong. i don’t know about myparents. i never saw them. no one brought me up. i always thought about myself.

neither i could become a goodhuman nor a good police officer. don’t say such things we are alive all thanks to you. we were saved from the bomb blast, we managed to getout from that house. that’s not the case. even i didn’t harborgood intentions for you. what do you say now? now… i want to be a good human. like the dcp.

i know there are manydifficulties on this path… but i will surely tread this path. i am with you. i’ll tread this path with you. promise?- promise. have you seen them here?- no… did you come to know?- angre is busy finding them. and the police tooare searching them. you are responsible for all this!

you kept the arms in ansari’shouse with the help of your men. you had him arrested too. but that stupid man couldn’teven… get a file for him. and you couldn’t evenmade him utter a word. you know why he is quiet? becausehe longer trusts the police. and he wants toexpose me in the court. now he has escaped.- i had told you to bump him off… there in chandangadh.but you refused then. you wanted the filefirst lest someone has it.

don’t worry. we will find ansari. how did you reach here?- by the elevator. but i took the stairs. i have climbed the stairsof crime to reach this place. i have reached here bywalking over the dead bodies. even my dear ones were involved. i crushed them and reached this place. this deeds of mine isenclosed in that file. if the media gets it… i am going to becomea chief minister soon.

no… never! i can’t lose this game. i have put my life andeverything on stake. ansari will not reach the court.and only i should get the file. sir the media guys are here theywant to know about ansari’s case. tell them we don’thave anything to say. we have something to tell them. tell them we are coming. the thing which you and angrefailed to do till this date. now the public will do it.

the team of dcp anant srivastavwhich was supposed to get the prime accused of the chandangadh riots,dr ansari to mumbai has disappeared. the police department doubts thatthey have joined hands with the isi. and they have set ansari free. the team consists ofdcp anant shrivastav… senior inspector shekarverma, inspector ashwin gupte, head constable kamlesh sawantand constable gajanan mhatre. inform the near by police stationif you get any news about them. ansari! what are you doing!- why are you saving my life?

let me die.- you’ll have to live. you’ll have to live!- why? for whom? as it is a lot of thinghave happened with me. should i live to see theruination of my son and my mother? i have no reason to live. whatever happened with you…we cannot change your fate. but at least we can try that noother person goes through this state. you will have to be with us. youwill have to come to court with us. so that we can fight for justice.

satam had called up. he said that the t. v channelsare flashing the news that… we are hand in glove with the isi. and we havedisappeared with ansari. people are barging in with swordsand lathis. they are destroying… we can go through the back door. no, we will gothrough the main door. come on. what are you staringat? kill ansari.

hey! who was it? who was it? you… you said it? youwill kill him with a sword? come, kill him. come… kill him! kill him!why don’t you kill him? you will hit me. here,take this. hit me! get lost! who else wants to killhim? tell me. speak up! let me see yourface. bloody vultures! attacking like the vultures.why don’t you look into my eye?

one needs courage to hitsomeone by making an eye contact. and only a truthful personhas the courage. know that? ansari is a traitot.he should be punished. you will punish him? you are acop… are you the executioner? who gave you the right to do so? he will be punished in thecourt… lf he is guilty. we are taking him to the court! how will you take him to the courtwhen you have sold your conscience? i pity people like are mislead every time.

you people are being used… they make you burnyour own house… for their vested interest. stillyou people don’t understand. that is what is happening don’t what the truth is. and you get ready with theswords. we know what the truth is. look, we have spilledour blood for the truth. we fought with death. if you think what you say is trueand you can fight with death… then come forward and stopus. else get out of the way.

sp satam had called up. well,no passenger train stops… at this station in the day time. but a service train speciallymeant for is arriving from the yard. it will drop youat kalyan. okay sir. i will reach theresoon, father. bye. we had warned youfrom making a call. you people are in the police. yourfamily member can understand this. but my father doesn’tunderstand all this. he heaved a sigh of reliefafter… hearing my voice.

did you tell himabout our whereabouts? i have become sensible enoughafter staying with you people? i know what i have to tell. by the way, i told him about you.- is it? what did you tell? that a handsome and brave policeofficer will drop me home safely. and he will one day take me fromthe house and will put an end to… your worries.- no… no… really? swear onme? did you say that? "ln love, i promise… "

"now will not be separated" "the lord is listeningmy heart-beat" "you don’t know… " "to what extent i love you" "i have forgotten everything.the way i am bonded in love "call me a tramp or a crazy lover" "my heart knows… it hasaccepted you as my lover" "now there’s nodistance between us" "all thanks to the loyalty in love"

"in love, i promise… " "we will not be separated" sorry to disturb you.- junior you… i was in a good romanticmood but you destroyed it. you know i will marry mahalakshmionce the case of ansari gets over. we will have a couple ofkids. i’ll buy a new flat. ansari is serious. we will haveto rush him to the hospital. come on kamlesh! come on! faster… faster…

come on! come on! faster… come on! faster! this battle… this fight… you think in your society… a person like me…will get justice? you will surely get it.i have faith in the law. and it’s constitution. you will get justice.everyone has equal rights.

why are you staring at me? mother…- yes? someone is here.- what’s your name son? who is it?- sub inspector ashwin gupte. i know my husband had told me…you were with him in chandangadh. when did you people come?- today morning. i was scared when i heard the news on t.v. i went to templeand offered prayers. i was going to thetemple right now.

where is he? has he goneto get a cold-drink for you? please come in.- no… i am fine. what happened? is everything fine? he hasn’t come? i hope he is fine? what happened? he will not come… never. your husband was a brave man. he fought bravely.he was never scared.

he was remembering you a lotwhen he breathed his last. he said, even youare a brave woman. you will look after thehouse and your son very well. you are right. hemust have said it. i used to get scared when heused to go on a night-duty. i used to tell him. theother men too do their duty. they come home in the evening.they play with their kids. and sleep peacefully.and look at yourself. i told him to leave the job.

he then used to makeme understand lovingly. he used to say that i am mad. everyone sleeps peacefullyall thanks to the man who is wearing a khakee and ison the street doing his duty. now look… everything… what happened mother?when will father come? slowly…- be careful. hurry up.- take him to the casualty. fast. i want to talk toyou. its important.

wait. he is dead. no… you can’t do this to us. you can’t deceive us. come on get up. get up… get up. why are you people quiet? you have soiled your uniform.- when will the killings stop? i don’t care whatpeople think about me.

i think it’s my dutyto tell you everything. the truth is… how long will you wait here? we’ll hand over thebody to the municipality. your son was a one will carry his bier. "o my lord… have mercy" o my lord, have mercy "we plead to you… " "let there be mercy, my lord"

"let the destitutehave some support" "the one who is drowningmay reach the shore" "an untoward incidentmight be averted" "lf you signal it" "lf you are merciful, lord… " "there will be no sadness around" "have mercy, my lord" leave aside humans’, i’ll not believeit if the lord himself tells me… these good men wouldn’t have carriedhis bier if my son was a criminal…

they wouldn’t have bid himfarewell with such honor. now what difference willit make? ansari has died. – the case has been closed.- the case is yet to be closed. we have buried ansari not the case. heard? did you hear what he said? nowadays the case getsburied with the person. and he talking about revivingthe case of a dead man. you had selected this officer.- let him speak. it makes no difference to you. youare just concerned with the seat.

and not with the one who occupies it.- don’t fear. i’ll talk to him. have the tea. don’t get tensedfor no reason at all. the enquiry, press conference,etc., is just a farce. nothing will happen to you people. so that’s why you shouldstop giving weird statement. and understand what i am saying. i am making you theadditional commissioner. and later i’ll makeyou the commissioner.

you will have loads ofmoney when you retire. i’ll also promote your colleagues. what about ansari? – ansari?he was a traitor. he is dead. don’t think hard. marryyour daughter with a pomp. i’ll bear the expenses. thank the lord… for i still trust the law. or i would have rippedyour tongue apart. listen… – whatever you haveto say in the court. okay?

what will you gain by that? history is the witness. ministers and politicianswere involved in lot of scams. lot of cases were registered.inquiry was conducted… there were big commissions.but what was the result? nothing… no minister was punished orwill be punished in future. this is our country’s law. the law will change. andit will begin with you.

pray this comes out to betrue. if it doesn’t happen… i will beat you black and blue…i will inflict lot of wounds on you. that your pains will never end. watch it! we don’ t have much time. devdhar is keeping a watch on us. warrants can be issued against us. what do we do, sir? poor ansaridied for no reason at all. we neither have anywitness nor any proof.

we don’t have any clue sothat we can find out the truth. yeah. just a minute… yes? okay. okay, thank you. mhatre had called up. i had toldhim to find out about the family… of the journalist bhaskarwho died in chandangadh. he has found his son’swhereabouts. he is here. "what spell have you cast" "i have cast such a spell… " "the bright lighthas turned elegant"

"the one who fondlesmy tresses… " "the one who carriesme in his arms" "is there a lover whowould dare do this? " "here i come… " "filled with excitement" "everyone is on a high" "i’ve spilled thesweet venom of love" "such is theintoxication of my lips" "slowly… gradually… "

"my heart keeps on swaying" "it will burn in passion" "it will torment mefor the entire life" "my heart is on a toss" i speak the truth, sir. fathernever told us about any devdhar… or a file. try to remember, chandu. your fatherdied fighting for a good cause. don’t you wish that hiswork should be accomplished? what do i do?

lot of people are troubling meby asking the same questions. they beat me. and i am hiding from them. my father died. but my mother toohas gone berserk watching him die. just a minute. yourfather died in chandangadh. how did your mother see him? it was being aired onthe t.v. i recorded it. 71 people have died in the communalriots which broke off in chandangadh. 213 people are wounded. and3,ooo have become homeless. okay now i want you to zoomin. zoom in closer. yeah. more.

zoom in. closer… more… g… p… o… firstword is definitely gpo. post box… 11… 5… mumbai.- post box 115, mumbai. yeah.- thanks. hello… mahalakshmi, yes? where are you since two days?- i will tell you when i am free. i have found the file.- great. i want to meet you now. not now. later.- i want to meet you now.

try to understand.- no, not fair. tell me where should i come.- okay. come to the gpo. okay, bye.- bye. sir, shekhar here. i have found the file. good.- it’s in the gpo locker. you will rot in iailfor years, devdhar. good evening. he was about to ruinyour work by creating an uproar. that’s why i killedhim. got the file? give…

here… take this andleave. i’ll handle them. but you?- don’t worry about me. this packet has to be deliveredto mr anant at any cost. don’t give it to anyone else.understood? – okay. i love you. i love you too. take care. watch out! astonished… disturbed…

what do we do? thefunda of love is strange. it turns a smart person stupid. you were doing theduty for the government. but my beloved wasdoing the duty for me. and you peoplenever had any doubts. she came with you on my that she can locate the file. she fooled everyone. we had been to thegpo. where are you? she smartly got involved withyou people. – hello…

so that she can inform me aboutyour every move and every movement. i suddenly came inthat haunted house… i came in the emptytrain on the station… all thanks to thebeautiful blue eyes. mahalakshmi… is with angre? she had called up me in front ofyou. i am her unfortunate old father. get out from there!- i am sorry. it’s not good to get involved inlove when you are doing your job. you didn’t do your duty well…but i preformed it very well.

now this advice will proveuseful to you in the next birth. any last wish?- c’mon shekhar! kill her from there! don’t tell anyone how was i killed. else people will nolonger have faith in love. she will… fire the first bullet. "i live all thanks to your love" "i will even laydown my life for you" i will follow you if youdon’t take me along with you. i will follow you till theend. but i surely come with you.

i am proud of you,inspector shekhar. you preformed your dutyeven when you were dying. no… try to understand. devdhar is a very influentialperson. you cannot do anything if a helpless person standingon a street says this thing. i can understand. i can understand if devdhar who isintoxicated by the power says this. i can understand you rascal! i can understand even if a mad andberserk beast like angre says this.

but you… rascal! you… had taken an oath withme that you will protect the law. and you are telling this to me! don’t hit me. i am with you. i don’t need you. i don’t need you. i don’t need you! i have traced mahalakshmi. shehas come out of her building. waiting for a cab.- follow her. she will take us to angre.keep me informed. i am coming.

naidu told me. anant is seriouslyinjured and is in the hospital. now there is no thorn in your path. no… i won’t give the file. first you will transferthe money in my account. and then i will hand overthe file to you very lovingly. i said, i won’t give you the file.fool, he’s asking for the file. fine. then see it. it will beprinted in tomorrow’s newspaper. he’s transferring themoney into our account. what’s the price of this file, dear?- 5 million dollars.

not more than you, my beloved. some prove helpful while they live. some prove helpfuleven after dying. you helped me when you are helped me even when you died. no one comes down. sir, stop! please!- let go of me! in light of all the evidence, thecourt has reached a conclusion… that the accusations which wereleveled on dr ansari were baseless. the court sentences yeshwantangre, minister devdhar and…

ad. commissioner shrikantnaidu to life imprisonment. always walk with your head father was a pious person. we take the responsibility ofhis studies and his upbringing. the funda of revenge is’s similar to the liquor. older the wine, strongerthe kick you get. you will repent… take him away.- yes sir. this kid will take me? good bye. see you soon.

stop the car! load it quickly. transfer two rounds…- yes sir. hello… sir, subinspector ashwin gupte here. bad new sir. angre tried to escapeby snatching the constable’s gun. i told him to surrender.but he fired on the police. then i fired in a result he got injured. yes he is alive. we aretaking him to the hospital. but his chances ofsurviving are too less. yes… yes sir.


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